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  1. Nefarious Qwark

    TOL is now shipping.

    Next week would have to be the release date, but it's releasing the 23rd. Unless they change the time period, Tyrants will not be legal for NOVA.
  2. Nefarious Qwark

    Desperately seeking Boba

    Hot take- Boba is a horrible character and I hope he never sees play.
  3. Nefarious Qwark

    Zion's Finest - Episode - 017 - Paul. Heaver.

    Between Lucas's wins in Connecticut/Dallas and Daniel's in Seattle, I think eRiots are going to start entering a lot more lists. Thanks again for the Podcast, great listening material during work.
  4. Nefarious Qwark

    The Last Jedi SPOILER Thread

    I believe my thoughts lineup with most people's (plot's horribly razor-thin but the characters are great), but can I additionally point how just how stupid and lazy some of the plot decisions are? Once they're on Crait, instead of closing the blast door, which would be the smart thing, they....keep it open and let fire come in to the base. This only happens because the writers needed a way to have Finn and Rose rejoin the others. The cruisers are supposed to be faster than the star destroyers, but somehow they never get out of gun range. Theoretically you could argue in space a laser doesn't really have 'range', but still weird. They have hyperspace capable ships on board the cruiser, and decide not to evacuate senior personnel from the ship and instead place them in perpetual danger.
  5. Nefarious Qwark

    2017-18 Regionals Lists

    And the funny thing is that the Drokatta list was actually a Merc list, so only half counts?
  6. Nefarious Qwark

    2017-18 Regionals Lists

    My regional list (Houston, Dec 2nd) Greedo Onar eWeequay eJawa eSentries C-3PO Elite Clawdite Black Market, Devious Scheme Went 2-2 and finished 10th, lost to a Scum Hunters list with 2 Ugs in the Shielded mission (I was badly outplayed, he played well) and lost to an Imp List with Vader, 2xeJets, 1xRiots (regular), Blaise, RBF, Zillo on the Jabba's stash mission. Absolute highlight of that one was where he moved one eJet to my terminal at end of round one, the other to the middle stash, then pulled off Take Initiative -> Overrun -> Grenadier for a 26pt damage (6 figure overrun, Grenadier for 2 on 7 figures) eJet activation with no attacks. Really should have played against Vader more, threw far too much at him to overcome the points deficit. Honestly, the star of that list was the eClawdite. I brought it as a 'let's just see how this goes', and despite Conspiring for no surges in my first game, it still punched way above its point cost. The 6 movement points total with Streetrat allowed for excellent mobility (esp Raining Freight) with an action left over to attack. The extra surge for Assassin's Blade became invaluable. I don't think it has a place as a mainstay, but honestly that figure was the MVP in every match for me.
  7. Nefarious Qwark

    Ugnaughts at regionals

    Ugh, the psychological effect of watching Vader reroll black dice into 5 or 6 blocks is brutal . Focused Onar did 1 point of damage against Vader, and just staring at the dice psyched me out rest of the game/regional.
  8. Nefarious Qwark

    A "Ko-Tun" of Fun!

    I ran this one: Ko-Tun Elite Alliance Rangers x2 Hera Syndulla Gideon Threepio a couple of weeks ago. It's solid, but I wasn't in love with it. It felt like there was a lot of support, not enough heavy hitting. It also makes round 2 more of a chess match because you only have so many activations that can roll well. My opponent pulled back and that list isn't really built to be aggressive, even with Rangers x2.
  9. Nefarious Qwark

    Heart of the Empire Rebel Impressions

    I played the Drokatta + Han + Elite Rangers + 9 Point Rebel support list Thursday on Jabba's Realm, and was stunned with how well it did. There's a lot of damage output and it could remove figures at will. Drokatta's damage output was beyond what I expected, and his ability to splash damage made it a lot easier for Rangers to finish off figures. Gideon and C-3PO keeping Han supplied with focus nearly made him a powerhouse. The only complaint is that the list has awkward synergy for command cards. I built it around Hunter/Smuggler, but it felt like that could've fallen apart.
  10. Nefarious Qwark

    Arkham Nights 2017 - The Card Council's Cards

    A friend of mine pulled it off solely in one round with Skids, Police Badge, Red-Gloved Man. It was actually super useful because it put Leo into play for him early on and I was able to pull the elder sign amulet to keep me from dying (Played Harrigan and auto-failed a will 3 check first encounter card, took 3 horror). It's fun in standalone scenario, probably not going to put it in our decks for campaign play.
  11. Yeah, Nal Hutta doesn't work well, which is so frustrating because the Jet Troopers do well there.
  12. I've found the problem is that it depends on the map. Jabba's realm is really good for the AT-DP, as with an officer it can often move into a position where it can fire, and if you leave something out of position the AT-DP will make you pay. Other maps though, and it's kind of iffy. At 9 points though it's really cheap, and easily fits in a list with Jet Troopers.
  13. Nefarious Qwark

    New preview thoughts

    I like the force user cards, especially Dark Energy. Junk Droid falls easily to Ahsoka as there will be no place for it to hide, and she can still possibly get back to safety.
  14. Banthas and Rancors are fine, but you run into the issue of the Nal Hutta map. It's just not designed for those two to do well. In addition, the Junk Droid is ridiculously good on the Raining Freight mission. As noted above, Vader will provide a good punch, and hopefully any of the new maps that come into rotation cause problems for the Ug Swarm. Still will be a problem in the next few months while Nal Hutta stays in rotation.
  15. Nefarious Qwark

    Wave 10 Artical is up

    I think the problem for an IP like this will always be the inevitable conflict between iconic and game mechanic function. Curious to see how the quadjumper plays- if it adds something new and interesting to the game, I don't really care how it looks.