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  1. I agree that the lack of a Jury Rig talent (so far) to bring the cost down is a good thing and helps smooth some wrinkles with Autofire from SWRPG. For a modern / military (-ish) game I've been toying with, I was considering making Autofire a ranked quality, where the ranking indicates how many additional targets beyond the original can be attacked. The ranking is driven by ammo capacity and relative controllability on full auto, so an assault rifle would be Autofire 1 or 2; a Submachinegun 2 or 3 (because the smaller caliber means better controllability), an automatic shotgun back to 1 or 2; a bipod or tripod mounted machinegun might be as high as 5 or 6. This then opens the potential to add talents or attachments to increase Autofire on a given weapon - Iron Arms (to steady the weapon), or Extended Magazine, for example. One thing I would also consider is making the weapon run out of ammo if the full Autofire ranks are used at once - dependent on setting that might be a simple maneuver or action to swap mags, but if the party is (narratively) in a situation where resupply has been difficult, and they don't have the Extra Clip(s) gear, then that might be it for that encounter.
  2. "You awake in bed, groaning at the headache and looking around the [room/cabin/whatever]. Your eyes align on the dreaded green bottle. Space-Nyquil. Never again, you swear, staggering out of bed to discover that [last session events] were all a fever-dream..."
  3. While my Genesys book has been delivered, I'm currently on vacation so I haven't actually read it yet. That said, I did start kicking around a Stargate re-skin for AoE. A lot of what's been covered so far in this thread touches on what I'd already sketched out with a couple of exceptions: Goa'uld Staff Weapon (Ranged): Range Short, Damage 14, Crit 2, Slow Firing 1, Inaccurate 2, Vicious 2, Cumbersome 3 - Although in later seasons, Staff weapons get faster-firing when the plot requires it, in the early seasons the weapons fire quite slowly (at least compared to the automatic weapons carried by SG-1). High damage output, but tricky to aim and slow to fire. Goa'uld Staff Weapon (Melee): Damage +2, Crit +4, Defensive 2, Cumbersome 3, Disorient 2. Zat'nik'tel: As per BCGaius' profile above, but damage 8. It sounds like there's some good work already put into Genesys covering Modern weapons, so I'll not waste pixels here with my thoughts and stats, at least until I get home and read the rulebook. Jaff'a: I wrote the following stats for a Jaff'a PC: Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 3 2 2 1 2 1 Wound Threshold: 13 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower Starting Experience: 85XP Special Abilities: Gou'ald Symbiote: Heal Wounds equal to Strain Recovered at end of encounter My thinking is that the symbiote aids with healing rather than brawn/agility boosting, although I like both the free rank of Discipline and the Resilience / Immunity boost ideas.
  4. Thanks for the update, Oggdude. I've got a somewhat esoteric question - I'm working on a homebrew (actually more of a re-skin) using AoE as a base. Is it possible to make changes to the Tool using just the Data Editor, and in such a way that it can still be used for SWRPG? I'm looking to delete (some) and rename (some) skills, reduce the XP usable for Characteristics at chargen, and limit access to certain subsets of (existing) Obligations, Duties, Motivations, Careers and Specializations (with the option of creating more later). Has anyone already started doing something similar with their installation of the Tools who can give pointers so I don't delete something vital?
  5. For the purpose of this question, I would actually recommend against listening to Campaign as an example podcast - don't get me wrong, it's my favourite podcast of any genre and I definitely recommend it to Star Wars fans, whether they're RPGers or not. However, as great as the show is, I don't think it really showcases the mechanics of the game all that well - I think as part of the editing process a lot of the mechanical dice rolling is removed. Add to that the fact that the three main PC players are basically improv comedians (I don't think Kat is, not that she's not funny as well), and I think Campaign will give something of a false impression of how an SW RPG game will run. Dice for Brains (also mentioned by Stan Fresh) is probably a better bet for a new player, and the guys behind Tales from the Hydian Way (which I do listen to), a general discussion podcast about SW RPG, have created Heroes of the Hydian way (which I have not yet listened to), which is an Actual Play podcast using some of the Age of Rebellion FFG modules as the basis of the story. As I said, I've not listened to it yet, but based on the quality of Tales, I think they both might be worth a listen for different reasons. They're both at thehydianway.com . Oh, and once you have started playing? Then go back and listen to Campaign, it's awesome. :-)
  6. It's Chibi-8! OK, it isn't, as BB-8 is the only figure in the picture that's not chibi-fied, but the joke only works one way... :-)
  7. Hey, it's Minister Blue and (most of) the crew of the Bluebird! (From the Evil Campaign Podcast, in the stunningly unlikely event that people on here don't know what I'm talking about...)
