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  1. Basically, it gives you (# of hero+1) ko before you need to forfeit a quest. Also, Morale does not refresh after each quest, only when you return to town (not automatic in RtL, as it is in regular Descent)
  2. I had asked a similar question with regards to pets and the Manor of Ravens quests. I believe the consensus answer at the time was that pets that cannot be summoned would be stuck. As for the second part, yes, as OL, you can "kill" a monster by having it step into lava/hazard space/pit. It feels counter intuitive, but it's perfectly within the rules.
  3. The app will know you're lying and will increase the rate at which it sends perils to punish you!!!
  4. I can vouch for Quellen as an amazing Geomancer. Keep him close to someone who uses lots of fatigue for his heroic ability and when you need to do amazing feats of travelling and summoning, use his heroic feat. Doubled stamina plus recover all at the end of turn? Sign me up for that! Remember, though that the stones are obstacles, not heroes and so cannot be moved through by heroes or monsters but that for targeting, spotting, engaging purposes by RTL, they DO count, since they can be targeted by attacks. and just as an FYI: None of the conversion kit characters are available for use in RTL.
  5. Think of the synergy with High Mage Quellen "does a hero within 3 have fatigue?" yes. Quellen recovers a fatigue. "did a hero within 3 recover health or fatigue?" yes. Elder Mok recovers 1 health or fatigue.
  6. That's how i live day to day and have no regrets. [Morgan Freeman Voice] InfinityBlack14 lived his life like a movie in which I provide voice-over, and he had no regret...except for the fact that my voice kept drowning out his when he went to order coffee at the coffee shop, or when he was trying to play Descent with some friends.[/Morgan Freeman voice]
  7. During my test play through I sawboth Ollivens, Verminous and Mirklace.
  8. Also keep in mind that some special actions can only be performed by the Master, so they may not be listed on the Minion's action list. For example, although Grab is on the Zombie's card, you will notice that only the master zombie can actually use Grab.
  9. What I like is that there are no line of sight or within 3 squares restrictions, so to use Secret Formula, for example, all that is really required is that the apothecary can cover the fatigue cost.
  10. But take note that you can place the shadow soul beyond a portcullis or elevation since you can count range through them!
  11. The only upside of winning a side quest is (a little) more gold. There is one side quest (maybe 2) that gives you an item. The only one I've seen so far is the side quest that gives you the shards of Ithyndrus, the quest related to Manor of Ravens Losing a quest loses you Morale, but as was stated, abandoning it does not, so you can run in, gun for the search tokens, then quit.
  12. A comment I will make is that, just as in IA, you have to stay focused on the objective. The information is all open, not hidden as in IA, so the heroes can make plans in advance. If the hero players are losing (a lot), maybe allowing them a brief period of strategic and logistical planning before tackling the quest might help?
  13. I concur about the Shadow walker, but the Wildlander loses a bit of utility if you use it in a RTL game, which I think FrogTrigger does, as he mentioned "weeks in town". Any power that affects the OL in RTL is basically a wasted ability so First Strike, Elder Mok's feat, etc. can't be used.
  14. The perils are activated/reset by actions. If you remain on the same tile too long, that's when you get stomped. I can also say from experience that some quests are easier/harder depending on suboptimal/optimal random monster choices. It may have been that you just got stuck in a hard cleft based on monster choices, hero choices/class choices. Sometimes, you just hit a wall.
  15. On a 3 hero party, the Shadow Rune campaign should favour the heroes, so I, too< would ask the same questions as Silidus, and also, what's the gaming experience differential between you and your players?
  16. Rogues are for getting search tokens. Since you have Syndrael, you'll have some mobility because of her heroic ability, but rogues are much better at going out of the way to get those far, far search tokens. As far as the Disciple goes, Armor of Faith is great since it has no cost, other than using prayer of healing. Think of it as a free defence boost. Cleasing Touch is another must since it allows you to remove conditions. Just wait till Leoric gets poisoned and you will see why that is very important! Divine Fury has the same requirement as the previous two skills I mentioned, in that you must use Prayer of healing. So they all have the same cost...but you can activate them all at the same time so you can heal a party member, boost his defence and remove a condition while giving him a yellow power die to his next attack! The difference I will point out is that the defence die stays until the end of your next turn... the yellow die is only good for his next attack this round. None of the 3 XP disciple powers require fatigue to use, so I'm not sure what you mean by they require lots of strain.
  17. Familliars cannot double move, because they do not have two actions. I think most have a single move action*...and some of them have a special action that allows them to perform an attack. Without that special action, they cannot perform a second action. * I can't remember if there are any that have NO move action at all...
  18. However, since the necromancer is NOT on the board, the reanimate does not benefit from any of the skill cards. It's just a basic reanimate.
  19. I can confirm that Lyssa makes a great battlemage... Ours was as a Beastmaster. Once she gets a few runes under her belt, she becomes more tanky...
  20. The conditions in MOB/CTR are often disease and terrify. Terrify often requires condition removal skills to deal with, since the condition to remove it is no monster in Line Of Sight at the end of your turn. Not being able to use surges just makes it harder to make that happen.
  21. The only problem I have with Grisban is that his heroic ability is overshadowed by other game rules. Sure, he can take a rest action to get rid of any condition....but... consider this: You only get the benefit of the Rest action at the end of your turn, even if rest is your first action, so you only remove the condition after your turn has ended. Poison: might test, easy for Grisban Stun: requires an action, and as stated above, using Grisban's heroic ability, you would only remove it after ending your turn. Immobilize: removed at the end of your turn Burning: costs an action to remove, same problem as stun So the problem is that apart from Terrify, there are not many conditions that are advantageous to Grisban so essentially, you lose the use of one hero's ability.
  22. Just a clarification/nit-pick: Fire breath can target the stone, can affect the stone, but the original target cannot be behind the stone, because the stone would block line of sight to the target (because it's an obstacle, follow normal rules for line of sight).
  23. Raythen's brown die is a serious liability, but his ability to allow rerolls using his attributes could be a good thing to prevent certain conditions (wouldn't usually help with terrify, though). If you give Raythen items that boost his health and defence (leather armour, etc...) he can be a great hero.
  24. You mean with LESS brains, since they were eaten by the zombies.
  25. Heroes knocked out by zombies receive a "condition" that imposes -1 Knowledge but that is not removed by being knocked out.
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