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  1. I would really like to see a Dain version with an art similar to the movies!
  2. The only possible way to use Gandalf the White in our loved game is with Beyond all hope in a situacional quest, seeing the players opinions it seens to me that is beyond all hope that we get a REAL and true Gandalf the white card. I wouldnt like it to be a hero, but an ally with limited use would be fine. Dont know, you guys may be right, but I expected more from one of the most awesome and important characters in the history of the LOTR than just a boon campaing card.
  3. If you are right and the only way to play the might Gandalf the White (Gandalf the Gray is not the same, at least not for me) in this game is IF i use him in campaign and IF he dies and IF i get the boon ill be disapointed . I know we got lots of his version but Aragorn already has a lot too and we keep seeing him coming. This game is about decisions and cooperation, if there was another version the players should decide if its worth or not to play him. Agree that we should get priorities versions in another characters like the brothers but this guy is a big deal in history and so far he is playable only by a boon.
  4. Like I said in another post before: this game will not be complete for ME if we dont get a Gandalf the White card. Gandalf plus beyond all hope is a pretty situacional card in a especific quest. I would like to see a REAL Gandalf the White card.i know it could be too powerfull but It could have something like ally limit one per deck or something else. He is one of the most importants and awesome characters in the lore, Im impressed that people dont seen to want his card too.
  5. Miss your videos buddy! long time no see.. Hope you still around
  6. Putting Beyond All Hope on Gandalf after sacrificing him to kill the Balrog literally is Gandalf the White. It's not completely out of the question they could make another Gandalf hero to represent him as Gandalf the White, but I think it's very unlikely. Yeah I know, but beyond all hope is not especif for gandalf, its a global hero card especif for a mission in a sequence of missions. A true gandalf the white hero would be amazing, or even a ally. For me the game wont be complete if we dont get a true Gandalf the white card, since he is one of the best characters in the history.
  7. Beyond all hope boon and a gandalf the white hero would be totally diferent cards in my opinion, doesnt make any sense. But if the designers said that the current Gandalf is the most powerful hero then my wishes for a Gandalf the White hero are beyond all hope
  8. Gandalf unlikely? For me it would be the perfect time for us to see the might Gandalf the White! very excited about that
  9. I like your idea, ive recently made a deck similar to this but instead of Faramir i used Prince (Prince, Leadership Aragorn, Boromir) the deck worked very well, i used the flavor of valar, veteran of osgiliath, strength of arms, bunch of gondor allies etc. This deck with Faramir would be good too, but I think maybe Prince is better than Faramir in this deck cause we lose faramir ally, but only way to know for sure is if we try this deck! Thanks for the aswer
  10. So, anyone has any good idea about a good deck featuring the new Leadership Faramir hero? Would like to read some nice ideas and combos. thanks!
  11. I would love to have that legolas playmat, but I live in brazil, we have to pay like 200 bucks for the playmat plus 100 for taxes, so consider yourselves lucky!
  12. Maybe there are some better cards to replace it and I thought that it was a horrible card too, but in this deck it worked well and saved me in crucial times. Easy kill on hill troll patrol leader etc. ill post a quick deck list here and let me know what do you think: theoden eowyn theodred traveler x 3 finest x 3 horse breeder x 3 escort from edoras x 2 gamling x 3 hama x 2 eomund x 2 elfhelm x 1 snowbourn scout x 3 warden of helms deep x 2 gandalf x 3 celebrian stone x 2 snowmane x 2 herugrin x 2 ancient mathon x 3 sneak atack x 3 test of will x 3 ride to ruin x 2 helm helm x 1 valiant sacrifice x 3 astonishing speed x 1 ride them down x 1 There are lots of combos that can be used. For example: quest with everybody use ride to ruin with eomund return him with gamling and then everybody ready, same with hama that can defende get ready and then use helm helm etc. Theoden with celebrian snowmane and herugruin: quest for 4 readies with snowmane cause you will probably quest succesful and then he is ready to atack with 7! mathon valiant sacrifice and sneak atack gandalf for card draw. i dont miss too much resources in this deck cause of theodred and theoden abilities, thats why i saved a spot for others cards instead of steward of gondor, but it woulb be a nice adition too. Anyway, this deck worked way better than i thought and i was able to beat some nasty quests in the first or second attempt.
  13. I agree with you, until few days ago i thought that rohan wasnt as good as elves and dwarves like you say. But with some new cards my rohan deck is now really strong, strong like elves and dwarves for my surprise. I felt that everything came together for rohan. I was able to beat solo quest like into ithilien and dol guldur. Theoden with snowmane celebrian stone and herugrin is awesome, gamling is the most importante ally, great combos with escort from edoras eoumund hama and events like helm helm! and ride to ruin. I only use rohan heroes and allies plus gandalf.
  14. i recently made a rohan deck and its awesome with the new cards, i managed to beat all quests that i played (15 quest in total). Anyone who says that rohan isnt good yet doesnt know how to build a deck.
  15. I always try to make thematic decks to play! I have to say that i like Rohan but even with the new Théoden they dont get close to silvan dwarves or outlands. I tried to use almost all thematic possibilities i guess, only using rohan allies and gandalf. My deck build style is "a deck to rule them all", cause i dont like decks that are good in one specific mission but suck in others. After lots of experiments here what i felt that was the best for rohan so far. Theoden (spirit) Eowyn Théodred hama 2 elfhelm 1 gamling 1 eoumund 1 westfold horse breeder 3 rider of the mark 3 ridemark finest 3 west road traveler 3 snowburn scotu 3 warden of helms deep 2 gandalf 3 ancient mathon 3 steward of gondor 3 (not thematic but really good card) herugrin 2 snowmane 2 sneak atack 3 valiant sacrifice 2 test of will 3 ride to ruin 1 helm! helm! 1 astonishing speed 2 galadrins greetings 2
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