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  1. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Hello everybody, I just uploaded the next update, which will allow the save/load system to work with our campaign. Please note: You will need to install the latest version of Valkyrie Brynhildr to run the campaign. Sadly it is not compatible with the last official Valkyrie release. You can find Valkyrie Brynhildr here: https://github.com/BenRQ/valkyrie/releases Changes: - Reworked campaign structure to work with the Valkyrie Brynhildr release (This allows saving and loading to work as intended) - Added an "End Campaign" button to the travel phase (This will work after the next Brynhildr bugfix release and allow rating the campaign) As always, the update can be downloaded in Valkyrie. Sorry it took so long to get this sorted out.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I tried to find these, but since they are out of print they are ridiculously expensive, especially considering I'd only need the miniature anyway. I still like a lot of the mechanics. Great ideas overall
  3. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Hello Bearalee, here is the link to the discussion on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1754892/shadow-rune-project
  4. Hi Dan, Thanks for posting the heroes, these all look very interesting. Just one question: Are there official miniatures for them? Regards, Delphi
  5. DerDelphi

    Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"

    The other campaigns are indeed much longer than the tutorial. In the tutorial you can play between 1 and 2 story quests as well as up to 2 sidequests in total. "Kindred Fire" or "Seeds of Corruption" allow you to play 6 story quests and up to 10 additional sidequests, so there is plenty of room for acquiring and using act II gear
  6. DerDelphi

    The Shadow Rune Project

    My apologies for the long silence, but sadly there was nothing to report for a long time. Today however I'm pleased to report, that one of the Valkyrie programmers was able to pinpoint the problem with the save/load system and fixed it in a beta release. As soon as there is a new official Valykrie release I will update the campaign and saving/loading will work as intended. Unfortunately I don't know when exactly this update will arrive, but I will post again once it has been released. The flip side is however, that it might take a while until the project is back on track in regards of new content. The compulsory break unfortunately lead to a shift in priorities. I hope it'll work out, but be prepared for a slower release schedule.
  7. DerDelphi

    Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"

    I think this indeed an oversight or a bug. Usually the save file should be deleted automatically once you complete a campaign.
  8. It seems very likely, that a new DLC will be released in the near future. There was a new beta version of MoM released a few days ago: https://steamdb.info/app/478980/depots/ And there is also a new (still hidden) DLC entry listed: https://steamdb.info/app/478980/dlc/ I hope we will hear something official soon Just for reference: The first DLC was added to the list on November 14th 2016 and was officially released on December 21st 2016 (about 5 weeks). The second DLC was added to the list on July 11th 2017 and was officially released on August 3rd 2017 (about 3 weeks). If they follow this pattern with their third DLC (which was added on August 21st 2018), the release might be between mid September and the beginning of October.
  9. DerDelphi

