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  1. I mainly play Greyjoy Do you have a favorite House?
  2. Best of House Targaryen Where Loyalty Lies (Ser Jorah Mormont, Daario) Trial by Combat (Dragon Knight, Meraxes) Valar Morghulis (Magister Illyrio, Incinerate) Ancestral Home (Daenarys, Horselord, Khal) Honorable Mention: Ancient Enemies (Dragon Thief, Fury of the Dragon) Sacred Bonds (To Be A Dragon) Refugees of War (Refugee of the Plains) Tower of the Hand (Aegon's Hill) Of Snakes and Sand (Jhogo) On Dangerous Grounds (Meereen Tourney Grounds) A Turn of the Tide (Braided Screamers, Dothraki Outrider) A Harsh Mistress (Great Pyramid of Meereen) Others to Consider: Time of Trials (Street Waif) Tales from the Red Keep (Dragonpit) Secrets and Spies (King's Landing Assassin) Battle of Blackwater Bay (Rhaenys's Hill) A Sword in the Darkness (Hatchling's Feast) Illyrio's Gift (Rhakaro, Drogo's Horde, Bitter Crone) Dreadfort Betrayal (Black Hatchling, Dothraki Handmaiden) Forging the Chain (Shadow Seer, Pyrophobia) Mask of the Archmaester (Bloodrider) A Poisoned Spear (Sorrowful Man) Valar Dohaeris (Young Griff, Strong Belwas, Recruitment) Chasing Dragons (Archmaester Marwyn, Griff) House of Black and White (Company of the Cat, Long Lances) A Roll of the Dice (Brazen Beasts, Meereenese Fighting Pit) Fire and Ice (Dothraki Vanguard, Khal Drogo, Slaver's Bay) Kingsguard (Harpy's Scourge, Jorah Mormont) A Hidden Agenda (Viserion, Drogon, Rhaegal) Spoils of War (Aegon Targaryen) Champion's Purse (Viserys Targaryen, Rhoyne Poleman) Top Overall 01. Ancestral Home (Daenerys, Tyrion, Westerlands, Great Wyk, Harrenhal, Dark Wings Dark Words, Warden of the West, Prince of Dorne, King of the Isles, Khal, Horselord) 02. The Kingsguard (Preston, Jaime, Arys, Mandon, Tywin, Arianne, Shadow Killer, Jorah) 03. Where Loyalty Lies (Ghost of High Heart, Jorah, Daario, Asha, Finger Dance, Davos, Rickard, House Divided) 04. On Dangerous Grounds (Tourney Grounds, Harrenhal, Scourge, Fiery Kiss, Alannys, First Snow) 05. Reach of the Kraken (Black Sails, Naval Reinforcement, Fleets, Mel's Scheme, Missandei, Victarion) 06. The Horn That Wakes (Coldhands, Ygritte, Jon Snow, Yoren, Janos, Secret Orders, Mel's Favor, Gormond, Hammerhorn Raiders, Dayne Spearman) 07. Spoils of War (Catelyn, Theon, Bitterbridge, Right of Conquest, Aegon, Enraged Crewman, Doran, Murdered Her Children, Tycho, Mummer's Ford, Conquest, Defiance) 08. A Hidden Agenda (Alleras, Summoned, Sansa, Cressen, Gran, Maiden's Bane, Bloodthirst) 09. Forgotten Fellowship (Robb Stark, Harry the Riverlands, Man-at-Arms, Noble Cause, Asha Greyjoy, Storming the Shore, Old Way, Obara Sand) 10. Journey's End (Smith, Maiden, Three-Eyed Crow, Fury, Qarl the Maid, Choosing the Spear, Cape Wrath) 11. Champion's Purse (Vargo, Edmure, Robert Strong, Counterplot, A Taste of Glory, Rhoyne Poleman, Viserys, Wex Pyke, Blood Orange Grove, Desert Raider) 12. Captain's Command (Father, Desperate Measures, Arbor Guardsman, Khorane Sathmantes, Blood Magic Ritual, Iron Fleet Scout, Ser Cletus Yronwood) 13. A Turn of the Tide (KL Coup, Clegane Brigands, Margaery, Dale Seaworth, Braided Screamers, Greenblood Vessel) 14. Time of Trials (City of Sin, Condemned by the Council, Catelyn Stark, Cersei Lannister, Street Waif, Flea Bottom Scavenger, Lost Oasis) 15. Tales from the Red Keep (Syrio, Red Keep, Sansa, Joffrey, Queen of Thorns, Margaery, Black Cells, Dragonpit, Boatswain, Viper's Rage) 16. Poisoned Spear (Twist of Fate, Kyle Condon, Sorrowful Man, The Sparr, Red Viper, Poisoned Spear) 17. Gates of the Citadel (At the Gates, The Maester's Path, Lucas, Widow's Watch, Laughing Storm, Daenerys, Gylbert Farwynd) 18. Refugees of War (Highgarden Refugee, Mountain Refugee, Island Refugee, Refugee of the Citadel, Refugee of the Plains, Bolton Refugee, Cat o' the Canals, Alannys Greyjoy, Gilly, War of Five Kings, Arena Knight) 19. Banners Gather (Rally Cry, Northland Keep, Brightwater Keep, Storm the Gate, Southron Stronghold)
