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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Sekac in Critique my YT-2400 Build: Dash and Corran   
    I'm looking forward to running Dash and Corran too. I like your build but worry that Whisper will give you issues. She'll shoot before either of your ships and an HLC doesn't stack damage fast enough against a cloaked phantom.
    My corran build, therefore, is VI, FCS, R2D2. Whisper is guessing where to decloak and if wrong, is getting shot with 2 agility.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Engine25 in And Across the Galaxy, Many Turkeys Gobbled Out in Fear and Were Suddenly Silenced   
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    And don't forget, Fly Casual.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Radzap in The viper is coming; five seventy-five   
    That's it.
    I'm getting two of Vipers and naming them Tomax and Xamot. 
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to InstantAequitas in Battle in Afghanistan (lot of pictures)   
    Howdy guys and gals,
    So these write ups have been waiting for me to post because the internet sucks in A-stan. After arriving home last week I can say that one of my best experiences was playing this game with a lot of the boys to pass the time. The game was sent in a care package by Hothie back in March and the weeks that followed were filled with crazy 100 point battles with metas that I have not seen to often on this forum or AFM, as well as 6 man free for alls which had suprising outcomes. 
    I will start with the battles that are covered in the pictures.
    After Unboxing the Core set and one of every expansion, We set to work constructing the dials and placing the cards in protective wrappers. after we had completed that I played a game against Ryan, using the basic set up rules for play. 
    I Played the Rebel X-wing and Ryan used Two TIE/ln. I made this original write up in March in the General sections of the forums titled "Got my wave 2 Ships Today, WOOT!". Here, FINALLY, are the pictures.
    In addition, we played a 180ish point game (the write up for this game was also in the same post). The Pictures for this game are now also up.
    For a quick re-cap so you do not have to dig through the multiple pages of wave 3 ship guesses ( that mystery has been revealed effectively squashing the discussions of what wave 3 will be FOREVER) and pre HSF Rebel Squad Ideas. 
    I was on the Rebel Team with Tom and Tyler, and Ryan, Levi and John were the Imperials. 
    I controlled Wedge with R2D2 and Luke with R2F2
    Tom controlled Han Solo with Chewbacca
    and Tyler controlled Arvel Crynyd and Horton Salm w/ Ion Cannon
    Ryan Flew Soontir Fel and Howlrunner
    Levi flew Darth Vader and Mauler Mithel
    and John flew Boba Fett and Dark Curse
    Needles to say there was a large furball with plenty of collisions and in the end the Rebellion was able to claim victory.
    Some of the pictures are not in order. 
    Anyways the next month was filled with Star wars battles just about every night until two weeks before we went home because we were so busy. I will try to write up a few more from our fun in Afghanistan later on after the box I shipped with my notes comes in the mail.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to InstantAequitas in Victory for #Stressbot 4.0!   
    I figured at some point I had to stop being lazy and write a battle report, but I figure winning last night definitely has me in a good mood today and I felt like sharing. Aside from any day I play X-wing being a good day, I was also able to figure out what my go-to list will be for my league (pending a little more testing).
    So a synopsis of events: 100pt tournament with 3 rounds @ 60 mins each. 16 people ended up coming ( it was a last minute "hey, who wants to do this thing?" that was posted on two Facebook pages last week-ish) so MOV was going to be a huge deciding factor. I took a variation of my
    #stressbot list in a last second decision that I hoped would mess up some targeting priority.
    #stressbot 4.0 100pts
    Luke +VI+R3-A2 (31)
    Wedge +Predator (32)
    Biggs (25)
    Bandit (12)
    Round 1 vs a Chewie and 4 Bandits @98 pts
    -Wedge left Bigg's defensive bubble due to a bump from one of his bandits. Took Injured Pilot Crit trading Range 1 shots with Chewie.
    -at the end of the 60 min, I had Luke, Wedge and a bandit remaining while he only had a Bandit left.
    Round 2 vs a ZZZXXB PS2 Rebel swarm @100pts.
    -Wedge dominated for a bit but was destroyed once he left Biggs protective bubble.
    -Luke used stressbot only once during this game.
    -Biggs vaped the B-wing in a glorious R1 shot (who needs focus for defense anyways amirite???).
    100-32 victory.
    Final Round vs a Etahn, Blue, Blue, Rookie @100pts
    -three rounds in, his rookie is stressed, shield less and facing a board edge with a stress, Etahn is dead as is a Blue Squadron B-wing. The other B has his back to my K-turned force.
    -opponent concedes.
    Lessons Learned:
    -I have been comfortable having Wes being the stressbot carrier for my squad for a while, so it was hard to get used to not stripping actions like target lock or focus while using Luke as my substitute Stressbot carrier. This obviously helps the opponent's shots to be more accurate.
    -not having the Initiative helped because my Bandit ( and the bulk of my formation) blocked K-turns while I could still do them.
    -The Falcon was not my Priority Target and I focused on the escorts first, Until the Falcon got in Range of course.
    -I need to rethink my deployment strategy so Luke doesn't bump Biggs, but I don't really rely on him having actions anyway so whatevs.
    -everyone still tends to ignore the Bandit which is great.
    -Formation flying is not dead, it just needed a new angle. Instead of Jousting, I ensured I offset my deployment so I could bank inward to attack lower PS escorts first.
    So yeah, that was basically it. Second Place was a 7 TIE Swarm that while also 3-0 could not pump up its MoV because it faced another swarm. The time crunch is a killer but, encourages combat to happen faster.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to ficklegreendice in Death of Glass Cannons   
    Green dice have murdered more Soontirs than Dash will ever get a chance to
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to ForceSensitive in Ones Evolution of the Outrider since Gen-Con: A Meta-tation   
    Since I got into X-wing some year and a half ago I was dying for them to make the Outrider. Shadows of the Empire on the N64 was my Star Wars game of choice for many years so when they announced it and than pre-released it I was ecstatic! But always being the guy who wants to share his toys, and with the distinct possibility of its Soontir( ) rather than later release I wanted to share some of our play findings and how our meta evolved around the introduction of the newest addition to the Rebel fleet. With any luck I may inspire you, at best prepare you, and if all else fails perhaps I won't have wasted your time and entertained you. I write this as much for me as anyone else interested just so I can think it all out in one go. To better understand my own thought evolution on my new favorite ship in X-wing.
    Like many others, the first most obvious list was what has been called "Nimble Dash", or "Mad Dash", or "Stupid broken piece of ____" in our local meta. And to be fair if you haven't sat down across from this thing, or even behind one, it may come as a bit of shock to actually see in action. No matter how much you've seen it in your head.
    "Nimble Dash"
    >Dash Rendar 
    >>Outrider Title
    >>Push the Limit
    >>Kyle Katarn
    >>Heavy Laser Cannons
    >>Engine Upgrade
    >Rookie Pilot
    >Rookie Pilot
    Total: 100pts
    This is a BEAST of a MONSTER that was spawned by a DEMON. Interceptor-class maneuverability, Assault-class attack platform on a turret, three action economy, built in stress defense, Secondary Weapon perks, and gets along well with his friendly asteroid neighbors turning the battlefield into truly his own domain. Be warned this guys guns can reach your deployment zone on the first turn! And after that he ramps it up to eleven throwing nigh guaranteed four hits at range three, denying your ranged defense bonus, almost every turn after that.
