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  1. Just for anyone that might get confused reading this, this is in the FAQ: If a ship with Attani Mindlink flees the battlefield while performing a red maneuver, the ship is immediately destroyed and does not receive a stress token.
  2. Looks like my play area will be taking some road trips this year. Orlando went from 3 in 2014 to 2 in 2015 to 0 in 2016.
  3. Gunner+Vader in a Scimitar is only 24 points. Unfortunately gunner is 5 points and you can only use crew that are 4 or less.
  4. Is it just me or does the wording and spacing on the Maarek Stele card look exactly the same as on the tie advanced?
  5. I think the reason for this change has to do with the dauntless title. Before this entry you would be able to hit someone and land on the asteroid and still get your action. (IE: boosting away or daredevil to hit them for another damage)
  6. There are xwing players that play there on sundays. Also both cool stuff games location do tournaments as well. I believe the new waterford lakes location has there xwing day as saturday.
  7. Just for fun recently I've been playing a list with 4 rookie's all with hull upgrade. I have to say they survivability of the x-wing with 4 hull compared to 3 has shown to be significant. Most games I have played at least 2 or 3 of them are getting an extra round on the table because on that extra hull. If a title were to be made I would seriously be interested in one that gave an extra hull for 1 or 2 points over boost or barrel roll.
  8. So I got one that is $474.25. It's a bit messy.. Awing Expansion - Arvel Crynyd Rebel Aces -Chardaan Refit -Awing Test Pilot Yt-1300 Exp -Draw their fire Starviper Exp -Autothrusters HWK-290 Exp - Rebel Operative Yt-2400 Exp -Dash Rendar Y-Wing Exp - Gray Squadron Most wanted -Bomb loadout Transport -R2-D6 Z-95 Exp -Munitions Failsafe Decimator Exp -Intimidation Slave 1 Exp -Proxy Mines -B-wing Lambda Exp -Sensor Jammer M3A Exp -Flechette Cannon -E2 Title Tantive -Han Solo
  9. Just to add the way it is worded it would also be usable by a Firespray-31 with the Slave-1 title.
  10. I personally use a Sterilite Ruler box for my squad. It fits everything you need for a 100pt squad and i have a smaller plastic case to seperate my tokens. It's one of the few cases I've seen that fits the range ruler with out being to bulky. Here is a link to the ruler case I bought.
  11. The lack of updates makes me feel like this is our punishment for all the leaked info we had on scum.
  12. I'm looking in the Tournament FAQ and I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a page for it?
  13. I was rereading the last update to the rule book and I noticed this on page 8: "A ship cannot perform a barrel roll if this would cause its base to overlap another ship or obstacle token. The player may measure to see if his ship can perform a barrel roll before committing to this action." My question is at what point has the player committed to the barrel roll action?
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