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  1. Not sure how out of the way Durham is for you guys but Atomic Empire is a great place
  2. Alfax

    Wave 7?

    I've just recently got into X Wing and noticed that some of the announcement to release delays were close to a year when I was looking at the wave 1 and 2 products. I just don't see the point in saying ... look at this great new product you can have in 365 days. 3 months is plenty of notice for a new product. I don't know if FFG uses the time to see how much interest there is in their newly announce products but I think if there's too much time between announcement and release the interest may actually wane by the time it comes out.
  3. So the passing of initiative happens each round? My friend and I who recently started playing were told this but then were told the player with initiative can decide to give it to the other player before the start of the game and then that's it. Then we were told it's decided by a dice roll. But that may have just been tournaments. Someone please set the record straight.
  4. If you go to Barnes and Nobles and they don't have what you are looking for on the shelf ask them if they can check the back. Every B&N in my area has had boxes and boxes of them and I have found almost every ship after only playing for a month now. They got tons of stuff in but only put a few out on the shelf at a time and don't realize that they have hard to find stuff in their backrooms.
  5. So now that it's out what does everyone think?
  6. It was on there when I looked, 26th item down right under the stormtrooper dice bag. I thought they were alphabetical so I probably would have looked near the bottom first if you hadn't said it wasn't there so I checked the whole list and there it was nearer to the top
  7. Okay, I have a fairly large table. Large enough to have a game of Talisman laid out with all four corner expansion (once the last corner comes out) and the Dragon expansion and have four people sit around it comfortably if not slightly cramped with stacks of adventure cards. If they choose to wrap new corners around existing corners (and I would be all for that) the problem I see with it is room to play. You're talking about a game that's already roughly 3' x 5' ... (rough guess, I haven't measured) I just think at some point it's too big . I understand not everyone uses every expansion during every game but you should be able too if you want to so to me, making it so that if you use the newer expansions you should shelve the older ones to make room isn't an option and would stop me from spending money on the game
  8. Not to come off like a D-bag but is it possible you've misunderstood a rule or anything like that? Without knowing how a game goes it's hard to say what you may be doing wrong but I would double check all the rules and the FAQ just to make sure you haven't misunderstood something that may be making the game harder. This is a great game and I hate to see anyone have a bad time with it as that leads to never playing it again. We have about an 85 to 90 % win rate so there's got to be something going on causing you to lose 50/50. Come back with an update and I'll see if I can help out more
  9. How is Quarriors? We've seen that and wondered but haven't seen much about it
  10. So, went ahead and picked this up on Thursday. It was as much fun as I remember and the wife and I played several games Thursday night. Friday afternoon I said the magic words ... "The fifth wizard in the expansion is purple" ... and the wife sent me immediately to pick up Malefic Curses. I really like the idea of magic types.
  11. Personally I think FFG should make something like that to fit their cards. As well as a 6 to 8 deck electronic shuffler made to fit the smaller sized cards. They'd make a killing
  12. What about after rolling the die for movement. If you roll and can land on the Graveyard can you change to evil before you move there? We've always played that you could change after rolling for movement but before moving as it seemed the ability to change alignment was geared toward spaces and encounters based on alignment Not a roll like the Madcap where you would have to choose your alignment before the roll but cards where you are good but will get rewarded if you were evil. You could change between drawing the card and encountering the card.
  13. I beleive there is a difference between "miss 1 turn" and "miss your next turn" Miss 1 turn effects tend to be timed environmental effects that last a specific amount of time such as the storm. If you are already due to miss a turn due to say drawing the siren and then someone draws the Storm then the storm wont last 1 turn longer just for you and not the others. In essence you are standing in the storm entranced by the Siren. The effects happen at the same time but wont stack. I do believe that miss your next turn worded effects will stack though. Wording is very specific in talisman and I believe the designer took that into account but it just hasn't been explained fully. This is what I was trying to say. There are some missed turns that will stack and others that will occur simultaneously depending on circumstances
  14. That was very helpful. Thanks for linking that.
  15. There is a difference between A turn and Next turn. If 5 different people say they will give you 100 dollars to stack 50 pieces of wood. You would stack 50 pieces of wood and collect one hundred dollars from each person and have 500 dollars. if 1 person says they will give you 100 dollars if you stack 50 pieces of wood and then another person says they will give you 100 dollars for another stack and another person for another stack then you have to stack 250 pieces of wood for the same 500 dollars. Not the best analogy but it does show there's difference. I realize it's perhaps arguing semantics but that is almost always the case with Talisman rules.
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