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  1. According to the Pablo Hidalgo’s Visual Guide, Enfys Nest’s armor is equipped with a foldable shield on her left forearm. It’s a kind of metallic warfan used to deflect even blaster bolts. However, I am quite interested as you are with her melee weapon. Wookieepedia mentions the “electroripper staff”, I have the French edition of the Visual Guide who references the électrohallebarde (electro halberd, electro glaive?). Special rules for a short range and directed Blast effect ?
  2. I do not want to spoil anything but "### ##### ## ############".
  3. If a player chooses to use this talent several time on a same target, are the effects cumulative ?
  4. The only thing I can tell about this movie is: No animal was harmed in the making of this film.
  5. I just had good news about a friend in Paris. He’s safe and sound, I will see him next Saturday on a RPG session.
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    Imperial Forces Structure

    Those guys are Imperial Navy Troopers. They are alike the Marines, but they don’t fight for right and freedom.
  7. I just get the book, so yes I’m looking for problems. I saw what the Linked quality can do to starfighters, so I’m a bit concern about what a double-bladed lightsaber can do to a PC.
  8. Crit. are interesting of course, but doubling the inflicted damages with two advantages is far more dangerous. With a basic double-bladed lightsaber, you can inflict a minimum of 14 points of damage in a single attack: which neutralizes most characters or, at least, causes a massive amount of Wounds in a single strike while you still have the chance to roll a crit. at the bottom of the table. And about the costs, maybe double-bladed lightsabers are most expensive to upgrade, but it’s just a logistic argument, it worth the expense. Plus, the lightsaber is the main source of expense for a Jedi or a Sith.
  9. Why using a single-bladed lightsaber then you can double your damages using a double-bladed lightsaber and two advantages? Of course, the Unwieldy 3 quality limits the use of that weapon for characters with 3 in Agility, but is iy balances the Linked 1 quality? With that official rule, most lightsaber fighters should have the objective to get a double-bladed lightsaber to improve their efficiency in combat. I propose the following house rule: the Linked 1 induced extra damages can only be inflicted to a secondary target. This can explain why Darth Maul uses a single blade in his first duel against Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine and why he uses two blades against Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo. Therefore, the double-bladed lightsaber remains advantageous as a weapon allowing the face efficiently two opponents but is not overwhelming against a single target.
  10. If you want a location automatically defended by turrets against vehicles, you can imagine CIWS-like turrets (fun fact: the USN Phalanx CIWS is nicknamed R2-D2). n Anti-Vehicular Automated Turret: SIL 2 • SPD none • HDL none. Armor: 1. Thresholds: HT 4 • SS 2. Sensor range: Close. Ship’s complement: droid brain. Weapons: turret-mounted auto-blaster (Fire Arc All; Damage 3; Critical 5; Range [Close]; Auto-fire). For retractable defense turrets that can be found indoor, lighter weapons can be used for obvious encumbrance reasons . n Retractable Light Turret [rival]: BR 3; AGI 0, Ranged (Light); INT 0; CUN 2, Perception 2; WIL 1, Vigilance 2; PRE 0. Soak: 5; Wounds: 13. Abilities: Silhouette 0. Droid: does not need to breathe, eat, or drink and can survive in vacuum or underwater. Immune to poisons and toxins. Equipment: laminate armor (+2 soak). § Twin heavy blaster (Ranged [Light]; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Linked 1, Stun setting).
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    Thanks !
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    Bugs, rats, tiny droids... How do you deal with swarms ?
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    DH-17 blaster pistol stats

    It is said in Wookieepedia that the auto-fire capability of the DL-17 drains the power cell fast. So we could add the Auto fire quality, then the following flaw: when the autofire quality is used, the GM may spend two threats to make the DL-17 run out of ammunitions.
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    DH-17 blaster pistol stats

    I'd say, Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook page 174.