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  1. Hey not sure this has already been addressed just yet. But i just had an issue where i was flying a Silencer and after first doing a barrel roll then a boost. But once my ship did its 1 forward boost the ship just kept flying right off the mat.Is this common or just something new? Thanks.
  2. Welcome to the community and enjoy your time here.
  3. Recently i have been playing with this list: Luke 2 x Red squad Vets with Selfless Arvel with Intimidation and Outmaneuver There might be some tweaking to do on this but i think there is some potential in it.
  4. That does sound fun. I have not considered trying it but now that you mention it i think i will. Too bad it isn't hyperspace legal for now lol.
  5. The Rebel scout. Because hey someone needs to love the HWK.
  6. If you look a few posts up from here you will see the list that was posted if you like
  7. NP on the confusion it happens the A-wing replacement is not at all a terrible replacement for ap-5 but that is ok. Having an nice little blocker/ harassment ship if done right can be very useful in spots.
  8. You sure it is hyperspace legal? Unless YASB is not right i dont even see the ap-5 listed for it. Could be looking at an older site but dont know.
  9. Schanez lets hope they dont read this thread and eventually let some of this stuff back into Hyperspace. It would be slightly broken lol,
  10. Greendragoon your fine on what you listed. Actually i do like the idea of your list as it puts to great use the Rebel's ability to use synergy to survive. Plus any list that puts to use the brown bird of the HWK is not always a bad one.
  11. I do like the idea of paring one or more y-wings with the x-wing. Especially with something like expert handling. That talent seems like a good fit for when you want to reposition them just so to plant a torp or mine somewhere you are not quite at with a normal move.
  12. theBitterFig i think i agree with you about their mobility compared to the T-70 of the Resistance. After i started this topic i had toyed with some ideas in the fly casual simulator and did see you were spot on about the T-65. I will have to try Luke XX AA and even what you posted GreenDragoon. These ideas do see, to use the rebels toolbox utility to their advantage. For now i do not have enough X-wings to try the 5 x lists but seems like they will be tough to beat. Also ill keep toying the 3 Blues and 2 Y Greys list i posted the other day also to see how good or bad that idea is also. Thanks for the ideas everyone.
  13. I was reading through the thread that was similar to this for the Resistance and was thinking of what to do with triple t-65s. What follows is just one list of several i have thought of: Ten Numb: Hull upgrade Thane Kryell 2x Red squadron Veteran with snap shot. What would any of you add or modify to this list?
  14. You are missing 2 important pilots. Big kahuna and Holy Huevos.
  15. I am glad to see trip silencers are a thing now after the points change as opposed to the daring double silencers i brought up a month or so back.
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