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  1. When did squadron cap become 50%? I didnt see anything in the rrg or faq abt squads now being limited to 50% up from 33.3%
  2. To be clear I am in the east United States. The reason for the topic if you notice there is a ?. It is intended as a question are they out of print? That does not mean do some stores still have them. The question I asked is, if anyone out there works for another board game store and can they check to see if you can still order them from alliance. Or if Alliance still has them as an inventory item or has discontinued them. As I stated in my original post I am aware there are still some places that you can buy the imperial conversion kit. However I have a gift certificate for cool stuff and a gift certificate for my friendly local gaming store. Both of those are telling me They are sold out. As I have gift certificates for both it would be really nice to know if I just need to wait, or if they are being sold out and I have to cough up the additional money during an extremely expensive holiday season.
  3. My local game store and csi both show the wave one imperial conversion kit as sold out. I know miniature market and ffg site both have them instock but i have gift cards at both my flgs and csi that i was hoping to use since its not only the happiest time of year (leading up to christmas) but also the most expensive. The general mgr at my flgs said he couldnt get any from alliance either. Does anyone here work for another store and able to check? If they are out do we think there will be a reprint as id heard rumors they may only be a limited run of them since eventually only 2.0 will be out and in theory all 1.0 folks already converted.
  4. Sorastro. Huge fan and i use all your videos and guids. Can you advise on a color for the imp gurd undergarments? Based on thr ffg paintings its like a darker red and im terrible with colors. Was hoping you could advise so ibcan start painting them asap. Thank you!!
  5. So the fact you say we certainly should not have expected a physical release is humorous. Why not? Its been over 18 months since any news on physical content. Ffg has been releasing new editions of several of its games lately while pumping out expansions for titles they feel they can rake in money on. To say we shouldnt have expected a physical product for a game that hasnt had one in well over a year and a half and then saying physical content releases arent dead cant be serious. How long is reasonable considering xwing, armada, ia, rebellion, rw, runebound, mom, sw lcg, netrunner lcg, lotr lcg, got lcg, l5r lcg, destiny, android lcg, arkham horror lcg and bg, the list goes on all have had physical expansions in the last 9 months. Descent is 2x that time frame.
  6. I don't want to be one of those people creating a lot of drama but with Descent's last physical release announcement being May 11, 2016 does anyone have any insight on if we'll see more physical products? I get the ap is great for generating sales of old content and great for them... but as someone who owns EVERYTHING for it I'm curious. Its been almost a year with no news of a physical product, the development of their new RuneBound Xwing-like game, if you look at Upcoming items there are a lot of items retailers are sold out of that are not ANYWHERE on their upcoming list for reprint (only a few figures awaiting reprint now), the dungeon crawl space is being MUCH more competitive. Is there a decent chance we've seen all the physical stuff we're going to? I get that for some folks that's fine and cool. This isn't an opinion of "do you want more" question but rather a does anyone have insight if we will.
  7. I think I found what you were talking about but all I can find is the X, A, B, and Y wings.
  8. Does anyone have the AI maneuver sheets, so the cards that list the ship, actions, and maneuver based on facing? I would really really like to get AI for Tie/fo Fighters, Tie Adv. Prototypes, Tie Punishers, and Firespray-31. I saw someone did up the Firespray so I'll probably use that, but I'm not very strong in Adobe but I'd like to see what I can manage. Id also like to get some rebel and scum AI done up. I imagine there is not a repository where any of this already exists?
  9. Ohh Ohh... me too. I spent one trillion dollars on armada and got crapped on. I mean carrying that much stuff place to place, the number of runs to the car, sheesh a bird is destine to crap on you going out to the car that many times. How did you spend 1k on the game? Did you buy like 800 points of each ship. Were you planning on doing a real ship to ship reenactment of Endor? Maybe its good that you're getting out of it if you're spending 1k on like 9 ships and 3 squadrons. I get buying multiples (and I have multiples) but 1k? Crap. 3 of everything from csi doesn't even hit 1k. I don't think its FFG that crapped on you dude. It might be the guy from your credit card company in the chopper circling your house trying to collect on your bill.
  10. Shecian

    New Product news?

    Laz uve posted the same thing in every discussion on the. While i get it its kinda out dated. Thier release vs announcement schedule the last couple years has tended to overlap more. Armada they announced wave 2 before 1 hit the street, ia hoth was announced before twin suns, xwing wave 8 was announced before wave 7 hit. In all 3 product lines thier pattern has been to announce something new before the next product hits. Armada nothing, ia 2 figure packs due to hit next few weeks and nothing about what after. Xwing wave 8 was announced 6.5 mths ago and ya we have imp vets due out, but thats a mini expansion like the ia figure packs. Im just saying there is another explanation than ur they ate just reverting to thier 2012-2013 strategy.
  11. Shecian

    New Product news?

    I dont expext tfa stuff in armada of ia right now, hence having seen the movie and coming to that deterination i started speculating on a new theory consistant with a business model change.
  12. Shecian

    New Product news?

    Ok let me clarify. Im not saying there are no articles, im saying new product release news, aka hey new thing we have never mentioned before. New product announcement. The mist hunter was not first announced yesterday, it was announced July 31. Im not complaining about speed to street date or anything. All i am saying is everyone keeps theorizing that ffg is choosing to slow their release schedule or try and time announcements closer to release dates, all im doing is suggesting a different theory that fits in a business model context. That they may choose to wait to announce any new (again new not previews or spoilers) product announcements until the Asmodee NA thing goes into effect 4-1. I agree xwing still has product line up waiting to hit the street, but Armada and Imp Assault has little to no product in the pipeline that we know of
  13. Right im not saying new stuff hitting the street, im saying any new product news. The newest product news for any of the 3 sw games was xwing imp veterans. Armada wave 2 hit the street mths back and no news at all, same with IA, and xwing has wave 8 and vets... Just seems oddly quiet. Explainable sure, but its possible they are waiting until the new model is in place is all. Im not saying its 100% sure or obvious, im just saying its a possibility i havent seen anyone speculate about.
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