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  1. 12 point defenders, swarms of the best star fighter ever made.
  2. I never used his builder but I appreciate anyone that does this kind of thing for free.
  3. I hope we get the tie shuttle in 2.0 t's the only shuttle i like.
  4. Avengers had been out a month and deadpool a fortnight when solo released, they didn't share an opening weekend. Lucas film has been attacking the fans for years now it's no surprise everyone but the die hards snubbed this movie, and there are not enough of them to keep the franchise going, you need the older fans and the general audience.
  5. Between the early 80's and 1999 there was no new movies the franchise did great. Between 2005 and 2015 no new movies franchise did fine. These days the general audience has lost interest in star wars and so has large portions of the fanbase. Toy sales have never been lower while there was new content being made. Under Disney the first theatrical film has bombed losing at least 80 million probably more because they won't say how much reshoots cost. This is the darkest timeline.
  6. Or we could not word police people, I don't approve of cultural Marxist ideas like political correctness. Let people say things how they want to. Remember offence can not be given, only taken.
  7. They are the finest thing ever made your just hate anything cute and fluffy!!!!!! Seriously though I don't think anyone under 35 even knows they exist I've not seen them since I was a wee bairn. And I don't remember them well enough to hate, I remember kids ewoks and something about a magic rock but that's about it.
  8. At least you can get the unofficial fix mod, poor switch users are stuck with the buggy original. Why in 10 years they haven't made the mod communities fixes a part of the base game boggles the mind. Bless you modders for your hard work.
  9. Neither way I've already stated I've no horse in this race, I just want evidence that this actually happened before anyone's condemned. I'm not well inclined to believe speculation from some random Twitter user.
  10. I've always preferred brutally honest as a descriptor.
  11. There is still zero evidence it's true, the twitter channel it came star wars facts is in no way official, and has a stance of if you dont like all of starwars your not a fan, hardly surprising they'd push fake news to discredit the fan base that is critical of the mouses efforts. Miss Tran has made no statement supporting this info. And it's been suggested she's under an NDA where social media is concerned while shooting EP IX, and that she mearly suspended her acount and did not delete it. Not that she ever actually wanted to do social media in the first place: https://www.buzzfeed.com/krishrach/kelly-marie-tran-discovering-what-its-like-to-be-famous-is?utm_term=.oclzk9nZO#.lcMDZMywV
  12. Honestly when i go to play xwing i almost get a hernia carting around the cards in binders, i aint gonna cry over them being reduced.
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