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  1. This one one of the first ones that hit me, too. I blame your Miranda build for that.
  2. Opportunist is a neat idea, though I think if you're going to head that route you'll need to invest another 30 points or so into Carnor Jax. The biggest issue with the EPT is the setup required to strip a token, which usually requires another ship; Wes Janson for Rebels, Jax for Imperials, and Palob for Scum, though Palob is nice because he can be a self contained Opportunist ship by himself. For Quickdraw, PTL is probably the way to go, unless you have some way to stress Quickdraw from another ship during the activation/movement phase, because then it could be interesting to take Adaptability to drop PS to move/shoot first against Aces, but again the issue is stressing during movement to get that shot.
  3. I've been considering running Expert Handling, TLT, Cloaking Device on Palob just for annoyance's sake. Heck, you could even throw a Stygium Particle Accelerator on there to make him a tad tankier, too. Forget Stygium, 2 points just fizzeling isn't bad, 5 points hurts a lot. If you use Expert Handling consider K4 Security Droid instead. I actually forgot the crew part of the build was an Intelligence Agent to spot an opponent's dial and be able to decloak/barrel roll to be elsewhere or still have a TLT shot. But in general, I agree, the SPA is a tad overkill for something that may work once, and the K4 does have nice synergy clearing stress, though you can get limited to your greens pretty quickly.
  4. I've been considering running Expert Handling, TLT, Cloaking Device on Palob just for annoyance's sake. Heck, you could even throw a Stygium Particle Accelerator on there to make him a tad tankier, too. That aside, I've had one Vassal game against a single scout and it was pretty rough. The barrel roll (on the Scout) definitely helps control the range of engagement which is pretty crucial for keeping the Scout out of Palob's token denial zone. Also, against three of them you'll have to be careful to only get one scout in range at a time, or you'll be forced to choose which one is the most important, and still get hit by the other 1-2, and HWKs can't repel firepower of that magnitude for long...
  5. Thanks for the tease (and the awesome game)! Hey everybody, hold onto your hats, because I brought the following list to a first place finish: Zuckuss (28) -4-LOM (1) -Crackshot (1) -FCS (2) Palob Godhali (20) -Predator (3) -TLT (6) Torkhil Mux (19) -TLT (6) Binarye Pirate (12) -Feedback Array (2) I went 3-1 over 4 rounds of Swiss, losing only to my last opponent Sean, in a close, slugfest of a game. Kenkirk ended the game on One Hull, and Isard + Palpatine did some serious work with his pilot ability to keep him flying. I'd give more of a recap of the top four, but there was an error in the standings that was later rectified, and I'm a tad hazy on who ended where. I believe it was myself, Tsiegtiez, Rich, and then Sean, though I may be mistaken (Tsiegtiez please correct me if I'm mistaken). Rich's list: Poe Dameron -VI -AT -R2D2 Gold Squadron Pilot -BTL-A4 -TLT -R3A2 Gold Squadron Pilot -TLT Bandit Squadron Pilot And Sean's list: Soontir Fel PTL AT SD Royal Guard Title Kenkirk Isard Elusiveness Engine Upgrade Palpatine Seismic Charge And just a shout out to the great bunch of players we had. Seriously awesome games! There were at least two draws during the day, one between Poe and Miranda being unable to kill each other at time, and the other was Dengar and Han who managed to blow each other up in the last round of shooting when time was called. Further props to Sean for a Top Four finish for his first tourney!
  6. IMPERIALS What I'd like to see: Skipray Blastboat or maybe a TIE/droid Alternatively: The Ark Angel http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ark_Angel (possibly giving Imps a ship that can deploy another in standard play, rather than just Epic). What I think we'll get: TIE/SF REBELS What I'd like to see: REBEL VETERANS, or the previously mentioned Raven's Claw. What I think we'll get: Rebel Veterans, because E-Wing pilots not named Corran Horn need some love. SCUM What I'd like to see: SCUM ACES/VETERANS/EPIC OPTIONS ALSO MY SCYKS WOULD LIKE SOME LOVE PLEASE AND THANK YOU Alternatively: Guri's Stinger http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Stinger What I think we'll get: I think the Scurrg is pretty spot on, since Scum are currently lacking a heavy bomber, well, unless you count the Andrasta...
  7. I really wanted to go to this one, but the troy ny one was same day. How'd you do in Troy? How big was the turnout? Did you take your VI Canor+TIEs?
  8. Having flown Opportunist Palob both with Blaster and Dorsal (the latter on Vassal a handful of times), Blaster wins on the build. Having 4 Dice at range 1-2 instead of 4 at R1 and 3 at R2 for the same cost of stress is way better on the former. Not to mention having the third die helps you hit targets that have ways to turtle up and prevent Opportunist from triggering even with Palob stealing a token (Recon Specialist, anyone one with PTL and Focus+Evade, Whisper post-shot, etc). That being said, Dorsal can make the Opportunist build cheaper, running Palob w/Opportunist, K4, Dorsal for an even 30 points, though you could squeeze an Engine Upgrade in there for the same price as the 34 point (Title/Blaster) Opportunist build, which might alleviate some of the issues by allowing you to close to R1 more frequently. I'll be honest, I haven't put any EUs on HWKs and quite frankly if I'm gonna spend 4 points on a mod slot, I'd rather give it a Shield Upgrade for a tad more durability, but that's neither here nor there. As far as Opportunist Palob is concerned, he's only got one weapon in my book, and that's the Blaster Turret. Essentially, if you're gonna give Palob a hammer, give him the biggest one you've got.
