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  1. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    We just released our fourth update: - Added Quest "The Frozen Spire" by Charles - Bugfix for rewards of the quest "The Monster's Hoard" - Fixed missing activations for Baron Zachareth in "The Overlord Revealed" - Added german translation of "A Fat Goblin" by Tantum As always the update can be downloaded inside Valkyrie. Note: Italian translations are also being worked on at the moment and some will be included in the next release.
  2. DerDelphi

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    I'm pretty sure nobody at FFG is reading this, or any other posts in the forums. The only real way to get things fixed is to send an email to softwaresupport@fantasyflightgames.com But when I did this in the past it took months until something happened.
  3. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Thanks to Charles' efforts we were able to release another update: - Added Act II Quest: "The Monster's Hoard" by Charles - Minor travel event bugfixes - Added german translation for the Quest "First Blood" by Tantum As always the update can be downloaded directly in Valkyrie.
  4. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Not to leave the wrong impression, it's not my conversion alone. I'm just a bit more active posting news, since the project was on halt for a long time. Essentially it's all thanks to Bruce (who develops Valkyrie) that this is even possible. And some of the content was done by Sadgit, Dan and very recently Charles who already created 3 complete quests on his own and is working on the 4th (which might not sound like much, but creating a quality quest is quite time consuming). But I personally was a big fan of coop Descent since the release of Redjaks automated overlord and the coop PODs (because I never found players who would want to play a regular campaign due to its antagonistic nature), and when I first heard about it I was convinced that Road to Legend would have near limitless potential. But even thought the first release wasn't what I had hoped it would be, FFG quickly added new content and even added new play modes. Sadly supporting RTL seems to have hit it's peak just before FFG could really capitalize on what they had created. And even though there might still be something in the pipeline for Road to Legend in the future, support for Descent has essentially stopped. I don't want to sound ungrateful though, because most of the content for RTL is free, and FFG could easily have charged money for it. But I digress, and to answer your question: Expansion content for Valkyrie might happen in the future, but it would be important to increase the size of our team for that. Since we currently only have 2 active contributors it will take some time to finish the Shadow rune. Finishing the Shadow rune is not an unrealistic goal though, and I think will make it at some point. What happens after that is in part up to player interest, and which features Valkyrie can provide in the future.
  5. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    The question is justified, I'll try to answer it from my point of view: While it was Sadgit's idea originally (and he was the one who jumpstarted all this), I would also have chosen to convert "The Shadow Rune". And although "The Shadow Rune" is undoubtedly one of the "worst" campaigns for classic Descent (in comparison), this doesn't really make it a bad source to port over. Most of its fault lie in poor balancing because of its open quest structure (which means the hero powerlevel at which each given quest can be played varies dramatically). This however isn't as much of a problem for a coop experience, as there is no "other side" to balance the game around. We also can and have to change some things that are hard to convert, but we aim to keep the story and the narrative. And this is one of the things that the "newer" players (those who bought the "Heirs of Blood" release) are missing out on, because there sadly is no way to get the shadow rune today. While I fully agree that "Heirs of Blood" is the better campaign, "The Shadow Rune" has less complex encounters, which makes it a better pick to convert. At least as the first project. Also, at the time when "Heirs of Blood" was released as a campaign book, there were plans to also re-release a "Shadows Rune" campaign book. But then the Star Wars-focus thing happened, the Asmodee thing happened, the we-can-sell-miniature-games-now thing happened and everybody knows the current priorities of FFG in regards to Descent, altough they don't communicate them. In essence nostalgia might be a big part of the reason why we picked "The Shadow Rune". And back in 2017 my foolish self believed, that FFG at some point might realize the potential of such a project and create something similar for Road to Legend. But I guess there isn't anyone left that cares (or has the freedom to care).
  6. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    We just released an update which adds the following: New Quest: Interlude II - The Overlord revealed New City Options: Additional Merchants and Black Market The update can be downloaded directly in Valkyrie.
  7. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Hello Xyphistor, sorry, I didn't specify how to download the campaign. Please follow these steps: download and unpack the current Valkyrie release from https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases start Valkyrie from the folder you unpacked it to select "Import Road to Legend content", click on the Descent button when import is finished in the main menu choose "Start Quest" then "Download" Choose "The Shadow Rune" then "Back" Start "The Shadow Rune" I hope this description will help you. Regards, Delphi
  8. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    An update about our current progress: We just released a demo campaign, which can be downloaded from within Valkyrie. Please note: This is a demo release, it's not a final product. There will be some bugs, but the campaign should be playable. However it has not been balanced yet and some mechanics will change in future releases. The following Quests are currently integrated and playable: First Blood A Fat Goblin Castle Daerion The Cardinal's Plight Death on the Wing The Masquerade Ball The Shadow Vault I hope everyone enjoys playing this and some feedback would be very welcome. If you encounter any Bugs please use the following site to report them: https://github.com/DelphiDie/TheShadowRune/issues Regards Delphi
  9. This cruel world... I just saw the box cover of TctR on the news page and thought there might be some Descent news (perhaps an app campaign), but then I realized it's for Genesys. FFG that was a cheap shot. And it hurt
  10. It's very sad that most FFG games nowadays only seem to get the support they deserve if they are based on Star Wars or any other large third party IP
  11. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    It's possible, and we already have this implemented in the prototype (in fact we also have all the travel events from travel cards implemented too). Unfortunately there has been a bug in Valkyrie for quite some time, which prevents the campaign to continue properly after closing the city screen. Bruce already fixed this in the latestet beta, but there are some other issues that are quite serious. Once these problems are solved I will resume with the project.
  12. I don't think hero specific quests would work well from a practical standpoint, since there are a) just too many heroes to create a quest for each one, and B) giving them equipment as a reward could be useless for them (depending on their chosen class). If such a thing would be done, however, I think the quests should be based around hero classes and not the heroes themselves. It would also require a physical expansion to do this right, so it's pretty unlikely. But let's just assume for the sake of the argument that such a thing would be possible, here is how I'd do it: The first question would be, how to integrate such a thing into a campaign. The powerlevel of the heroes already grows a lot faster than the overlords' during each act. Adding up to 4 sidequests could lead to massive balancing problems (unless these grant no XP, Gold and Threat) and they would drag the campaign on for considerable ammount. There also has to be a downside for the heroes if they fail the quests, otherwise it would be a real disadvantage for the overlord as it would always be advisable to play them. What I would imagine is one big 1 encounter quest which the heroes can choose to play directly after the interlude (so there would be a fixed point in time in each campaign). The quest itself would present each hero with two separate winning conditions. These could either depend on their class (which would be a bit more complex) or their archetype (which would make it a bit simpler but also more generic). I'd center the quest around the heroes having to reach a teacher and a relic before the overlord can defeat/steal the respective objectives. Each successfully saved teacher would grant each hero a special class skill that can only be unlocked through the quest (think overlord reward cards), and would be an improvement for their starting skills. If the overlord manages to defeat a teacher, the hero would suffer a similar passive, negative effect for his base class ability. On the other hand, if the hero manages to save the relic from the overlord, he would receive a class specific relic, which would be equal to a good act 1 shop item (think improved starting equipment). If the overlord however manages to capture the relic, he will receive a monster- or universal relic for use in the rest of the campaign. This would present the heroes with interesting choices. They might try to get both rewards, but this will also increase the chance to fail both objectives. The heroes could even decide to team up to increase the chance of one hero gaining both rewards at the cost of losing the rewards for the other hero. Here are some (unbalanced) ideas for the rewards: - Knight: Saving the relic would yield a good shield, while the overlord would receive a defensive monster relic. Saving the teacher would earn a passive skill, which improves the range of "Oath of Honor" by one. If the teacher is defeated, "Oath of Honor" might lose the included attack action. - Necromancer: Saving the relic would yield a trinket that improves the Health and defense of reanimates, while the overlord would receive a universal relic that could heal one monster with the cursed trait once per round for 1 damage. Saving the teacher would unlock a skill that allows to raise a second reanimate. If the teacher is defeated, the skill "Raise dead" would require 2 stamina to use. What would be needed is a quest booklet with varying setups. As an added bonus, expansion specific classes could also use expansion specific maptiles, if each class gets it's own map variation instead of each archetype. The expansion would also contain 2 special class skills for each class (one positive, one negative) as well as one relic per class (hero/overlord version). Additional some class tokens might be needed (for example a second reanimate token, additional image tokens...) As a bonus, these quests could be integrated into "Road to Legend" as additional sidequests, which would grant the opportunity to unlock the class specific rewards. But now, since I'm back in the real world, I'm absolutely sure that such a thing will not happen
  13. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    The beta relase from January indeed fixes the campaign system bugs, but there a some other issues introduced. I will try to salvage the project when the full 1.7 release is out.
  14. DerDelphi

