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  1. Wow. You been spending some time on this bud. Well, good luck! I'm rooting for you!
  2. oh, for parking attendees get half off valet. A lot of people forget that. Still not cheap, but a lot more affordable than full price and easier than moving the car every two hours on the street.
  3. I'll be there. In the narrative too.
  4. Given that ACMs work by rapidly depleting shields until it's just splash damage hammering the hull and APTs work by partially ignoring shields I would recommend you stick to all one or the other. I think that list composition was probably because ACMs are too expensive for six in the list and APTs... Well... If you have six right now then you have six MC30c.
  5. It's actually the same tool that's in the core set. Sometimes it's useful to have multiples because the full 4 length tool can get caught up on models in a cluster, but it is not necessary to play the game.
  6. If you are talking to me, why yes I did. The MC 30 was no issue, but the guppy and MC80 dishing out tons of red dice love were something else entirely. Taking down an ISD with two volleys was something to behold. Definitely learned something yesterday, and I am rapidly analyzing and reworking lists to adapt, but I am definitely impressed by the new reb line up. Where did you play Lupine?
  7. I played in the final round at my local store with a rebel fleet. I had been running an imperial list but came in second with points and the other player chose to fly Imperials in the final match. My Advanced Gunnery Ackbar boosted MC80 shredded the ISD from range with some modest support from a torpedo frigate and an AF Mk II B. Honestly I think the MC80 may be the real breakout success of this wave. It has great broadsides and they're just so big it's easy to get a target in them.
  8. Yeah, I like to channel movement with the station too. That is something you have to know your opponent likes though. I have a feeling I'm going to be playing a lot of new people at Sullust and I don't know their style. On the plus side they don't know mine.
  9. I've been thinking about how best to use obstacles for the upcoming Massing at Sullust. So far I've tried to stick them close to my starting zone so I can deliberately position my ships to move past them and then hope that enemy ships get caught on them as they try to turn back around. Does anyone have best practices for obstacles? How do you make them work for your fleet?
  10. Imperial: 4 x Victory-Class Star Destroyer 8 x Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer (Yeah, I know. I just really really like the way they look.) 18 x TIE Fighter Squadron 6 x TIE Interceptor Squadron 6 x TIE Advanced Squadron 6 x TIE Bomber Squadron Rebel: 2 x Assault Frigate Mark II 4 x Nebulon-B Frigate 4 x CR90 Corellian Corvette 14 x X-Wing 6 x Y-Wing 6 x A-Wing 6 x B-Wing Those Totals include 2 Core Sets.
  11. No cannon slot either. Where do you see a Cannon slot? It has systems and 2 each of torpedoes, missiles, and bombs. Is there some upgrade that lets you trade one of those for a cannon that I don't know about?
  12. you my friend live in a different meta, because from my experience demolisher is on top of the metal and imperial aces beat rebel aces, squad to squad, but inflict less damage to ships (Yes even with gallant haven) Then I'm not sure what your Rebel players are doing quite frankly. The Haven + Yavaris + a corvette with wedge, farlander, and tycho + other squadrons is terrifying You have to do 3 damage to any of the characters to do 1 damage with Haven (Brace to two, Haven ability) and the fighters will NEVER leave range 1. If Demolisher is making it through a game alive your opponent is doing it wrong. The VSD also suffers from diminishing returns based on the skill of your opponent; the better they are the worse it is. It definitely has a meta. We've already had 3 events in Houston and are about to have a 4th. Between all of us in our play group I'd say we've played over 100 games at this point, I personally get in between 5-10 a week. This isn't speculation Is this how Gallant Haven works? We'd been playing that the damage was reduced before Brace was spent. I'm not certain that I'm right about that, but I'm not sure it's clear one way or the other.
  13. I really hope we never see them. In the art I've seen their ships mostly resemble moldy turds. There seems to be nothing coherent about their ships. They were just made to look organic and different within the resolution of a comic book page. There isn't a single Vong ship I would want to own for the sake of its model. And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how poor an introduction to the setting they were as a race. Their "spikey skull-person" aesthetic definitely feels more at home in 40k or Star Trek, and their characterization as the uber threat from beyond was just lazy. I'm FAR more excited to see Sequel Trilogy ships and stuff from the upcoming movies added in. And I'd still rather see prequel trilogy fleets than the Vong. I feel like the CIS actually had enough ships to make and interesting fleet. In X-wing I don't think the prequel stuff really has a place, but I don't feel that way about Armada.
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