    Tips and Tricks: Dash is an odd duck in that for a large ship he really wants a tightly packed asteroid field for him to keep returning too to spring ambush after ambush. If you are going against one try to keep the field loose, it will actually cause him some headaches. You may see this build have a favored opening with the X-wings deployed in a corner and dash deployed a foot in from either side facing dead forward, this is my usual setup dubbed 'Vanguard'. The turn one sequence for me will often be 3-bank into the middle or more accurately away from your approach, barrel roll deeper into the field or boost in depending, if you opened at lower PS and went deep he target locks for stress, or if I can get away with it use the remaining reactive movement to get the gun in range. The X-wings serve by stalling with one speed moves and trying to generally stay out of the way until they can be brought in on a flank or cause a flank threat to a weakened target or just joust in around mid game if they are left alone.
    The biggest problem you'll find with this guy is it wont take long for people to see the obvious flaw. Other higher PS interceptor class pilots can cozy up to you at range one and mock you for your arrogant hubris. And to be sure that along with stressing him and ionizing him are your greatest tools.
    But there is a defense. Those X-wings. If you feel lucky or skilled try the 'wave' opening of an X-wing one foot in from either side and Dash in the center. Try to keep one X-wing on either side of him and a little back so that to get close to Dash means to get in front of the X's guns or give them a invitation to chase you off his tail. But keep them at range one of you so that if they decide to kill the escort X-wings first they may have to suffer a round of HLC's to do it. A variation on this tactic I use to fight phantoms is to have the old vanguard opening to start but have the X's 2-turn in towards Dash and have Dash 3-turn in to the lead and barrel roll back to the edge. Have the X's follow Dash around the board edge with a range 1-1/2 gap between them. A little more obvious and not with out flaws but effective bait and switch when they expect you to do this for another turn, go to range three on the X's tails and you had Dash turn in to the middle and barrel roll back to cover the fighters as they K-turn the following round while Dash makes a get away into the rocks. If they are wise they will attempt to dive at your front though so be wily if this happens!
    After everyone fielded so many interceptors against me the list had to change. I still wanted to play the YT-2400 at the least but against so many other Interceptors and Phantoms I could no longer afford the weaknesses I had gained. After quite a bit of brewing this list evolved from that madness.
    "Push the LIMIT BREAKER"
    >Eaden Vrill
    >>Intelligence Agent
    >Nera Dantels
    >>Flechette Torpedo 
    >>Advanced Proton Torpedo
    >>Munitions Failsafe
    >>Fire Control System
    >Roark Garnet
    >>Moldy Crow
    >>Ion Cannon Turret
    Total: 100pts
    This was an absolute blast for me coming from a long Magic background. It's rebel control with a beef combo of heavy hitters. You fly them all together having them set up in a corner and Eaden taking point while Roark and Nera 2-turn in behind him. Just point your self right between the interceptors and invite them to kindly get too close from the side of their choosing. Roark spikes Nera up to PS12 to punch Phantoms in their ACD, if you catch my drift, or stick Turr Phennir with out his special ability, which will cause all kinds of problems for his action selection, and set them up for a shot out of Eadens suddenly relevant guns while Ion-ing and hopefully stressing some others too. Nera is the Big Stick and if you use her right she can KO a Soontir in potentially a single well planned turn with those Adv Protons right after stressing him with Flechettes and triggering FCS, or at the least make sure they have reason to stay away. Eaden can be your best blocking buddy ever with his large area of foresight with a barrel roll, and then get close to something else at the same time. After Nera marks a target with a little cloud of flechette chaff, Eadens guns can go up to 4 dice at range one as if he had HLC on the whole time. Your opponent will have to give serious thought to even K-turning into his range for fear of a faux Falcon firing back at them. It has a ton of interplay and relative simplicity but the list can fall apart quickly if any member of it is taken out. A lone Eaden in the end game is a sad Eaden. But the list did it's job swinging the meta for me back to some more vanilla days.
    Meta-Morphosis 2; The Return of Dash Rendar:
    Once the dust settled I went back to my old buddy Dash. I realized that I couldn't fly the one I had in the past for fear of reprisal of Whisper. But I also was now skilled enough with the ship I didn't need all the backup reactive movement and junk anyway. Thus The Outrider was equipped in it's most recent, and most streamlined form:
    "Recon Runner"
    >Dash Rendar
    >>Lone Wolf
    >>Recon Specialist
    >>Heavy Laser Cannons
    Now here is a solid all rounder. A reactive move when you need it and a double focus when you're set to lay out the red laser carpet. And re-rolls galore as long as your away from your escort which is only enhanced by that pair of tokens. A focus for offense and a focus saved for defense and a re-roll per dice batch is a beautiful thing. Plus shaving 5pts off opens up a wealth of escort possibilities. Even after running it several times I still haven't settled on just who should tag along with this super sleek spy. 
    Meta-Morphosis 3: Back to the Future!
    Looking forward I expect I'll have to come up with a efficient build using veteran instincts to compete at higher level tourney play so I have a chance of staring down all the new High PS S+V pilots, Han Solos, Whispers, and who knows what else. but maybe Dash can sit just fine at his humble pilot skill of seven. I'm dying to know what Flechette Cannon does to see what possibilities lie in that direction. At some point I really need to try Autoblasters on a Nimble Dash build and see how that does. Ion cannons turreted just didn't have the firepower to impress me when they took up so much of the lists cost. Well, until next time I feel I have anything worth the communities humble perusal, Fly casual! And get excited for Outriders!
    Share your wacky YT-2400 builds and tactics here. Tell us about what gives you problems and what you do to solve them. Let's do our best to get an Outrider into the Worlds Finals next year!
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Watching this made my day......   
    Biggs = Goose
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to ficklegreendice in Trying to field more X-Wings   
    I don't personally believe X-wings have been over-shadowed by new (Wave 4 although Z-95s didn't help) stuff, but I've never been able to justify them over B-wings. I've always felt they were a little glass-cannon, having only 1 hull over the expendible head-hunters. Still, I've tried to get more use out of them (because they're just so **** classic )
    Wedge is one of my favorite pilots, and I recently ran him (Predator) along with Keyan (advanced sensors) and 3 bandits to decent effect in a local tournie (3rd after tie breaker points). Ran up against a Whipser + mini-swarm that saw him get obliterated (knocking whisper down to 1 hull, first, though) because I postioned him poorly in the center of the table. It's okay, though, a Bandit took out Whisper (still lost two Academy ties to nothing, though). In the next game, I learned to use Wedge's PS to deploy him further off to the side of the enemy squad while the Bandits, backed up by Keyan, took the middle to be better able to block enemy fighters. With that tactic, it was much easier to keep him safe and keep him annhilating enemy ships.
    In terms of using multiple Xs, though, the only area where I feel they have a definite advantage over other rebel options (Bs and Zs especially) is in the named high PS pilots that can use their glass cannon advantages hopefully before they're blown out of the sky. I'm not sure there's another way to run them outside of a high PS wall (faciliated by Swarm Airen, who can make even a Rookie a terrifying pilot) with Biggs support.
    Not sure if this isnt common knowledge by now, but Airen (Swarm) and Biggs (R7 Astromech) is hilariously infuriating.
    Currently waiting (very impatiently) for the YT-2400 so I can nab Lone Wold for Luke and actually field a durable X, for once. Probably not the best against ships with 3+ red dice, but he'll make swarms angry.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Lardvark in Trying to field more X-Wings   
    Hey all,

