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  1. Ad hominems don't strengthen an argument they weaken it. Your attacking me instead of my argument and that's a losing tactic. As for the droids name if I don't know it seeing someone use it won't magically make the connection all I'll get from it is their talking about a droid not which droid, especially when I don't know the male characters name they could be talking about rebels of one of the new books I've not read. Or I may not of read the thread before I posted. But no you go straight to a disingenuous motive. Can't you see what white knighting for the movie is doing to you, turn away from the sjw style of argument.
  2. In general if you can't remember character names after the first viewing then the film failed to make characters you care about. I can having watched Logan only once name you the important players no problem, same with Dr strange and I've never read that comic. I can't even name the robot from rogue one and thats the one character I liked. A good director could of made it work but as monsters and Godzilla showed he sucks at making interesting human characters. I wanted that kid from Godzilla to die on that bridge so badly just so he'd stop cutting away from the **** monsters, that family killed that movie dead every time they appeared.
  3. Yeah and I hate the prequel films they are garbage movies with terrible scripts bad acting and poor direction. I don't hate rogue one its just very average.
  4. I felt for the robot, watching big hero six beymax almost had a tear out of me. I feel empathy for well done characters but rogue one didn't have that they were assassins murderers and terrorists I could feel no connection with. Solo is a smuggler but you never get the sense he's a bad guy just a guy doing what he must to get by, by contrast the rebels are scum bags it was impossible to see them as good guys. It can be done well look at the dirty dozen or the magnificent seven, shady characters finding a higher purpose and meeting a Nobel end. You should never feel happy to see the heroes being taken down but I did watching rogue one they were mass murderers getting justice after a life killing people who didn't deserve it.
  5. Divorce is the only answer for this.
  6. I heard they made a comedy film instead of the heist movie they were supposed to, they'll need to essentially reshoot the entire film.
  7. First two thirds were boring and the third act good as it was can't make up for the bland uninteresting characters and needless world hopping there only to pad the run time. I didn't care about the human rebels and felt nothing about their ultimate fate. Ultimately the directors fault he had the same issue with monsters and Godzilla.
  8. Yeah 4 nerfs and its still kicking that's kind of a no brainer that something's wrong.
  9. Defenders!!! Lightened frame helps the sf considerably without it they drop like stones. Thing is defenders arnt as reliant on upgrades and upgrades can make an expensive ship, limited defence means a bloated target rich for hunting so you have to balance carefully. But unlike at release the sf is in a much better place.
  10. Oh are you giving my DD:the augmentation list a go?
  11. That's just plain ugly.
  12. Of course you get around that with fleet officer on a tie shuttle which is a great support option for defenders.
  13. Frame can work more than once its cheaper and just all around better. If it were hull vs SD then hull wins.
  14. Still don't think speeders should be in x-wing, v-wing belongs in a epic style game with snowspeeders and the like. I'll not be buying battlefront two after the first one was so undercooked.
  15. I don't know a lot but I do know crew on one agility small ships ain't great. Not saying its DoA but I'm not seeing what need there was for yet another rebel one agi fighter.