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  1. I had a second portion at lunch and I didn't even realize what I was celebrating. Happy Birthday, Baggins Boys.
  2. I felt like taking a moment between news posts to pause and remember. *Lights a candle* May it be many moons before this thread becomes necro'd and relevant again.
  3. When you say "promote," I think sword-thain and that leads to Denethor. I'm sure he believes he saved the entire north and manipulated Sauron.
  4. I like the unique theme of Denethor. He starts out strong but as the Eye turns towards him and things heat up....
  5. Grats, Tales Guy! Remember the days we longed for updates and articles? That's certainly not now. <--- Enjoying it while it lasts
  6. All the better to play the ally version with soon after.
  7. I'm more curious about what will happen to the Warhammer Quest card game. Especially since GW went and released an actual Warhammer Quest board game. What would happen if GW decided that a card game of similar name would be competition for their board game?
  8. I really want to know if that's a misprint or if they're right about 12 players. Lots of ways they could do this that could be interesting: 1) Everyone only gets 1 hero. DOTA with LOTR. Pick your hero and support the team 2) Three different four player groups. They could be randomly assigned different gates or staging areas or allowed to strategically pick. 3) They could include a new non-unique scenario hero or three in the pack to choose. Pick a class: Ranger, Sentinel, Healer, Squad Leader, etc, etc. Maybe you pick one or three. 4) Something I didn't think of 5) Another thing I didn't think of (and lots more) 6) Whatever it is they actually do... Of course, I can't imagine being able to find 12 other players outside of GenCon. I'm the only one I know who plays around where I am.
  9. You can actually set it up so that your owned cards include only 1 copy of the Core set. When you are building a deck, it would only give you the option to put 1 or 2 Steward of Gondor in your deck since it knows you only have 1 Core set. I recently started on it and discovered this last night. "Man, why do I have to go through and click for which sets I want to filter each time. There's got to be an easier way." *clicks around* "Oh....there is." "Well, that's really nice." Great site.
  10. We're near the saturation point of salt. You'd have to boil the water to add more. Plus, I thought Slothgodfather killed it.
  11. No power in the 'verse favors that card. Not even on April Fool's.
  12. Playing two handed. I'm in stage 3b, cleared Caradhras, and stuck waiting for more VPs to win. Stage 3b: Characters with 0 willpower are discarded. 1st encounter card revealed - Snowstorm (When revealed: Questing characters get -1 until end of phase) 2nd encounter card revealed - Avalanche (Exhaust all characters and commit them to the quest) Legolas was not questing when snowstorm appeared, but he had no choice but to ride the avalanche. Snowstorm doesn't say "currently questing," but the effect does say "until end of phase." Does snowstorm affect him? Or does it not because he wasn't questing when it was revealed? When in doubt, I err to the harsher. Legolas ended up dead and frostbitten at the base of the mountain. So...should I have discarded Legolas, or was he due a reprieve?
  13. I didn't vote because I haven't had a chance to play with many of the cards, but it's been really interesting to follow. Great idea and great execution.
  14. To the Lynchburg player - https://www.facebook.com/events/470081423173345/ There's a store in Richmond called Dragons Den Gaming that's running it.
  15. With day and night, Erestor, Sword-Thain and some other really interesting meta-opening cards I figured I'd ask a hypothetical and see if anyone bit: If you made a custom scenario and really messed with basic game properties how would you do it? Screw with the phase order? Combat first: 1. Resource 2. Planning 3. Defending 4. Attacking 5. Questing 6. Traveling 7. Refresh Pros: Would be different. Force players to survive a whole round on the last turn. Would feel different Cons: Combat would be easier to plan out ahead of time - May need added treachery effects or things that allowed surprises. Take and Hold Scenario: Let's say you had to move allies to different locations and 'claim' them - Enemy reinforcements could spawn from a separate deck or as facedown guards, etc 1. Resource 2. Planning 3. Travel 4. Defending 5. Attacking 6. Questing 7. Refresh Maybe allies could only fight or engage enemies at the locations, or blah blah, etc. Treasure deck? - Put attachments in a separate player deck. Whenever an enemy is defeated or a location cleared you may draw one for free Multiple encounter deck? - the 'main deck' and a 'goons deck.' Treacheries may require you to draw cards from teh goons deck or a location may spawn baddies until it's cleared etc. Separate parties? I heard fog on the barrow downs could split people up. What about something like in a tactics RPG where the party was split but working towards a similar goal? One player or one hero from each hero fought/distracted enemies so the others could quest ahead. They'd be unable to help. I like the way things flow already, but I'm sure there's lots of fun ideas out there (like a mod to a video game). Anything too complicated would be annoying to learn. If the rules are too unique people could be turned off from constructing decks for a single scenario, as well. It's fun to think about, though. I'm sure there's plenty of crazy ideas out there.
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