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  1. Could someone remind me of the specific nerf phases? They never messed with the dial in 1.0, did they? The red right turns in 2.0 are what seem like a bridge too far. The predictability of only having one sloop direction is also bad. Was it: Nerf Phase 1: Deadeye depowered Nerf Phase 2: Manaroo depowered, EPT removed from Contracted Scout? Nerf Phase 3: Torpedo/Astromech slots removed? Or is that timeline missing some of the changes and/or putting them out of order? Was there an Attanni Mindlink nerf in there somewhere too (that indirectly hurt Jumpmasters despite being targeted at other builds)?
  2. Worse/costlier than a Freighter Captain, and can't turn right. I left 1.0 shortly after the first Jumper nerf, but before the second. My impression was that the second hit basically took it out of general usage across the board. And now 2.0's given it an unusable dial. Dengar's ability is good, but, y'know, just fly to his right... How do they even fix this, short of reissuing the dial in a 2.0 Jumpmaster re-release?
  3. The last time there was a concept as contentious as 2.0 in X-Wing it was the Scum faction, and we all know how that turned out. I still fantasize about having been adequately vindictive to have gone through every "Third faction??" thread prior to release, gathering up the stubborn, absolutist "No", "Never", "Impossible", "If it happens I'm out" posts to condense for public shaming. It would have been so scummy. The way I see it, there are only two possible outcomes. The first is X-Wing dies, and it sucks. The second is that there's a new "edition" (in one of many forms that could take). I like X-Wing so I root for the second outcome. There are ways to minimize the pain of updating. It's doubtful that every pilot and upgrade would require changing, so some stuff would stay current. They could do card packs. They could also finally provide their own online squad builder, and allow a list from that + old upgrade cards to suffice for sanctioned play.
  4. Starf Yyter is probably the most badass Mandalorian. Can't wait for Protectorate Aces.
  5. I considered the title, but it doesn't synergize too well with PS 9 Dengar. I guess you can still ruin somebody's day by changing their direction or bashing them into a rock, but you're still wasting the whole -1 agility effect.
  6. To bring two separate elements of this discussion together, I watched some of the Australian regional and noticed the RAC + Jax eventual champion fortressing at the beginning of one of his games. It was a temporary fortress for a few rounds, just to suss out where his opponent was going to go, but this is something I've seen being used more often. And now we've seen different/nuanced examples of fortressing tactics in multiple high-level events (from the G-1A player, who fortressed until he got the better of the initial engagement, to the Boba + Ketsu that fortressed for almost the entire game, to the "quick fortress" tactic I just described). Honestly, all this puts me off a little bit. Part of the dynamism of this game is the turn 0 element and the idea that you're soft-locked into an engagement strategy by the intelligence (or lack thereof) of your deployment. That sense of having to move, having to engage, scrambling to correct non-ideal elements of the coming engagement as you detect them cropping up, of having to make decisions... that's what makes X-Wing games feel so much more urgent and walking-the-razor's-edge-y than other systems I've tried. When one player abdicates the requirement/responsibility of making those decisions in order to put the onus on the other player and play reactively... I don't know, I don't really dig it. Part of it is the fact that both players are equally able to eat that forbidden fruit, and not doing so is simply reliant on a hazy ethics of personal responsibility. I don't like seeing contests where one side is willing to play dirty/take the easy way out and the other side is restricted by trying to play the game "correctly" or "honourably" or whatever. Those contests feel contaminated, and I can't help but wonder how the "honourable" side would fare in a do-over where they were aware of their opposition's willingness to play that way, and there was never that grey area pregame tender-footedness.
  7. Something I'm thinking of using at a regional. The components I have settled on are: Dengar Expertise K4 Security Droid Unhinged Astromech Punishing One Asajj Ventress Latts Razzi That leaves 8 points. Asajj's EPT is the top priority. I'm leaning towards PTL. I've considered doubling down on Expertise, but I don't know if I want to go that way. Assuming she gets PTL that leaves 5 points, and I've been thinking about putting that towards Scavenger Crane + Countermeasures on one of the two ships. I'm not sure which would benefit more from that combo, though. It would make Asajj even more tanky, which would be good if the opponent targets her first, but she might already be tanky enough to hold the fort, and Dengar might benefit from the bonus survivability. Open to all other suggestions, if anyone has anything they think complements the core build I listed above.
