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  1. Base accuracy (given a BS of 30 or so, averageish) is here and there. It wildly depends on the various factors and the amount of time spend in aiming. So... if you spend your 5 second round firing only one shot (+10), it's in short range (+10), AND you spend half of your time lining up the shot (+10), yeah you're firing with a 60% chance to hit..... but it's only ever one hit with your lasgun. Say you want more. Semi-auto. Then it's 50/50, IF you aim and don't move. But what if you want to move? Then you've got 40/60. So the accuracy goes from rather high, hitting most of the time, to not hitting most of the time again. Hell, if the range were longer, the totals would be smaller. Aiming isn't always possible (especially full aiming which gives +20). Full-auto is great if you roll well, but gives -10 accuracy. But regardless... it's to balance things out a little, since in earlier games in the series, you got bonuses for firing more, and more chances to hit, to boot.
  2. A long-las will crush an ogryn's hopes and dreams without absolutely murdering him, compared to almost any of the other PCs that get hit by a sniper. Sending a sniper to shoot at him should get his attention. All of that UT gone from the long-las's felling, and all of that damage knocking huge chunks out of his wounds (cause you ALWAYS should be overcharging for max damage/pen).
  3. Yeah, it can fire semi-auto. So pinning tests are a thing. Full auto does it better, but forcing the pinning test is still good. And as for that talent, unless he's using a Plasma Cannon, that blast doesn't happen, since it modifies existing blast by +4, not giving a plasma weapon blast if it didn't have it before. It's still a kickass talent, making your plasma gun do 2d10+9 pen 10. But it does not give it blast unless it already has it.
  4. Some of the orders are great, some are meh. And regardless, you still have to buy them/qualify for them, so it does even out somewhat.
  5. Indeed, and if you combine that with the Do Not Wait For Death order (SoH. p. 112), which practically makes your comrades who are usually expendable throw themselves in front of the attacks, you have a perfect set up for getting mad, then ripping the hell out of people. Though.... if you like your comrades or of it's hard to get more (start of a missions away from the home lines or your regiment is one of the fewtm), that's probably not the best option.
  6. Yeah, two handed is a bit less represented, mostly since it tends to not get multiple attacks and has trouble parrying. However, for a priest, if you can get your hands on an Eviscerator and take chain expertise along with Crippling Strike.... you get to roll 4d10, dropping the two lowest, and if you ever Righteous Fury (which you will a fair amount), you'll roll 1d5+3 for crit damage. That's right, you have the potential for an 8, instant death potential.
  7. Playing as a Ratling...... social and combat monster really. They're a little less broken since they're EXTREMELY squishy and practically harmless in melee unless they go Trailblazer.... and even then. But given an accurate weapon, the ability to have their comrade(s) (not all at once until you get a lot of comrades, and even so, not all of the abilities listed): aim for them, deny the enemy a dodge attempt, add DoS to pen for called shots. There are more, but those are generally more social and I just listed the combat stuff. Soooo.... it's less the combat and more that accurate weapons are amazing and standard as part of their kit, their companions make them quite effective snipers (Sharpshooter is about the same, better in some cases too), and their specialties, like everyone's, can do some hilarious things when stacked with other things.
  8. Well, that might be something to do (add toughness to wounds). This actually affects the PCs more, since over all, it means they'll be taking more damage. Mind you, that's only for hits that penetrate armor but not toughness, but regardless, it means that the PCs will be plinked to death far more than the monsters they face. So it's more that it works both ways. Adding TB to wounds is a good start to help the PCs out.
  9. Well, it is interesting. It would mean that as long as you bypass it's armor, you at least do a point of damage to it. You'd have to adjust a few rules (since you'd always Rigorous Fury, assuming it didn't have an insane armor, since you'd punch through it, do a point and nothing more, then get a free crit). It would also make quite a few xenos have some of their bite removed, since a fair amount have crap for armor, but plenty of toughness and unnatural toughness. Would mean that they could quite readily be plinked to death..... when they really aren't that vulnerable (if that makes sense). So certain creatures that rely on TB to soak the damage, since their armor is kinda crappy and they don't usually have a stupid amount of wounds (Orks come to mind), you'd probably have to buff wounds for them, at least a little.
  10. I'd love to see something for the Schola Progenium classes (Commisar, Storm Trooper, and perhaps the psyker) and advanced specialties. Maybe something involving a few more talents on the weapons not already covered (I think Bolters are the only ones not covered). I'd also love to have something of a vehicle book as well, including local air superiority. (Eagles Above is an amazing title for that.)
  11. Yeah. Part of it was amazing rolls (commander of the Baneblade? Rolled two tens on my damage, splat. Driver? Got a one in one thousand, triple ten on my damage) and part of it was very, very, silly new rules. So much of the Shield is.... well, it's poorly balanced and worded in one way or another. The techpriest, who went Crimson Guard, can on a basic pass for an INT check, hit 2 times with servo arms (2d10+15 pen 10 each) and can easily roll low enough to hit with all of his other weapons. He has an once per encounter alpha strike that can slaughter most things regardless of toughness and wounds.
  12. Well how about this one. Session happened, we were house troops for a Rogue Trader, clearing out a planet of heresy that used to belong to a rival trader. Along the way when we were pacifying the planet a little, the resistance picks up and tries to liberate the city we were in. They sent a Baneblade..... One of the command crew then informed us our job wasn't to stop that super heavy monster, but to capture it, all 7 of us (12 if you include companions). We retreated into the city and let it come to us, along with 30 covering troopers.... who then ran into the mines we set up along the sides. My ratling sniped the commander who was out in the open, then proceeded to make called shots to the viewports of the driver and some of the gunners. The techpriest with servo arms (absolutely silly for damage if you ask me) then made a mess of the squishies in the interior. Time to kill all of the support troops and Baneblade crew after the ambush started? 2 or 3 rounds round. We CAPTURED a Baneblade in 10-15 seconds.
  13. And with the Shield and those specialties, Ogryns become freaking scary. They can use weapons like they didn't have clumsy, two handed rifles and melee weapons one-handed, get double DoS on full auto attacks, wield any heavy weapon......
  14. As said before.... I don't really think there's much to be done (aside from GM fiat) to expand the clip size. Customization wouldn't be allowed, since it'll pretty much never be a regiment weapon (unless you're all ratlings and agreed to it). But I also don't mind to a degree, since it's a pretty nasty weapon. Does stink that acquiring ammo for it can be a pain, since it's very rare. But get 5 rounds per 'clip' isn't too bad.
  15. Heh, it is rather insane. With enough DoS on your roll, along with the Tank Hunter Talent, it can be pretty good at damaging and taking out lighter armored vehicles. Does suck that it has a clip size of only 1 though. Not real good in combat that's extended, since you can't mod it (not standard kit) and the least you can reduce it to is a half action.
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