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  1. A good answer for your question is provided in the adventure itself on page 27: I am currently running this adventure for my gaming group (currently running about 1200 XP apiece). They also managed to "steal" the Deep Dark. The group's Jedi ended up snatching it out of the air with Move and slamming it into the ground, nearly destroying it. They also killed all of the Yiyar Clan on Gholganna when they tried to abduct Cratala and took the Nightflyer. Between their own ship, The Valiant Endeavor, and the two captured ships, they were able to transport all of the remaining survivors with them to Raxis Prime. However, due to another obligation trigger, before they left Gholganna, they had to make a trip across the river to capture a Black Nexu to deliver to a blackmailer of one of the members of the group for his "collection". While they were off in the jungle the ISB Supervisor, Liers Ossnan, took steps to be ready to stow away on one of the ships before the journey to Raxis Prime. He succeeded and upon arrival to Raxis Prime set about letting the Imperials know about the location of scrap heap point. In the aftermath of the battle with the Yiyar Clan, he managed to convince the survivors that Reom had told him to get them aboard the Imperial ship for the get away. Fortunately, one of the party made him and stopped him from taking the survivors directly to the Imperials. In a surprising move, the Jedi beheaded him. We left off at take off from Raxis Prime. Our next episode will begin with the space battle to get away from Raxis Prime. The group has ties to the Rebellion, so their plan is to turn over the Deep Dark and all the other captured Imperial gear (speeder bikes, Scout Trooper Armor, weapons, etc) to the Rebellion. They will probably sell the Nightflyer. The group currently has the following things going against them: 1. Cal Alsen successfully place an ISB tracking device on the Valiant Endeavor (up in the landing gear), something the party has speculated about, but have not searched for or found. 2. Liers Ossnan did the same thing to the Nightflyer on Gholganna. He also positively identified both ships. On Raxis Prime, he determined that Reom was making a deal with the survivors of the Sa Nalaor. He has prepared a hyperspace message pod to launch once the Deep Dark left Raxis Prime's atmosphere. Not sure if that should happen automatically or not. I was thinking of having it launch and giving the the PCs a limited number of rounds to blow it up before it jumps to hyperspace (all while fending off Tie Fighters and the two System Patrol Craft). If the pod manages to jump to hyperspace, The ISB will be able to identify the owner of the Valiant Endeavor. They will also begin looking for Reom to find the survivors.
  2. Dakkar98

    Another Character Generator

    Ok, Cool. Any idea when the official version will be released?
  3. Dakkar98

    Another Character Generator

    I only tried crafting a speederbike to test it out, but I did find some issuses with either the interpretation of the RAW or the programming's translastion of them. Under Frames: It should really only let you choose either Larger Scope or Elegant Design. It will let you add both. Under Frames: The Modifiable option should specify (to a minimum Easy [DI]). Under Frames: It will let you add both of the Integrated Improvements, and in my opinion I think that is was supposed to be worded "Decrease Crew by half, rounded up, or Increase Passengers by half, rounded up". Under Engines: I added the single ion coil engine to a speeder bike. The speed started at 1, the program should not have let me increase the Enhanced Output more than 4 times, it never stopped letting me click it. It did stop increasing the actual speed when it hit 7 (instead of the cap of 5). From page 78 "Maximum Speed by Silhouette", a silhouette 2 vehicle or starship has a maximum speed should cap of 5. Under Engines: I added the Ion Drive Array engine to a silhouette 4 freighter. The speed started at 4, the program should not have let me increase the Enhanced Output at all, it never stopped letting me click it. It did stop increasing the actual speed when it hit 10 (instead of the cap of 4). From page 78 "Maximum Speed by Silhouette", a silhouette 4 vehicle or starship has a maximum speed of 4. Under Engines: Single Ion Coil is listed and Single Ion Core. Under Engines: It will let you add both of the Enhanced Power to Deflectors options. Under Engines: The Easy to Repair option should specify (to a minimum Simple [-]). Under Engines: There are no hyperdrive options. Under Hulls: Both of the Cargo Pods options are only increasing the craft's encumbrance threshold by the proper amount once. Choosing this option additional times does not continue to increase the craft's encumbrance threshold. Under Hulls: The Maneuvering Fins option also never stopped letting me click it, instead of stopping me at 3 clicks of the button. It did stop increasing the actual increase to maneuverability at +3 over where it began, which is correct. Under Hulls: The Integrated System option should not have a cap to how many times it can be added, but it only let me click it once, and then when I went to choose the 1 attachment it would allow me to add, it told me "You cannot add any more attachments to this item". Under Hulls: The Too Tough to Hurt option should only be allowed once. it is not and it's description once added continues to the Advantage needed to activate a critical hit. Under Frames, Engines, and Hulls: The Schematic options should all specify (to a minimum Simple [-]). After Assembly: When you go into the attachments for the engine and the hull. any modifications that you make will not save when you finish. I'll let you know if I come across anything else. I didn't see the "Reverse Engineered" attachment you said you added. I am assuming that you meant the you added it in for the final versionand not the pre-release version Thanks Oggy!!!
  4. Dakkar98

