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  1. Yeah still dead Biggs is only taken for his ability not the ship he's in. Don't even see that many t-70's honestly.
  2. Stripper poles and black jack, no in fact forget the black jack.
  3. Hopefully more people will try the D, personally I love the D and use it over the X7 most of the time.
  4. Spam TLT it can't avoid the damage and in two turns its dead.
  5. I love tractor on D's nothing hurts b-wings and other 1agility ships like removing 100% of their defence. Ion is good but not always as useful if you see a lot of big ships around your meta. Flechette is a solid choice but can be reduced in usefulness by ptl aces already stressing themselves.
  6. It could sit next to my lego defender.
  7. I'm not touching it till its patched, maybe not till its on sale they burnt me bad with the third game I'm not well inclined towards mass effect these days. And those fugly models are off putting given your spending 100 hours or more looking at them.
  8. He does hence his sense of irony. Hell my objection was balance yet you just lump me in with the haters never even addressing my point.
  9. So your saying not one of us has a legitimate reason to dislike the game. All complaints are solely due to unreasonable hate. But we're the apologist's...
  10. AoS is garbage even after the generals hand book came out there's no balance to be had, most of the models are terrible and extremely over priced. What's keeping them afloat is videogame licence fees and 30k. op if you want a fantasy game look at 9th age or kings of war, if you want a skirmish game try frostgrave just avoid AoS.
  11. I wouldn't fly the sf without lightened frame two dice will see QuickDraw trigger exactly once, TC is pretty standard as well. Me I'd take the tech that let's you use focus to make a blank an evade, anything to increase the chances QuickDraw will be more than a one pump chump. Still don't really rate the sf though when you've got defenders.
  12. The on!y acceptable princess movie for a man to watch is the princess bride, watching any other is inconceivable!
  13. We're gonna make the galaxy great again.
  14. Nice to see people using my DD: the augmentation list :D.
  15. *arises from his trash pile bindle hanging from one dirty paw* I have been summoned!