    "Exotics" in 2nd Ed.

    It's really sad that the last 12 heroes weren't re-released. There are even pictures of them in RtL, one of them even for Varikas. But I think technically you can at least count Shiver as an undead hero.
  15. Unfortunately the bug with the wrongly called tile 72 is still present in the current version. Sadly, there are also some other quests, which also mention tiles in the setup that are never used ("The treasure of Davin Throm" comes to mind). These kinds of errors could be fixed relatively easy by comparing the setup instructions with the tile placement instructions. But this is something that FFG would have to do, and I doubt that they will dedicate resources to this. I can understand the confusion regarding "Choose your poison". I always suspected something was wrong here, but I could never put my finger on it. But now I figured it out. It seems that the unlocked quests of the collection entries for "Stewards of the Secret" and "Bonds of the wild" got mixed up. BotW contains Hellhounds, Deep Elves and Kobolds, which are all used in the quest "Tooth and Blade". SotS contains Ferroxs, Blood Apes and Nagas, which are used in the quest "Choose your poison". By what was posted by Kahir I suspect, that the quests are unlocked correctly though. He seems to have "Stewards of the Secret", which should unlock "Choose your poison". This seems to be the case. To make matters worse, there is also an error in the german translation. In the first draft "Choose your poison" got translated as "Trefft eure Wahl", which I later changed to "Die Dosis macht das Gift". It seems that this change was only implemented in the quest itself (which is shown when selecting it on the world map), but not in the collection menu. Sorry for the confusion