    Another Character Generator

    Did you add "Reverse Engineering" in the pre-release version or are you adding it to the full version? Because I don't see it in the pre-release version.
  5. Dakkar98

    Another Character Generator

    Hey OggDude! Awesome to see you back! I haven't looked at it yet, but have you implemented the following new features? The Battle Scars from Forged in Battle. Adding a single Hard Point to an item, vehicle, or ship by selecting Reverse Engineering when rolling a Triumph while performing a engineering focused skill check on it (Fully Operational, page 71). For this one I was going to try to make a 0 HP attachment applicable once to anything in the equipment section, that would add a hard point and call it simply, "Reverse Engineered". Now that we can create attachments again, I will have to try it out until you implement it.
  6. I used it as a non-beginner adventure. It required a little tweaking to keep it challenging. For our campaign, we ran all of the beginner adventures without using the pre-generated characters. We did the adventures in the following order: Escape from Mos Shuta Long Arm of the Hutt Take over at Whisper Base Operation Shadowpoint Under a Black Sun Mountaintop Rescue Lure of the Lost
  7. Dakkar98

    Another Character Generator

    I'm Having trouble adding an item attachment. Every time I click Add it gives me the following error. I have tried clearing the cache and that did nothing. I also added the Conjure Force Power, but it does not show up far any of the test Force users I tried to have purchase it. Thoughts anyone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dakkar98 I can't remember how to do a spoiler tag, or I would post the Just In Time Debugging list.
  8. Dakkar98

