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  1. We have played the Tyrell 4 player variant several times now making Pyke indestructable and removing Greyjoy. Whilst this makes things fairer for Lannister, it appears as if Lannister and Barathean must be in alliance to stop Stark. Without Greyjoy, Stark are all but guarenteed Winterfell, White Harbor, Moat Calin and The Eyrie and one of Flints Finger, Seaguard, or Crackclaw Point depending on which way Barathean and Lannister push. If Lannister and Stark commit to defending all three (Flints Finger, Seaguard, Crackclaw) then Tyrell just marches across the bottom of the map until they inevidibley push for the Reach and Storms End for the win... If they defend two then one of Lannister or Barathean must hold The Reach to stop Tyrell as the trade off. This opens the door for Stark and he simply attacks the player defending The Reach who is overstretched and either Stark or Tyrell exploit the weakened player. Best case for Barathean and Lannister is turn 2 controlling Kings Landing, Storms End, The Reach, Dragonstone and Lannisport, Rivverrun, Harrenhall, Seaguard respectively and hitting a muster on turn three but not before.. Anyway the point is 4 player in any setup is going to be easy for the player that gets open space. Im not sure how this can change although i do like the idea of joining Shipbreaker Bay to Sunset Sea and pretending the bottom of the board doesnt exist. That may actually work...
  2. "Move your troops from Pyke to: Footman flints finger, Knight Seaguard. If Lannister doesnt have Def+2 in Golden Sound: Move 1 ship to Sunset sea, other attacks Golden Sound. play a 2 leader, or the 0 leader that makes opp's leader 0. This kills their fleet. They now cannot raid your support, and you are set up well to hold Seaguard and maybe take Riverrun too." Everything i have read suggests this is not possible - my understanding is that the ship in the pyke port is seperate to the ship in Ironmans Bay, hence they require seperate orders. Given Greyjoy has no special orders at the begginning of the game it is not possible to march from pykes port, march from pyke and march from Ironmans bay on turn 1. I believe this is the reason why Greyjoys other ship begins in the port. If Greyjoy wants to take the golden sound turn 1 they must march on pyke first to ensure they have a bridge to take Seaguard or Riverrun this in combination with Lannister having the Crow should enable Lannister to defend the golden sound or counter attack on rivverrun. If what you are suggesting were true then Barathean could directly attack The Narrow Sea with ships in the Dragonstone Port OR attack The Narrow Sea with ships from Shipbreaker Bay with Support from ships in Dragonstone Port. Both options would be completely broken. The Final option to all this is you are not playing with ports and instead give greyjoy two ships in Ironmans Bay to begin with in which case Lannister is royaly BONED from the beggining. :-)
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