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  1. The Other Movies Thread 2018

    Yeah sony don't have a great track record.
  2. Gunboat Help

    You have to be willing to boost away instead of dog fighting it's a ship best suited to hit and run, try to plan ahead for that.
  3. People still play that pos?
  4. Mark Hamill Has Had Enough

    But tlj wasn't fun....
  5. Mark Hamill Has Had Enough

    Why would you kill the past when the present is hot garbage? Movies are worse, toys are worse and the videogames are soulless abominations. Kill the present and everyone responsible for it!
  6. Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

    So lightsaber adult toys in every room!
  7. Mark Hamill Has Had Enough

    Writer/director bro, he double dipped on being to blame.
  8. AT - Hauler from Solo

    Yep right after my pod crashed on this planet a nice couple called the Kent's took me home.
  9. Yeah this one hurts he'll be missed.
  10. Mark Hamill Has Had Enough

    Are you seriously throwing shade at one of the greatest voice actors in the industry?
  11. AT - Hauler from Solo

    If my baby was as ugly as that it'd be put up for adoption jeesh.
  12. Mark Hamill Has Had Enough

    It's a sad day star wars biggest advocate has been broken, now he's one of ussssssss.
  13. The Other Movies Thread 2018

    I went to see ready player one Thursday it was okay but not a patch on the book, saw rampage Friday was pleasantly surprised it lacked a real story but the rock was fun the special effects good besides a few scenes where rock was on screen with the monsters still miles ahead of the DC movies, not much blood but they showed plenty of death which helped sell the monsters as credible threats.
  14. Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

    $15 for the Turkey legs now, it was never cheap but these days it's be super hard to justify to myself.
  15. Meanwhile in the Real World

    Oh the lizard is firmly on the left as is most of silicone valley. Yes it's info wars so take with salt but remember he was right about the frogs! All social media is censoring conservatives and right wingers while letting the left spout as much hate as they like. As a classical liberal (centre left these days) the current left disgusts me and it's very sad watching the few extremists taking charge and driving people like me to the centre.