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  1. Yea, I've seen that before, but unless I am mistaken it does not actually have rules for the brewing of a Healing Draught (like the ones listed as purchasable in the PG). My character completed the Apothecary career and about there is very little useful that he can brew.
  2. Are there any rules for, or has anyone made rules for, the brewing of Healing Draughts? I have looked through LI and the DMG and there only seems to be the small section on pretty meager herbal treatments. Also, I made up a powder that can be administered to a player that has passed out due to fatigue/stress that allows them to act as if they were at their threshold for passing out for one encounter or until they suffer another fatigue (or stress if that is what dropped them). Anyone have any thoughts on old world herbs I can use as an ingredient? How tough should this be to brew/make?
  3. I am taking my group up the Reik from the coast to Altdorf starting around the 17th of Ertezeit (early Autumn) and I was wondering if there was some established description of the weather that is typical. I'm also curious if there is any material that establishes hazards on this stretch of river, such as locks, islands or shallows. I looked at the wiki and skimmed over Death on the Reik, but nothing has jumped out at me. I'll probably just make it up as needed, but was just curious if there was some canon stuff.
  4. Our sessions generally last about 5-6 hours and we meet monthly. It is not so much about me playing up the social aspect, it is more a matter of making sure all my players get a dose of what they enjoy each session. Never the less, I just ordered it from Amazon so I will have a better idea once it gets here and I read it.
  5. Title's a bit vague, but what I am wondering is have any of you (or your) players played two characters at the same time? In other games I have done this fairly successfully- I had a fantastic run playing a Pilot/Co-pilot pair in SWD6. Heck, when I was 10 I started playing my very first RPG (Basic D&D- red box) by playing a Wizard and a Cleric at the same time (played them for like two years or something). Now, the clear issue with doing this with third edition is the multitude of cards and such that are used in playing the game. I might give it a shot when it is another person's turn to GM.
  6. We have a metric butt-load already, but we added a new player a recently and are feeling a bit of dice frustration.
  7. DrWorm73


    Lol, you are right about everything you said, but I think you meant "crossbow", not "ballista". A ballista is a large free standing weapon that used the same principles as a crossbow. Most of the time they shot ball large ball shaped projectiles, though some are shown firing spear sized bolts. It was kind of a proto-cannon.
  8. No, from what I gathered when listening to gitzman and friends go through it seemed best to start with fresh characters in order to weave them into the story. Besides, our PC's are rank three right now. If we keep up our current rate of play we would be rank four (if they live), so not only would it be really hard to work them in, but I imagine we all will be ready for a new start.
  9. That's a cool idea but I have not looked att the SW stuff. We are old school WEG d6 fans, and even liked some of the Saga materials, so we have not bothered with FFG.
  10. Actually, I have seen you post to email you if people want them, but have not done so yet. EDIT: Great stuff. I'm sure it will mean more to me once I get the campaign and have a chance to look it over.
  11. Down the road a bit I am thinking of running my group through The Enemy Within and I am wondering from those who have been through it- what is the ratio of combat to social? Our group has a good mix of players who like all sorts of things, but there is a strong desire to not let a session go without a 1-2 of combat encounters. I listened to the Reckless Dice podcast for the sessions they recorded and while it sounded like fun it didn't sound like there was much action. When I ran my guys through Witch's Song I added several combats in the swamp to keep things dangerous, but in the early part of the adventure when the story was developing I could tell a couple players were wanting some action to go down. I am cool with spicing things up, but the interconnected nature of the story makes me think that might be tougher to mess with than the average adventure. I would of course have them making new characters, and it will be a few months until it might happen, but I wanted to get some opinions before I dropped the coin.
  12. On Gitzman's Gallery there is a download that has charts for travel distances in the empire by various means. It is gleaned from several sources. They list the average as 310 miles by river. EDIT: Woops, totally misread the question. I always want to compare things like this to modern equivaents, but that is hard with a river because population density in most areas means high water demands which reduces the size. You could look at the Amazon, Nile, or Congo rivers, but their sizes are extremely dependent on monsoon rains making the seasonal changes in size much greater than I would think for the Reik.
  13. The thing is that this type of weapon does not explode- it is more like a Molotov cocktail filled with old timey napalm. The burst effect only happens when it breaks and spreads the sticky burning naptha or pitch. They are probably just made of terra cotta, though I would think that it might be too fragile for experienced corsairs to safely use on board a ship. That was my reasoning for making them need some strength to break.
  14. DrWorm73


    You are absolutely write about a round being fluid, which I have no problem with for the most part. where I do have a problem with it is where it compares to other players actions in a turn. For example, in the same round that a long bow archer has fired a single shot (only one arrow used) and moved away one range unit the rifleman fires a shot then drops the but of the gun to the ground puts in the right amount of black powder, taps it down the wadding, puts the bullet in and taps that down, primes the cord for the next shot and readies it to fire again. I don't know a ton about muzzle loading rifles so I'm sure I got the steps a little wrong, but that is the gist. It is that relative time that annoys our group. One suggestion was to keep reloading a maneuver but rule that the player may not make it so that they can't move that turn even by taking fatigue.
  15. DrWorm73


    Well, there were prepacked paper cartridges long before the metal cartridges were developed. Basically it was a bullet with the right ammount of powder in a little packet The would use the paper part thay you tore off for wadding. That seems like the right tech level.
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