    Linking FFG Adventure Modules

    I have been running a super campaign! It has been going great. We all work full time, so I am trying to use as many of the published adventures as I can. My group is 6-7 players as well: 4 Edge Characters, 1 Force User, 1 (sometimes 2) Rebels. My gaming group: Female Human Ace: Pilot/Hot Shot/Rigger (My Wife) Twi'lek Female Technician: Slicer/Analyst/Cyber Tech (My Niece) Male Verpine Outlaw Tech/Mechanic/Modder/Droid Tech (My Eldest Son) Male Human Gun Slinger/Instructor/Charmer/Gambler (My Nephew-in-law) Male Human Bounty Hunter: Martial Artist/Force Sensitive Emergent/Sentry (My best Friend) Male Human Soldier: Medic/Doctor/Quarter Master/Entrepreneur (Me) Male Chiss Soldier: Sharpshooter/Assassin (Another good friend who has been out of the action for a while, but still in the story line. Hoping the he will return soon) I sat down and looked at almost every published adventure (still looking at the ones published since we began) and found a way to tie each one character or another's back story. At the end of each gaming session, I roll under each of the three background mechanics to determine what gets incorporated to the next gaming session. If we are between adventures that roll determines which adventure we will be starting next. If we are in the middle of an adventure, the person that comes up simply feels the effects of their particular background mechanic. Obligation roll comes up, thoughts or messages about that Obligation cause them stress and triggering the Strain Threshold reduction. Duty roll comes up, an opportunity to meet that duty present itself, tempting the character to pick a fight with/steal something from/kidnap Imperials while in the middle of something else. We started with the Edge Boxed set "Escape from Mos Shuuta" as our First Adventure and continued on with the web supplement "Long Arm of the Hutt". Stealing the Ship and Delivering it settled part of the Pilot's debt obligation and got her own ship out of hock. When we finished them, the Obligation roll came up nothing, so the Rebel character suggested they do a job for the Rebellion. This lead the party into the Rebellion Boxed Set "Takeover at Whisper Base", we then followed that with the web supplement "Operation Shadow Point". After this most every character took a Duty to represent what their character wanted to contribute to the rebellion. After we finished them, the obligation roll came up with the Twi'lek Slicer's Debt obligation and triggered the Adventure "Under a Black Sun". This adventure ended with an Antagonist Obligation linked to the party, rather than any individual character. Next the Force User's Mentor was abducted, triggering the Force and Destiny Boxed set "Mountain Top Rescue" Between "Mountaintop Rescue" and the "Lure of the Lost" web supplement, the party did Lessons from the Past. Back to "Lure of the Lost". Surprise twist at the end, I made the Dark Jedi the Force User's lost father. The Verpine's Blackmail debt triggered the beginning of the "Beyond the Rim". On the way to begin "Beyond the Rim", the Soldier was asked to check on increased Imperial activity on Phemis triggering "Hidden Depths". Following "Hidden Depths", we are back on track for "Beyond the Rim", which we are currently in the middle of. We are currently on Cholghanna. the Force User's Blackmail obligation triggered and the man who could expose his secret to the Empire has instructed him to capture one of the planet's elusive Black Nexu alive for his "Collection". Other Adventures tied to Obligations that are waiting to be triggered: "Crates of Kryats" and "Jewel of Yavin" is tied to the Force User's Blackmail Obligation. "Trouble Brewing" is tied the Twi'leks Favor Obligation. The gunslinger has took the "Bad reputation" Obligation that I could tie to just about any other adventure if I try hard enough. I plan to run the Rebellion missions in the suggested order when we are between "Edge" adventures and no Obligations happen to come up. We have a lot of fun with it. We have gaming sessions planned for the next 2 Sundays. I am hoping to get through the Black Nexu Hunt, then hopefully get to Raxus Prime tomorrow, and then hopefully complete Raxus Prime on Memorial Day weekend. We'll see how far we get tomorrow. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!
  9. Dakkar98

