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  1. I like the 58pt Dash build I've wanted to try it with naked chewie.
  2. So how do people think the 58 pt Dash build will play out in current meta?
  3. Yea some of us picked up rebel aces and wave5 at gencon.
  4. X wings for sure and Dash with the outsider.
  5. I bought 2 of each Wave 5 ship and 2 aces at gencon .
  6. My boat didn't sink it arrived at gen con with pairs of aces,outriders,decimators.
  7. I agree I think it matches the flavor of the faction
  8. I was lucky and bought 2 copies of each at Gencon I'm in love with the Outrider:)
  9. Rebels because of the Outrider and the Xwing
  10. Luke with R2 D2 , Corran, Dash are my favorite finishers.
  11. I would like to see a stealth x wing with tech upgrades or just a better version of x wings with jedi pilots and a new Luke Skywalker.
  12. But Dash has really helped me to understand and love Ptl and EU together they are amazing on large ships it helps them cover alot of ground.
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