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  1. Not exactly all "no tokens", but still annoying for the opponent (as most Scum lists seem to be) and much fun to fly: - Old Teroch (Fearless) - Palob Godalhi (Moldy Crow) - 4-LOM (Zuckuss) - Captain Seevor 198 points
  2. No, it wasn't versus large numbers. Two games only: one vs a 3-ship list and one vs a 4-ship list. I was mainly looking for a build to try the Vonreg/Rivas/LeHuse synergy, and to try the TIE/ba (hence Holo included as well).
  3. The first one is very close to a list I played and performed really well. The only change is Proud Tradition on Holo instead of Daredevil.
  4. admat

    Rebel ships

    The last list I was able to play "for real" was: - Leia (K-2SO) - Luke (Servomotor S-Foils) - Thane (R4 Astromech, Servomotor S-Foils) 199 points It worked really well. As for my favorite Rebel ships in 2.0, I'd say the Falcon, the B-Wing and the X-Wing.
  5. I tried the following variant (that I've first seen Oli Pocknell play): - Leia (K-2SO) - Luke (Servomotor S-Foils) - Thane (R4 Astromech, Servomotor S-Foils) 199 points It's really good, and fun to fly. I also have this variant in my (way-too-many-builds!) lists: - Leia - Luke (Heightened Perception, Servomotor S-Foils) - Thane (Outmaneuver, Servomotor S-Foils) 198 points Still untried so far, but i think it could work.
  6. admat

    Happy Friday.

    Hello and happy Friday! I also got into the game from its start, back in 2012. I was playing very sporadically back then and didn't get into our local community until 2014. I was mostly playing the Rebellion early on.
  7. Interesting list for sure. I might try it. You could also go with Outmaneuver on Blackout, instead of Fanatical+Advanced optics. Same points. Also, bumping the Zetas to Omegas, each with Fanatical (removing Advanced Optics) is also still at 197 points.
  8. admat

    FO "Aces"

    I played the following recently and it requires a bit more practice I think, but was fun and solid: - Vonreg (Daredevil) - Holo (Proud Tradition) - LeHuse (Fanatical, Special Forces Gunner) - Rivas (Advanced Optics) 197 points
  9. hehe Yeah... I just haven't had THAT much luck with Fang Fighters overall so far. It can be "all or nothing" it seems. Still, I really like the ship.
  10. I haven't tried your version yet, but it's in my (way too long) list of builds. Here is the variant I tried: - Nom Lumb (Ion Cannon, Dengar) - Zealous Recruit - Zealous Recruit - Fenn Rau 200 points I really liked it and Nom was very annoying for the opponent. Fenn without Fearless can be underwhelming though. Dengar Gunner is made for Nom's ability, but the threat of Ion (and the front arc being active at all ranges) is also quite real, so I was considering dropping Dengar on Nom and adding Fearless on Fenn, for a total of 197 points.
  11. admat

    First Orders tool box

    I played the following recently and it worked well: - Major Vonreg (Daredevil) - Captain Phasma (Fanatical, Special Forces Gunner) - Omega Squadron Ace (Fanatical) - Omega Squadron Ace (Fanatical) - Omega Squadron Ace (Fanatical) 200 points
  12. So many cool ideas in this thread, many thanks all! Untested but could be fun/solid: - Dengar (Expert Handling, Contraband Cybernetics, Punishing One) - Fenn Rau (Fearless) - Bounty Hunter (Contraband Cybernetics) 199 points - Dengar (Contraband Cybernetics, Punishing One) - Bounty Hunter (Perceptive Copilot) - Bounty Hunter (Perceptive Copilot) 200 points
  13. I've made this a while back, still unplayed though: - Gina Moonsong - Ten Numb (Ion Cannon, Stabilized S-Foils) - Braylen Stramm (Autoblasters, Stabilized S-Foils) - Arvel Crynyd (Intimidation) 200 points Also this variant: - Gina Moonsong - Ten Numb (Autoblasters, Stabilized S-Foils) - Braylen Stramm (Autoblasters, Stabilized S-Foils) - Jake 196 points
  14. I hope we see as much variety as possible before getting repeats. I don't mind Allies being released as Heroes though, as I really hope to play some of my favorites Heroes which are already Allies (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Vision, etc.). I do hope we won't get new versions of the same characters for a long while at least. I wonder how much freedom the designers really have in selecting which Heroes/Villains to release, and in which order/priority. Everything has to be approved by Marvel/Disney, but I'm curious if they also influence or impose what to design first, etc.
  15. OK, many thanks... that's what I thought but was looking for a confirmation.
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