    So the X-Wing is probably my favorite ship in Star Wars, followed by the Z-95 headhunter, but I think a lot of fancy new ships have overshadowed the X-Wing lately. I've built a list around my favorite two X-Wing pilots in this game, check it out:
    Airen Cracken (20)
    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Wedge Antilles (37)
    R2-D2 (4), Opportunist (4)
    Wes Janson (30)
    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Tala Squadron Pilot (13)
    Total: 100 pts
    Haven't fielded it just yet. I'm hoping that I can have Wes shoot, strip tokens off my target, followed by having Airen shoot, giving a free action to Wedge, who cleans up with Opportunist+that free action (with the idea being Wedge shooting 4 dice with a TL+focus). The Tala can be downgraded to a Bandit, for the 1pt initiative bid, but there are a lot of scary Predator cards out there lately, I think. 
    My fear is having Wedge focused down too fast, so I put R2-D2 on him to give him slightly more survivability. Also, I would be forced to fly in a pretty tight formation. Wedge being stressed all the time might make him pretty predictable too. What are your thoughts? Or, what lists favoring X-Wings have you been flying lately? I'd love to see em! Thanks. 
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to VanorDM in Assembling the fleet - what to start with?   
    Hello and welcome
    So I’d like to ask, if you were to start with the hobby anew, with the benefit of hindsight, what ships would you get first?
    Core set, perhaps 2 of them, or one each. Having more than 1 core helps a lot. More dice, extra templates, extra damage deck, and most importantly 3 more ships.
    But, if you're not completely sure, I'd get one and try it first.
    Then after that, it's really buy what you want. All of the ships are still good and useful, there is really nothing obsolete. So you'll find a use for most anything you buy.
    I would recommend no more than one Tie Advanced though, because while Lord Vader rocks, the rest of the pilots don't. A word of warning though, some of the Wave 1, 2 and even 3 ships can be hard to find due to FFG still not being able to keep up with demand.
    Do not pay more than MSRP for a ship though, because everything will be back in stock at some point.

