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  1. Would make a lot more sense as a cargo pod than a flat, rounded, disk-shaped ship. *Love the YT but it is literally the least plausible shape for a "transport" ever conceived
  2. Been waiting for this update since I found out about the tester. Thank you so much!
  3. Thanks for the latest bug fix, it took care of my Vynder-advanced SLAM-PTL problem. Appreciate it.
  4. Here's another iteration which swaps out Vynder for a similarly kitted Rho, but has two Rhos for support: Rho + PTL + OS-1 + APT + harpoon + advanced SLAM + extra munitions = 40 2* Rho + XG-1 + harpoon + ion cannon + tractor beam = 30 each You could also drop extra munitions on the OS-1 Rho for crack shot on the other two, which might be better.
  5. Has anybody used Ion Cannon XG-1s yet? I'm thinking about running this list tonight in a casual game: Deathrain + collision detector + unguided rockets + bomblet generator + LWF = 33 Vynder + PTL + OS-1 + APT + unguided rockets + advanced SLAM = 41 Rho + XG-1 + ion cannon + tractor beam = 26 Like I said, casual, but I like the idea of using ion/tractor beam to set up Deathrain's bombs and Vynder's APT.
  6. Since this has turned into a brainstorm for how to fix the Punisher, what about a zero-point title that would give the lower PS ships a chance to use ordinance against higher PS ones? Something worded similarly to Snap Shot, like this: After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may acquire a target lock on that ship if it is within Range 3. I don't know if that fixes the ship, but it certainly would give it some action economy, and give both the generics and the named pilots a shot at Alpha Striking higher PS ships.
  7. Yeah I don't know why anyone is up in arms about this, everyone interpreted RAW to mean that "launch" and "drop" were not the same, and therefore Deathrain's ability could not trigger.
  8. All good points! The way I have seen and used the list, you give Vynder something else, like cruise missiles, so that he can at least deliver on the alpha strike without having to close to range 1. But you're right, it can be somewhat tough to land the hit on a ship with a higher PS. And even though you CAN reload APTs, the odds of you hitting with them twice in one game are low. I think it's probably more a fun thing to try rather than a really competitive loadout, but it did win a regional!
  9. Yup, that's exactly how you do it. You end up with one stress token for using Push the Limit but in exchange you get to move twice and hopefully unload with a focus-modified advanced proton torpedo. Since APT lets you change up to three blanks to eyes, you're looking at a minimum of three hits. According to an X-Wing odds calculator I googled (which may or may not be accurate), you have a 99% of at least four hits, and a 98% chance of five hits (before defense dice are rolled). Nasty.
  10. Bug fix! Pairing advanced SLAM and push the limit seems to confuse the program. After SLAM, it will prompt for your "free action" (from Advanced SLAM). But then, after you take the action, it will prompt for Push the Limit #1 or Push the Limit #2. Either way, it will let you perform another action, but then it assigns TWO stress tokens, when it should only be one. And yes, I discovered this playing around with advanced SLAM/PTL/advanced protons Vynder, what of it?
  11. horsepire


    I like the direction you're going, but I don't know if it would see use much since the Defender only has one missile slot. On top of that, Defenders aren't likely to be the high PS ship on the board in the current meta and don't have the action economy to stack TL/focus to make that one-time double attack worthwhile. But...what if you just created a new title, zero points, that gave the TIE/D ability, but with missiles, and added a second missile slot? That could be pretty interesting, I think. Would that be too powerful with unguided rockets, giving the Defender two 3-dice attacks per turn? Someone would have to do the math. You could run three Deltas and put out 18 dice a turn, but since unguided rockets can only be modified with focus and since the Deltas wouldn't have any way to stack actions, I don't know that that would be too game-breaking. I dunno.
  12. horsepire


    True, but then again, even one D with HLC would be an absolutely devastating weapons platform. Consider: Vessery with Expertise, TIE/D, and HLC could fit in a list with two Harpoon, crack shot Rhos with LRS. Unless you were able to snipe Vessery (theoretically possible since he's only PS6) that thing would hit like a ton of bricks. EDIT: or, heck, roll out Rexler with the same loadout for two points more. He'd still be a strong candidate to get sniped at PS8 but if he lived for even a turn he'd do some serious killin'
  13. Yeah what I'm trying to figure out is whether PTL/slam/OS-1 moves APT from the "hilarious" column to the "hilariously effective" column...
  14. Did y'all see that a Vynder with advanced proton torpedoes list won a French regional? I played around with the combo last night (PTL/advanced SLAM/APT) and it's really fun.
  15. horsepire


    Yeah Vessery's EPT is the part of the list I am still thinking about. I know Ruthlessness isn't very popular these days and I wouldn't expect many to support that choice, but without it I wonder if you have enough damage output. If you ditched TIE Mk II, you could give Vessery Expertise, which would be a pretty decent choice since it triggers each time he attacks.
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