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  1. Great find, Crabbok. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping for Lando and Chewie as yellows with Jyn, so I am hoping Maz is a support not a character but I can see them keeping one of Lando or Chewie for the 3rd set. Very happy R2 and Obi Wan are coming.
  2. I thought we are expecting 3 unique 1 non-unique per colour/faction. We've seen Death Trooper and Krennic so the next two villain reds should be unique. I suspect Hux and Tarkin.
  3. All the characters seem pricey but their dice are pretty redonkulous. Jyn's ability is fantastic - Jump to Hyperspace and Don't Tell me the Odds for 2 money fingers? Yes plz.
  4. X Planet Games in Mississauga (401 and Dixie) is hosting weekly organized play events during Star Wars Mondays. We already play X-Wing, Armada, and the RPGs, but now we've added straight up tournaments for Destiny. Also X Planet is running the winter kit tournament on Sunday, January 22nd!
  5. These characters are strong but also pretty pricey. Jyn is going to be a lot of fun. Palpatine is sufficiently deadly and friendless. I'm really excited for Baz and Chirrut teams.
  6. The issue with stock doesn't extend to boosters for me in Canada. However I have scoured the province for starters to no avail. Epic fail FFG. What we have come to expect from their distribution.
  7. Great news! Every Monday at X Planet Games in Mississauga we are running a Destiny tournament during Star Wars Mondays. We had 8 people last week and we didn't even come up with the idea to run a tournament yet. Here's hoping Monday will be a busy fight for the galaxy!
  8. On Mondays I think people start arriving around 3pm and it goes until 8pm but if you drop by any day of the week there is often someone who will play, if only the staff who are awesome.
  9. A bunch of us were at X Planet in Mississauga, just off the 401 and Dixie earlier tonight. Come down for Star Wars Mondays - there's X-Wing and Destiny both being played.
  10. My group wanted to call their ship the Rainbow Dash, so I had an acquaintance repaint an x-wing mini. https://star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-18.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/the-rainbow-dash
  11. There's still no dislike button. Oh well. Thanks for the warm welcome back, troll.
  12. I added electroshock. It turns out I didn't have any, even after 4 boxes. I traded into two. I have flank but there are lot of 3 character builds in my local meta. I'll test that in future.
  13. Also, why no Electroshock, Flank, or Disarm? I'd probly take out Infiltrate, Comlink, Outpost. Comlink I had in to get me the focus to turn the sides the way I want, especially focusing into Ackbar's double focus. Outpost offers a focus side and also since I run rebel war room, it allows me to trigger my Hired Gun/DL-44/Holdout paid damage without losing resources. Infiltrate could come out, I was just using it as control but find I discard it most of the time. I try to keep the cost of my cards low because I know I will be needing several resources a round to land damage. Electroshock is alright because I have 2 yellow characters to spot, and Flank is okay because I run generally more characters than others do, but I'm not sure if any of them are stronger than the cards that I already have in. I could replace Infiltrate and a single copy of Comlink to get a pair of Electroshock in I suppose. or Play the Odds.
  14. I don't have the Falcon, my brother is using both available Black One and Launch Bay in his Finn/Poe deck, and I just traded away my only DH-17. Play the Odds I hadn't considered. I think I will try it out, but I'm not sure what to take out.
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