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  1. The on!y acceptable princess movie for a man to watch is the princess bride, watching any other is inconceivable!
  2. We're gonna make the galaxy great again.
  3. Nice to see people using my DD: the augmentation list :D.
  4. *arises from his trash pile bindle hanging from one dirty paw* I have been summoned!
  5. Well for me he's a better companion to vessery he wants to TL anyway and you want to slow roll with him to take advantage of his ability. Soontir is good but he has to get in close to dodge but the inquisitor can stay back and still get the same action economy.
  6. We must be enemies now.
  7. Yeah I've finally got my mechahendrites on a couple and was pleased with my first flight I can see duchess getting a regular spot in my games.
  8. But what about the poor e-wing? X-wing's don't need yet another model I'm an imp player I have half a squadron gathering dust as it is I don't need a blue one just the cards to let me use what I already own. But I like most people only own one e-wing so getting a second along with a fix would be my preference.
  9. Defenders.
  10. Man I'd love to have some r-41's flying around with gunboats.
  11. Imp vets, it's not even really a question given there's only one answer.
  12. How about we find your lost funny bone then get Mr grumpy a juice box, would you like that?
  13. farscape is an excellent show that got its run cut short for no good reason, at least we got a satisfying end with peacekeeper wars.
  14. This is very true but by that point the audience had all left for greener pastures. Prequels are generally a bad idea even more so in a universe as fleshed out as star trek, it should of gone off and done it's own thing a lot sooner.
  15. Run while you can or you'll never be free of this glorious game!