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  1. I've had some success with this list, however swapping out R4 for R2 on Mace. YMMV, however I've found the ability to regen 2HP on Mace to be an important factor in a tournament setting. When it comes to flying medium bases alongside small bases, I've found some success in using a loose finger-four formation in which the V-19 torrents sit on the flank/side arc of the ARC 170s in order to block/discourage flanking maneuvers by the opponent. By having three different ship types in the list, you give yourself an opportunity to present several different 'looks' to your opponent. Mace would be the natural first-choice target, but if you fly him in such a way as to force your opponent to brave 2-4 other firing arcs in an attempt to hit your lone Jedi, youll find your opponent adjusting his targeting priority. The ARC-170s are there to attackattackattack and simply put out red dice until they get chewed through. The key for your V-19s is to get good value from them in terms of blocking/influencing opponent maneuver choices.
  2. Has Ryad not been spoiled yet? I thought I saw a shot of the card saying she could be equipped with up to 3 modifications (like a souped up version of the Royal Guard title). Or was that just a fan-made version? The card you are referring to is a fan-made one. Wookieepedia states that the Countess' Defender had modified shields. Given that we know she is slotted to be a PS 5, how does this pilot ability sound? "At the end of the combat phase, you may spend an evade token to recover one shield, up to your total shield value" Sort of like R5-P9, but with with an evade token (taken from the X7 title). Perhaps at the cost of not having an EPT slot? Similar to how Emon Azzameen as PS 6 has no EPT slot, but a Mandalorian Mercenary at PS 5 does?
  3. At a recent tournament I had a great deal of success against Brobots using the following list: Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Predator 3 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Engine Upgrade 4 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 37 Juno Eclipse — TIE Advanced 28 Push the Limit 3 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 33 Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle 21 Emperor Palpatine 8 Ship Total: 29 Vader and Juno were excellent at staying outside of arc on the Bros. IG-2000 can be somewhat predictable ANYTIME they get into the corners, but I was able to use my OGP with Palpatine as bait to make my opponents movements even more predictable. You won't necessarily bleed down an IG-2000 in one turn with this list, but you will be able to force your opponent into making gradually more predictable moves. Juno doesn't necessarily have the pop of some of the other Imperial aces available, but her pilot ability makes her PERFECTLY suited to adjust her speed to stay outside of Brobot arcs, hence my preference for her over non-Soontir aces.
  4. Sorry bud. Was completely unaware of your independent invention. 1000000 space bucks for you.
  5. Could you elaborate on the utility of Intelligence Agent coupled with the YT-2400s barrel roll ability? I've experimented with Expert Handing on a Firespray before so I have SOME concept of big-ship rolling, but im curious to hear your reasoning behind that suggestion. The change from Z-95s to Proto-A's i also get....now to decide between a Tactician B or the Dutch route.
  6. Greetings! I've been looking at variations of Rebel control lists, and was interesting in getting some feedback for the following list: Gray Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing 20 Ion Cannon Turret 5 R3-A2 2 BTL-A4 Y-Wing 0 Ship Total: 27 Eaden Vrill — YT-2400 32 Ion Cannon 3 Tactician 2 Ship Total: 37 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12 Ship Total: 12 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12 Ship Total: 12 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12 Ship Total: 12 Theory: The idea is for the Gray Squadron Y-Wing with Stressbot to double stress and perhaps ion its target. From there, Vrill has the flexibility to provide an additional Ion token with his cannon (should the target be a large ship) or use his 360 degree +1 primary perk on a stressed target. Including Tactician on Vrill allows for further flexibility in the pursuit of controlling the target. For the last 36 points I have included 3 Bandits...I'm not necessarily wed to the idea of including them, but they do provide decent blockers, as well as more targets to choose from.The 30 HP this lists includes is also nothing to sniff at. What do you all think?
  7. Given all the PTSD associated with BBBBZ out there these days I think running a B wing with Ion or Tactician would serve as a decent decoy. Here's a question for you/the group. If you run a 25 point b-wing (PS2, with with Ion Cannon or E2+tactician) do I stick enchanced scopes on him to guarantee his action/first move? or do i keep leave it, keep the list at 99 (keeping everything else the same) and hope for initiative?
  8. Please forgive me if this is not the place to ask this question -- but did you give any thought about using the R5-P9 Droid (focus to recover shield) instead of the proximity mine on the second Y-wing? I understand the role the prox mine plays -- I'm a big believer in equipping bombs myself -- but given the fact that if you're able to double stress, and, potentially, two chances to ion a target a turn, it stands to reason you could have a turn or two in which you could stand to save a focus token to regen a shield. It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on the matter, as I think your list has a lot of merit, and is something I plan on running myself in the near future.
