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  1. I tried the following list earlier this week and really liked it: - Anakin (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) - Obi-Wan (Sense, Calibrated Laser Targeting) - Ric Olié (Juke, R2 Astromech) 197 points CLT on O-W is quite good obviously and if you can concentrate fire, Ric shoots last so Juke is gold. The bid is small, but Sense is helpful.
  2. Too many... or I used to own too many in fact. I had all six of the FFG ones at one point, plus two non-FFG starfield mats. I sold to new players the Hoth, Starkiller, Bespin and Endor ones. So now I own only the FFG Starfield and Yavin ones, but I still have my two non-FFG starfields as well.
  3. admat

    Figuring out Ric

    I'm very curious indeed to try Daredevil on Ric Olié. I haven't tried the Naboo ship yet, but this is the list I made so far: - Anakin Skywalker [Aethersprite] (R2 Astromech, Shield Upgrade, Delta-7B) - Ric Olié (R2-A6) - Padmé Amidala (Juke, R2 Astromech) 200 points I think R2-A6, giving the option to modify the speed according to the enemy ships that have already moved, might be useful to help trigger Ric's ability. No initiative bid though, so maybe the Shield Upgrade on Anakin could be removed to assure that even the enemy's initiative-5 ships move before Ric. Juke on Padmé can be very good I think. Again, it's only theory so far though.
  4. I will try this, looks fun.
  5. True. I was a bit wary of that as well when I played the list for our Hyperspace. No real aces (init 4 max) and no bid. Still it's Republic beef if you will, so it can take hits and dish out some punishment of its own for a while. The 104ths are very good blockers too, and the dual firing arcs can open up some interesting maneuvering. It can be tough to manage three medium bases at times but I really like them in general. I have a feeling bids might get smaller with the new points? Not sure, we'll see. During the Hyperspace tournament, I faced FO lists with aces (Quickdraw [twice], Blackout, various TIE/fos), Separatists (Maul/Dooku/Vulture), Rebel beef (Wedge/Braylen/Ten/Cassian). I finished the swiss rounds being the sole undefeated player, but then lost my first game of the top 8 vs Rebel Y-Wings, five of them, all with Ion Cannon Turret and four with Veteran Turret Gunner. Very close game still at least, only a 3-point difference. One more damage on one of his remaining two Y-Wings would have given me half points and the game for a top 4 matchup. I lost Mace only once all day, during the top 8 game. I tried using him as a flanker mostly, keeping the three ARC-170 together initially.
  6. I played the same at our Hyperspace Trials and it's very solid indeed.
  7. Probably not really left-field, but the Raven's Claw
  8. I know, still a lot of points, but it can be key. You can use it even while being stressed too, it's not an action. You telegraph a bit where you're going of course, but I really like it. The list isn't "top-level" by any means, but it's a lot of fun to play. The target priority isn't obvious for the opponent either. You might think of going for Chewie first but ignoring both aces for too long will most probably be an error. Also, players often forget that Chewie's ability works on himself as well. I even had a game where another initiative 4 ship destroyed him before he had attacked on the turn, so two consecutive attacks for the Wookie... 🙂
  9. Chewie's ability can really shine with more ships obviously, so I like the idea of Chewie + 3. I have only tried this version so far though (Chewie + 2): - Chewbacca (Trick Shot, Agile Gunner) - L'ulo (Trick Shot, Heroic) - Poe (Heroic, R4 Astromech, Integrated S-Foils) 194 points It's kind of a tool box list, a bit of everything, while still keeping it very simple. L'ulo will go up in points soon, no doubt, but 6 points bid isn't always necessary so it might still be legal/work. Agile Gunner is very nice on the Resistance Falcon.
  10. Hello! I've been playing Republic a lot lately and really like the faction. Can't wait to try the Naboo and have a bit more options. Solid list, especially Mace and Anakin. Cody on the 104th doesn't help for attacks, unless your opponent forgets or (really) doesn't want to do a blue maneuver on their next turn. My go-to ARC-170 pilot is Wolffe. Here are some ideas: - Wolffe (Trick Shot, Cody, R4-P Astromech) - Mace (Delta-7B, R4-P17 Astromech) - Ahsoka (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) 193 points - Anakin (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) - Mace (Delta-7B) - Wolffe (Cody) 198 points - Anakin (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) - Ahsoka (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) - Squad Seven Veteran (Cody) 198 points - Obi-Wan (Delta-7B, R2 Astromech) - Mace (Delta-7B, R4-P17 Astromech) - Wolffe (Cody, R4-P Astromech) 199 points Also, something very different and not competitive, but the first list I tried with Republic to get a feel of some effects/upgrades/abilities: - Wolffe (Cody) - Mace (Calibrated Laser Targeting) - Ahsoka (Delta-7B) - Tucker 199 points For something very solid, but you'd need 2 more ARC-170 (I have 2 Republic ones but also used my Rebel-faction one): - Mace (Delta-7B) - Wolffe (Cody) - 104th Battalion Pilot - 104th Battalion Pilot 200 points Very simple, only two upgrades, and very tanky. I like Medium-base ships. Got to top 8 at our recent Hyperspace Trials with this list.
  11. Pretty much, even though I tried to flank with Mace most games and it helped a lot. Keeping the 3 ARCs together and Mace not too far. The 104ths are awesome blockers too. Also, I like to force my opponent into splitting damage, "offering" a ship as bait then switching. In one game, each ARC had lost its 3 shields and Mace was still full. No half points since you need to do 2 more damage on ARCS to bring them to half.
  12. Well, I played the list (above, Mace/Wolffe/104th/104th) at our local Hyperspace event and it performs quite well indeed. Went 4-0 in Swiss! Then I lost my first game of the top 8... hehe Faced 5 Y-Wings (4 with Ion Turret + Veteran Turret Gunner, and 1 with just the Ion Turret). It was very close though, my opponent won by 3 points only.
  13. I will be trying the following this weekend: - Mace (Delta-7B) - Wolffe (Clone Commander Cody) - 104th Battalion Pilot - 104th Battalion Pilot 200 points Not only ARC-170s, I know, but 3 at least. I think it could be solid/fun.
  14. admat

    Happy friday

    I will be trying some Republic "beef" this weekend: - Mace Windu (Delta-7B) - Wolffe (Clone Commander Cody) - 104th Battalion Pilot - 104th Battalion Pilot 200 points Not as efficient as the (very) common Rebel beef, but it's very simple and should be fun.
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