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  1. We have been building squads and leaning more these days to troopers, having played the Alliance Rangers, Echo Base Troopers and Weequay, which have been great fun. I've been reading about how the Imperial Elite Stormtroopers are a must and I'd quite excited about it. However, I keep reading about how the captain, Kayn Somos is a bad choice, and I find it quite vexing. I am pleased about the attachment card to IG-88, and I am looking forward to the new Vader. Can we expect to see some adjustments to Kayn? I can see that his surges are awful. Should I employ house rules and bump up his surge damage to +2? It would be nice if FFG can look at this guy because he is kinda imperative for the troopers to have a leader, but he's just to lame to put in the squad. Comments appreciated.
  2. This is Uber-exciting and instabuy. I am also hoping that Battlelore expansions are also on the way. These 2 games are so great I don't know why things have been slow, but I guess now GW are part of the deal they will support their own universe. Good news!
  3. We are relatively new to Conquest and this came up last night. Is there a limit to the number of "Actions" a player may perform in a single action window? My buddy had multiple copies of a card at the battle on the first planet. They arrived exhausted. Can he trigger all of those Actions in the first Action Window in the combat phase? Many thanks for ironing out this one for us.
  4. Does my exhausted Void Pirate claim the bonus card when winning command phase? Thx
  5. Ho! Ho! I'm having a similar problem. I bought 3 core sets and have play tested the game with the 2 starter decks with 3 friends. Now, I find I'm loving it (and it does seem like a really excellent game) and feel absolutely compelled to order everything else! Argh!
  6. Hi, 1. Do surviving damaged units retain their damage when they return to the HQ after winning the battle (I think they do (from the tutorial vid)? 2. Do you play deployment cost again from a unit that has returned from a won battle to reassign him in the next round? Many thanks
  7. Ya. I second a new board that connects with the old one. I thought maybe a nightmare world or something! And something to add variety to the endgame.
  8. We have been loving this game in my group. It's really fun and I just got the 2 new packs which I am super excited about. One thing keeps happening though, which lead me to suggest something. My buddy keeps ducking in early to take out the enemy and winning the match, while others have been doing all the donkey work and have been considerably more built up. Fair play, but annoying. So, I thought after the villain has been defeated, we could have a fight between ourselves just to see who comes out on top. Good idea or not? Thought welcome.
  9. Okay, it took me 9 months to finally paint the Undead army and I've only played them once (and they rocked!), but I really want these elves and any other factions would be so awesome. Is there any news? I thought it was to be announced soon.
  10. My group just played this last night. They too, completely ignored rescuing the villagers and went straight for killing all the monsters. Bol'Goreth didn't even get an attack in! The heroes had enough time to pick up all the search items long before the cart sank. It wasn't much fun for the OV!
  11. When a scenario states you can place a faction banner on an enemy banner, does he score an additional VP point when he occupies it? (2 VP points, one for banner, one for faction banner) I understand the original owner of the banner still scores a VP point when a faction banner also occupies the hex. Many tanks.
  12. Just finished "We must away.." The differing attack restrictions on the trolls threw me a bit. In the end I let the threat level go up in order to get the killing blow in on William. Eredor is going in my deck! Ring mail is pretty good to boost a defender. Got threw by the skin of my teeth, and I was very careful about mistakes. And I know the deck better now so flow is easier. Thanks for your tips. It's "Over the Misty Mountain Grim" for me now, and a goblin hoarde!
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