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  1. Appreciate the help. I'll go check that UltraPro binder! Thanks so much!!
  2. I'm using the Fantasy Flight Standard Card sleeves for my Destiny decks. Wondering what binder sheets I can use that will fit the Fantasy Flight card sleeves. The sheets I bought off of Amazon were too small even though they were standard size. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Separate but somewhat related question . . . does Luke's other ability to change one focus result to a hit take effect even if you don't trigger the second attack? Or does it ONLY happen if the second attack triggers?
  4. Forget no EU . . . we need Benedict Cumberbatch as Thrawn.
  5. Gunner allows you to perform a second primary attack if you miss the first. Tactician allows you to add stress at range 2 (w/in your firing arc) after an attack. So if, for instance, an Outer Rim Smuggler has both, attacks and misses the first attack at range 2 w/in the firing arc and makes the second Gunner attack, the target ship receives 2 Stress Tokens? Sounds good if correct.
  6. I have a feeling I'm going to surprise at least one Phantom player.
  7. I apologize if this has been discussed already . . . Lt. Blount auto hits. So if an Ion Pulse missile reads "If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and recieves 2 ion tokens. Then cancel all dice results.". So you don't even have to roll when he fires an Ion Pulse missile. It auto causes 1 dmg and 2 ion. Is that correct? And if so, wouldn't this ruin a Phantom's day?
  8. Ok. Now it's all making sense. So I DID get screwed last night when the player w/ initiative shot and killed my ship with the same PS as his without me being able to return fire. Probably would have lost anyway but this was bugging me. Thanks everyone!!
  9. That makes sense. In combat, if two ships have the same pilot skill but player 1 has initiative, both ships still technically fire at the same time due to the Simultaneous Combat rule, correct?
  10. Not sure I see a huge benefit to initiative. The Simultaneous Combat rule applies for ships with equal PS so no advantage to having initiative in combat. In the activation phase, the player with initiative moves first. Don't see that as being an advantage since moving second usually is better since you can barrel roll, advance sensor, or decloak based on where you see your opponent move. So why would I want to spend less than 100 pts to gain initiative? Thanks!
  11. JagerBombsAway


    How do you intend to use Whisper's free focus token? Is it simply to use for defense on lower PS pilots shooting at you that round? You can't keep it until the following round, correct?
  12. Similar experience. When I opened my Transport I did not have the pegs for the two dials. I got a package of four sent to me very shortly after at no cost to me. Yesterday I found the original pegs behind the couch. Whoops. But - I'm glad I'm giving my money to a company that provides great customer service as well as great games!!
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