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  1. And when you resolve the claim of an Intrigue challenge, do I pick my own card to discard or does my opponent get to choose one blindly?
  2. Thanks And how does the framework work when challenging. 'A' declares attackers 'B' declares defenders <player actions> 'A' declares who he declares stealth upon from the chosen defenders by 'B' (this is the part i'm not so sure about) Resolving of Claim Check for Deadly characters and resolve this End challenge I believe i'm missing something, it's late here
  3. Next newbie question! When a character has stealth, can I choose not to use that ability when on the offensive?
  4. Cheers mate, I will be upgrading each deck simultaneously. Just need to find a local retailer here who is able to get these Deluxe expansions and ship them to me
  5. This is not a rule question but I'm thinking about expanding the core game set with the Deluxe expansions from the 4 houses. These expansions, are they the same cards like the core set or are they brand new? Or should I start investing in the cycle packs rather than the Deluxe expansions?
  6. True but because of Lightbringer Robert gains Vigilance which can make him stand after the Baratheon side wins a challenge (say MIL for example) and then issue a PWR challenge so he can again 2 extra PWR tokens if victorious. The Baratheons in the core set are hard to beat imo
  7. Next one In our Lannister (me) vs Baratheon (girlfriend) game the following situation occured: She has Robert Baratheon in play (Renown. STR 3, MIL+POW - When Robert Baratheon claims power for renown, he claims an additional power) and Lightbringer is attached (Vigilant. Response: Kneel Lightbringer to save attached character from being killed). I have Ser Jaime Lannister in play (Deadly. Infamy. STR3, MIL+INT - Ser Jaime Lannister does not kneel to attack or defend a MIL challenge.) What happens if I attack with a MIL challenge and she decides to defend with Robert. Both STR is 3, but the attacker gains the advantage which means I win that challenge. I have Deadly but the attachment on the defending card has a response to save him from death. Because of the claim on the plot she still needs to kill one of her characters. She chooses another one which has not been used to defend my challenge. Is this the correct way to go about this? It feels like the Robert Baratheon card is immensely powerful with that attachment and the two extra power tokens he gets from renown.
  8. Thanks for explaining! Just to sketch an example to determine if I get this right My girl plays Targaryen and she has the Rhaegal card in play. For whatever reason he dies and gets put into the dead pile. When she draws new cards and Rhaegal comes along the second time she cannot put it into play because the first card has already been killed?
  9. Another newbie question In my Stark deck I have the 'Great Keep' location card. It got 0 gold cost and gives me +1 gold every Marshalling phase. There are 2 more of these in my deck. When I get a second one in my hand am I able to play it during the Marshalling phase of the next round and will it count as a seperate location card or do I have to treat it like a duplicate? I know these are very basic questions, in half a year I'm going to look back to the start of this topic and I'm going to tell myself how stupid I was
  10. Aha, thanks for the explanation! I got some more questions later on, in the middle of a Stark (me) vs Targaryen (girlfriend) game at the moment.
  11. Next question is about the 'Limited' keyword. You're only allowed to play 1 card with the 'Limited' keyword per round. So if I play a location card with the 'Limited' keyword in the Marshalling phase I'm not allowed to attack with a character which has the 'Limited' keyword (if there are any, not sure) in the Challenge phase am I correct?
  12. I know this is a long shot by far but are there any players here who reside in or near Antwerp in Belgium to have a couple of games in 'Outpost' in town?
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