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  1. Do remember they did have an entire legion of storm troopers specialized in underwater warfare including vehicles. Waterworlds are common enough in the bigger scheme of things to justify it. As for invading the system, there is not a system in the galaxy that could have stood up to a determined Imperial attack. In the case of the Mon Cal, the Quarren themselves might have sided with the Imps just to get rid of their adversaries, the Mon Calimarians. Wiping out the space docks would have been a simple matter and the invasion itself would maybe have cost a couple Star Destroyers.
  2. Doesn't make a lot of sense. I can understand the old Separatist leftovers that weren't scrapped finding their way into the Alliance. The Mon Cal cruisers make sense in that they were designed as passenger ships first and then made into warships. The Gallowfree freighters were rumored to have been purposely allowed to fall into their hands as they were such horrible ships. Everyone including the Empire used Corellian Corvettes and Nebulon B frigates as they were built in extensive numbers and were everywhere, kind of like today's 737 aircraft. But the Empire would never have allowed major space faring races just to build ships to fall into the hands of the Rebels. I doubt after the first couple Mon Cal ships showed up with guns that the Empire allowed the shipyards to operate without troops being stationed there. As for the other starship building races, they would have had major garrisons present or destroyed the yards completely if more than a couple ships switched sides. They may not have had they numbers to keep large forces at every planet, but they could stationed squads and patrol ships make regular visits. The first time a Bothan ship showed up to fight an Imperial fleet would be the last day those yards were in operation.
  3. They have to be elaborating. The rebel fleet that attacked at Endor was the majority of the entire Rebel fleet and was the biggest action to date. They didn't have huge numbers of ships, especially big ships nor did they have the logistical ability to maintain a massive fleet. That's why it was mostly made up of ancient corvettes and frigates with a few converted Mon Cal cruisers to stiffen the line. It takes a large robust infrastructure to maintain a fleet and back planet ad hoc shipyards can only do so much so fast, especially since all funding and resources have to be under the table to avoid notice. Xwings and Ywings provide the mainstay of the fighter force just because they were so easily repaired and bought/puchased. B wings were brand new and along with Awings were very expensive to maintain thus there weren't very many. The Rebels just didn't have the resource and labor pool the Empire had. Hopefully they wont change post immediate post-Endor stuff too much(even if they did disregard the best trilogy written) and the civil war will continue for several years until the Rebels make their way to Coruscant.
  4. There were very few "liberated" or rebel worlds. Most planets in the core and inner and outer colony regions were loyal to the Empire and benefitted from being loyal. You had cells committing terrorist type actions on them but for the most part these worlds were content and happy under Imperial rule. In the fringe areas however you see less contentment as people squeak by and cells and pro-rebel sentiment is a bit more open. The fringe area is also frikkin huge and no amount of Imperial military could hope to control and patrol all of it. That said, the rebel alliance was still mostly composed of terrorist cells carrying out attacks on the Empire when it could get away with it without bringing down massive retribution on the civilian populace. The rebel fleet never had the ability to even stand up to a determined assault by the Imperials with its ad hoc "warships" in a straight up fight and only after the Emperor bit it and his force boosting ended did the Rebels take advantage of the confusion to strike back. To rephrase what the guy above me said, the Imperial fleet was massive, but space is massive on an exponential scale. Never understood why they built the second DS in the fringe instead at a "safe" work yard in the Core worlds. I doubt the emperor had that plan all along, especially since it had to have been started long before the first DS was destroyed.
  5. Han shot first. OK, the wife and I watched ROTJ the other night and I noticed something I have never noticed. In the Forest battle after the Rebels were captured and were being escorted back outside, they come out of the bunker and see all the Imperial troops and the camera pans to the right and you see the other commandoes standing there with their hands on their heads. Just to the right of them you see a lone scout trooper with his helmet off and his hands also on his head. He is an old guy with a big grey mustache. There screen changes to a side view and you see him ever so briefly still standing there with his hands on his head still. Any idea what this was about? Was there a deleted scene where they stole scout armor or something?