    Campaign where GM runs a PC

    Start with getting your players opinions. If they say no, then don't. If they say yes, then do it (if you want to). The published adventures are generally geared towards 4 PC's. You have to scale them up in some way to make them challenging for more PC's. If you would be the 4th PC, I say go for it. If you are the 7th, weigh the pros and cons of it. In my 3 campaigns, only 1 of my GMPC's is a Force User, and he is a Racer. Personally, I would strongly suggest your character not be a Force User at all if it is in the Empire Era, if you do decide to play one, I would suggest he not be a Jedi. A Scholar or something with Force Adherent Universal Specialization might be a better option. Someone with knowledge of the Force, but no access to it. Back in WEG I had a Major NPC Jedi that "employed" the group for a time. In WEG every NPC was pretty much created just like a PC. My mistake with him was that I made him too powerful. The backstory I created for him, gave him access to a lot of skills and Force abilities. When there were confrontations when he was around (which wasn't often), he overshadowed the group. Later, I made their direct contact for their jobs and such a less powerful (closer to, or lower than, PC level) underling of his. When we played in a post KOTOR II era Mass Effect-esque campaign in a secluded sector of space (supposed to be unaffiliated sector with no ties to the Republic or the Jedi, but the previous GM allowed Jedi to fulfill one player's desire to always be a Jedi) using the Saga system from WotC, I got to be a player with my own character. Yay! Then, sadly, that game ceased when the GM moved. I picked it up briefly as the GM, running my character as an GMPC, and it worked out fine. I also started Firefly-esque campaign tied to that timeline with another GMPC that was started from scratch with Level 1 characters. I have 3 campaigns currently running in the FFG System. In the two campaigns carried over from Saga, my characters in are a Human Mandalorian Soldier (for the Spectre Campaign), and a Human Racer (for the Firefly campaign). The third campaign started just after the battle of Yavin using the EotE and AoR books and expanded once FaD became available. I discussed it with my players beforehand as to whether or not I should play a character of my own at all in the campaign and they unanimously said that I should (granted all but 1 of my players are related to me by blood or marriage). I created him to fill the niche of the group's Medic. Career Soldier, Specialization Medic, later adding Doctor. Now he is Medic/Doctor/Recruit/Quartermaster/Entrepreneur. In the Empire campaign, I quickly ran into an issue where motivations were concerned. I made note of any PC working toward one of the their motivations and also made sure to specify if my character was doing something towards one of his. I was awarding that 5 XP motivation bonus on a PC by PC basis and if you had 2 motivations and actively worked towards both of them you could get it twice. There was a growing gap in the experience between players. I had to quash that real quick. One player felt he was always working towards his motivations and started awarding his own 5 XP bonus when he felt I was leaving him out. When I realized this, I ended up equalizing the XP between all the players and I now give the 5 XP motivation bonus as an award to everyone in the group if at least one character work towards their motivation and the other players support them (or in some cases do not interfere) in doing so. If the majority or all of the characters find a way to work towards their own motivations in a gaming session, I will grant the group a 10 XP bonus instead. But, regardless of what happens during the gaming session all players get the same amount of XP. I makes it a lot easier to make sure no one is artificially boosting their XP because they feel that I missed something they did that they felt they should have gotten a bonus for. As for how I handle combats, after all initiatives are rolled, I call "1st PC slot?" and someone will call it, then I call "2nd PC Slot?"... so on. I will usually take the last PC slot unless someone asks me to take an earlier one or if someone just got hit and I need to rush over to patch them up, or to engage an enemy to stop them from delivering a finishing blow. When the bad guys attack during the NPC slots, you can't always target you, and you can't always not target you. You have to find a way to make it fair. In the first round, I assign each PC a number (usually 1-6, starting with me as 1 and going clockwise around the table) and roll a die to determine who each enemy is targeting. The enemy usually continues to attack that PC, having decided that that PC is their target to remove from the battlefield. Now, if someone gets dropped by enemy fire, their number either gets reassigned or becomes a reroll. If someone gets dropped by an enemy in melee, that might not happen unless there is another immediate threat. On the other hand, if someone does something to seriously draw the aggro, like if the Jedi draws his lightsaber, or the gunslinger does a trick shot to shoot the inquisitor's lightsaber out of his hand, or my character opens up with his auto-fire weapon, I might have to roll a bigger die with those characters getting some extra numbers, or the slicer, the mechanic or the pilot might be ignored entirely because we are pissing off more of the enemies. If my character is struck and there are options to spend advantages and/or triumphs on (for example: auto-fire for a second hit or cause a critical on my character), to be fair about it, I'll call for a high or low (usually from my wife) and roll percentile dice to determine what happens to my character. For story purposes, my players have never tried to get my GMPC to drive their story. If they ask how I feel, I always tend to list our options and what he would feel are the pros and cons of each choice. He may cast his vote, but it is never the first vote and never the deciding vote. At most, if I feel the group needs a little steering, he might agree with another character that has cast a vote that takes the group back to where I would the like the group to go. Hopefully some of this advice will be of help to you.
  10. To me, it is pretty clearly spelled out on page 78: When building a vehicle or starship, the crafter must first construct the three core components: a frame, an engine, and a hull. For each of these core components, the crafter performs Steps 1-3: choosing a template, acquiring the materials, and performing the listed checks over the amount of time specified. • Frame: A frame is the skeleton of a starship or vehicle. It is treated as a ship or vehicle (albeit one that cannot operate until specific attachments are added during Step 4 : Assembly). The frame provides the craft's base line parameters. • Engine: An engine is the craft's power source. It is treated as an attachment that can only be attached to a frame that does not already have an engine. It provides vehicle's speed, system strain threshold, and defense. • Hull: A hull is the body and armor of the vessel. It is treated as an attachment that can only be attached to a frame that does not already have a hull. It provides the vehicle's armor and handling. Once the crafter completes Step 3: Construction successfully for the selected frame, engine, and hull (by spending the requisite hours and succeeding on the listed check as usual), the character has the elements needed to assemble the starship or vehicle. At this point, the crafter is ready to perform Step 4: Assembly, adding the engine and hull to the frame. Once successfully assembled, the new vehicle or starship is fully operational and ready for a crew to use it against the Empirel You could probably choose to build the Hull second and the Engine third, but the Frame is first. It provides the baseline parameters for the other 2 components.
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    Making Spiderman

