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  1. Fixed it for you. I really like these maps, as well. good work. x3
  2. Like 2P51 said, it's all your call, but here, have some opinions: 1) I dislike it, personally. Seems a bit to power gamey. If they had a good enough reason for it (say a backstory about having a gun passed down through generations, or something), I'd be alright, but apart from that, no. However, by the rules, there is nothing saying anything against it, so... go wild. 2) I'm all for having NPC mechanics/gun smiths. just be sure to point out that it's high performance tuning/removing safety features, so first the player will first have to find a mechanic skilled enough to do it, then they'll have to convince him to drill out the barrel of their disruptor rifle, and then they'll have to pay him exorbitant amounts for his skilled services. (and then roll the NPC doing it anyway, for shenanigans. If they fails the mod, tough luck. Shoulda gotten it in writing.) However, just saying: "This has a mod on it now because an NPC did it" would elicit a smack to the head from me. They should have to put in more work than a person who has mechanics, since the mechanic PC statted himself so it WOULD be easier. It's like saying a person who isn't a pilot should have a chauffeur because they didn't train piloting. 3) I figured that yes, since it was performance tuning, you bunged it up in a way that was imperceptible to normal operating parameters, but would have serious repercussions if they tried make that modification again.
  3. Scout Explorer, Scout Spy and Archaeologist are the three non com classes that have athletics as a class skill. Thief, Fringer, & the 3 Technicians are the non com classes that have coordination as a class skill. With those small numbers, I wouldn't be adverse to using Athletics for thrown stuff, but not coordination.
  4. If you're going to do symbols... don't use the colors of the dice, the bright clashing colors detract from the cards'... epicness? (and also do it all in the same way. The success symbols on cards #97 and #02/03 are reversed. ) Aazlain made a font pack for the symbols, if you'd like to use them. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38611358/EotE_Symbol-Regular_v1.otf
  5. Probably you could make an attachment, silencer, which makes someone take a perception test to hear/see. Maybe a Hard test with a set back die per range band? And worth, like, say, 1k and 1HP?
  6. Reminds of of an Apocalypse World Star Wars hack I once played, which had a class Operative with the move "Dangerous and Sexy" that acted like an agro generator to get heat off comrades. It was supposed to be for James Bond style people, but... Nope, I wanted a Dangerous and Sexy Jawa, making all the heads turn as they dangerously and sexily call attention to themselves. (I got vetoed) Jawas are the best when it comes to contradictions. I want to see a Jawa Big Game Hunter.
  7. BGH has the sexy sexy talent Bring it Down. Damage equal to targets brawn? Yes please. Logically, you should pick Survivalist for soft spot instead since it's so much more Versatile. An easy 3-4 damage boost to anything for 10 xp VS Bring it down for 25 xp and the bottom of the tree, and damage that can fluctuate? however, there is something sort of inherently badass about yelling "BRING IT DOWN, NOW." when you're fighting a Rancor or something.
  8. Wait, this is a thing? ... I guess I can't really be surprised, because people freak out for less. Geez. Doesn't help that Sci-Fi is so poorly defined that any one person would have a differing definition. xP */off topic*
  9. It really only matters how well you can describe the setting. Don't ever run anything that requires movie knowledge, or EU knowledge. So instead of saying "jawa" off the bat, say "tiny brown robed alien", belike. It'd be quite simple to run as a rego sci fi game, I'd think, just as long as you don't try to take certain knowledge for granted. (But if your friends are sci fi nerds enough to want to play a sci fi game, you should get them to watch star wars. )
  10. Like, say, using 'hindered' instead? ;P *shakes fist at page break* Yeaah.. that's sort like playing a reaper in a Mass Effect game. Or a necromorph in a Dead Space game. Or a kender.
  11. I think it'd be kinda hard to compare the two... they're very different beasts altogether. Play by Post vs Electronic Tabletop. Like Apples and Oranges, they are. Needless to say, the concept interests me as well, and I think the PbP of rpol would work really well with the narrative feel of EotE. (Caveat: I've only ever used it for WoD and Only War). I'm unsure about roll20, though, since I've looked into it, but haven't ever used it. xP More's the shame.
  12. I'd say... think of the ship as a massive gun. All the mods and attachments work the same way, just at 10 times the cost. So 1) That one is GM discretion. The book says that weapon attachments are relatively simple and take five or so minutes and do not require a roll, so ship attachments should be the same way. But if you wanted it to be a way to show off skill, or they're trying to do it quickly, or in the middle of a desert, you could make your mechanic roll it. Personally, I'd narrative time it and say something like "after a day or so underneath the operating console, and losing your hydro spanner in the turbine at least three times, you bring the shield core is online. Maybe you should have fleeced the smuggler you bought it from for some installation instructions." Which adds a bit of flavour but doesn't slow the game down with unnecessary rolling. 2) Modding works like Gun Modding. First Mod to an attachment is Hard (DDD). Second is Daunting (DDDD), third is Formidable(DDDDD), fourth is impossible, etc etc. 3) as above: 1st: 1000, 2nd: 2000, 3rd: 3000.
  13. (Dang it Lith, being the "well actually" guy in three threads in an afternoon, shame on you.) If you're referring to pg 152, the way that they word it is actually.. annoying. When they say "encumbered by an amount equal to or greater than your brawn", they're not referring to how much encumbrance (total) you're carrying, by what you are over your threshold. So "encumbered by" is different than saying "having an encumbrance of". I kinda wish they switched the wording of it, so that instead of saying "encumbered" by being over your threshold, they said a synonym, such as "hindered", so you could differentiate it from "having encumbrance". So it would read, say, "if you are over your encumbrance threshold, you are considered 'hindered'. If you are hindered by an amount equal to or greater than your brawn, you no longer earn a free maneuver each turn."
  14. (Man, I missed my chance to do a 4 point bullet list. Maybe I'll just add a small useful tidbit when dealing with multiple spec trees. ) Also a caveat, if you're running two specialties that have overlapping talents that aren't ranked, you can skip over that node on one of the talent trees if you've bought it in the other. For example, the Knockdown talent for Fringer and Marauder. If you buy the one that costs 10 XP in the Marauder tree, you can skip the 20 XP one in the Fringer tree. Like wise, if you bought the 20 XP one for Fringer FIRST, you could skip over the 10 XP in Marauder. (You can now see how optimization of your talent buying route matters.) (Also note that ranked talents do not share this caveat, and are impossible to "skip". To be fair, though, would you WANT to skip over things that gave you more boost dice, or hard points or the like?) (...basically what I just said was "read page 128.")
  15. There's a side bar in Core on page 47, stating that droids can treat certain types of equipment differently. Its examples are using "bolted on armor plates" instead of wearing armor, "upgraded verbobrain" instead of a datapad or internal comms upgrades instead of a comlink. Obviously they'd have to buy these things, maybe at a higher cost than what they're replacing. an upgraded brain would deffos cost more than a datapad. So I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do that. So the last one, the macro bionocs being their eyes seems perfectly reasonable to me, assuming they spent, say, 10-20% more credits on them. Everything else I am in agreement with most of the other people that posted. Readying a gun takes effort, and bags are just that... bags. You can't hand wave "internal storage" because you bought a modular back pack, a spacers duffle and a utility belt. You'd be a friggen fat robot. (If they wanted to, they could weld an oil barrel onto his back and use that as a "backpack" replacer... but I'd add cumbersome/encumbrance for that. ;D)
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