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  1. Well we have been waiting since 2016! I want that Necromancer!
  2. SwordOwaR

    1.0 fatuige

    I'm sort of tired of V1, I have a tournament coming up and other x-wing days, I'm trying to talk myself into playing. Am even feeling less interested in V2! It's a bit like Imperial Assault, I lost interest because I just couldn't be bothered with keeping up with the Jones'.
  3. TIE Phantoms, B-wings, A-wings and Interceptors!
  4. Well, it was good, not as good as Rogue One but good non-the less. Also there was no 'Mary Poppins' moment (one of the stupidest scenes ever). It was cool seeing the Gozanti classed ship near the start and the snippets of Star Destroyers being built. I felt that the chase scene in the speeders was like something out of American Graffiti, namely the 'rocket ship' tail lights of the older American cars. Having the escape pod at the front of the Falcon seemed a waste due to the ship already having one in the side, which Han removes later. I thought Lando was good, He likes his capes. The Imperial Troopers about the place were cool. I did feel that Emilia Clark and Felicity Jones (Jyn Erzo) look to similar. Warrick Davis didn't really need to be there. The lead pirate, just didn't work for me. That dude (those rebel pirates) that looks just like the same dude from Rogue One has to be the same dude. That space octopus I don't think would have got trapped in the gravity well, being that it lives right near it!. Darth Maul, so to re-enforce that he's Maul he has to show his light saber? Which brings us to the time line, did he come back after 'The Phantom Menace'? or is this film set before then? Overall Ron did a good job with this film, none of that cutesy rubbish and lame jokes.
  5. Wish I had photoshop, such and awesome program. Am looking forward to seeing the completed piece, that Interceptor piece was mean as and I liked how you gave us progress pictures. Want to see more!
  6. See that's why this is a humourous poke. The threads are cluttered with stupid whinging, anything the game designers make or release will guarantee that there will be half a hundred moaning threads about why it's DoA or OP or must be Nerfed. The current contender is poor old Luke. Really we need a ***** slapper button ahahah
  7. Oh no can't have humour cos it may offend some X-whingers.
  8. After important 2.0 announcement, multiple Luke Skywalker's are set to be a crew member in every Rebel ship, upsetting the X-wing community! 2.0 condemned! Dev's crazy! Stay tuned for more news at 10.
  9. Yea I was thinking that you could swap out the odd ship that you didn't need, though on reflection it may very well be as is written above...a Unique with a generic on the back, thus to keep all your unique's and to swap would require more than one conversion pack. Unless you don't play the ugo K-wing or something like that then those can be gone!
  10. We'll being not that long ago in a galaxy far far away I picked up HotR so I could finally use Rey and Fin and what not only to find that unless I want to start the Resistance faction I can't play 'em! Lucky for me ARC's are rebels and that I have four B'wings that finally will (So I hope!) see standard play. As for Sabine, now how the **** did she get enough Imperial TIE's to allow a squad of four?
  11. Maybe I'll actually use ordnance for a change and have it actually hit something as in the past I have missed almost every shot I've fired with torps and missiles so I gave up with them.
  12. True, I never thought about that, but then I never looked out for them and now I'll have to go back and watch all the films from episode Rogue One, because that's where they start...
  13. So after seeing some of the new cards, watching a couple 2.0 games along with reading the usual articles etc. it has brought me about to the conclusion that this (for me anyway) is Star Wars. Sure the current X-wing v1 is Star Wars and always will be but it sort of got lost along the way. With some new abilities, the use of the force, various Droids doing better Star Wars'y things like in the films makes it feel like it should have been. I sure that v2 will be awesome, if not doesn't matter as almost all would have put their v1 cards away somewhere and continue playing v2!.
  14. We'll keep playing V1 until we pick up V2 once it's released. Am looking forward to new turret rules and new play all round. We will be waiting on Epic v2 though.
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