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  1. DerDelphi

    Character Folios

    Thanks for creating this. Really outstanding work. Just a small thing: While browsing Harry Raines folio I noticed that something is wrong on page 4 in the skullduggery upgrade path. It references the melee skill, the dice pool seems wrong as well as the ranks mentioned. Regards, Delphi
  2. DerDelphi

    Lost Legends Deck

    Since it is an in-house printed POD, it at least won't be on the boat from China. A BGG user somewhere posted the delivery was planned for may 15th in his store. But I can't say whether this is accurate or not. Just for reference, here is the post: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/31331710#31331710
  3. DerDelphi

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    Perhaps one of the new hybrids will have a good synergy with her high stamina. Combined with a class that has some defensive power (like the runemaster oder champion), there might be a viable build for her.
  4. This is so true. I really can't understand how FFG can keep up their non-interaction with their customers. If anything will be their downfall (besides declining quality, which is also starting to be noticeable), it's this.
  5. DerDelphi

    LotA map tiles spoiler list?

    I recently created a tile storage described in this thread on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1613489/rabidblackdogs-descent-corner It's a really great way to store your tiles. I had mine in Ziploc bags before, but they frequently tore open on the sides.
  6. Sorry, I never finished the english version, but there also wasn't much interest when I posted the project on BGG. I might create a remastered version one day, but it always seems that there is something else to do.
  7. DerDelphi

    Question : Bard Tokens removal

    Hello Felin, These are the only 2 rules I could find regarding moving the song tokens: So, RAW this is only possible at the end of an encounter.
  8. DerDelphi

    Changing parties mid campaign

    Sadly no, this isn't possible in the app. Of course you could change the character and class the player uses, but the app is locked to your initial decision. So chose wisely
  9. DerDelphi

    First mission of Embers of Dread

    An interesting edge case. Nice that you were able to reproduce the error. Luckily it shouldn't be very common, but it's something to fix nonetheless.
  10. The card states, that the equipped weapon gains the abilities and traits of the fused weapon. So I'd say you have to unequip the weapon, that the battle tome is fused to, once you use the ability.
  11. After thinking a bit more about this, it's a shame that there is no mentioning of the inclusion of 5 alternate skill cards for the marshal, prophet and wildlander for use with Road to Legend. It would have been a great opportunity to get the skills of these classes working for RtL.
  12. I don't see a coop only 3rd edition coming in the near future. The new LotR game seems to have taken the coop adventure game spot at the moment.
  13. DerDelphi

    Expansions Replay Value

    If you are using the Road to Legend app, the different expansions will also unlock Side quests, Delve Stages and even alternate map layouts for certain quests. These make use of some of the expansions specific map tiles as well as lieutenants, allies and some cases other mechanics (like door types, relics, crumbling terrain, corrupt citizens).
  14. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Sorry for the long silence, but there just wasn't anything to report. We are currently still waiting for the next major Valkyrie Release 2.2, which is actively developed. Nevertheless, I just released a small translation update. Changes: - Added german translations for the quests "The Shadow Vault", "The Overlord Revealed" and "The Monster's Hoard Encounter 1" by Tantum I'm also glad to welcome Carlos to our translation team. He is currently working on the spanish translations.
  15. These look really great. One small suggestion: You could add expansion icons to the items. This would make it easier to sort out the ones, which you can't use due to a missing expansion. Examples: Latari Katana: LoR / TT / SoN icons (due to the green dice) Peacekeeper: MoB / TctR icons (due to the terrified condition) Black Iron Hook: SoN icon (due to the bleed condition)