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  1. DerDelphi

    Expansion Guide

    Just some small additions for this great list.
  2. Sorry if I sound a bit sceptical, but you do realize, that what you describe is essentially Road to Legend? Haven't you tried that out yet? It wouldn't make sense to create a third edition in the way you described it, because this already exists.
  3. Always glad to see a new version of the CCRG :) One minor thing I noticed: The version of the CCRG is still listed as 1.10 on the cover.
  4. I also remove the traitor insanity cards from the game, because they can lead to very unsatisfying ending. While I think FFG could have done a much better job with integrating these into the app, I guess what bugs me the most is, that there is no narrative resolution to the story (besides from the text on the card). It can be very frustrating for the group and might leave a very bad impression of an otherwise great game. Since it would be a lot of work to change the insanity card system, I think some kind of middle ground would be the option to bring up a choice menu when the "End Game" option is selected, where you then could select the insanity card which led to the premature ending of the game. Then there could be an insanity specific thematic story ending, just like when one of the investigators is killed or goes insane. This would at least make provide some kind of closure, and it would even be realistically doable, as only a menu as well as a few narrated stories would have to be added to the app. But until this is the case, I think I'll just not use the traitor cards, because they might ruin the ending of an otherwise great game. And I really hate that I have to do this, because I like the idea in principle. It's just a case of very bad implementation
  5. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    We just released a small update which contains the following changes: - Added italian translations for the quest "Castle Daerion" by Stregabbo - Added german translations for the quests "The Cardinals Plight", "Death on the Wing" and "The Masquerade Ball" by Tantum Unfortunately there is still nothing new to report regarding the save/load issues in Valkyrie :(
  6. Better planning is essentially what I meant by that. It would be very bad if 75% of any content released would be featuring base game stuff again. Some examples: Map tiles: Unfortunately there is no easy solution here. They could add variant of the same shapes with different terrain, but that would make a lot of the tiles feel identical and boring. One other thing could be setup variants, but this would be a lot of additional work. Conditions: Either integrate a lot more conditions into the basegame, or make them interchangeable by grouping them together (think the monster trait system but for conditions). Dice: Adding new dice down the line limits there use massively. So better put all dice types you want to use in the base game box, even if some of them might not be used in the base game. Search Deck: Make an interesting search deck this time which can easily be expanded. Monsters: Definitely add more Monster groups to the base game, because these very frequently also get used in every expasion as pre placed groups. But generally try to use as many open groups as possible.
  7. This might indeed be a necessary evil to improve the game overall. If they are doing a 3rd edition, I really hope they are also overhauling some of their mechanics to make better use of expansion content. Just thinking back that in addition to the 9 base game monsters, all of the 25 conversion kit monsters as well as the 20 lieutenant packs were limited by the base game content in regards to dice and conditions was a shame.
  8. DerDelphi

    Road to Legend Feedback

    I'm pretty sure that there won't be any official support for the conversion kit. As a workaround you can just select another mage hero, and then play as Mad Karthos instead.
  9. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Due to user reports and some tests made by myself I have unfortunately discovered, that there currently seems to be a problem with the save and load system in Valkyrie itself. Sadly, this means that saving and loading can't be used, because this causes the campaign to no longer function the way it is supposed to. Of course this is a real problem, because it is impossible to play a complete campaign without saving the game. I already created an issue report for Bruce, and I hope he will be able to find a solution. I will update this post once I have further information to share. At this time I sadly can't recommend to start a campaign until this has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who reported this. I'm really sorry that you lost your campaign progress
  10. To be honest I personally don't consider it cheap. I really like the recognition value of the artworks.
  11. Yeah, I realize it's quite a bit off topic, sorry for that. But to be realistic, the forums aren't really that active since there isn't much to discuss since support for D2 was essentially dropped. I'm just happy to see that the Terrinoth universe seems to be doing fine at least, even if it's not directly Descent related. But who knows, at least some of the newly introduced Terrinoth content will surely end up in D3E at some point in the future.
  12. Oh, you are correct. I was thinking it was leoric from the cover (because of the blue robe), but it is indeed Landrec. Perhaps what I saw as art changes are simply the arts from other games (The Runebound 3rd edition Mountain Giant comes to mind). I fear there won't be another H&M collection just because of the art existing. The portraits of Mad Carthos, Varikas the Dead, Brother Glyr and Red Scorpion have been in RtL for a long time, but nothing ever materialized
  13. My guess would be that it counts as an attack if you follow the regular attack steps (rolling attack and defense dice etc.), even if the hero is not the direct target of the attack.
  14. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    It depends on the platform you are using. If you are using windows you will need to install Road to Legend via Steam in addition to Valkyrie. I guess it's the same on Mac OS. If you are using android there are special installation instructions for Valkyrie, but I haven't tried this out yet. I hope this helps.
  15. Interestingly some of the art seems to have been updated (Leoric, Sorcerers). There is also a new scout hero called "... Wraithstalker".