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  1. DerDelphi

    Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

    Hello wtfrank, the behavior of the tracker is strictly speaking correct. To be able to play a campaign with rumor cards you would need at least one of these expansions "Lair of the wyrm", "The Trollfens" or "Manor of Ravens". All of these expansions include the rules for playing with rumors, the H&M collections only contain the instruction to add the rumor and advanced quests to their respective supplies. If you choose to play with rumor cards you have to draw 3 rumors at the start of the campaign. Of course you could theoretically use only H&M collection rumors, but you'd have to use at least 3 sets. You can of course house rule this, but the tracker is built around the official rules.
  2. DerDelphi

    New expansion wanted

    This sounds great :) Really looking forward to this.
  3. DerDelphi

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Hello SkyJedi, many thanks for creating this great tool. On thing I noticed: If I set the setting to fantasy (planning to build RoT characters), the magic skills are hidden. Sorry, I'm a bit dumb I guess Just realized I can select multiple settings. Adding magic was the solution. Regards Delphi
  4. My respect, that's the most diplomatic statement I've ever read.
  5. Thanks for the update Sadgit.
  6. DerDelphi

    Seeds of Corruption artifact question

    Hello Suhawk, There is an indirect third option.
  7. Thanks for clarifying this. I could imagine that this was an individual ruling which was made before the broader clarification in August 2015, but I also didn't find any sources for the Vampiric Blood rule.
  8. Hello Sadgit, I just noticed something that seems to be contradictory. The question was, whether the reanimate still gets the additional yellow die from "vampiric blood" if the necromancer is knocked out: The reanimate is treated as a figure (by his card), and vampiric blood does not fullfil any of the conditions which would make the card unusable. Yet: Which one of these statements is correct? I think he still gets the die (I'm pretty sure Zaltyre explained this to me once), but I couldn't find it on the fly. This was also related to the usability of elixir tokens if an apothecary is knocked out or not on the map. Edit: This is what I found so far: Clarifications from FFG (which I think are the base for the entry on page 13): Explanation from Zaltyre on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1451754/necromancer-reanimate Regards, Delphi
  9. Another thing I stumbled upon a few moments ago: On page 5 under Agents the following entry is listed: This list is incomplete and could be extended in the following way:
  10. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Hello everybody, I just uploaded the next update, which will allow the save/load system to work with our campaign. Please note: You will need to install the latest version of Valkyrie Brynhildr to run the campaign. Sadly it is not compatible with the last official Valkyrie release. You can find Valkyrie Brynhildr here: https://github.com/BenRQ/valkyrie/releases Changes: - Reworked campaign structure to work with the Valkyrie Brynhildr release (This allows saving and loading to work as intended) - Added an "End Campaign" button to the travel phase (This will work after the next Brynhildr bugfix release and allow rating the campaign) As always, the update can be downloaded in Valkyrie. Sorry it took so long to get this sorted out.
  11. DerDelphi

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Thanks for letting me know. I tried to find these, but since they are out of print they are ridiculously expensive, especially considering I'd only need the miniature anyway. I still like a lot of the mechanics. Great ideas overall
  12. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Hello Bearalee, here is the link to the discussion on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1754892/shadow-rune-project
  13. DerDelphi

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Hi Dan, Thanks for posting the heroes, these all look very interesting. Just one question: Are there official miniatures for them? Regards, Delphi
  14. DerDelphi

    Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"

    The other campaigns are indeed much longer than the tutorial. In the tutorial you can play between 1 and 2 story quests as well as up to 2 sidequests in total. "Kindred Fire" or "Seeds of Corruption" allow you to play 6 story quests and up to 10 additional sidequests, so there is plenty of room for acquiring and using act II gear
  15. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    My apologies for the long silence, but sadly there was nothing to report for a long time. Today however I'm pleased to report, that one of the Valkyrie programmers was able to pinpoint the problem with the save/load system and fixed it in a beta release. As soon as there is a new official Valykrie release I will update the campaign and saving/loading will work as intended. Unfortunately I don't know when exactly this update will arrive, but I will post again once it has been released. The flip side is however, that it might take a while until the project is back on track in regards of new content. The compulsory break unfortunately lead to a shift in priorities. I hope it'll work out, but be prepared for a slower release schedule.