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  1. Thank you, my TO wasn't sure what to do.
  2. I'm wondering if the Margin of Victory table on page 2 of the tournament rules is going to be updated for 300 point tourneys?
  3. I've been busy lately so not sure how much this is being covered on the forum but what are people flying? Are we seeing a trend? And mainly, what build seems to be doing better than the rest?
  4. ghaerdon2

    Keyan Farlander

    Fat Han (60 - VI, C3P0, Gun, EU, MF) with Farlander (40 - VI, HLC, AS) ... thoughts.
  5. ghaerdon2

    Wave 7?

    Well as many have said they are not, NOT, Wizkids!
  6. ghaerdon2

    YT Madness

    Ya, I agree but isn't that getting old? What will be the new imperial assault LOL? What can FFG do in Wave 7 to address this issue?
  7. ghaerdon2

    YT Madness

    I predict that next week Wave 5 will, FINALLY, drop. I also predict that we will be seeing alot of YT-1300 with a YT-2400 build ... thoughts on what to bring to the table to fight this turrety madness off?
  8. ghaerdon2

    Wave 7?

    Wave 7 announcement after Christmas, maybe the first week of January. But how are these ships going to stem the tide of turrets? Something has to address this.
  9. Congrats Paul, great game.
  10. Minor point on this. You are allowed to check your dials in both competitive and casual play at almost any time. Just make sure you let your opponent know that you are "checking." Gotya! Again thanks everyone for this clarification. I tend to want to play tournament rules, but that is just me. I like the suggestion that I ask before we play. The phantoms decloak seems to be my big pet peev probably because it is left, then check right, then check backward, all to do it over again until the optimum move is made. Or maybe I'm a rules stickler cause I loose all the time vs Phantoms ;-p
  11. The way I understand it is that when flying, after setting the dials, you don't touch your measuring sticks to see if you can do something, ie Echo moving the soft two ruler around to see if it can do something before committing to a move. Or looking at your dial before decloaking. I see many people seemingly not pay attention to the rules and then at our local tournaments fly the same way, measuring their options with barrel roll and boost and decloacking. I guess I want to play by the rules all the time and if I or someone else screws up a move, so beit, we were supposed to do the calculations in our head, right? But am I being a jerk for calling people out at my house or at the game store on "casual nights"? What do you do in these situations?
  12. Thanks for this help, I really appreciate it as well as the explanation of why. To Red and Evil, I'm not committed to the Three Xs, but want something competitive for a fun night. BUT I'm intrigued. What is optimized for the Rebels? I've played lots of low PS builds with the Rebels and am fed up. I've played Fat Han to some success but it just seems boring to me now. So again, what are some optimized builds?
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