  3. I knew i was going to focus on House Greyjoy from the start, so after i got the Core, i got Kings of the Sea and most of the packs from the "A Song of the Sea"-cycle which contained alot of "boaty" cards http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/a-song-of-the-sea/reach-of-the-kraken/ http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/a-song-of-the-sea/the-great-fleet/ http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/a-song-of-the-sea/a-turn-of-the-tide/ http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/a-song-of-the-sea/a-journeys-end/
  4. Thanks yet again for your help Ktom! You have been a great help for me understanding the cards!
  5. "Choose an attacking character you control. Until the end of the phase, that character gains stealth. If you win the challenge, choose and discard 1 attachment from play." If i win the challenge, and i'm the only player with an Attachment, do i have to discard my own attachment? What happens if no player has any attachment?
  6. "After Daario Naharis comes into play, choose and discard 1 Knight or Traitor character from play." Is it a must to discard a Knight/Traitor or is it a choice? Can you discard Knight or Traitors from an opponent? Or is it only cards under your control it means when it says "Choose and Discard"? Can i put up Daario during Setup without discarding anything? Thanks for explanation
  7. I have one character with a duplicate on, and another character with the Bodyguard attachment (discard to save his life) in play. If an opponent (or myself) reveals the plot-card Valar Morghulis (When revealed, kill all characters in Play), can i: 1. Remove a Duplicate (toss it to the Dead-Pile) to save the original character? 2. Discard the Bodyguard-attachment (Discard to save a character from being killed /discarded) to save the other character? Thanks for help!
  8. Challenge Declared: The attacking player determines which of the three challenge types will be contested, choosing one for which they have at least one eligible attacker. Declaration of Attackers: the attacking player declares which eligible characters are attacking, and commits them to the challenge, paying any costs needed to do so (often kneeling, although with non-kneeling characters this is not the case, and with some cards such asMotley (Core) a further cost must be met). Player Action Window #1: Starting with the first player and moving clockwise, each player gets the opportunity to declare a standard player action. When all players have consecutively declined the option, the window ends. Declaration of Stealth: For each declared attacker with Stealth the attacking player may declare a character controlled by the defending player without stealth ineligible to defend the challenge. Declaration of Defenders: The defending player may then declare any number of eligible characters as defending, committing them to the challenge by paying the required cost. Player Action Window #2: This window functions the same as PAW#1. Challenge resolution: Determine the winner of the challenge, resolving claim, keywords, passive effects and triggered responses. For more details on the specifics (such as the grouping of the Framework Events into Framework Actions), check out the Q&TR article on the Challenge Phase.
  9. We all need a Ktom in our games!
  10. Hey all! Got this game yesterday (newbie) and have some questions. During Challenge-Phase If i attack with a character that has let's say Military and Naval Icon, and a normal Intrigue Icon (without ship-icon), and decide to attack via Military, can any Military unit defend against it, or does it have to be Military with Naval-icon to be able to Defend against it? Do i need Naval-defenders (with corresponding type, lets say Military) to defend against someone attacking me with a Military-Naval attack, or can i defend with a regular land-based Military character? Thanks for help
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