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  1. I like to mix them, some generic and a wingcommander, I love soontir fel guiding his squad, and Im not that of a SW fan but I like to google search the named pilots of the game and know their story
  2. I will definitively try it and give you my impressions, it seems to be very fun thpugh
  3. I saw it happen before, when they announced heroclix was closing, clix fans stoped playing and the prices of the figures where ridcule cheap, a year later NECA bought wizkids and every one regretted for selling their figures. What I mean is I dont know why people begin to lose interest in some games when theyre cancelled. I still play Starship Troopers the miniature game, it is awesome, and probably would still play Xwing if it gets cancelled
  4. No they wont be available any soon, have any of you play Clix? the LE , OP kits, etc. they are not normally available. Wizkids is doing the same for clix, releasing a new expansion every month or two months, its insane !! My wallet cant afford it. And im not only a player im a collector, sooo xwing wins! And as a fan of ST it would totally wreck SW, I mean, ST have transporters, you just need to transport a bomb inside any star destroyer and thats it. And ST can travel in time I think ST is more technologicaly more advance than SW
  5. che

    Palpatine as a crew member

    Or as I said, it could be a card named "emperor decoy"
  6. che

    Palpatine as a crew member

    No, but maybe being transported in a Lambda Shuttle...it happened in the movie. And who knows, maybe the rebel scum want to intercept that enoy. And he used decoys, so maybe a card named "emperor decoy"
  7. So we have Vader as a crew, and with an amazing power. Buuut I want FFG to release a crew card: THE EMPEROR So what do you guys think can be his cost and power.?
  8. che

    Card Storage

    I just use the storages things they sell for Magic, the cards are smaller tough
  9. What?!?! Have anyone here play warhammer or heroclix...THOSE are expensive, Xwing is like a dream, its cheap, no new release every two month (like clix), you dont need a million miniatures like warhammer. There is no autowin list, every list can win, proof of that is swarm, tie fighters from WAVE 1 still wins tournaments. I dont see any debate in the thread, its simple and obvious
  10. che

    Deploying your squad

    Hi I have different deployments, never deployed in corner or edge, more in the center: A B c D -----you all know this manuver A BC D ------Flanking deployment either A or D will flank or BC AB CD ------------This deployment will force enemy to break apart their formations or both sides con move to the center A C B D ...............Comething like that but much closer, this gives me a ot of maneuverability wothout the ships interfering with one another At the end, it all depends on the ships and the role I want them to have.
  11. Dont disregard the idea, the meta could change with all these wave 4 pricey TIE´s (defender and phantom) aaand wave 5 IMP falcon
  12. it would be something like apocalypse no?
  13. I would like to see some turrets, floating in the space, no move but could change direction they are facing. It would be interesting
  14. Theres one thing that worries me. I mean there are a LOT of possibilities in terms of ships number, and that not counting the epics ones, I don´t think theyll run out of ships in a looong time, BUUUUT at some point theyll start repeating the values of each ship
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