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  1. DerDelphi

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    A small bug: In the new campaign "Embers of Dread" acquired relics aren't added to the hero inventory.
  2. Strangely there still seems to be an audience for 1 v Many style fantasy themed dungeon crawlers, as evident over here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1900818244/dark-rituals-malleus-maleficarum/description Not even trying to advertise this, but just look at the numbers of pledges, and how long it took to fund this game. Now if only you had something comparable in your lineup...
  3. It looks like they are trying new things, which is good, but from what I saw I'm not entirely convinced the concept is fully developed. To be honest, I'm glad this is not Terrinoth based. They can use this as a testing ground, iron out the rough edges and we might one day indeed get a great Descent 3rd edition.
  4. Please let us know if you hear anything interesting. But I wouldn't get too hyped yet. Judging from Asmodees past actions I'd also think a Star Wars Battle Royale Board game with physical loot box expansions could be possible
  5. DerDelphi

    New side quests in EOD?

    I checked the game files and there are sadly no new side quests included.
  6. DerDelphi

    "Normal" or "hard" mode?

    What I personally do to increase the difficulty is dealing each player a facedown tainted card at the start of each quest (without applying the +2 health). Once a hero is defeated, they have to flip over their tainted card, but they ignore the part about only being able to recover health by untainted heroes when they are knocked out. Then the defeated hero is dealt another facedown tainted card, which he flips if he is knocked out again. After the quest, all tainted cards are discarded and each player is dealt a new facedown card at the beginning of the next quest. This makes being defeated a bit more punishing and encourages the heroes to try to protect each other. This of course only works if you own Mists of Bilehall, The Chains that Rust or both.
  7. DerDelphi

    What test is this?

    In this case they seem to have used the wrong font for this text. I think this is indeed the regular garamond glyph which would be replaced in the custom descent font.
  8. DerDelphi

    Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

    Hello wtfrank, the behavior of the tracker is strictly speaking correct. To be able to play a campaign with rumor cards you would need at least one of these expansions "Lair of the wyrm", "The Trollfens" or "Manor of Ravens". All of these expansions include the rules for playing with rumors, the H&M collections only contain the instruction to add the rumor and advanced quests to their respective supplies. If you choose to play with rumor cards you have to draw 3 rumors at the start of the campaign. Of course you could theoretically use only H&M collection rumors, but you'd have to use at least 3 sets. You can of course house rule this, but the tracker is built around the official rules.
  9. DerDelphi

    New expansion wanted

    This sounds great :) Really looking forward to this.
  10. DerDelphi

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Hello SkyJedi, many thanks for creating this great tool. On thing I noticed: If I set the setting to fantasy (planning to build RoT characters), the magic skills are hidden. Sorry, I'm a bit dumb I guess Just realized I can select multiple settings. Adding magic was the solution. Regards Delphi
  11. My respect, that's the most diplomatic statement I've ever read.
  12. Thanks for the update Sadgit.
  13. DerDelphi

    Seeds of Corruption artifact question

    Hello Suhawk, There is an indirect third option.
  14. Thanks for clarifying this. I could imagine that this was an individual ruling which was made before the broader clarification in August 2015, but I also didn't find any sources for the Vampiric Blood rule.