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  1. Just one thing: isn't Hugo the glorious from 1st edition also still missing? I know you were aiming for balanced archetypes, but thats less of a problem with hybrid classes.
  2. Thanks Felin, you are correct. It didn't occur to me to click on "check for update", since the news entry was already there :) Now the entries are shown however, so there is nothing for you to do Atom.
  3. Thanks a lot for continuing to support your tracker Atom4geVampire! One small thing I noticed: I can't add translations to the new classes and skills yet. This is not a priority issue, since the pack hasn't been released in german thus far, but it would be great if I could add the translations once it's released. Regards, Delphi
  4. The travel time is also there because traveling to town restores morale.
  5. I think there are in fact 2 bugs in this quest ("In a manor of speaking") regarding the tile selection, but I don't think it's related to tile 70 or even Mists of Bilehall. This quest has an alternate layout which should be used i you own Manor of Ravens (Tiles 70-77), but even the "default" layout (which should only require tiles of the base game (1-30) and Shadows of Nerekhall (50-69) calls for a Manor of Ravens tile. Here is the text in question: This is the "default" layout, so using tile 72 is definitely wrong here. This is the alternate layout, which is fine. The tiles used in the quest itself however should be fine. These tiles are placed while playing the default layout: So the tiles 51 and 72 are never used when setting up the map, and could be removed from the list of tiles. When playing with the alternate layout, the following tiles are used: Everything checks out here. There are however other instances of quests which call for tiles which aren't used in the setup ("The Treasure of Davin Throm" comes to mind). Example: But only a fraction of these tiles is really needed: As you can see, tiles 3, 16, 23 and 28 are never used. I'd guess this quest was originally planned either to be larger, or have differing layouts depending on the what the heroes choose at the beginning. By the way: There is another issue that still persists since the release of the campaign "Seeds of Corruption": The dialogue option: is always greyed out, even if the is a hexer present.
  6. I'm aware that this question might sound a bit confrontational, and if this is skipped over I'm fine with that. But if you would answer a more controversial question, here it is: Are you aware, that you seem to have a huge issue in communicating with your "core" audience? A lot of your favourite game lines are put on hold without any explanation (prominent examples are IA and D2E), and there is no direct communication in your forums. I guess this would be understandable, if you'd primarily try to reach more casual buyers by targeting the mass market, but this is not the same audience that is buying 10+ expansions for your games, or would even try to keep them alive by producing community driven content when you no longer support games directly. So are there any plans to improve communication in your forums at all?
  7. Sadly nothing great to use as a picture, but at least the new art:
  8. There is also another bug where the text string is not show correctly. In the Quest "Smash and Grab", after you interact with the red token in the southern part of the map, you have to take a skill test. If you pass the test, the following is shown:
  9. Sorry, the translations are currently in a very early state. Only a few quests have been translated into italian, spanish and german. Unfortunately there is nobody actively working on them at the moment, but we are always looking for volunteers.
  10. Hello Everyone, today I'm glad to announce, that the quests of "The Shadow Rune Project" are finally completed and implemented. As of today you are able to play a complete campaign Just grab the newest Valkyrie release ( or later) and download the campaign inside the application to play it. At this point I really want to thank all contributors to the project, but especially Tantum, who was the driving force behind keeping the project alive in the last year. He alone designed about half of the quests in the campaign, and the project would be far from done without him. While the campaign is completely playable, there is still some work to do. Due to the number of quests and their complexitiy, it is pretty likely that there are some minor and major bugs, which could cause all sorts of problem. Due to this, I would be very grateful if you could post any issues you encounter at The Shadow Rune Github repository over here. We are also planning to update some of the quests, add new features as soon as the are available in Valkyrie, and overall improve the balancing of the campaign. We are also open for suggestions. Looking back to out first release, which was almost 2 and a half years ago, I'm really glad the project was finally completed. There were a lot of challgenes to face during development, but we made it Thanks to everyone who still has passion for this game and wants to give the campaign a try. For the record, here is our latest changelog: - Added the missing quests "The Desecrated Tomb", "Blood of Heroes", "The Twin Idols", "The Wyrm Turns", "The Wyrm Rises", "Gryvorn Unleashed" and "The Man who would be King" by Tantum - Completed implementation of the campaign phase (all quests are now playable!). Important Note: Please use Valkyrie to run the campaign. Older versions will run into an issue which leads to savegame corruption.
  11. Great, the new update has been released today :) Thanks for reporting the issues and being persistent kbalazsa.
  12. If you want to have a smaller village map, there is a map of Dragonholt from "Legacy of Dragonholt":
  13. Sorry to say, but I retconned some of the locations in Nerekhall, to fit with the GenCon 2017 adventure. The original map of Nerekhall features the names of the quests in the campaign, and I replaced these with some locations that are mentioned in the GenCon adventure. But this is definitely not canon You can find the original image by looking for "shadow of nerekhall map" in the image search of our search machine overlord.
  14. Hello IamGazrok, I hope this will help you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xyz0yjulw0trze/Road to Legend maps.zip?dl=0
  15. Sorry, I didn't notice your posts sooner. I followed the thread, in case any additional questions arise. The city map of Nerekhall is from Descent 2nd Edition, specifically the Shadows of Nerekhall campaign of the correspondent box expansion. The map between Nerekhall and Greyhaven is from the Descent Road to Legend app. There are also 2 additional maps in the app, covering the area around Tamalir as well as Riverwatch and Vynelvale. Edit: I also added 5 new heroes to the example characters: Karnon, Steelhorns, Zyla, Tetherys and Shiver.
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