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  1. This is not a bug, but by design. From the RtL Rulebook:
  2. One might assume this, but in reality it's just a wrongly formated field in an excel sheet, that autoconverts the entry 1-4 to a date.
  3. To be honest, I don't think they even check their forums. The best bet to get them to notice this problem would be to send a direct message to their software support. A few people (including me) did send them bug reports about the not appearing h&m side quests in Version 1.3. It took multiple weeks until I received a response, and some more weeks until the problem was finally fixed.
  4. I sent you a link via pm. I also really enjoyed the Ruins of Darkness adventure.
  5. From all the reports I read since the release of 1.4 I got the impression, that the android build has some serious issues. This seems to be especially noticeable on android os version 4.
  6. I indeed did something like this in the past, and it had an even larger scale than the pods. But since there was a low interest from testers and the later release of Road to Legend, I canned the project. If you are interested anyways I can send you the link to the english beta version, which has about the same length as a regular POD. You should also look here to find more information about other, similar projects:
  7. This. And if you prefer playing as a dungeon master, Road to Legend is exactly for you. We regularly play it as a 5 player group. I usually don't play a hero, but instead manage the app, read the flavor texts, move the monsters (as instructed by the app), roll their dice etc. It works great and there is no competetive pressure, because the "Dungeon Master" can still advise the heroes. I'd definitely recommend to give this a try.
  8. I'm very sure, that this is a bug, and I would ignore any negative effects and monster spawns that happen, when there are no crystals on the board. I think this is due to a reduction in the number of crystals spawned in the current version of the trial. I'd guess that the app still uses the old(higher) value, to detect whether all crystals have been destroyed. This should be an relatively easy thing to fix.
  9. I couldn't agree more. Very well written Charmy.
  10. I can absolutely understand your reasoning. Especially compared to "The Delve" this content is very shallow (for the same price). I still bought this content hoping that it will support further development of Road to Legend. I just hope this kind of content will not be repeated.
  11. The generic activations are not always useless though. Sometimes a surge can be required to not miss a hero.
  12. If 4 vessels escape the mission is a failure.
  13. What a close game I only played a few of the h&m sidequests so far, bit they seemed to be very challenging compared to most other quests. But at least you have a reason to repöay them
  14. Just played this quest and it really is super hard. I got the feeling that something was off here. There is really no way to stop all these monsters and at the same time kill the vessels. I barely managed to hold the ground until the boss showed up, but there was no way to win this. And I even had very few X rolls. I can't even imagine how I would have been destroyed if I had played this as my first sidequest.
  15. Just played the quest myself half an hour before. In this case indeed I skipped conditions that the target already had/was immune to, because the targets are indeed meant to suffer 3 conditions.