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  1. Are we ever going to get ships from the Clone Wars?

    Let's hope not.
  2. New Solo Stills

    How much are they paying you to shill this movie? I hope it's a lot.
  3. do we really need another U-wing

    *you don't need to see the double post, move along*
  4. do we really need another U-wing

    Well I don't own any and I'm not sure that'll ever change.
  5. Still a Rumor, but Ubisoft and Activison may get the Star Wars License

    **** not Ubisoft their crap drm ruins the pc versions of every game, hate having to buy a game then download the cracked version so it's playable.
  6. Black Panther

    Saw it tonight really good movie not winter soldier good but i'd say 8.5 or 8.75. really liked the supporting cast the sister was awesome, bad guy had great motivation can't go into much without spoilers. Go see it.
  7. OMG It's full of imperial aces (1/26/18 - 2/12/18 - Meta Wing)

    Get a room, your feeling are grossing out the nerds.
  8. If a JM5K wins worlds again would it be a bad thing?

    Pfft you wanna wipe a planet you want to virus bomb it, nukes will just create the fallout universe.
  9. Just a little something silly

    Nah that was far more entertaining than the actual movie, and unlike tlj I could happily watch it multiple times.
  10. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I agree we are way behind when it comes to large ships.
  11. Don't nerf tlt.

    Empire has only just got a platform that can use it, so of course it'll get nerfed.
  12. A Lando Movie

    FFS no more prequels do something different and actually expand the universe.

    Nah dude we 420ing
  14. Let’s think of ways to help the Rebels.

    Only way to help rebels is to line them against a wall and let the recruits get some target practice.
  15. Purchase advice

    Imperial veterans and a regular defender!!!