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  1. How about an Admiral Ackbar talent card obvously called its a trap!!!! LOL.
  2. Flyingbrick

    Wave 4 messy?

    Not sure if Miniature market ships overseas but they are showing some of the wave 4 ships like the Naboo fightern and the Hyena Bomber in stock.
  3. Hey that is a good idea, i will try this. Thanks:)
  4. I have also though of replacing Dutch with Lt. Blount with predator and a proton rocket for that extra punch on the alpha strike as well.
  5. I have been toying with this list on the fly casual simulator and wonder what improvements any here might make to it in order to make it more efficient, Thanks. Gavin Darklighter (e-wing): R-4, predator. Dutch Vander : just shoot me with no upgrades. 2X: green squad pilots (a-wings): proton rockets, outmaneuver, predator. So far if i line up the prockets combined with Gavin's ability its easy to take down most stuff. But this is granted that the a-wings live to fire them off. Honestly, i added the y-wing only because of Dutch's ability and lack of seeing something that might fit better in this.
  6. They seem to have all but been cleaned out at this point on most of the stuff especially the conversion kits.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work that is being put into this. It is much appreciated. I am having an issue with Disabled Power Regulator on countess Ryad where i gain an ion token the only option i have on her next movement is a white k turn with no option to repair the card. Pardon the pun but it is a never ending loop lol.
  8. I honestly haven't thought of either one. Ariel might be a great choice, although when I play the k wing I'm using Miranda as a bomber instead of blocking,though you have posed for an interesting idea on this.
  9. Since we recently had some points changes my version of Rebel beef did as well. i kept Blount as he was but had to down grade everything else. The lower ps is not terrible but things still get deleted rather quickly as long as my opponent's green dice are being god like. For those that dont know what i created it before here is the updated list for 198 points: Lt. Blount: predator 2x grey squad bombers (ywings); Dorsal turret, Veteren turret gunner. 2x blue squad pilots (b-wings): just stock targets lol.
  10. Thanks for the update but also getting this error with Miranda plus Sabine crew when a ship is hit with the bomblet generator.
  11. I have been playing a couple of game with my first list verses Drea's swarm. And it seems to be a fairly even match up given the way both lists are built and operate. Also, it does ok with aces type lists that have maneuverability on their side. But it is why i a=have the b wings in there to help Blount to hopefully be in position to at least fire on an ace and at best kill them. For sure i will have to play more with this list in order to know more on how it works with all the different types of lists out there.
  12. Your right. That's why I had the Bs paired with him. Well that and every knows about the legendary dial of the Ys lol.
  13. I have been playing my first list a few times already. And aside from a few maneuver errors at times the list does seem to be pretty solid.
  14. No kidding. Wiser words have yet to be said.
  15. I do look forward to seeing what passive sensors will do for the meta.
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