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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I wondered if the attack being resolved after the movement ended was just a technicality to keep things simple and clear. As Zaltyre says the ape does slap her in the face while he leaps past her, which is indeed a melee attack without reach. But I'll keep to the precise letter of the card then.
  2. I had a Blood Ape run over Andira and damaging her. The ape did not start nor end his activision adjacent to her. Does the ape take a damage from her ability? Would it be different if the ape started adjacent? Or ended?
  3. yes, things like blast, the hero feat of Widow, fire breath, etc. Ok so it is as I expected. thanks for the clarification
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the game. Brand new in fact, I haven't played a single quest yet, but I'm studying the rules. I have a question to which I haven't found an explicit reply yet. If someone does an AoE attack and rolls one or more surges, does he choose separate surge results for each target or does he choose once and apply that to all? I'm guessing the last option, but I'd rather be 100% sure.
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