    For 1, a lot of it is outthinking the other guy, a good part of it is list building and combos. Dice is of course a factor but you really don't win or lose on them most times. There will be times, but those are flukes.
    For 2 & 3, because you get those 3 ships plus everything else for less than the 3 ships themselves. But you'll still want a X-Wing and Tie Fighter expansion for the sake of Howlrunner and Wedge which don't come with the core set.
    But 5+ Ties and 3+ X-Wings is a great core collection to start with.

    No, everything is useful but nothing is really required.

    Yes they are, for example you can only get Push the Limit in the A-Wing Expansion or the Imperial Aces expansion. You can only get Gunner from the Firespray-31 expansion or Engine Upgrade from the YT-1300. So yes, an Imperial player may need to buy Rebel ships for the sake of some upgrade cards. But if it's just a friendly game then you can just write the upgrade on a bit of paper and use that as a proxy.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Conandoodle in My partner and I need a little time management guidance....badly...really   
    We have a little house rule that once you set your maneuver dial down, it can't be changed.

    Also, once the opponent has places his/hers .. you get about a minute before jestive insults start.

    "Gees, the earth was created in less time. Another 20 minutes and you get  day of rest, I bet your wife wish you lasted this long, etc etc."

    Whilst bordering on pathetic, it is impossible to plan .. and simultaneously provide adequate retorts. 
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    MasterWalkerofSky got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in What happened to this game I love?   
    So how do people think the 58 pt Dash build will play out in current meta?
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Cubanboy in Wave 5 is coming - the official Cubanboy thread about pointless things.   
    In case anyone did not know wave 5 is coming out soon.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Killerardvark in man it feels like i have been waiting for a boat for 42 days.......   
    I bought mine at GenCon thinking, "I'm going to feel like an idiot paying MSRP if they come out in a couple weeks." Every day makes me feel that much happier. I feel like the grinch, I'm happy and everyone else is miserable.
    ...Then I think about how much longer till my preorder of Scum and Villainy comes in and I'm sad again.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Breaking The Law in 2 more games, up to 4-0   
    If you end up with a 30 win streak you must journey to the far away land of Minnesota to duel the great x-wing champions. They say that few return from their quest, but those that do have the power to see the truth about the meta game.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Revanchist in Lone Wolf Explored   
    Alright, to begin let me say this: I believe that Lone Wolf is one of the best EPTs out there. For one point less than Predator, you have the same basic effect, plus one of the only defensive re-rolls in the game so far. There's only two catches: it's unique, and you have to be Range 2 or farther from your allies. So what does that mean for us:
    1) The ship it is placed on will most likely be a key part of your strategy, either on a flanking unit or an "anchor" that is used in a list with flankers.
    2) The more ships you have in play, the worse this card becomes as it is harder to stay away from your own ships. I think 5 ship lists, with proper maneuvering, would be the upper boundaries of this card; 4 ships or less will be ideal. This means Swarms and lists based on tight formation flying are right out.
    3) a ship with a TL or pseudo-TL (Horton, Dutch, Vessery) based ability won't get the best use out of LW.
    Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to what we all came here for:
    Rexler Brath + LW (39)
    This one is pretty self-explanatory; he is more likely to keep his focus to flip those beautiful crits on targets, and gets a boost for the endgame. Plus, even if he has to pull a red maneuver (aka those much hated red 1-turns) he doesn't completely lose out on defensive mods.
    Mauler Mithel + LW (19)
    The problem with Mithel is that he can easily get vap'd on his way to the R1 shot with four reds. This can increase his survivability. I wouldn't mind putting a HU or even EU on him as well; for 22-23 points he'd still be a pretty solid ship.
    Tetran Cowall + LW + any combo of HU/SU/SD
    Cowall is the black sheep of the Interceptor family, because his ability runs rather counter to the traditional Interceptor logic of multiple actions and RED MANEUVERS ARE THE DEVIL!!! The answer? Don't fly him like an Interceptor, fly him like a Defender. Once again, those stressful moves won't hurt quite as much because you're EPT isn't action dependent, so you'll always have that bonus available to you.
    Kath + LW + EU + crew of your choice
    If Kath is used in a 3–4 ship build, this can prove quite nasty. The Firespray is already one of the most survivable ships out there, and this only increases that ability. Add RebCap, Tactician, or MJ for some control abilities; or Isard for a near unkillable endgame piece (focus, free evade, reroll a green).
    Kenkirk + LW + Isard + Jerjerrod + MJ + EU(59)
    Kenkirk and Isard we already know have quite the synergy, but add LW and things get better once 5 damage has been dealt. Throw in Jerjerrod to cancel a Direct Hit, MJ to keep opponents at bay, and Engine Upgrade for added maneuverability.
    Before I begin, I'm going to talk briefly about perhaps one of the most hated upgrades in the game: C-3PO. Threepio is often used on 1 evade ships, letting the player guess 0 evades and always get at least one that way. But what if you're tired of that. What if you want to play bold, risk it by saying 1 evade? Well up until now you just had to pray to the dice gods and hope for the best. But not anymore. Today I release a synergy of potentially unmatched power: But is there a way to potentially squeeze more evades out of that roll? Yes there is, and today I give that to you:
    Lone Wolf + C-3PO (5)
    On 1-agility ships, this could be huge. Now you can potentially double your evades on one attack with relative reliability. Just guess 0, if you roll a blank or focus you get an evade, and then reroll that dice. That could be a huge survivability buff right there: but only really useful (on 1300s anyway) on Chewbacca, as it is halfway anti-synergistic on Han and completely counter to Lando's ability. Perhaps B/E2s could get some use out of it, or if there is ever another crew capable 1-agility ship.
    Luke Skywalker + LW + R2-D2
    This one is a given. We take an endgame nightmare and add the ability to reliably trigger his pilot ability on top of that.
    Keyan Farlander + LW (31)
    We all know how good Ibtisam can be; however, in order to make a good build with her requires a lot of work. For 31 points we get the same ability plus the stress-shedding of Keyan. Add AdvS for BR before the stress move.
    Kyle Katarn + LW + BT + RecSpec + Moldy Crow (33)
    This is an interesting combo. Kyle is now a threat that shouldn't be ignored (though he is a HWK, so some people will make that mistake). Now here's the deal: Kyle can work his magic at Range 1–3, so he can still work with a team AND get the benefits of LW! It will take some advanced maneuvering and forethought, but in certain 3-4 ship builds it could be most effective. This same principle can work for any of the HWK pilots.
    Gemmer Sojan + Test Pilot + Refit + LW (22)
    This guy is designed to fly into the heat of battle, to be a knifer in a world of broadswords. You'll either want him at R3 or R1 for his survival bonus. LW will make those 4 dice go a little farther. Alternatively the Refit could be dropped for Proton Rockets. Is this more effective than putting PtL on him? I'm not sure really, but I will say this: keeping your movement options open would be a boon for Sojan because he could more easily kite @ R1.
    What of the YT-2400 line? This would definitely help them, but I think that there are other options out there that are better upgrades. However, LW would be nice on a hyper-mobile Dash Rendar.
    Scum & Villainy
    We don't know much about them, and TBH so far most of what I've seen of them works counter to Lone Wolf; however, there is one pilot that has been mentioned already as the prime Scum candidate for Lone Wolf. I'll just discuss that briefly.
    N'Dru Suhlak + LW + HU
    For one point more than a Rookie pilot, you get a PS 7 Z-95 with X-wing survivability, X-wing attack dice, and an upgrade card that PERFECTLY synergizes with his pilot ability. He will probably find his way into a lot of lists as a good solid mid-ground fighter.
    So that is all I have to say about this amazingly epic card. I'm sure I've missed some potentially awesome combos out there, so feel free to add your thoughts/favorite ideas on how to best use this card. If everyone likes this series, my next one will be on Intimidation.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Vorpal Sword in Fat Han vs the World!!!   
    I've liked and agreed with your posts in the past, but this forum has become nearly unbearable over the past couple of months, and posts like this are the reason why. Wave 5 isn't in wide release, so we have very little idea how Wave 5 is going to affect the metagame, and there's not enough public information for people to speculate on how Wave 6 is going to affect the metagame. But apparently you've reached into the future, seen how terrible and broken it is, and reported back: the sky is already still having been on-fallen*.
    So if you're that down on the game, please remember you have the option of leaving. There's even a whole thread right now that's perfect for posting your farewell notice and linking to your eBay sale!
    Or, alternately, you can admit to yourself that things aren't actually that bad--you can play "fighter builds" successfully against Fat Han! They're really quite effective!--and stop participating in the positive feedback loop that's making this forum into a squealing mess.
    But please, and this is addressed to anyone for whom disgust with Falcon builds has become an essential trait of your participation here: pick one or the other.
    *This is the correct conjugation, according to Streetmentioner's Time Traveler's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to LeoHowler in Will Scum be the end of Han?   
    I think Wave 5 is bringing some more interesting things that will change the current meta -before- wave 6 and Scum are even a thing? Lone Wolf, Stay On Target, Ruthlessness, Mara Jade, Fleet Officer, Experimental Interface, the ships themselves? I think the fact that there are two more... "extremes" of the YT-1300 we'll say have a lot to offer to the game.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to InstantAequitas in You challenge the Devil to a game of X-Wing for your Soul. What do you Fly?   
    Yea I fly on a poster board black as death, I will fear no Echo+ACD, for stressbot is with me.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to SableGryphon in Experimental Interface Explored   
    With the upcoming upgrade card ‘Experimental Interface’, there has been a number of questions regarding how to utilize it. For those who are unaware, here is the card:

