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  1. The generic activations are not always useless though. Sometimes a surge can be required to not miss a hero.
  2. If 4 vessels escape the mission is a failure.
  3. What a close game I only played a few of the h&m sidequests so far, bit they seemed to be very challenging compared to most other quests. But at least you have a reason to repöay them
  4. Just played this quest and it really is super hard. I got the feeling that something was off here. There is really no way to stop all these monsters and at the same time kill the vessels. I barely managed to hold the ground until the boss showed up, but there was no way to win this. And I even had very few X rolls. I can't even imagine how I would have been destroyed if I had played this as my first sidequest.
  5. Just played the quest myself half an hour before. In this case indeed I skipped conditions that the target already had/was immune to, because the targets are indeed meant to suffer 3 conditions.
  6. Isn't the minimum attribute value 1? Btw: To draw a random condition I create a deck which contains 1 of every condition type. Then I shuffle it and draw from the bottom.
  7. With all box expansions enabled there are 33 normal stages and 20 boss stages (from which the 3 lieutenants of MoB and CtR each have 2 layouts).
  8. FFGs usual communication practices... I think there is nothing else to add to this.
  9. I guess for some reason your app didn't auto update. The current steam version is 1.3.7, and 1.3.6 has been current for a while.
  10. I was just very surprised when Mansions of Madness was updated, but instead of new translations it contains the new DLC Scenario "Dark Reflections". Has anybody heard about this? Edit: The Storepage is up: It seems to get released on September 1st. The release date has been updated to August 3rd. Now it's just "soon".
  11. Your post reminded me, that it was time to update my tile list. I think it is exactly what you are looking for, but at the moment it is only available in german. I'm already working on a translation, it should be finished very soon. Edit: I finished the translation. The file will be up on BGG in the next days, but you can also get it from here: Tiles by Quest.pdf?dl=0 Edit2: Now also up on BGG:
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm glad it is not a bug in the quest, because it takes... very long for these to be fixed. But you are right, this Demon Lord seems like a tough nut to crack.
  13. I haven't played this scenario myself, but it sounds like you might be missing this special rule: Elzenar has bonus Health. For each red objective token, add 1 Shield to Elzenar's defense results and 1 to Elzenar's "Aura" value. So effectively your idea 1 was kind of correct, except for the bonus health. Edit: I think the bug might be, that this extra rule is not stated when placing Elzenar. I guess it will be displayed if you click on the monster information icon.
  14. Since you are new I hate to breakt the illusion for you, but direct communication between anyone from FFG and their paying customers is the last thing you will ever find in this or any other forums. Unfortunately FFG as a company has decided that sitting in their ivory tower is their way of doing business. The only way to get a word from an actual FFG employee is to write your questions to the support. But I can also guarantee you, that they will never comment on things like upcoming content that has not been officially announced, and that´'s if you even get an answer. I´'m going a bit off topic now: If I come over as bitter, that's because I am. After buying my first FFG Games and realizing how high the overall production value and refinement of them are, I was really impressed by the company. But years of seeing how bad FFG handles a lot of things, have left me very disillusioned. Some examples are: the joke that current official Descent FAQ is, the lack of support for the Quest Vault, their extremely slow and cumbersome localization process which leads to release delays of usually 9 months to 18(!) months, no communication about the EoL of game lines, the increasing trend of shipping expansions with less content for the same or higher prices as well as the complete lack of communication with their fanbase. They should at least have the financial power to hire a few community managers. I still like FFGs games and will continue to enjoy them, but I deleted my "FFG Fan" badge on BGG months ago.
  15. V 1.3.1 has just been released on Steam. Here is the changelog: Updated Rulebook. Fixed issue where some Hero & Monster Pack side quests weren't appearing in Kindred Fire. Fixed soft-lock caused by interrupting the world-map tutorial sequence. Fixed soft-lock when returning from various quests.