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  1. Deploying catapult into cover is essential as divers can be protected. Melee can be prevented by a night goblin screen and if the enemy uses up too much resources to overextend and destroy is begging for a boar boyz counter charge. Successful diver play from my experience is using the threat of Multiple disk impact 5 to scheme the opponent. Taking one disk for one is okay but covering multiple disks with impact 5 - killing half a regiment or killing a multi wound hero in one turn is a possible game winner.
  2. Yeah FFG vets are used to it of course I'm more concerned about my second point honestly. I hope its a case of recycling when its useful not always.
  3. If you don't know what I'm talking about: The Diskwars Disk & The Invasion Card Are we offering a 10% off coupon and tossing in a circle slicer for people who bought 'Path of the Zealot'? Jokes aside now, I'm all for recycled art as it fits intimately with the game and makes production MUCH quicker and lets the product arrive at my door much sooner. However I'm a little concerned that I'm recognizing a little bit TOO much and it spoils my expectations. I want to open a box and be excited at what I see, but if I open a diskwars box to find my entire orc army is chainmailed together from the orc army in a game I've already played.. I could see a few people up in arms about that. More importantly I'm wondering that if units are picked just because they have art from invasion does that mean our factions are already set in stone? Because if so then we already know off the back no matter how well the game does - we won't be seeing Bretonnia, Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdoms or Chaos Dwarves (Not that I was seriously thinking they'd be in anyhow, because.. yeah.) Regardless, I really hope this isn't the case I want to be excited by the prospect of having the entire diverse universe in this game in some form or another and if my idea is correct I hope that FFG will put the extra effort into making these armies from scratch. If not, I'm still satisfied with 10 races - I suppose.
  4. I've been thinking about this and doing some research. I feel tape would rip the cardboard and sprays would cause that 'haze' effect that ruins artwork and text - plus may or may not trip rules for tournament use. I've had an idea about using plastic protectors that clip and surround the disk, similar to the ones used to protect valuable coins or casino chips. It seems reasonable as far as cost goes, might be hard to find for medium or large disks. I imagine it similar to sleeves for TCG cards. Any thoughts?
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