    Once per round, after you perform an action, you may perform 1 free action from an equipped Upgrade card with the “Action:” header. Then receive 1 stress token.
    Similar to Push The Limit, this card instead allows the utilization of Action: upgrade cards. What what upgrades are they?
    Proximity Mines
    Fleet Officer
    Lando Calrissian
    Expert Handling
    Squad Leader
    So I would like to explore all the options and potential builds for them. Most of these builds are going to avoid the common and are going to be a bit esoteric, so be prepared for interesting ideas that probably cost too many points.
    Etahn A’baht (32)
    Lone Wolf (2)
    Sensor Jammer (4)
    R2-F2 (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    In this build, Eatin’ Aboat becomes a tank. Sensor jammer forces targets to spend a focus when attacking or lose a hit. For his action, he can focus for defense. This will trigger EI, allowing him to engage R2-F2 to increase his ability. Then Lone Wolf can allow him to reroll a blank on each attack against him. This results in a 4 agility craft with focus and sensor jammer that gets a defensive reroll on all attacks. Limited to green maneuvers, but incredibly difficult to kill for 44 points.
    Jek Porkins (26)
    Predator (3)
    R5-D8 (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Porkins, everyone favorite maligned X-Wing pilot. Predator is an excellent card for offense, giving him at least one reroll on every attack. At PS7, he can take focus for defense or offense. Now, however, he can dump stress with impunity. K-Turns no longer stop his action and he laughs at Rebel Captive and Mara Jade and any number of other dirty tricks. From these he can dump stress. This may give him a damage card however. On his next turn, when he acts, he can focus and use that to trigger R5-D8 to repair hull. This gives him another stress, one that he may then choose to dump. Timing is important here, as he cannot repair damage gained from the stress from EI the same turn, as that happens after R5-D8 triggers. Still, could last a long time and would be a brutal endgame ship for 35 points.
    “Dutch” Vander (23)
    Ion Cannon Turret (5)
    R7-T1 (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Dutch is commonly found in many rebel synergy lists. His ability to pass compatriots the ability to TL is invaluable, he has the HP to survive several attacks, and he is rarely without his trusty Ion Cannon Turret for control. R7-T1 is an interesting choice because it allows him to boost. More importantly, R7-T1 allows him to TL, but is not a TL action. In this case, Dutch moves up and takes the TL action. This passes a TL to a nearby friendly. He then activates R7-T1 with EI to Target Lock a different enemy (he can’t TL the same enemy twice in a row). This gives another friendly a Target Lock. Then he may boost if desired. He has just gained a TL, passed two friends Tls, and boosted. Sure his green maneuvers are predictable, but when he is able to magnify the attack potential of his friends, it may well be worth the 34 points.
    Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16)
    Proximity Mines (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    One of the biggest problems with Proximity Mines is that they are placed after movement, but they take an action. Unless one moves perfectly, a target may well escape because no movement adjusting actions can be taken unless one sinks a lot of points into such a ship. EI offers and interesting solution to this problem. A Scimitar Squadron Pilot is PS2, so will move before most things. He may then move and barrel roll into the perfect position. If he drops his Prox Mine on top of his target, that target is unlikely to escape. Imagine this. The bomber moves just beyond Whisper and barrel rolls. This allows the Scimitar to then trigger EI to drop the Prox Mine covering all possible decloak options. When she decloaks, she takes 3 dice of damage with none of her vaunted Agility tokens providing protection. For 22 points and at 6 Hull, this ship can find its way into many a list.
    Bounty Hunter (33)
    Fleet Officer (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    We don’t generally think of Bounty Hunters as support ships. With 3 attack, 2 agility, and 10 HP, they tend to be considered tanks and bruisers. At first blush Fleet Officer is purely a support ability. Choose two ships at range 1-3 and give them focus tokens, then get a stress. The trick is that, unless the ability specifies ‘another’ ship, it can be used on the initiating ship. So in this case, Fleet Officer allows one to get a focus and to give another ship a focus. Now, EI is a bit harder sell here, because it results in double stress. Sometimes, however, double stress is worth it to get a focus, an evade, and give a friendly ship a focus token as well. To be used sparingly, but could offer a critical edge in some situations. For 39 points, it might be best to pair this with a Wingman or two.
    Eaden Vrill (32)
    Lando Calrissian (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Eaden Vrill doesn’t get much love yet. No EPT and his ability runs counter to the use of the Outrider title. However, if the rest of the list is made to inflict stress, he can act as quite the vicious brawler. Able to get in and mix it up with the enemy, getting 3-4 attack dice and cheap enough to risk in combat. Here, he can barrel roll or TL, then engage Lando for some focus or evade, he could potentially be more nimble than first glance would indicate, as well as more potent and survivable. For 38 points, it’s definitely worth exploring.
    Chewbacca (42)
    Predator (3)
    “Leebo” (2)
    Nien Nunb (1)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Not as outwardly effective as the ubiquitous Fat Chewy builds which sacrifice mobility for durability, at first blush this doesn’t have much to offer. Predator is always useful, granted. However, Leebo allows Chewy to boost at the cost of an ion token. Experimental Interface allows him to boost off of focus. So here, Chewy moves, the focuses, then gets to boost. He gets a stress and an ion. However, Nien Nunb changes the 1 forward from Ion into a green maneuver, allowing him to clear stress and keep moving. The decision for when to boost can be made with knowledge of where it will put Chewy for next round, allowing for one to plan clear approaches and when to be ioned and when not to. With 4 being a green, one can easily boost out of combat, clear the ion, and return. Chewy becomes quite elusive and agile with boost. The best defense against an attack is to not be in arc of course. Interesting for 51 points, though probably not competitive in the current meta.
    Captain Oicunn (42)
    Predator (3)
    Saboteur (2)
