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  1. I just downloaded it yesterday so whatever the current version is.
  2. I can't get the character generation to open. The other apps all open but not the character generation. Any ideas how I fix this?
  3. DTDanix I wanted to say that was a great game and congrats on the win. Any chance you'd also share your command deck? I am always very curious about differences in command decks.
  4. Kuat Space Station scenario A has the doors closing at the end of every round but what happens if there is a figure blocking the door from closing. Could figures occupying more than 1 space actually prevent the doors from closing or would they get sliced in half? Moved to allow the door to close? Any ideas?
  5. Rebels X-Wing: 4 Y-Wing: 2 A-Wing: 4 YT-1300: 3 B-Wing: 4 HWK-290: 3 E-Wing: 2 Z-95: 4 YT-2400: 3 CR-90: 1 GR-75: 1 Imperials: TIE Fighter: 8 TIE Advanced: 4 TIE Interceptor: 8 TIE Bomber: 3 Lambda Shuttle: 2 Firespray-31: 3 TIE Phantom: 2 TIE Defender: 1 VT-49 Decimatôr: 2 Scum & Villainy Aggressor: 3 StarViper: 3 M3-A Interceptor: 5 Y-Wing: 3 Z-95: 6
  6. Thanks for the RRG reference. I just found it in the LTP book on page 5 a minute ago too. It hasn't been that crazy overpowered until tonight. That Royal Guard Champ is a beast!
  7. Plano 1374 works great for me. I don't have any pictures but the way I have it organized I still have 2 trays left for more everything!
  8. The give executive order allows the officer to allow another figure to interrupt and take either a move or attack action. My questions are: A) Can I use that same action for both of my actions B) If yes can I use it to give the same figure two attacks and C) Again if yes can that figure attack when their card is activated? This is how I've been playing but then I demolished Vader with the Royal Guard champion with the officer giving him orders to attack tonight and started having second thoughts about it. Of course it felt good to beat up Vader since I normally ignore him but still my opponent and I really wanted some clarification.
  9. @heychadwick Thanks for all the great input! I have used munitions with all of the pilots you mentioned and wish I could take them. The reason you don't see them in my list is because unique cards/pilots aren't allowed unless you have the facility that allows you to take one so I'm stuck with the generic pilots. I like the idea of homing missiles and hardly ever remember. I'm super excited about the munitions facility though. Getting munitions for cheap is awesome!
  10. So my X Wing group is doing an interesting tournament/league starting next week. We were each assigned a facility that gives some form of bonus for building squads. No large ships or unique cards can be used unless a facility bonus grants the ability. I got the "Munitions Facility" which allows me to bring missiles, torpedoes, and bombs at a discount of -2 points each to a minimum of 1 point. I had two ideas and was wondering on what your thoughts were on them and to see if there were any other squad suggestions. Squad 1: 2 X Scimitar Squadron Pilot with Proton Torps, Flechette Torps, Cluster missiles, Concussion missiles, and Proximity mines. 2 X Scimitar Squadron Pilot each with Proton Torps, Flechette Torps, Cluster missiles, Concussion missiles, and Seismic Charges. 132 points - 32 points for facility bonus= 100 points Squad 2: 2 X Blue Squadron Pilot with Fire Control System, Proton Torps, Adv. Proton Torps, B Wing/E2, and Recon Specialist 1 X Blue Squadron Pilot with Fire Control System, Proton Torps, Ion Torpedoes, and Munitions Failsafe 110 points - 12 points for facility bonus = 98 points Thanks for the input!
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