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  1. Midnight seems like a very cool setting and I would love to play it, and love to see you get the conversion done. I have never played the original version. Only read about it.
  2. My buddy and I are super excited for the work you have done here. We look forward to any updates or new stuff you put out and are planning to start running the game in May. Thanks for putting this together.
  3. I agree completely. Can't understand what would even be the point of all the social skills if players aren't forced, to some degree, to abide by them. It becomes just like old school D&D where the guy playing the Barbarian with an intellect so low that all he can do is bash and drool ends up being the one to solve the challenging puzzle because the person running that character has a higher intellect. Seems like sidestepping the rules. When I made my politico, I made him with no combat skills and dumped everything into social skills. I was looking for social encounters and if I lost a roll, I accepted the consequences. That was my "combat." Likewise, the other players went all combat heavy and put virtually nothing in social skills. That needs to be reflected in actual gameplay, from PCs, NPCs, and the GM. I understand some complaining that making players feel like they have lost free agency in their characters can upset them. I think that, with this game in particular, this needs addressed at character creation. I LOVE this game because someone can be a non-combat character and have a lot to do. That non-combat player recognizes his limitations in part of the game. There needs to be an equal understanding with regard to the social skills.
  4. I guess I am not sure why there would be any assumption that charm type skills aren't to be used against PCs in any game, let alone this game. Not only do I think it is wrong to limit NPCs from using these social abilities against PCs, PCs also need to be able to use them against other PCs. This game has so much to offer players other than just the ability to wield a blaster, and they need to be able to make use of those abilities. My first character was a politico who wouldn't hesitate to resort to using his charm skills on teammates. Likewise, given that he wasn't even remotely a combat character, if no NPCs ever used any social abilities on him, then he would be left out of a significant portion of the adventure. Now I don't think that rolls dictate forcing players to do something they don't want to do. A lot depends on how much role playing your players do. My current group has to regularly be reminded that their characters don't know what their players know. But I also don't think that everything should be left in the players hands to RP. We don't let the players decide if they take wounds from getting shot in combat. Why should it be up to them to decide if they respond to a failed "social combat" roll?
  5. It's possible, but I won't know for a few weeks. Holidays.One of my players might have to drop because of family stuff. Not a problem, I know how the holidays are. Will be doing some traveling myself. But if you find you need another player, let me know. Feel free to PM me or whatever.
  6. I see this is a few days old since the last request, but I'd be interested if you still had a slot open.
  7. Here is what my Obsidian Portal page for EotE looks like. https://northernmichigannerds.obsidianportal.com/ It took a lot of messing around with to figure things out like linking to different pages and hosting pictures and things. But definitely fun and worth the price.
  8. I use a Surface Pro and it runs perfectly as well.
  9. I am not going to argue with you about whether or not BH is what everyone wants most. I would assume that between what's left, it is what people want most. But I imagine that Smuggler is at least close to being as desired (and potentially more-so). And BH is the one book I have little interest in personally. Of course, I doubt Fantasy Flight is too concerned solely with my opinion.
  10. I hear that. I was running a campaign but one of the players took over last week and I got to make a character. I found out a few days later that Lords of Nal Hutta was dropping this week. I would have waited and made a character from that book because there is some super cool stuff in there.
  11. Zag09, To save you some time on reading the CharGen stuff, you can use this: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=64F996180C56CE74!51582&authkey=!AByMUQvMq7KDSDU&ithint=file%2cpdf It will walk you and your players through each step of character creation. Once you understand CharGen, OggDude's tool is fantastic. But it is confusing prior to understanding the process, not because the program is confusing, but because you need to have a basic understanding of the CharGen process for it to make a lot of sense.
  12. Got the file location transferred. Very helpful. Thanks.
  13. Thanks everyone for your responses, and thanks OggDude for your detailed response. Will let you know later if I am successful. I don't need the other player's to add their characters. But I am designing my campaign on my home computer but then using my Surface Pro when I am actually at the location where we game. I just need to be able to access the info for adversaries that I created on the Surface even when I created it elsewhere. These instructions sound like exactly what I needed.
  14. OK, there are 157 pages on this topic, which is too much to try to read through. So if my question is already asked/answered somewhere in here, I apologize. I am using this character generator- it is absolutely amazing btw. I use OneDrive as the default storage of all my documents and related stuff, including the character generator. While the generator and its folder full of info shows up on my various computers connected to my OneDrive, the characters I have created do not. They are only on the computer on which I created them. Is the information stored elsewhere (a different folder that also needs placed in OneDrive), or is there some other issue? Anyone else experienced this? Thoughts?
  15. In our online game last week we had three triumphs rolled over the course of four rolls in an encounter. Our group was not supposed to be able to win the encounter (at least not in the way we were trying), but three triumphs is pretty hard to ignore. And we showed ourselves to be the masters of badassery, completely turning the tables on the plot.
  16. Fulcrum, I heartily believe, is Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and, perhaps, but not for certain, Morgan. This is, of course, after they defeated Fulcrum. But then they restarted it themselves.
  17. After trying a dozen times, right after I posted this question, I tried the exact same image the exact same way and it worked. So, ummm, nevermind.
  18. Sorry, but I couldn't sit through reading 154 pages on the OggDude's character generator thread, so I am just going to ask the question here and hope someone knows. What file type do I need if I want to upload a custom character portrait into OggDude's generator? I tried jpeg and it said it was the wrong type. Or are there other restrictions I need to know about? I currently have the default racial portrait, which is female, for my male character. I can't get it to clear, and I would like to upload a custom pic. Thanks for the help.
  19. Thanks, DeadBothanSpy. That helps me figure out which books I want to get based on species.
  20. This may be a dumb question (asked by a dumb person), but some of the repeat races, are there any differences given for them? For example, Twi'Lek show up two places. Are they exactly the same in both places? Or have tweaks been made in the later version?
  21. There have been several of these posts come up and I have expressed interest each time and never heard anything back. I am currently running a game but would really like to play as well. I am interested and would be open to further conversations on PM.
  22. I thought the exact same thing. I think The Phantom Menace is a very good title, aptly describing exactly what was lingering behind the scenes of the movie. The quality of the movie may not be stellar, but the title gave me great hope when I first heard it.
  23. If the wound threshold is 5, then only one would be down because you have to exceed the wound threshold to put someone down. So a wound threshold of 5 requires a 6 to down and a 12 to down two people. I know almost nothing, so when I am corrected by someone else, then it will be a learning experience for me too.
  24. I would be interested depending on the schedule.
  25. I watched about 2 hours of the stream and enjoyed it. It was helpful for me as a GM to see how others play and GM. If I could offer one piece of feedback: the music was very distracting, too loud, and made it hard to hear you guys at times. I understand having music and whatnot because you are gathered together hanging out and having fun. Just feedback as far as the livestream goes. Otherwise, very enjoyable. Thanks.
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