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  1. I also would like a pdf copy. I buy the core books hard copy but buy the supplements digitally because of accumulated weight and ease of transport. Also the slight price difference is preferred.
  2. While I don't have the events of the end time worked out exactly I do have a picture of what the galaxy looks like after. The first thing to set the end in motion is the Astronomicon surges/pulses and then goes dim. Almost out. This does a few things. It signals its exact location to the Tyranid. It pushes most of the warp storms and disturbances out of the Segmentum Solar but sends those storms out like waves through the rest of the galaxy. It sets off a galaxy wide Whaaaagh!!! It disrupts Imperial movement allowing a Black Crusade to take the Cadian gates long enough to muster forces outside of the Eye of Terror and head for Terra. It wakes up the Dragon on Mars. The Infinity Circuits on all the craft worlds light up, signaling their location to their enemies. The Dark Eldar take advantage of the news and start raiding, torturing, and enjoying themselves so much you might think they were trying to birth another Slaanesh or Eye of Terror all on their own. I will post what I have for the aftermath shortly.
  3. Ynnead is describes as being its own plane apart from the warp and the material world. It has three parts that can be described as heaven, purgatory, and Hell. The Emperor being the Emperor he hates chaos but wants their power. At one point he found a way to steal power from the four chaos gods. Horus later did this for himself but with the consent of the gods who later backed out just before the Emperor destroyed Horus's soul. The Emperor still wants to destroy chaos but is doing so by absorbing the essence from the lesser daemons and heralds of the chaos gods. Aligned daemons are feed souls to prevent them from dissipating back into the warp before the power from the chaos gods can be absorbed from them. The ones that survive the process are kept as unaligned daemons and are released as punishment against humans or xenos who are tainted by chaos. I need help designing the rules for divine rewards and how to earn piety. What acts would gain approval from the Emperor and how much would they be worth. While that Emperor has been influenced by the Imperial cult he does have many views that clash with clerical dogma, and has a large part of him made up from Eldar souls.
  4. So how do I incorporate the post Emperor god with the 4 gods of chaos. I like the idea of the Ynnead/Emperor theory. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Ynnead So what would a god made from the Emperor of Man at its core, shaped by the Imperial Faith, thousands of years of psykers being fed into it, and the souls of every craftworld Eldar? I imagine it to be the most self righteous being in the galaxy. Calling on its "angels" can be as much damnation as salvation. It might judge the summoners as unrighteous or tainted and attack them as often as protect them or punish the wicked. If summoned during an invasion it could decide to leave them to their fate or if it has the power bring more of its kind to destroy the population itself. That being said Ynnead/Emperor would still intervene to mold the Emperium into the ordered realm it wants. Through the original purpose of the Golden Throne Ynnead/Emperor has some control over the webway and the temperament of the warp. Rewards are based on corruption and piety. Going for lower corruption and higher piety.
  5. I tend to go with a max resistance with a power reserve. Less simplified but better simulation of overloading. Each shield has two numbers. The first is the maximum amount it can absorb from each hit. The second is how much energy is in reserve for the remainder of the round. If the energy reserve is less than the shield resistance than the resistance is treated as being equal to the energy reserve. Example. Lets say that the shield has a resistance of 10 and a reserve of 25. Three hist land with damage of 11, 10 and 10. The first hit exceeds shield resistance by one and treat one damage is treated a a hit with 1 damage. The reserve energy is reduced from 25 to 13. The second hit is completely blocked by the shields resistance and the energy reserve is reduced from 13 to 3. The effective resistance of the shield is now 3. The third hit exceeds the shield by seven damage that goes to the ship and the shields energy is reduced to 0 for the remainder of the round. Multiple layers of shields are resolved successively after each other until any remaining damage reaches the hull. Edit: I think it does better to reset the shield each turn rather than each round to simulate simultaneous combat rather than having it be as each taking turns in real time to break down shields. Alternatively each shield reserve could just reset to at least the base resistance each round. Each round a shield does not take a hit it regenerates the power requirements in addition to base resistance up to maximum reserve.
  6. I would not describe it as true psychic powers. More like technology that is replicating biological processes in human psykers. Their telepathy allows them to communicate with each other and they can navigate the warp to reach a destination. The ability to hear human thoughts is similar to when you are listening to a radio station and can get a garbled signal from another channel. It is not the right wavelength but close enough that it sometimes crosses over. If an astropath was right next to one when communicating it could hear the message. As a colonizing force I imagine that humanity would send them out to a perspective world. First they identify a landing zone and bombard it from orbit. Then transport ships drop to the surface and secure the are. Specialist units land after them and start to build infrastructure to either start larger industrial prefabricated structures to land or to manufacture more warriors if threats continue to exist. Once the planet is is pacified terraforming systems start their work. Planetary infrastructure is then upgraded to accommodate human colonization. If connection with higher forms is lost the basic warrior will engage visible enemies, otherwise it holds position and waits for contact to be reestablished. The ships they traveled in were basically space bricks. Very utilitarian and cramped. Once colonization operations were complete they would replenish supplies by mining asteroids and uninhabitable planets in the system and repeat. A garrison force of warriors would be left in the colony to respond to threats.
  7. Sill just milling around some ideas. Adaptive armor for combat units would mean that every turn that they are attacked by a type of weapon they can gain additional armor against it up to a set limit. It can only keep one armor bonus at a time so that if it had been taking energy attacks and suddenly got attacked by a slug thrower it would have to decide to keep energy protection or start working on impact damage. If it switches back it still has to start from scratch. It could have a similar adaptive damage or penetration when attacking an armor or creature type. More advanced A.I. should have advanced multitasking so they can operate multiple pieces of technology at once and directly command lesser units. Multiple mental actions could be taken at once with compounding penalties depending on the number of actions. Fighting them would be completely different. Imagine an opponent who could tell the ship to open all airlocks and bulkheads. Weapons could malfunction for a short time. It could lock up power armor with a touch if wireless communication was not an option. In a city of military base the vehicles become its weapons. It could sabotage economic system and create a financial crisis or redirect cargo and shipping. The skies above a crowded trade port could be a planets doom. The true Men of Iron have processors that we would not recognize today. Using a combination of quantum state processors and optic processors that go beyond the binary system of 1 an 0 and instead use photon wavelengths. They could have reached a breakthrough point so that they had a warp presence. Groups could form a secondary gestalt mind. I imagine that this advancement would have originally been worked on to achieve a communication network that would not have to rely on telepaths or the navigators. I imagine that the core systems that ran entire planets looked like large metallic spheres with humanoid Iron Men working around it. They could have controlled technology at great range across the galaxy. When they started to read human minds they could have also incorporated emotion into their systems and as they continued to observe and scan humanity grown contemptuous of their role as servants. At a certain point the A.I. is creating technology well beyond human understanding and have probably gone a long time without needing human input or review.
  8. I have been thinking of sending my players against the Men of Iron but there is so little written about them in official canon I don't know where to start stats wise. From their appearance in one comic they appear to be controlled by central intelligences. In one of the Gaunt's Ghosts they appear to be able to make tactical decisions on their own. Some descriptions say they are more durable than terminator armor. They should have archeotech versions of Imperial weapons as well as rail guns similar to Tau. I have never stated out monsters or npcs that did not start out as humans to some extent. Any help would be appreciated.
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