  9. I could see it being useful on Kavil, but on other pilots/ships I'd either go for an Autoblaster for a point less, or find 3 points for TLT. In very specific builds, I think blaster might still be better, specifically, Opportunist Palob.
  10. I've got some results from the Store Championship at Dragon's Dens in Poughkeepsie, NY. We didn't have a huge turnout, only nine players in all, so after four rounds of swiss we had our top four: Winner (Me) 4-0 [749 MOV], Palob Godahli with Predator and TLT Torkhil Mux with TLT Black Sun Ace with Predator Syndicate Thug with Autoblaster Turret Second Place, Andrew (3-1) Oicunn with Predator, Gunner, Mercenary Co-Pilot, Anti-Pursuit Lasers Krassis Trellix with Gunner, Mangler Cannon, Tactical Jammer Third Place, Jade (3-1) Poe with Integrated Astro, R2D2, VI Miranda with C3PO, TLT Gold Squadron Pilot with BB-8, TLT As a side-note, Jade was the only player out of the top four I didn't end up flying against, but she acquitted herself well, at least from what I saw from the table next to hers. Fourth Place, Rich Tycho Celchu with PTL, Expert Handling, PRockets, Experimental Interface, Title Jake Farrell with PTL, VI, PRockets, Autothrusters, Title Green Squadron Pilot with PTL, Wired, PRockets, Hull Upgrade, Title I was honestly surprised by the small turnout, as I expected more players from the greater NYC area to show, but it seemed like everyone had a good time regardless.
  11. I've been running Torkhil and Palob as a duo since they dropped in Wave 6. They're pretty nasty on their own, and even better together. I've recently been running the following list to some success; a 10th place finish out of roughly 36 players (might have been more, but for some reason the number 36 is stuck in my head). I previously had a Cartel Marauder in the list instead of the Syndicate Thug, but after flying against Omega Leader and other Aces, I decided to squeeze an Autoblaster turret in the list instead. Palob Godalhi (29) HWK-290 (20), Predator (3), Twin Laser Turret (6) Torkhil Mux (25) HWK-290 (19), Twin Laser Turret (6) Black Sun Ace (26) Kihraxz Fighter (23), Predator (3) Syndicate Thug (20) Y-Wing (18), Autoblaster Turret (2) 100 Points Predator + Mux's ability does a lot of work in this list, both against targets that Mux drops to 0, and with the relative frequency of generic pilots (at least in my area). I've got another version of this list waiting in the wings for Wave 8 to drop, but seeing as how there's an SC I'm hoping to take that to later this month. As far as getting the most of out Torkhil's ability, one list I've been considering post-Wave 8 is the following: Black Sun Ace (26) x 2 Kihraxz Fighter (23), Predator (3) Tansarii Point Veteran (23) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (17), Predator (3), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), Tractor beam (1) Torkhil Mux (25) HWK-290 (19), Twin Laser Turret (6) 100 Points You have Torkhil drop someone to 0, then the TPV fires and tries to drop their agility/move the target to R1 of either of the BSAs, and then they open up hopefully with a focus and Predator re-rolls. If the target is still up at that point, you've got Torkhil's TLT to smack them with. Could be nasty, though it does suffer from Torkhil being the lynchpin of the list and when he goes down, it'll lose some of its potency. Edited: formatting.
  12. Time to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb...
  13. Nice work! Lovin' that Kihraxz!
  14. Personally, I like rolling with a 40 point Guri, though she's pretty sold with a cheaper build. For Defense: Guri + Virago + Autothrusters + PTL + Sensor Jammer For a more offensive build: Guri + Predator + Virago + FCS + Autothrusters + Glitterstim or Feedback Array I actually haven't flown Xizor though he lends himself to VI rather nicely, I think. As far as her escorts go I'm not sure what to run with her. You could take 4 Feedback Array Black Sun Soldiers, or 60 Points of whatever you feel like really.
  15. If the entire meta is going to be 3 ship lists, each with 2 low health aces (since you're ignoring the stacks of tokens they hide behind), this is a smart play.I've played 5 Autoblaster Y-Wings before and it's decent. I had an idea that 4 autoblaster K-Wings would be good. Beyond range 1 they have their regular turrets. They have slam, and they have 9 health each. It's not like you're going to face a swarm since no one plays swarm, and should you face quad TLT you have the advantage once you close to range 1. Against a fat turret you can just 2 damage plink it to death, and if it closes to range 1 it's now facing 3 dice. I had a Redline + Mini-Crack Swarm for my first opponent, and I know there was a Fel + Mini-Swarm that the winner flew against for round 2 of swiss. Fat turrets were actually completely absent for the event, as were Scyks and Bombers (not 100% sure about the bombers), if I recall correctly. Every other ship was being fielded. Fel, