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  1. I had only one game, it was pretty easy completing our personal stories, but once the new rumor and another mythos past around corruption when near complete in our nyral fight it wiped the party in one go. Then we pulled mateo the priest and have the bad personal story that made our final mystery difficult, a dark pact and the new ally went off, so we ended our game with four turns left because it was looking like it was too much of a uphill battle and it was too late at night >_< Now that we know what corruption does, we will be more prepared for our real game next weekend. I did not mind resources, it gives another action for those on a wilderness/sea space and help versus those expensive 3-4 assets. I did not like that nyarlathotep had only four mysteries, even those mysteries are expanded due to being adventures they could have thrown 2 more in.
  2. There quite a few AO that our group never gets to see wake up, this prelude helps with that.
  3. maybe because they would have to add more cards for backstory and their cut out which probably cost more from printers. Next expansion should perhaps follow Forsaken Lore, add more to existing AOs while introducing another. But how well did forsaken lore due compare to something promising investigators or sideboard??
  4. personal stories are small cards like conditions, the pile is as large as the pile of unique tasks for EH 8 corruption (bane) 4 living link (boon) talents (2 of each below) headstrong meditation perceptive practiced resilient silver tongue
  5. There are specific preludes to use, despite nyarlathotep having three preludes only certain one is used for campaign mode. It supplies yig (father of serpents prelude) and copies of the original box AO preludes. Two of the Nyrarlathotep prelude not use for campaign mode lets you use sideboards from other expansions (pyramids and dreamlands), pyramid one changes one of the mysteries maybe even more for nyarlathotep.) There also an Evil Dead themed prelude. They also supply focus tokens and explain them for those without that expansion.
  6. so got the expansion sixth game 2nd prelude is Unto the Breach (a mean card but good epic end for the campaign) yig prelude is included in this expansion dark pact and promise of power stay with investigators All other components and effects reset. Like possessions. Defeated investigators and their stuff goes back in the box ect..
  7. I think they could sell blister packs for each AO online and we would gobble it up. If they are going to end EH at least do it in October.
  8. For the last AO maybe the second prelude will just be a random prelude to fill it out, it be a shame not able to use those. I play with mystic rune deck in play all the time, when we campaign. I cant be the only one. Nyarlathotep mysteries using adventure cards. It would be great if they worded one so that it could use adventure cards from other expansions. But then you would have to stop play to bring out a side board and gather the bits that go with it.
  9. Our Campaign mode, just means if an investigator defeated you cant pull him again for rest of campaign even if it was caused by a prelude. We do not use same prelude and we go through each mythos card and condition card before reshuffling back into the game. It was a lot harder when there was fewer investigators, cause losing all investigators was a campaign game over. There was no carry over, though sometimes we keep a rumour in play from last game if not solved to ramp difficulty. We play with random six investigators. I look forward to the new campaign mode, perhaps consequences cards carry over
  10. our six player games usually have 2 fighters, 2 gate closers and the rest as support. I usually play influence support or a gate closer.
  11. I am still having hard time figuring how Skids and Compose work together without being broken. Can someone break it down for me.
  12. They need something like Forbidden Lore that boost the pervious set. We need something that adds mysteries to existing AOs, adventure cards and conditions. If they worried that giving mysteries to people that might not have those expansion perhaps they can instead offer such an expansion online, small deck per AO. They offer mail in for cards for arkham so why not Eldritch???
  13. When new expansion comes out we use the new investigators and our favorites. After that we usually choose one and one random or just two random. I usually play support/ main mystery solver, other friend who enjoys spells (helps close gates and kill monsters indirectly), and GF likes fighting and usually collects conditions lolz. My top Six: Jacqueline (Parasite of misfortune) Charles (Always lucky rolling with him, usually stuck in SF or Tokyo though) Wendy (Our mythos decks are full of tentacles, wendy makes it hurt less) Jenny (a Charles and George combination) Trish (saves us during nasty rumours) Michael (Great combat, usually does well for gates) I have a friend who likes Skids, Norman, Daisy and recently Dexter. GF likes Lily, Akachi and Diana. Silas, Leo and Wilson are the characters our group dislike getting stuck with. I usually get silas on random draw, friend always gets Wilson and GF gets leo
  14. I first let them listen to some HP lovecraft, color from outer space, Herbert West reanimator, and curse of yig, were ones she enjoyed. Her most hated though was The Mound (collab). We would listen to them when driving on long trips, I also threw in old Horror radio shows and Ravenloft audiobooks.
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