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  1. Maybe not practical, since FFG wants to sell as many copies of each ship as possible to those willing to buy them, but... what if the "A legal squad list contains between 2 and 8 ships from a single faction" limit from the Tournament Rules was refined a little? (Also, another use of "between X and Y", and it's clearly inclusive here.) Maybe based on ship base sizes and types? Maximum of 4 Medium-base ships of the same type and maximum of 2 Large-base ships of the same type. Probably too limiting for most players I guess (even though those rules only apply to tournament/competitive play).
  2. admat

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    Yeah, my favorite list so far in 2.0 was Luke(R2-D2)/Leebo(C-3PO). It could be very solid defensively, but still not THAT strong/reliable. Just a fun list. Leebo + C-3PO wasn't winning competitively and, even without considering the competitive field, it wasn't prevalent at all. So why nerf it?
  3. True, but then why are the Mining Guild TIEs included in the file? I think the files should included all Quick Builds options.
  4. admat

    What you been flying in FO and Imperial?

    I haven't played First Order yet, but here are the two Imperial lists I tried so far: -Rexler (Juke, Fire-Control System, Homing Missiles) -Countdown (Hull Upgrade) -Gideon Hask (Trick Shot) -Night Beast 200 points -Whisper (Crack Shot, Director Krennic, Fire-Control System) -Echo (Crack Shot) -Major Rhymer (Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Barrage Rockets) -Captain Jonus (Barrage Rockets) 200 points Both were fun and solid. I look forward to try Imperial more and rediscover First Order especially. I just started with Rebels when 2.0 was released and played that faction for weeks. Then I tried Scum & Villainy for a while. I'm currently playing Resistance. I've also stopped building lists in advance until we (finally) get the points adjustment.
  5. admat

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    So far it's been worth it. Mostly ignored, yes but that can be very good. Solid blocker as well.
  6. admat

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I haven't tried the full Inferno squad yet, but I did play Gideon in the following: - Rexler Brath (Juke, Fire-Control System, Homing Missiles) - Countdown (Elusive) - Gideon Hask (Trick Shot) - Night Beast 198 points His ability triggered often enough and made him a real threat. Like others have mentioned, I think the full squad would be solid in the Second Edition, Variants (Battle of Yavin) or Hyperspace formats.
  7. I play everything, so all 7 factions for me. So far though, I've only played Rebels and Scum in 2.0. I am very much looking forward to Resistance.
  8. admat

    Rebel Scum list

    Yes-yes, I think that's better actually.
  9. admat

    Rebel Scum list

    Maybe Trick Shot and Chewbacca crew with Lando?
  10. admat

    Can Rebel Han Work?!

    True. I haven't used Kanan yet but a mix of Debris and Asteroids, the biggest ones, could be better. I also used Trick Shot so coupled with Han's rerolls when close enough to obstacles, that can be very solid.
  11. admat

    Can Rebel Han Work?!

    Yes, it does telegraph but at least the Falcon has a dual turret and at Initiative 6 + Engine Upgrade, Han is usually able to manage.
  12. admat

    Can Rebel Han Work?!

    Agile Gunner is costly, but it's a free Rotate action. I also brought the 3 biggest asteroids, so keeping close enough for triggering Han's ability is easier.
  13. admat

    Can Rebel Han Work?!

    I played the following and it was a blast: - Han Solo (Trick Shot, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Agile Gunner, Engine Upgrade, Millenium Falcon) - Wedge (Predator, R5-D8, Afterburners, Servomotor S-Foils) 200 points
  14. admat

    Trying to find a decent rebel list in 2.0

    Here are a few of the Rebel lists I really liked so far... - Benthic Two Tubes (Perceptive Copilot, Jyn Erso, Pivot Wing) - Edrio Two Tubes (Servomotor S-Foils) - Green Squadron Pilot (Trick Shot) - Kyle Katarn (Trick Shot, Perceptive Copilot, Moldy Crow) 200 points - Arvel Crynyd (Marksmanship) - Chewbacca (Trick Shot, Magva Yarro, Agile Gunner, Millenium Falcon) - Thane Kyrell (Predator, R5 Astromech, Servomotor S-Foils) 200 points - Han Solo (Trick Shot, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Agile Gunner, Engine Upgrade, Millenium Falcon) - Wedge (Predator, R5-D8, Afterburners, Servomotor S-Foils) 200 points - Luke (Heightened Perception, R2-D2, Servomotor S-Foils) - Leebo (C-3PO, Agile Gunner, Shield Upgrade) 199 points - Luke (Heightened Perception, Servomotor S-Foils) - Arvel Crynyd (Intimidation) - Blade Squadron Veteran (Heavy Laser Cannon) - Blade Squadron Veteran (Heavy Laser Cannon) 200 points
  15. admat

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    I think they'll make Wave 2 be four ships per faction (including Resistance and First Order conversion kits material), and the other three factions as well since there's already a Scum TIE planned, then they could add a Rebel and Imperial ship to the wave between now and release. So all five factions would have four different ships "legal" for events.