  8. This is the main problem with the idea. Although one easy (somewhat non-intuitive) way around it would be to have it say "You may equip any title except for ones with the Limited rule" and then put limited on any future title they don't want on the Firespray. It could lead to the weirdness of Unique Limited cards, but I don't see any actual rules issue with that.... Othwerise, I don't even think you'd need to restrict Punishing One.
  9. I feel like the people who say "this won't solve anything" either don't understand the format, have no imagination, or never-satisfieds who want a perfect thing that can never exist. The point of the format isn't to generate some tourney-for-the-ages where every table has creative, unique lists and the meta is just a bad memory. The point of the format is to minimize the rock/scissor/paper effect of hard counters and avoid fewer "this game is barely worth me playing" moments.
  10. For future reference, we can call these jokers Squadjumpers.
  11. This is the worst, especially when you finally decide on a list, pack everything up, journey to the tourney, unpack, prepare, wait in anticipation, and then.... draw a first round match-up with your hard counter. I reeeeeeally hope the hangar bay format takes off and you get to bring two lists to a tourney and choose one to play after seeing your opponent's two lists. Although I'd still like both lists to have to come from the same faction.
  12. Whoa, I don't remember Cad Bane having a ship. I've always wondered why he wasn't showing up as a random crew card in Scum releases, hopefully it's because he's getting his own ride. I still think the Scurrg is a top contender for Scum that gets surprisingly little mention in these threads (I counted one in today's iteration). If you look at the starfighter/small ship releases for Armada, every single ship there also appears in X-Wing... except for... you guessed it... the Scurrg. It would also fill a small-base bomber role that is currently lacking in the Scum faction (although looking at the Wookiepedia article for the ship it lists 6 laser cannons, a turret, and no torps/missiles, which reads more like a 4 dice primary + turret slot than a K-Wing/Bomber/Punisher style toolkit... which doesn't jive with my memory of the game) and it's vaguely canon, if videogames count. I would love to see another A-Wing release, because even post-Chardaan it's not quite right. That card made the ship useable, but A-Wings aren't supposed to be disposable swarm craft. The true solution was and is giving it some sort of rear arc gimmick to represent the rotating lasers. But I'm skeptical towards the notion that the game will start doing 2nd try fixes/3rd product versions of ships. The Skipray would be cool for the Empire. The faction has room for an arc-based large ship with a majority-white dial, and they desperately need something with a turret slot (as long as it's not cheap enough to spam TLTs). Edit: I've never thought there was enough meat on the bone for a Rebel version of the Lamba, but I do think it would be cool if they released a "Strange Bedfellows" cardboard-heavy, multi-faction box that included the Tydirium, Imperial versions of Bossk/Dengar/Zuckuss/IG-88 (with a mandatory unique title so only one of them could appear in any Imperial squad at a time) and Scum versions of Han/Chewie/Lando. But so far FFG hasn't released anything that requires faction-loyal players to pay for things from other factions that they'll never use (unless you count Star Vipers) and that kind of release would prove to be highly controversial.
  13. I was watching the stream, and tbh it doesn't really seem like 3rd party verification of the video is particularly necessary in this specific case. Based on the stream commentary, it seemed like everyone up to and including the tournament judge agreed that the ship was angled in a manner that would fly it off the board. My interpretation of the situation is that sloppy deployment and/or sloppy component handling during the execution of the maneuver led to a situation in which the player's chosen straight maneuver put his base slightly off-board. The judges seemed to rule that at a high level event a player can be expected to be competent enough to deploy a ship with a "straight" facing in an accurate manner, and therefore it was impossible for any straight maneuver to take the ship off-board. The fact that the player claimed he bumped the table after the judge was called over is highly suspect, but I do wonder if that would show up in the video recording.
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