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  1. Sorry. I didn't think it was a closed group ?
  2. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1536099843345877&ref=content_filter Screen grabs of T-85(? Republic Navy) and First Order TIE Interceptor and pirate uglies from new show, aired tonight on Disney.
  3. My group gave up on IA when 40K 8th edition came out so I have skipped HotE wave but I'm getting all of this new Lothal wave so when we ever do get back to playing, I can and will wound/kill a hero with a Loth-cat.
  4. I'm not. Been playing 40K since the early/mid '90's. I got Imperial Assault to play SW as something else when it came out since my local group had kinda had it with 40K at that point. We were going back and forth with IA and X-wing at the time. We did the core campaign, the Twin Suns mini and up to the last 2 missions of the Hoth campaign then 8th edition came out. 2 missions to go and the group just lost interest in IA. I tried for over a month to finish it. I stoped trying and didn't touch IA again until the app came out and then just did a couple mission but not with the group. Haven't even gotten the HotE and singles from that wave. Not sure why Legions exists as a seperate game from IA. I've not been reading anything about because I don't care. Think I'll keep to X-wing from FFG at this point. I got into the 40K LCG. Burned. SW LCG. Burned. IA now burned.
  5. Sadly, there probably is no place for the Avenger in the game other than for completeness' sake and that it's one of the last recognizable TIEs FFG hasn't done. I agree that it would probably be 3/3/2/2(maybe 3/3/3/2...maybe)with a missile. This essentially makes it either a shielded Interceptor with a missile or an Advanced with Interceptor firepower. But as both of those and the Defender, are in the game, there's no room for the Avenger anymore at the cost that would make it a better option over the Defender or Advanced, with titles/upgrades. I had always thought the Avenger was meant to be the production version of the Advanced. Back when the TIE Fighter video game was out, there was just Vader's TIE. A prototype shielded TIE with a hyperdrive. Refined, added firepower, the Avenger was for the Elite of the Empire pilots. Then the Defender came out... I did get the OP's pic Avenger from Mel on Shapeways where he does have a 2nd version that has an octagonal canopy that I do recall seeing somewhere(TIE Fighter II?). I got the ball cockpit version from above to use as a named Advanced pilot like Juno or Steele. The octagonal version may have inspired the Silencer.
  6. Was looking forward to the Silencer coming then saw this thread. At the moment, I'm not sure I'll pick it or the bomber, up. After looking at the Silencer in the preview's main pic, not the fan pic, it looks to me that the ship is a little wider than a small base and just under 2 bases in length. From the front tip to about the 1st panel upright looks to be about base length and from that to the back looks shorter than a base. We know how long a base is so it should be easy enough for someone to get it's actual length figured. Less than 1.5" wide and less than 3" long. Pretty sure that would fit in the packaging that the Punisher comes in and there's no way the Silencer is more plastic than the Punisher. Other problem is the cards. I see no reason for the ATs. People that play Imps already bought 1 if not 2 Star Vipers they don't use(like me) or I'm pretty sure they've come in something since and likely in the Scum Vets but not looked at the preview in a bit to be certian. Kylo's condition card is there because they gave it as the pilot ability to avoid coming up with something new. 3 cards at least that shouldn't be there but are for the sake of giving large ship base number of cards to go with the pricing. Nothing in the upcoming wave(Starwing & whatever else was in it) would suggest any rise in production cost that would account for the Silencer and bomber costs increases considering the closer than usual, between waves, release timing. Bomber seems to have about the standard number of larger ship cards/tokens. Costs don't seem to be reflected. Only conclusion I can come to is The Mouse said so.
  7. Painted 2 with that GW Tau orangey brown and the other 2 black. Did trim on both GW Warplock(?) Bronze to tie them to each other.
  8. A light blue-ish/gray from GW then the edge is trimmed according to eliteness(I guess), a trick I picked up here on the forums actually when I got the game and started painting. Red for elites and heroes, including uniques. Gray and blue for generic groups.
  9. Well I will be able to field 2 Masterpieces right off the bat. But I'm doubtful about the others ever being made by FFG. Though having said that, I don't think anyone expected a Masterpiece.
  10. Rebels ships: B-wing prototype & Mining Guild TIE Hera's A-wing and Sabine's Masterpiece Then TIE Shuttle
  11. I guess pics are limited to 500Kb total for the entire post? Oh well. Not actually used this thing yet but I reckon I could use it either a K or Misthunter =)
  12. Have to jump to this pic. Despite posting 3 pics in an edit on my other thread, it's only letting me do 2 pics.
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