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  1. The Shadow Rune Project

    The beta relase from January indeed fixes the campaign system bugs, but there a some other issues introduced. I will try to salvage the project when the full 1.7 release is out.
  2. "Exotics" in 2nd Ed.

    It's really sad that the last 12 heroes weren't re-released. There are even pictures of them in RtL, one of them even for Varikas. But I think technically you can at least count Shiver as an undead hero.
  3. Unfortunately the bug with the wrongly called tile 72 is still present in the current version. Sadly, there are also some other quests, which also mention tiles in the setup that are never used ("The treasure of Davin Throm" comes to mind). These kinds of errors could be fixed relatively easy by comparing the setup instructions with the tile placement instructions. But this is something that FFG would have to do, and I doubt that they will dedicate resources to this. I can understand the confusion regarding "Choose your poison". I always suspected something was wrong here, but I could never put my finger on it. But now I figured it out. It seems that the unlocked quests of the collection entries for "Stewards of the Secret" and "Bonds of the wild" got mixed up. BotW contains Hellhounds, Deep Elves and Kobolds, which are all used in the quest "Tooth and Blade". SotS contains Ferroxs, Blood Apes and Nagas, which are used in the quest "Choose your poison". By what was posted by Kahir I suspect, that the quests are unlocked correctly though. He seems to have "Stewards of the Secret", which should unlock "Choose your poison". This seems to be the case. To make matters worse, there is also an error in the german translation. In the first draft "Choose your poison" got translated as "Trefft eure Wahl", which I later changed to "Die Dosis macht das Gift". It seems that this change was only implemented in the quest itself (which is shown when selecting it on the world map), but not in the collection menu. Sorry for the confusion
  4. The Shadow Rune Project

    Unfortunately I had to take a break from developing things, and once I had time to work on this project once again, sadly the then current version of Valkyrie did no longer run my campaign framework the way it did before, effectively breaking it beyond repair. In effect I lost about 50+ hours of work I put into creating this framework, and spent at least another 10 hours trying to debug what went wrong and even recreating it in part (without success). I'm still checking it with each new major Valkyrie release though. Anyway, as long as I'm stuck with this disfunctional campaign framework, I'm just not motivated enough to start again from scratch. I guess the project was sadly started at the wrong time. In hindsight it would have been wiser to wait for a more developed version of Valkyrie, before investing too much time in this project. The massive number of file format changes between each new Valkyrie release also didn't help to make things easier But my impression is also, that Valkyrie is focused more on the Mansions of Madness module anyway (at least at the moment). Sorry that I don't have any better news to report.
  5. Well, if you run the game on Steam there is already a third party solution to that:
  6. Road to Legend Bug Report

    Sadly this bug is still present in the current version.
  7. That's exactly what's frustrating me. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who is not just crazy for anything Star Wars. But what's worse is, that I can hardly immerse myself in a sci-fi setting. IA appears to be more of a skirmish simulator, which is something I'm not very fond of. Dungeon crawling in a fantasy setting is by far more enjoyable for me, even if the mechanics of the games are almost identical.
  8. Yeah it's a sad situation. I finally was about to start my first 4 player RtL campaign this tuesday (which took months of pre planning to arrange). Recently I got the last physical releases and after many months RtL was finally release in our language. And now the first thing one of the group says is: "Let's play Imperial Assault instead". If only FFG still cared for D2, but everything has to be Star Wars nowadays
  9. I really doubt that FFG will put it's resources in Road to Legend again, now that they have another project to work on.
  10. While this is of course speculation, I don't think that FFG just decided to kill off Descent. Instead, I believe that Asmodee realized, that there are simply more people willing to pay more money for products that carry the "Star Wars" name. The resources that are needed to develop games are limited after all, and if everyone is working on the big sellers, there isn't very much room to work on niche products (and we have to admit, that an 8th boxed expansion for a game in it's later lifecycle would be considered as such). I'd be very happy if new physical content would arrive at some point, but at the moment I sadly don't see it happening. I still hope though, that a "Labyrinth of Ruin" themed campaign for RtL might arrive at some point, but even that is far from certain. On the other hand, I really hope that Asmodee doesn't turn out to be another EA, only concerned with milking brand names and draining talent from it's subsidiaries in the process.
  11. Road to Legend Bug Report

    This is not a bug, but by design. From the RtL Rulebook:
  12. Road to Legend Bug Report

    One might assume this, but in reality it's just a wrongly formated field in an excel sheet, that autoconverts the entry 1-4 to a date.
  13. Can't start anything after the update...

    To be honest, I don't think they even check their forums. The best bet to get them to notice this problem would be to send a direct message to their software support. A few people (including me) did send them bug reports about the not appearing h&m side quests in Version 1.3. It took multiple weeks until I received a response, and some more weeks until the problem was finally fixed.
  14. Co-op quests?

    I sent you a link via pm. I also really enjoyed the Ruins of Darkness adventure.
  15. Can't start anything after the update...

    From all the reports I read since the release of 1.4 I got the impression, that the android build has some serious issues. This seems to be especially noticeable on android os version 4.