    SoC free the prisoners quest question

    Just for reference, the quest in question is called "Missing in Action". Here are my opinions on your questions (with the caveat that I might be wrong, but it's my best guess): This already is tricky to answer. Again as a reference, the activation of Tristayne in question: So, the first problem is, that there is no definition of the word farthest or furthest in the RtL rules. One might assume logically, that all distances between figures are measured by counting spaces, and I think this is the intent. It might be a bit of a leap, but to further this assumption, I'd use the POD Rules as reference, because the RtL monster activations are a clear evolution of the activation cards from one of these expansions. There we have a definition of furthest: Based on this, we have a rule to determine the target, the hero who is the greatest number of spaces away from the monster. The problem is, that we usually can't count spaces to a figure a not physically connected section of the map. This however depends, on how figures can travel from said sections to other sections. Broadly speaking, if there is one token on each section, which is defined as adjacent to the other I'd say you could count spaces. But this is a very special case. For reference, here is the description of the way to travel from one section to another: So in this case, the "rifts" allow a figure to transfer itself from andadjacent space to an adjacent space of the other rift. There are however no adjacent spaces between the 2 rifts. In this case I'd say, that each time Tristayne would try to count spaces to a hero on another section, he can't reach this hero, and the result would be void. Because of this I'd say Tristayne mechanically can't swap places with a hero on another section, even though he might logically be furthest away from him*. Another tricky question. For reference here are the Zombie activation instructions: Unlike with the word furthest, engage is luckily is defined in the RtL rulebook. To find out more about the activation, we have to look up the keyword toward on page 18: However the problem is again, that, while it is used pretty often in the rulebook, closest is not strictly defined (like furthest). Once again I'd use the definition from the PODs: Here we have the same problem as in Tristayne's case: Since we can't get a legal number of spaces between a Zombie and a prisoner if all of them are on different sections, there is no valid target to engage toward. While it would logically make sense, that the Zombies would follow the prisoners through the rift, mechanically they could not choose a prisoner on the other side as a valid target*. While I don't think the conclusions I draw here are great, they appear to be the mechanical correct intrepretation. At least, until you consider this: Since we have to activate the prisoners in the same way we activate monsters, the prisoners would never be able to engage an entrance, since these are on the other section of the map. This clearly can't be intended, as it would clearly break the quest. This means all of my prior conclusions seem to be void. Mechanically, the only way I see to fix this is to treat all spaces adjacent to one rift as adjacent to all spaces adjacent to the other rift. If this is the case we could "sort of" count spaces, and the problems would be avoided. *So my final conclusion and answers to your questions is this: Yes, Tristayne can swap spaces with a hero on another map section. Yes, Monsters can engage prisoners, that are on another map section. I guess this is another case of Rules as intended vs. rules as (not) written. In this case my gut feeling is that we have to go with the rules as they were clearly intended, as the quest would otherwise be massively broken. Edit: Just to elaborate a bit more on the rules of this quest: Strictly speaking, the Zombies would never even target a figure, because they would engage prisoners. The villager tokens on the map are however called captives: Not to confuse with the other villager tokens, which are placed earlier in the quest: This are the rules concerning the captives: On the other hand, the objectives and the dialogues once again refer to prisoners: To be honest, from a rules consistency standpoint, this quest is a horrible mess.
  10. I perfectly get where you are coming from, and as I said, not buying things from FFG going forward might be the only thing you can really do. I've only been involved in boardgaming for the past 5 years (mostly due to FFG games), but due to their Star Wars focus and some other things they also seem to lose me. By now the Asmodee takeover has an eerie similarity to what happens, when EA aquires a game developer. While I'm pretty sure that FFG will continue to be somewhat successful in the near future, I'm not sure they will be where they are today (in a market with ever growing competition) forever. You can only raise prices and ignore your fans so much before they leave, for which you are the best example. To survive they either have to get new customers, or they have to focus on their successful lines. But with all that said, Descent is still a great game, and I'm very happy to own it. And even though I'd have wished that they'd continue the game, I have enough content to play for years, perhaps even decades. Thanks to the app I can't see myself getting bored in the foreseable future. So even if Sword and Sorcery is a good game (which I can't judge since I never played it), I really don't need to have another Dungeon Crawler at this point in time. And even though I really grew to like the Terrinoth/Mennara universe, I'm also not yet convinced that I will ever need a 3rd Edition either. After what they did with Descent they would at least have to prove that they are commited to support the game longer next time, before I'd consider buying in again (assuming that a 3rd edition would be any good of course). It will be an uphill battle for them to compete with all the other alternatives on the market, but that's the price they will pay for letting down the vast fanbase of a pretty successful game.
  11. While I can fully understand your frustration your posts appear like an immature tantrum. Not to say that this can't be liberating sometimes, but I'd suggest moving on to the acceptance phase. Sadly there isn't anything we can do to change the situation, since FFG does not communicate with their customers. For the same reason I doubt someone will ban you, as this would require someone of them reading your posts in the first place. But I think you are drawing the obvious conclusions by voting with your wallet. Though the sad thing is, that due to FFGs failure to communicate with their customers, they will never have any context on why someone might not buy future products.
  12. DerDelphi

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    As a completionist myself I have to say that I really dislike this approach. It just sounds gimmicky. I'd rather buy scenario packs than knowing there is some (or possibly quite a lot) content out for this game, which I will newer own. And since I know I would certainly buy multiple copies of this game, I'll rather not own it, than owning only parts of it. It's a shame, because it looks very nice. And yes, I totally get that this approach of mine might seem strange, but this is a kind of game I'll have to stay away from.
  13. It really depends on what the are working on exactly. If it's just additional localization or corrections for already existing content, this can be patched in without the need for an update of the application itself, as the translations are just streamed into the game once it is started. It would be different though, if they need to fix a technical problem (for example the display of special localized letters in their fonts) or if they indeed added new content. That would be great, but I wouldn't get my hopes too high yet.
  14. That's what is really sad about the RtL situation. The built the very functional framework, they added quite a bit of content for free, and at it's peak it seems as if they decided to abandon app development. RtL would have been a great platform to sell content. I'd be happy to buy new campaigns, more side missions, or even things like random event packs, new monster activations and additional perils. The pricing of the paid content has been reasonable (disregaring Trials of Frostgate which just isn't very interesting from a gameplay perspective), and since a lot of the content in the app is free, there is no barrier of entrance for the numerous owners of Descent 2E. It all seems like a massive missed opportunity. And it would be tragic if they decided to stop development because Trials of Frostgate didn't sell well.
  15. From the product page over here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-third-edition/ You will find more information about the game when you click on read more.