  9. With advanced sensors already on Corran, I'd give him the EU as well. The ability to reposition before executing a maneuver is vital to buying time to regen shields with R2-D2 if need be.
  10. DoABarrelRoll


    Shockingly I never even thought of Experimental Interface - perfect for those Proximity Mines (and of course, K4 kicks in once you shed the stress as well...) What merits do you all see in using the K4 droid instead of RecSpec? Is it due to a decision to focus on dealing damage as opposed to preventing damage by buffing evade dice with that extra focus token?
  11. If this list is accurate, that player was cheating. Scyks don't have boost, so no autothrusters. It was stealth device, my mistake. Also looking forward to running a variation of that Soontir, 2 Defenders list listed, will report back on it.
  12. Greetings, fellow TIE/D believers! This weekend at my FLGS Monthly tournament, I decided to use the following list: Rexler Brath - Marksmanship, HLC, Experimental Interface Col. Vessery - Veteran Instincts, HLC, Shield Upgrade, Proton Rockets 50 points a ship, so its reeeeaaaaaally easy to do the math regarding scoring at the end of the game. It was a very fun list to fly! I finished with 1 win, 1 modified win, and 1 loss (to an eventual finalist, and all-round great dude) Here's a recap of my fights, I'm posting this here, instead of the battle reports forum, because I would like to use this information to futher the TIE/D discussion: Match 1 Opponent: Chewbacca (Wingman), 2 Blue B's, 1 Z-95 Result: Modified win. I focused fire on Chewbacca early on as my opponent got him out in front and a little seperated from the B's. I managed initiate engagement with the wookie with both defenders just out of range or obstructed at range 3 of the B-Wings. My combination of Focus+TL or Marksmanship, combined with heavy laser cannon and a timely dose of prockets meant that I was able to take him down with 4 attack rolls, which is as efficient as you could hope for in that scenario. Once the B's closed they were able to kill Rexler, leaving Vessery with 1-2 hull points left. The match came down to the last pair of rolls, as, in an attempt to salvage something from the match, I did a desperate 5 Straight (Green) then barrel roll to BARELY escape the arc of one B, though placing me firmly in range one of another B, in order to take a range 2 obstructed shot at his Z-95. I was forced into this move because it was the last turn of the match (60 minute rounds) and his Z-95 was the only thing i could POSSIBLY one-shot. Rolled 3 hits and a crit, and my opponent rolled 1 evade, meaning that 2 hits and that oh so important crit made it through - Shields stripped....crits up....DIRECT HIT, nuking the Z-95 And amazingly enough after that, My TIE/D survived the range 1 attack from a B, edging a modified victory. Match 2: 100-0 Victory Opponent: Guri (Stealth, other stuff), Xizor(Stealth, other stuff) PS-2 Scum Y-wing (stealth....yes, but surprisingly helpful, ion turret, unhinged astromech) Rexler about died...had 1 hit point left, being chased by a surprisingly tenacious Y-Wing. My opponent was a bit spooked by the very successful opening volley which saw me all but obliterated Xizor. Guri followed not soon after....it was just one of those games where my attack dice efficiency was much better than his evade efficiency. Match 3: Defeat, 38-100 Opponent Xizor (Auto-Include-thrusters, predator) Guri (Auto-Include-thrusters, predator) Serissu (Auto-Include-thrusters, predator, stealth) Had a decent position to joust, but my opening salvos simply were not there this time...coupled with his rerolls on both defense and offense...it just ground me down after a couple of rounds of pew-pew. Not entirely sure there was much else I could have done in this one in terms of strategy. Observations: The Marksmanship + Experimental Interface combo on Brath simply wasn't worth it....it never created a situation in which that focus was needed to flip hits to crits. Next time I will defintely go back to Shield upgrade on Brath, as that extra HP would have been CRUCIAL in each game. I would also probably go with Lone Wolf as his EPT, as rerolls as the last TIE/D on the board would have been great to have. I did like the prockets, I gotta say. They helped me murder Chewbacca early on in Match 1, and helped me nuke Guri in match 2. They didn't help much in match 3, as the attack was largely ineffective, but hey, 2 outta 3 ain't bad. I do very much enjoy playing the list, because it requires you to strike hard and GTFO, only to turn the ship around to boom-and-zoom all over again.
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