    Ysanne Isard (4)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Saboteur is a much derided card. 2 points, costs and action, and only occurs 50% of the time when triggered. That said, it has some powerful effects. First, the crit itself can cripple a ship, from adding damage to reducing weapon values, to eliminating the pilot ability and EPTs. Second, this bypasses all current ways to get rid of a crit. This will allow one to flip a crit on Chewy, for instance, or add a pilot crit to a ship with Determination. Here, Captain Oicunn will seek to ram the enemy, getting free damage on them for doing so. Predator will mitigate the pain of losing actions for attack. Once damaged, Ysanne Isard will give a free evade action at the start of combat phase. And that is where EI comes into play.
    At the start of combat, all the ships have already moved. Oicunn will have a good idea whether a green maneuver next turn is desirable or not. If Oicunn is unstressed and planning a green move next turn, EI can trigger off of Isard’s free evade action, giving Oicunn a Saboteur action. Maybe it does nothing, but inflicting a crit early in combat could change the course of the game. 54 points is expensive, but not a dealbreaker.
    Tycho Celchu (26)
    Push the Limit (3)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Daredevil (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)
    Tycho Celchu’s pilot ability is amazing. He can perform actions when stressed. One of the downsides to this is that he can no longer K-Turn once he gets stress, and he usually has so many that he will never clear them all again for later. He may boost, that that only turns him so far. Now, however, Tycho can take a 1-Hard turn, focus, activate EI (getting a stress) to trigger Daredevil (getting another stress), take an additional 1-Hard turn in the same direction, then activate PTL to boost, getting another stress. Sure he ends up with three stress tokens, but just add them to the pile. The goal of the game may be to end up with a stack of stress higher than Tycho by the end. It turns Tycho into one of the most nimble ships in the game. Being able to move, boost, and daredevil every turn is incredibly potent, especially as they don’t have to be in the same direction. 33 points, but it could be quite difficult to get him off the board.
    Tycho Celchu (26)
    Push the Limit (3)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Expert Handling (2)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)
    A traditional problem with the A-Wing is that they lack a barrel roll action. This has always hindered them in comparison to the TIE Interceptor, as they can’t adjust their final position as easily. Expert Handling gives them that ability but takes the slot of an EPT that would be of more value. Rebel Aces has changed that, allowing them 2 EPTs. The other downside to EH is that it adds a stress. But as indicated above, there is one pilot who ignores stress. This setup allows Tycho to Boost, Barrel Roll, and any other action, in any order desired, every turn. A more traditional maneuvering bonus than Daredevil mentioned above, and a point cheaper at 32 points, it could make Tycho quite the nimble adversary.
    Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46)
    Expose (4)
    Ysanne Isard (4)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Expose is one of the most derided cards in the game. It adds an extra attack die, which is great. But the cost is too high. It costs an action. Statistically, adding one die at the cost of losing TL or Focus means the average damage is going down. It costs an agility die, meaning that the ship is more likely to perish. It costs the EPT slot, and there are plenty of better options. It costs 4 points, making it expensive. Here, though, those concerns are largely negated.
    R.A.C. can move and act as normal. Off of the action such as Target Lock, he can activate Expose, increasing his attack to 4 dice. This reduces his agility to 0 from 0*. He then gets a stress from EI, but as Chir wants to be close but not in contact with the enemy, this should be generally ok. Chiraneau’s natural ability helps mitigate the loss of focus for attack.
    Things get more exciting once R.A.C. has taken damage. Now, even if Chiraneau is bumped, at the start of combat he gets the free Evade Action off of which he can trigger Expose, giving him 5 dice plus turning an eye to a crit at range 1. 57 points is tough to swallow, but the resulting ship is a master of destruction.
    *Note: Dice from range 3 and asteroids are bonus dice, not increases to Agility, so even if Chiraneau has 2 Structural Damage crits, with Expose, being fired at by Wedge with Outmaneuver, if it’s at range 3 through an asteroid, he still gets 2 dice for defense.
    Ten Numb (31)
    Marksmanship (3)
    Advanced Sensors (3)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Ten Numb’s ability to get 1 crit through any number of evade dice has always been nice, but unreliable. Naturally rolled crits aren’t common enough to count on. Marksmanship isn’t much better than focus even on Ten Numb, as he could instead of PTL and get TL and Focus on every attack. Now, however, there is a way to get two actions, one of which being Marksmanship, on this venerable B-Wing. Ten Numb may now take his action of TL or Barrel Roll, depending on whether he needs to change position. Then Marksmanship triggers with EI. Now, as he has advanced sensors, he can do all this before he moves, then reveal a green move to clear the stress he just gained. It’s a brutally effective combo for 40 points.
    Airen Cracken (19)
    Squad Leader (2)
    Experimental Interface (3)
    Squad Leader has always been a questionable EPT. Sure, it allows one to give another action to a ship, but often at high cost. It means that the ship giving the action loses their own, and it can only be passed to a ship of lower PS, not to mention the loss of the EPT slot. EI changes that dynamic somewhat. Now, the ship can still get their own action, but can pass an action at the cost of a stress. In this case Airen Cracken can focus for defense, passing an action to a friend with Squad Leader by way of EI. Then, when he shoots, he can pass another action. Quite the generous leader for 24 points.
    So that’s the list of all the current upgrade cards with the ‘Action:’ header used in conjunction with EI. Some of them are more fun than effective but EI gives one the ability to gain another action, often an interesting one. It’s a card that hasn’t garnered the instant love and affection lavished on PTL, but there are lots of interesting ways to use this card, especially as every ship in the game can take it.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Breaking The Law in Favorite finishers?   
    Scorpion from Mortal Kombat had the best finisher, not even up for debate.
    I don't think this is a question you can directly answer. You have 3 distinct game stages, early, mid, and late. Any list needs to know where it is strongest, where it is weakest, and the same for what it is up against. You then have to maximize this timing, to know when to really put on the hurt.