  8. More like a successful fishing check for the guy in the bottom left corner, complete with a Triumph or two.
  9. I'm curious about this one: Added weapon effects to the Powerful Blast talent. Any weapon with the Blast quality will now get a +1 to Blast, and all mines and charges will get a +1 to damage. Items must be held or equipped to get these bonuses. Specifically, the last sentence. I understand that (mechanically) the character has to be carrying the weapon to use it, but why not show the actual damage output (in this case, the Blast Quality rating) when the weapon is selected to "show"? I have a demolitionist character who carries a subset of explosives on a given job (because all grenades are Enc 1 - that's a rant for a different time) but if I select "carry" for all grenade types he might use then the encumbrance numbers go through the roof. Why not show the expected damage when "show" is selected - isn't showing the end values of a weapon that you might carry, but currently aren't, the entire point of "show"?
  10. Hey all, Thanks for the input. I'm sticking with Demo as the base career/specialization, as the GM has asked us to stick to EotE careers for now. A word with the GM, little bit of reading (and discovering that OggDude's CharGen doesn't seem to handle "Burly" correctly, unless I'm misunderstanding something) and I think I have a way forward - I'll use the CSPL-12 grenade launcher from Forged in Battle as the base loadout and play from there. Definitely intend to mess with crafting (hence the bomb tech background) to create... "novel" explosives and grenades - I'll actually start out with higher Int than Ag and use my first dedication to bring them level. Overall, though, good point about Encumbrance, 2P51 - it can come into play at specific points, but they really should be story-specific reasons to do so.
  11. I think I've (re-)found a bug with the Burly talent - from the forum search, a similar problem was found in an earlier version - I presume it was fixed, perhaps it has re-crept in? - Create a new character, select Hired Gun / Heavy, and select the Burly talent (first row, left side) - Go to Equipment, select the Z50 Grenade Launcher, Add, then Select "Carry/Equip/Show" checkboxes on the right The Dangerous Covenants book lists the Z50 as Encumbrance 5, Cumbersome 3 (page 42) - Check your Encumbrance, it shows 5/7. The Cumbersome quality on the weapon info panel shows as 2. According to the text of the Burly talent, each rank reduces both the Cumbersome quality and the Encumbrance Rating of any carried weapon by 1 (to a minimum of 1). The Character Generator correctly reduces the Cumbersome rating of the weapon once you select the item as "carried", however it does not reduce the Encumbrance Rating - the grenade launcher is still listed as rating 5.
  12. Hey all. As the topic title suggests, I was looking for some advice on creating a Grenadier type character. Normally I GM our game, but I have the opportunity to play a short campaign as one of my players is stepping in temporarily. My original character concept was for a sneaky explosives technician type who would use intellect/mechanics to create explosives and a bit of stealth to sneak to plant them places - probably a Demolitionist/Outlaw Tech combo. However, one of the other players is very interested in playing a mechanic & slicer type, so the requirement for the Tech-side is somewhat lessened. I was looking at having my guy be more of a Demolitionist/Heavy, mixing some explosives planting with carrying a grenade launcher. I went straight to Oggdude's CharGen tool and started looking around. The obvious primary weapon is the Z50 Grenade Launcher, so I grabbed my copy of Dangerous Covenants and took a closer look. The weapon itself is pretty big at Encumbrance 5 / Cumbersome 3, but fair enough, it's a big weapon - a harness or even a couple of ranks in Burly will deal with the latter. The problem I have is with reloads - while I understand the desire for a simplified encumbrance system, mandating all grenades as encumbrance 1 means it's impossible to carry even a single set of six reloads for the launcher, not if you want to add basic armor, a blaster sidearm, or even any gear bigger than a comlink. The Z-50 entry in the book describes launchable grenades as distinct from throwables, so that rules out being able to be flexible between Ranged Light throws and Gunnery to shoot. There's an implication in the fluff text that the grenades are smaller and easier to carry, but from the context I think they mean relative to Missile Tubes rather than throwable grenades. At first glance, I can see the need to limit the potential destructive power of a Grenadier, but compared to a Heavy build with e.g. a Heavy Blaster Rifle, the grenade launcher loses out in range (Med vs Long), Damage (8 vs 10), and price (1750 vs 1500), and while it has Blast it does not have Autofire, plus the HBR is not limited ammo. So, my questions - has anyone got a Grenadier build they'd like to share? If you used a launcher, how did you handle ammo - all frags, or a mix? Did you carry/use exotic grenades as launchables or just hand grenades? Did you carry reloads or limit yourself to a max of 6 shots / encounter and assume you'd get more reloads between encounters? Am I overthinking this (yes! :-) ) or am I missing something (possibly)?
  13. Strange. I've tried in Firefox (with and without Ghostery and Privacy Badger), IE, and Edge; from home and work internet connections. Still getting just the filename.
  14. So, I don't know about anyone else, but for me, this displays simply as a filename. Digging in to find the URL behind it and posting it into a separate Firefox window gives the message "Image cannot be displayed as it contains errors". Is anyone else seeing something similar? I mentioned a few pages ago that about 10% or so of the posts to that point I could not see; I assumed it was link rot, but this is a fresh post and I'm not seeing the image (which I presume 2P51 can).
  15. I really like the U-Wing design that ended up in Rogue One (at least, with the S-Foils in the forward position; the extended position looks strange to me), but the concept drawings here are cool, too.
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