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  1. We're not exactly sure what they plan. What I do know is that they have 2 launch party kits, and LOTS of guys are heading out to play friday which I believe will be a standard 2.0 tournament. I suspect they'll have the 2.0 release promo cards for friday but I'm not 100% sure. They've been doing Friday's for the past 4 years consistently it's a pretty safe bet.
  2. Friday 8/17 Eternal Games in Warren MI is having a standard tournament with fantastic 2.0 prizes. The more that come, the more ships and core sets will be added to the prize pool. Here's the facebook event page for more details. https://www.facebook.com/events/288660078381822/
  3. If anybody still reads this post... doubt it, but maybe we can resurrect it. Eternal Games in Warren is doing a big tournament with Pre-Release 2.0 ships and core sets as prizes. $15 entry, the more that come, the more ships added to the prize pool. Here's the link to the event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/288660078381822/
  4. "Matt" here. Couple people commented on the list, so I give my thoughts. Overall it seems to be decent, as I took a the same list (rebel captive instead of hot-shot) to top 16 at Canadian Nationals. I switched to hot-shot on a whim without every even seeing it in play or knowing anything about it. My rational was that I could poke tokens off of would be attackers. Moreover, I thought there would be a lot of TLT spam, giving me the ability to cripple their offense if they had to spend tokens. How often do you see a tlt shot where they save their tokens to make sure they can get 3 hits? Secondly, clearing tokens so that my shuttle and defender could also up their damage output was also a serious consideration. Anyways, it honestly didn't help a whole lot during the tourney, although that was hard to tell because it forced people to take other actions. As far as the Delta Defender, he's my hero! Basic strategy of the list is to put him in Peril and spend my tokens and palpatine keeping him alive, meanwhile whisper flanks, and waits till she can get in range one with focus, tl, and a palp crit, usually blowing up the ship that gets shot my a 5 hit attack. If you watched my game against phil.... Well that was embarrassing... Tough break on a range 3 call. Oh well, I should've actually thrown the shuttle at him. I was pretty tired and was excited to get to go home after a long day. 2nd regional in a row I lost to Phil in the top 4. He's always a great opponent though, glad he won!
  5. USA- Metro Detroit, MI Have: AA Han Solo - Nationals 2015 AA Boba Fett - Nationals 2016 AA Stormtrooper AA Royal Guard AA Rebel Saboteur AA Kayn Somos Regionals Acrylic Green and White Dice x1 - Regionals 2016 X-wing AA Bossk Card - Nationals 2016 Wants: 2015 Regionals Dice (Black and Blue) X-Wing FFG Promo Target Locks Message me with other offers or inquiries.
  6. Just curious, what were the prizes for nationals? I couldn't find them posted anywhere.
  7. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the regionals held at Flat Land Games. Gut Reaction: The overall consensus was that it was an extremely well run tournament that went very smooth. Numbers: 91, 6 rounds of swiss, cut to 16. Had space for plenty more players. $15 entry. 120 minute rounds. Positives: Well organized. Communication was really good to local players about what to expect. Registrations was smooth. Event organizer was obviously familiar with competitive tournaments. No food breaks were given, but with the time of the rounds, plenty of time was allotted to get food. The store organized a mobile food grill to cook right outside the store which was awesome. They also had hungry howies selling pizza in store. In between rounds door prizes were randomly selected. They gave away a handful of epic ships as well as some full OP kits at the end. To reiterate the gut reaction, the whole day was ran very well, good pace, and excellent atmosphere. Negatives: The biggest negative were the playmats. Walking in I was blown away to see a regional tournament without actual playmats. We played on 3x3 wooden cuts outs that were spray painted black, some just bare wood, and some tables just had 3x3 blue painters tape to mark them off... I couldn't understand why they didn't ask players to bring mats, or reach out to other stores. I know Eternal Games bought 32 matching mats to hold larger x-wing tournaments. It's a shame those are being put to good use. I later realized that they didn't have enough table to put actual mats on, because they would droop off. The only way to make it work was to have wooden squares that hung over the edges a few inches. It was frustrating to lean over the table and bump the whole game.... Guys bathroom only had one urinal and was pretty dirty by the time it was over. Small complaint, I never had to wait for than a minute or so. TO's were pretty new to the game itself. They made wrong calls on some well known rules.(in particular, one said that range was measured from cardboard to cardboard, and not base to base) That being said, I think they did an excellent job, and I don't believe there was a single major issue. They were quick to respond to inquiries, and were able to make decisions that satisfied all players. In addition, they were very adamant about discouraging draws which was good for the game. No store credit or payout to top players. Yes they got prizes, but I've never seen a store not do store credit for winners. $15 x 91 is $1365 I'm pretty darn sure that wasn't given away in door prizes. Last Negative. I think X-wing Michigan has a phenomenal community. A community in which many FLGS have invested lots of effort into creating. To my understanding, Flat Land did not even have a regular game night for x-wing when they were awarded the regional. I didn't think it was right to reward a store that hadn't helped build the community. Please don't take that personal Flat Land, that's just the bias of my personal feelings. I think FFG should consider stores that have consistently created great turnouts. Opportunities: Other than sheer size, I didn't experience anything outside of a kit night at my FLGS. I think a regional brings opportunity to do side events after, awards for best custom paints, livestream, and other creative elements. Final Thoughts: Hats off to Flat Lands for one of the biggest X-wing regionals so far. Great day of fun had by all. Great community of guys to play with. Great tournament! I hope x-wing regionals stay in Michigan and wouldn't pout if Flat Land got it again, but I wouldn't mind seeing a store with a bigger X-wing community get it next time.
  8. Anyone know when canadien nationals are? Figurednthat info might be out since they are already planning for world's but i can't find it.
  9. Every friday night $5 buy in with 100% store credit given to the top 2 or 3 depending on how many show. Usually a bigger saturday tourney that replaces a friday once a month. 6:30 register 7:00 start on fridays.
  10. Lots here play at gg and eternal. Eternal has regular tourneys every friday and gg has casual play every tuesday. Eternal is probably is the best place if your looking for some tournament style games. They had 12 there tonight.
  11. I think it would be great if eternal could host regionals. They have one of the most consistent showings every friday and u wouldn't doubt if they have close to 30 or more for their store championship. They have enough space. I'm going to talk to the store next time I'm in there.
  12. Handful of us meeting up at eternal for $5 buy in for store credit. Everyone welcome. O yeah, tonight. Start time 7.
  13. Heading up to Eternal tonight. Anyone else making it for $5 buy in with store credit on the line?
  14. Here's the info from eternal's facebook page. Date: FRIDAY - Sept. 5, 2014 Time: 6:30pm Entry: $10 At 6 players, we'll be giving away (1) Rebel Aces to 1st and a small ship expansion to 2nd. At 8 players, we'll be giving away the choice of YT 2400 or Rebel Aces to 1st and the remaining to 2nd. At 10 players, we'll be giving away (1) YT 2400 to 1st, (1) Rebel Aces to 2nd and a small ship expansion to 3rd. At 12+ players, we'll be giving away (1) YT 2400 to 1st, (1) Rebel Aces to 2nd and a small ship expansion to 3rd-4th
  15. Dang, I already was bummed I can't make it this Friday, and now it's even worse with the new ships up for grabs. That's pretty legit. Sky word on the rebel aces tourney they were talking about? Going it's the 5th instead of the 12th.
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