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  1. The only ways I can think of currently in the Republic faction is Plo Koon's pilot ability:
  2. The problem with that change is that it removes the totally valid tactics of playing up against the board edge to prevent flanking opportunities. If you change the rule to "if you have moved beyond range 3" then its easy to have fulfilled the letter of the rule and then still "fortress." Naw, as the Marshal of the event what kinda spawned the recent wave of "Talk About Fortressing," any realistic resolution has to be a **** of a lot more clever than most of the ideas I've seen bandied about.
  3. There is a metric I use for abilities like this: Bear in mind that abilities like R4 Astromech, Damaged Engine, and Nien Nunb (crew) are not triggered abilities, they are always on. Thus, there is no point at which the 1-speed turn maneuver is red, for as long as the R4 Astromech is equipped.
  4. Marshal for that event here. We had three in-store spectators and myself watching as well. The only thing keeping us entertained was the constant stream of hilarious banter everyone by the table was doing, led by the players themselves. Both players played within the legal bounds of the game. Neither was breaking any rule, and they were playing deliberately, with intent, and as quickly as reasonably expected. There's nothing I can do to make them "play differently" without arbitrarily changing rules.
  5. I’m sitting at a bar with the Champ and 2nd place (Andrew and Mitch). There wasn’t a bump, just a *really* close range 1.
  6. @Kaptin Krunch Mitch and his QD 2x Silencer is Top 4 on stream!
  7. He’s not, but probably will be after Day 2. I’ll send him the email as well.
  8. I’m sitting right next to him at the Red Robin! He’s seen it, and will be registering soon to talk to you.
  9. Hello everyone; long time TO here, encountering a new problem I haven't really been subject to before. I've recently started using Tabletop.to instead of Cryodex for my tournament software, as it has some advanced features that are quite useful for my local team and store. In the last event, a rather large number of drops has apparently confused the system, and it is consistently pairing up/down a far larger number of players than it should. For example, in round 4, with four 2/1s in the top bracket (and none of them having played each other yet this event), the system paired two of them together, and paired the other two down with 1/2s. As this is against the tournament guidelines, I have to re-pair offending matches, right? Do I preserve any legal match and only re-pair illegal matches? Do I randomly repair every player within the bracket? Or do I just say "Screw it" and run exactly what the software has given me, despite these matches being now in violation of the tournament regulations? This is extra-ick because one of the players felt that he has gotten picked on for being re-paired, and happening to pair against a rather rough match for him. Which ethic wins out; the ethic of appealing to as many people as I can to reduce ill-feeling or anger at the situation, or the ethic of making sure I run as clean and as legal of an event as possible?
  10. You can, however, Coordinate to get an action, link off that one (or Poe/Vader trigger), clear the stress with a blue maneuver, then perform another action in your perform action step.
  11. If it's a casual game...meh? show the new player where they went wrong, tell them its ok for tonight, and game on. I don't think it'll make too much of a difference in the casual game space to allow the one faction that can do it to do so. If this player shows up to a tournament with 10 ships though, sucks to be them: they didn't read Da Rules.
  12. Yes, bearing in mind that any given ship can only drop one device (such as a bomb) per turn.
  13. Overlapping is still a game state that occurs only while Moving, or when something is being placed (a mine, a Loose Cargo token). All other effects that reference a ships' position on or around an object specify the range itself. Thus, any ability that talks about overlapping can only occur while that ship is moving, or has a thing placed on top of it (and the latter is only because the game specifies that they trigger, such as with mines). We can iron out specific cards if they provoke questions, if you'd like.
  14. You're missing something key here: Overlapping may be an effect of Moving, but it is only a condition that exists during a ship's Activation. RRG, "Overlap," p.14 [emphasis mine]: "While a ship executes a maneuver or otherwise moves, it overlaps an object if the ship’s final position would physically be on top of an object." Once a ship has finished Activating, it is no longer in the state of Overlapping, because the window of "while executing a maneuver[/]mov[ing]" has ended. The rules for an asteroid preventing a ship from Attacking are separate from the rules of Overlapping. RRG, "Obstacles," p.13 [emphasis again mine]: "While a ship is at range 0 of an obstacle it may suffer different effects. • Asteroid: The ship cannot perform attacks." Checking range is a constant effect; everything is always at a given range of everything else, period. Note that while Overlapping an asteroid generally means you are at range 0 of it, the two are not the same concept. Overlapping is a game event that can lead to being at range 0, but "range 0" does not mean "Overlapping." [Nearly] Everything in 2.0 is keyworded for a reason. Thus, when a ship with Qi'ra activates, it can safely ignore the effects of whatever it is locking. However, when the same ship Engages, because she is no longer Moving, she may no longer ignore those effects. Additionally (and this may help others in this forum), remember that Attacking is optional, but Engaging is mandatory. Thus, Attacking is a thing that may happen while Engaging, but the two are not equivalent. Because Qi'ra only states that you ignore the effects while Attacking, and being at range 0 of an asteroid prevents you from entering that state, you cannot attack while at range 0 of an asteroid you are locking, period. ————————————— You are Attacking when you decide to resolve the ability to perform an Attack, and you cease Attacking after the Attack ends at the end of Step 5 "Deal Damage" (The reason an attack ends after Step 5 is that Step 6 "Aftermath" consists solely of abilities that trigger after Attacking or after Defending, so by definition you must have finished Attacking/Defending by the time you reach Step 6.) Keep in mind that Attacking is a thing that may happen while you Engage, but the two are not synonymous. In general, this means that, during the Engagement Phase, when your ship is given the opportunity to Attack and you declare that you are doing so you are now Attacking, until you finishing dealing damage. Sometimes you might get a Bonus Attack, and these might even happen outside of your ship's Engagement, or even outside of the Engagement Phase itself (note that the game's structure does not deny the ability to attack outside the Engagement Phase, just that no card I can think of at the moment would allow you to do so).
  15. Hi Everyone! I'd like to invite any of you local to the Inland Empire and vicinity of southern California to the Store Championships held at GMI Games, in Riverside. You can check out the event info page here. Among the prizes we are offering are copies of Wave 14 product, vouchers for X-wing 2.0 product, and the chance to win a repainted small-based ship of your choice, painted by Warlock Squadron's resident artist! We have 40 spots, first-come, first-served, so come early! I hope to see you all there!
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