    You can make the web shooters using the weapon creation rules. "Ensnare"
  12. Dakkar98

    Duty Reset to 0?

    I use Oggdude's program. For my group, At character creation, 4 used Obligation, 2 used Duty, and 1 used Morality and added Obligation (for no bonus, just for story). Each that didn't have one also selected a Duty that fit them once they began doing work for the Rebellion. They are more like freelancers, they don't receive regular pay from the alliance, they mainly do their own thing, but if they go against the Empire on a job, they can earn some Duty if it fits. At the End of each gaming session, I roll Obligation, then Duty, then Morality. Then depending on what comes up, determines what I can add into the next gaming session (or embellish if it was already there). In addition to their Individual Duties, I have given the Group the Support Duty. When they exceed 100 duty, I add all of their duties together, deduct the 100, and then dump the excess into the Support Duty. Then I increase their Contribution Rank. If the Support Obligation comes up, the group is asked to perform a task or has an opportunity to help a rebel group in need. If they do it then the Group earns Duty in the Support category, and if they do something in line with one of their personal duties, they earn some personally as well. Completing Assigned tasks might earn 5 or 10 Duty. Incidental Duties usually only earn 2. Examples Tasked with transporting cargo from A - B +5 Support Duty to Group upon completion Do it without alerting the Imperials +2 Internal Security Duty to Personal (possibly per occasion) Defeat Imperials to get there +2 Combat Victory Duty to Personal (possibly per fight) Observe and Document Imperial Patrol Routes +2 Intelligence Duty Personal (probably only once at the time, but if it helps in future deliveries, it could have additional instances) Etc. Just my thoughts based on running a mixed game since AoR first came out. Hope they help!
  13. I felt it necessary. Some may not realize that MM is willing to give you that kind of customer service. All in all, they sell twice as much product, so they are happy to do it.
  14. You don't actually have to cancel your preorder, you can just do what I am going to do. I have preordered: Fully Operational, Dawn of Rebellion, Cyphers and Masks and Unlimited Power. Total breaks the $100.00 minimum for free shipping. I am going calculate how much Fully Operational and Dawn of Rebellion are, place a Hold Order for the difference between that amount and $100.00, then call MM directly (you could also email them, but I like to talk to them to make sure my instructions are clear) and ask them to remove the two books from the first Hold Order and have them combine those 2 books with the order I just placed and ship them as soon as Fully Operational arrives. Later when both Cypers and Masks and Unlimited Power are ready to ship, I'll place another Hold Order for enough to bring them up to the $100.00 minimum for Free Shipping, and have them shipped. I have plenty of items on my Wish List. It's the perfect excuse to actually get some of those items purchased and delivered.
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    Another Character Generator

    He's just busy. I just checked and he visited the forums earlier today. Once real Life permits we'll see an update from him. (hopefully with the Battle Scars rules included ... hint, hint).