  6. Where would you guys play? Isnt Celebration being held at Hollywood Studies Disney?
  7. Was the chick on the speeder Jaina Solo? I like the German Longsword Lightsaber. I thought that bit was cool except they wouldn't actually protect the hand since the light blade part doesn't go all the way to the grip. I will be very impressed if the wielder actually uses a few traditional long sword moves. I doubt it but it would be frikkin cool. Upset about the loss of 20 odd years of storyline, there's no reawakening of the force since Luke restarted the Jedi Academy soon after the Battle of Endor, the current crop of jedi is working on its 2nd generation graduating. Oh well. Maybe they are referring to the rebirth of the Sith and an attempt to bring balance to the force, right now it should be really tilted towards the light side. Has anyone been following the uproar over the "black" storm trooper? Rather humorous on multiple levels. We don't know the story yet. We don't even know if its a storm trooper or someone in a storm trooper costume. Did that many times in the old d6 system. Even if it is a real storm trooper, whats the problem? The clones died out decades before, and open recruitment began on every loyal Imperial planet. Be interesting to see if the war has been going on all along or if the Empire resurgent attacks the New Republic by surprise led by German Longsword wielding Sith guy/girl. My main issue is if the Empire is led by a non-human. That would be annoying. Nothing against JJ, ok that's a lie, I refuse to acknowledge that his Star Trek movies are real Star Trek movies, but he is no Timothy Zahn and making a non-human leader or main lackey is kind of cliché for a xenophobic empire.
  8. Definately not planning on letting them get a ship as big as a Nebulon B. A relatively useless liason, I was actually thinking a tough personality protocol droid or mousy intell guy. Someone completely useless as a combat character who acts as a handler passing on information and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do, be it raiding minor Imperial or going after some gambler who happened upon an old artifact. Consulor vessel and the Wayfinder seem like good starting points for a ship, especially if one player really wants to be a fighter pilot.
  9. Great info, Ill look that d6holocron site up when I get to a non-filtered internet connection. (yes I can get on here but not there, go figure.)
  10. Looking at making a privateer campaign for my group. Ill be using classes from both books as it makes sense being fringers from both groups. I prefer to have a minimum of crew NPCs aside from their Rebel liaison to make sure they behave and honor their Letter of Marque. Liaison would also be a plot device to keep the campaign moving if PCs cant figure out something to do. The campaign will be both ground and space based, with plenty of swashbuckling, saving the girl, being the glory boys, and dealing with bounty hunters. Gradually they will be drawn into a deeper darker plotline as the campaign progresses with its own villains and such. Trying to figure out a good ship to start them in. I guess maybe an upgunned YT freighter wouldn't be too out of line. They wont be taking on star destroyers or even frigates(if they are smart). What other changes during character creation should I make? These guys wont be directly in the ranks of the Rebellion. I always have found that to be far too confining as an RPG where each session just seems like an assigned mission.
  11. Meh as Jeremy Bullock says, "To hell with Lucas, I am not a clone!" Bring Jeremy back for any Boba reboot. The original and the best.
  12. I am just mad they blew up the Eclipse and Twilight class super star destroyers at that event. I always loved the ships and space battles far more than the silly jedi stuff and the Impies always had the coolest ships.
  13. In the words of Boba, "Everyone tried for the obvious exit, I made a new one." He did come out with his armor almost melted off, covered in burns and still barely survived.
  14. Mara Jade wasn't a Sith. Just because you use the force and work for the "bad guys" doesn't mean you have to be part of the Sith order and you can always renounce it if you aren't too far gone. Thrawn was just a cool commander that didn't tolerate incompetence and brought the fledgling new Republic to its knees using great off the wall tactics. "OK we cant feasibly make cloaking devices work on fighters, can we put them on asteroids in Coruscant's orbit?" And no one revived the Emperor, if memory serves they tried to clone him in a secret facility on the Rim that the Emperor himself had built before he died as a back up. I liked how Thrawn attempted to use the crazy dark side jedi as a force multiplyer for his fleet, it was a cool use for jedi powers that was used at a later date by New Republic forces.
  15. Whats TCW? Yeah the first Vong book I thought was great and sitting in a M113 on radio watch 24 hours a day for 7 days straight I couldn't put it down and actually read it again. Had a cast on my foot so the only good use for me in the field was pulling company radio watch while everyone else did stuff. I thought the rest of the books in that series were boring. Timothy Zahn was a great Star Wars writer. A shame he didn't write the whole series.
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