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  1. I'll never stop flying them!
  2. I hear most stormtroopers come from the planet wakanda.
  3. The sf is just barely usable with lightning fromage its far too expensive to use on its base 2agility. Quick draws really bad on two agility your paying a lot to get one single extra attack.
  4. Wave 4 brought me defenders, nuff said.
  5. Got my three today smile hasn't left my face even when my chair broke 😎
  6. A champion for free speech unwilling to buckle to the the socialist dogma pushed onto you by the main stream media!
  7. The empire came into power legitimately to great applause, if space Isis hadn't kicked off on their holy war there would never have been a need to crack down, we could of instead focused on breaking the criminal cartels.
  8. The force unleashed clearly shows rebel r-41's, and I'd forgotten the t-wing.
  9. Pretty obviously shows they were lying about the optional nature of the micro transactions don't it. I still don't trust them not to undo this with hidden code when they feel safe about bringing loot boxes back. Really hope legislation comes in to stop this practice.
  10. I suppose for now we can squint at the tie silencer and pretend its an avenger and we've got pretty much the full imperial roster. Rebellions still missing the R-41 though.
  11. Remember the real reason for the season. Happy feast of Saturnalia!
  12. Apparently EA has lost 3Billion over the loot box situation according to reports.
  13. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-29-ea-not-giving-up-on-microtransactions-in-star-wars-battlefront-2 Round 2 inc boys.
  14. You lost me when you said the sf is a good ship.
  15. No its like 3rd edition they started from scratch but they are rushing out the codex and balance is way off now. What makes it worse is before release they made all kinds of promises about how they'd play tested everything, and that's an obvious lie now. Factions are all similar you have -1 to hit, 6+ fnp etc across most armies now, -1 hit being the strongest option most of the time. And farsight is a melee char so I wouldn't put it past them, you'll know in the new year.