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  1. I felt the same way before I played the Star Wars Edge Of Empire . I'm new to GM'ing just started about a year ago and the thought of learning another system really turned me off to start with . But the subject matter (Star Wars ) really drew me in and after giving it a try I have to admit it was much easier than I expected and combat actually ran smoother and faster than our D&D combats . If the go with another system I just want it to be fairly simple mechanics , As a GM and the only one in our group motivated enough to GM it can be difficult to run more than system/rules mechanics at a time . Also can be hard to get players (who already aren't real clear on rules/mechanics ) to be open to try new systems . Me , the subject matter has me intrigued enough to want to give it a shot .
  2. To be honest I'm kind of hoping they will use a system like the narrative dice system from Edge of the Empire "Star Wars " . I recently played the beginner game from that line and was very pleased with the simplicity of the system mechanically while still having a fairly complex Role Play session branching from it . Anyone else like this idea ?
  3. All I have to say is a crow bar never runs out of ammo and is a multi task weapon/tool . Also it's silent , and most people don't realize how much of an edge that could be .
  4. I think what the designers are trying to say (and for some reason people just aren't getting) is play as whoever you want , but we dare you to try to play as yourself . This setting isn't like D&D/high fantasy , or even like scifi like Star Wars Edge of empire where fantastical monsters of unimaginable power and weapons of magical or scifi futuristic capabilities . The zombie Apocalypse one in particular wields itself to "normal" everyday people/weapons . I'm not going to lie and say I don't want to play as someone who can run miles on end without tiring and have near super human stamina . But I gotta admit I also want to play as myself to see what my limitations are and find ways to compensate or overcome these limitations . If nothing else playing as yourself may make you start thinking of things you can do in real life that could help you be better prepared in a natural disaster situation .
  5. Lets see ... I can roleplay out the decision of whether to wait until my insulin runs out and die slowly and unpleasantly, or kill myself and end it quick. I'm sure that'll be a fun session. Of course, even if I weren't diabetic, I have no skills that would be of any use whatsoever in an apocalypse (unless I can upload a virus to take out the alien mothership). If the other players were smart they'd ditch my character right away - sounds like I'll really enjoy playing this game! I'm all for post-apocalyptic games where everyone plays an average schmuck; The Walking Dead is one of my favorite comics. I wouldn't even mind playing someone similar to myself. But I'd like to play someone who at least has as much chance of surviving as the guy next to me. I suppose some people wouldn't have a problem with this; but not only will I not buy this game, I would refuse to play it under any circumstances. I don't understand why Fantasy Flight would go this route. It could've been an option for those groups who would enjoy it, while leaving "play some other average schmuck" as the default option. Instead they've spoiled the whole product line by tying it to an obviously terrible idea. A shame. (Just to cover the obvious: yes, of course I could theoretically use the rules to create whoever I want. But unless the whole group plays that way it would essentially be cheating - and who wants to be the only guy at the table who isn't playing himself?) I find it intriguing how many RPG guys are flipping out and putting this game down on the premise never buying or playing the game because they don't want to have to play as themselves . You don't have to that is always at the discretion of the players and the GM . They are merely promoting the game and daring people to try and play it as themselves to see how they would fare in the situation . I love RPG's I play D&D and Star Wars Edge of Empire and love playing as someone I'm not . And I can still play as someone I'm not with this game when released . But I have to admit I think the fact that they tried to build it and challenge people to see just how well they could do in an apocalyptic world is a great idea . Think about it play as whoever you want , or play as yourself and realize your limitations and find ways around those limitations . JUST REMEMBER , IT'S A GAME AND MEANT TO BE FUN . THE DESIGNERS OF THE GAME AREN'T GOING TO SIT IN YOUR BASEMENT AND SLAP YOU ON THE BACK OF THE HAND WITH A RULER BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY AS YOURSELF . If it's built so you can build a character just like yourself then it's built so you can create any character .
  6. Thanks for the feedback so far guys I really appreciate it .
  7. Party will probably only drop by one or two members . I have charts I've been working on to specifically avoid railroading as far as what encounters , items found ect . I plan on having this be very open to the parties direction if they get going at it and decide to go a different direction than hunting artifacts and relics I'm fine with it . Just wanted to experiment with it as I've never had a PC , I've only been GM . If I have to kill my character off for the greater good of the party I can handle that . I just felt that the narrative format of EOTE would work better for this tryout than D&D's stricter format .
  8. I'm hoping that by making my PC knowledge based , and having hired on all other PC's as full partners will help keep them in the drivers seat . I basically want to play it as the party dictates direction and what they want to do with me as an advisory PC that contributes to battles out out of necessity only . The base formulae to the story is that as a group we are searching for artifacts and relics throughout the galaxy , I won't be dictating what artifacts to go after or where (will be using charts and dice rolls to decide what we find ) , and enemies will be dictated by where they decide to go . Trying to work it in a way where I'll be just as surprised as they are with everything but actual knowledge of artifacts .
  9. Thinking of starting a EOTE campaign . I've been running a D&D campaign and haven't played as a PC before mainly because I have a large party (6 PC's) and I have my hands full just running the game . But the EOTE game I plan on starting will have fewer players . I plan on having a PC to control for myself . Here's the idea I have so far , any advice would be appreciated . My PC is a Kel Dor that comes from a wealthy family , and has spent a lot of family wealth to go to a university on Corscant to become and Archeologist/Xenologist . Now having become a respected scholar I have started putting together a crew to help me search the Galaxy for Artifacts and historical documents to sell to the museums of Coruscant . I've built my character around intelligence , cunning , lore, xenology . I have one player lined up to control a Mandolorian Bodyguard to keep me alive and I basically will be there for information (historical and Xenology wise ) . I plan on having the players make choices on where to go and when . I figure peppering in some Jedi and Sith artifacts will leave the PC's open to be able to become force sensitives when the Jedi are added to the game .
  10. Wow @oggdude , I recently found your generator . Unbelievably good ! Is there a section in it with premade adversaries , or a section where you can make them from scratch ? Your generator is so good I bought the game based on how much I liked your generator .
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