    Early game is the jousting phase, and you can almost always guarantee shots/actions during this phase.
    Mid game is the big dogpile that takes up most of the game, and is when most games are decided.
    Late game is when one player is trying to mop another up, or both squads are limping around and praying for hot dice.

    Early game is an entirely blank slate, starting with deployment. Both squads are fresh and unhurt, and it really is anyone's game at this point.
    Mid game is critical, and barring an extremely bad early game for one player, the game should be decided here.
    Late game's nature is decided by the two preceding phases of a game. So you have less control over it than say, early game, or mid. More dice have been rolled and what not.

    Cool story time;

    My latest tournament list is Jan, Wedge, and Wes. Wedge in this case is generally my best late game finisher. He can really beat the hell out of another ship 1v1, and if I go into the late game with say, Wedge v 4 tie fighters, I lost anyways. This list is entirely front loaded, and is designed to make you absolutely miserable from the time the first shot is fired. The longer the game goes, the weaker it gets. But if I can doing serious damage in the early game, it is probably gg.

    Wave 3 I used to run 3 blue squadron pilots with fire control systems and an outer rim smuggler. This list was ok on the joust, but really powerful in a mid game brawl. So I had to minimize the damage going into the mid game, and then start hurting my opponent in the dog fight, or else I would probably lose. If you ever played against a 3 tie interceptor aces list it functioned in the same way. Turtling up, until it could get in close and knife fight you to death in about 3 turns.

    I think this is what makes Han/Chewie, and soon to be Dash, so strong. They don't put out good firepower for their points, not even close. I can get 2 daggers with advanced sensors, or almost 5 z-95s for the price of a Fat Han. If we just roll dice all day, those kill far more. It's that these ships can dodge your arc all day while doing a little bit of damage. And after 20 turns of chasing Dash through the asteroid fields, you're left with 2 half dead academy pilots and he still has some shields left. It's also what makes the games so frustrating, as you rarely lose in the first few turns, but die a slow and hopeless death.


    Dash is the best late game ship, followed closely by Han/Chewie. But they aren't very good late game ships if they are dead turn 4.

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    MasterWalkerofSky got a reaction from Felswrath69 in A friend to fly with Dash   
    Sable that leebo build sounds fun.
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    MasterWalkerofSky reacted to Breaking The Law in Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned...   
    Was the name of this list
    Jan Ors-recon specialist, moldy crow, blaster turret, veteran instincts
    Wes Janson-veteran instincts, r3a2.
    which I took to a tournament last night at Art of War Games in Cincinnati. I had never played at Art of War before, but found the tournament experience to be well organized and pleasant. If any of you are ever in town I recommend you stop in and buy something.

