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  1. Flyingbrick

    so, Happy Friday: where is CubanBoy?

    So fridays are no longer happy? Dang there goes my weekend lol.
  2. Flyingbrick

    Commander Smeagol, Reporting for Duty

    Would Sauron be correctly named Darth Sauron or something more like Darth Focus aka giant eye? lol
  3. Flyingbrick

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    I do agree @ForceM Hyperspace already has had some effect within the community, aka this thread for one. As time goes on Ffg will have to tread carefully with this format or possibly risk making the great community we know become so toxic that no one would want to play x-wing any longer. Though, i think it is too early to know just yet how thing are planned or will turn out in the months ahead. This will either be a brilliant move on their part, or a complete and utter bust on the scale of the death star blowing up. Time will tell.
  4. Flyingbrick

    Commander Smeagol, Reporting for Duty

    I stand corrected fine sir
  5. Flyingbrick

    Wildly disappointed in the quality of Wave Champiosnhip kits.

    The coins still have their uses. Like, i dont know keeping our cards in place or other stuff like crushing a dice that starts to roll badly lol.
  6. Flyingbrick

    Wildly disappointed in the quality of Wave Champiosnhip kits.

    This has me wondering what ffg is planning for byes for regionals if at all?
  7. Flyingbrick

    Commander Smeagol, Reporting for Duty

    Now all we need is Darth Sauron.
  8. Flyingbrick

    A new generation of x-wing articles

    The white panels on the silencer would be a nice addition to the paint scheme.
  9. Flyingbrick

    Some Good News For Today!

    Bah humbug 😜 just kidding.
  10. Flyingbrick


    It must be friday and the trolls are bored and hungry for snacks to be posting reasons to rage quit as silly as this lol.
  11. Flyingbrick

    FFG have ***** up x-wing 2.0

    With the competitive base this game has, like all games. It will have faqs and erratas if for no other reason than players will do everything possible to skirt around or find holes that are in the rules.I do think Ffg has done a reasonable job trying to keep the errors and other brokenness that were in 1.0 to the lowest they can. But competition is such that new ways to break the game will show up.
  12. Flyingbrick

    Gold Squadron Live Feed from Pax

    What i can tell you are the top 4 are imps with 1 rebel list.
  13. I dont know about the cardboard boxes. But i use a binder with the sleeves coin collectors use for the dials.
  14. Flyingbrick

    system open series - USA vs Canada

    Sad thing is,for me i could fly round trip through atlanta there and back on average for $300 usd. I have not looked at drive time but im sure it is longer than 10 hours one way.
  15. Flyingbrick

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    The sky never quits falling for the old "the sky is falling crowd". Even if the game is in the most perfect of places they will still complain about something. Btw, they call that stuff falling from the skies rain or sometimes snow lol.