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  1. Darth Maul's ship the Sith Infiltrator had a cloaking device. I hope they stick to making ships from the EU and do more repaints of existing ships instead of going to the prequels
  2. I like the idea! What about Lando's ship "Lady Luck" its only 50 Meters
  3. 2 Pack similar to "Aces" or the Rebel Transport set, Titled: "Corellians" X-Wing (Corran Horn's Green X-Wing) Pulsar Skate Corran Horn X-Wing Pilot Card Mirax Terrik Pilot Card Booster Terrik Pilot Card Whistler Astromech Generic Corsec X-Wing Pilot Card Generic Rogue Squadron X-Wing Pilot Card Generic Smuggler Pilot Card How about a Nebulon B Escort Frigate with Both Imperial Pilots and Rebel Pilots so each side can use the ship. This would make this more marketable especially since it would probably be more expensive than the Tantive IV. I would like to continue seeing new ships, but also some more alternate paint fighters. How cool would it be to have all 12 Rogue Squadron X-Wings? Maybe a Stealth X-Wing! Let me know what everyone is thinking
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