    My idea with the list was that x-wing is a game about killing your opponent, and only that. Survivor units are useful for taking objectives, which don't exist in this game, and not dying. However, paying a premium for not getting killed is often not worth it if those points could go into simply killing your opponent quicker.
    I have better quality shots than most people, and will be outnumbered. Which is ironic, because I ended up playing 2 lists of 3 ships, and 2 lists of 2 ships. But The Prodigy is a good band, so whatever.

    Round 1
    I got paired up against Denson who was running
    Corrann Horrnn-r2d2, fcs, push the limit
    Han Solo with a bunch of stuff
    Denson and me set up across from each other and went for the joust, with his Han set off to my side. He lost Corrann in 2 turns, but managed to knock Jan down to 1 hull. The next 2 turns consisted of Wedge and Wes chasing Han around while Han tried to kill Jan. I kept rolling enough eyeballs and evades to dodge his attacks, and he conceded when Han had 4 hull points left.
    Round 2
    Jeff. With one of the weirdest, and potentially most frustrating lists I have ever seen.
    Whisper-vet instincts,  adv cloaking, sensor jammer, recon specialist
    Carnor Jax-stealth device, tie guard title, hull upgrade, push the limit
    Dark Curse-stealth device
    Really wasn't looking forward to playing against this nastiness, and Jeff has won our previous 3 engagements pretty soundly.
    He deployed to try and joust me, as I believe he felt if he spread out I would just pick his fleet apart ship by ship. I moved up 4 straights, and turn 2 we met head to head, with Wedge and Wes in range 1 of Carnor, target locking him, and Jan off to the side where she could still use her blaster turret.
    Wes knocked the focus and evade off Carnor, but his stealth device still held for 0 damage. Where I messed up was having Jan shoot Whisper, taking a shield away. Wedge firing on Carnor left him with 1 hull point left, but most importantly, put the injured pilot card on Carnor. This was critical, as he was not able to deny me focus or Jan her turret. However, he had 1 hp left, and Wes got erased for his trouble.
    Next turn I finished off Carnor, and Jan managed to roll 3 hits against Whisper, with the result of 2 blanks on evade. Dark Curse was able to hunt down and kill Jan before Wedge finished him off.
    Lesson Learned: Next time always go for overkill if it means they definitely won't get to shoot at all. If I hadn't gotten that particular crit through on Carnor, I would have lost the game I think.
    Round 3
    In the third round I played against Ron, who was running another 3 ship rebel build.
    Ten Numb-veteran instincts
    Etahn-r2d2, something else
    We traded my Wes for his Wedge on the initial joust, and the next turn his Ten Numb got an injured pilot crit through on Wedge, turning him into a high skill rookie. The irony, the horrible irony of this. After that, we just tried to avoid each other while vying for shots. He killed Jan, I got Ten, and then Etahn finished off Wedge. Really a tough game, probably went 20-25 turns.

    Lesson Learned: Play at the top of your game in mirror matches, I got sloppy this game and lost for it.
    Round 4
    Last round, I played against James N. James was the only 3-0 player in the tournament at this point. After a narrow loss last game, I was out for blood. James mentioned he went 6-0 with this list at Gencon. Playing the only undefeated player meant I had to be on top of my game. Most importantly:
    James was wearing a Cincinnati Bengals hat. I was wearing my Baltimore Ravens hat.
    Honor demanded I get 100 pts.

    Etahn-predator, shield upgrade, r2d2
    Chewbacca-creepio, luke gunner, engine upgrade, draw their fire.
    Tough list, very, very survivable. and can force through crits. The draw their fire+regen made me think that he wanted people to think Etahn was the easier target, and shoot him first. I wasn't falling for that, I was running Chewie long before the internet started talking about him, I know what he can do in the late game.
    He deployed on the far left edge of the table (from my perspective), I deployed Wes right up against the left edge, and Wedge/Jan were in a conga line going down the asteroids. We both moved up 1 straights. Next turn I moved up 2s, he did hard turns towards the center of the map. I crept up slowly again, with chewie doing a lazy 3+boost to get almost beside Wedge/Jan.

    First rounding shooting I took a few shields off Chewie in exchange for light damage to Jan. Next round Wedge k turned back around, Jan moved up a lazy 1, and Wes did a lazy 3 over. Wedge and Jan knocked quite a bit of health off Chewie, He did some damage to Jan, and Etahn, who was behind Wedge at this point, wiffed.
    The way we were positioned, Chewbacca was heading right for my bottom right corner, Wedge and Wes were in a great spot to corner him and he couldn't get out of our arcs. I moved Jan up, knowing she would either be behind Etahn if he gave chase. Or, if Etahn went after he, he would be horribly out of position to help Chewie.
    Chewie was taken out quick, and Etahn went after Jan, killing her. From here though, he had Etahn vs 2 full health X-wing aces. Those E-wings are slippery, but I played slow and steady and took him out.
    Lesson Learned:  Predator is better than PTL unless you are an interceptor or a-wing. Those 3 turns where wedge k turned, and then did a 4 straight, followed by a lazy 3 to hound Chewie meant he at least got a re roll to use.
    I ended up going 3-1, as did my last round opponent, and 2nd round opponent. My buddy James C, who I drove down with, also went 3-1. Tie breakers were determined by strength of schedule, which meant I ended up in 3rd place. James N got 1st, James C got 2nd, and Jeff got 4th. Both of the James got Rebel Aces packs. James C offered to give me his, since he picked one up at Gencon, but I figured I can just borrow his Farlander card if I want to run a death star laser. Told him to get 2 z-95s instead and run Han swarm, since that list is the ****.

    I got the sweet alternative art card for Biggs Darklighter, which is great. I have mostly ran 3 ship rebels since I started playing, so I use Biggs often.
    This was the first tournament that I didn't bring B-wings to, and stuck with what I know. And I had a great showing, beating 2 top contenders, losing a very close near mirror match, and winning against 2 fat falcons and a whisper.
    Todays Lesson
    Play what you enjoy, and get good at it kids.
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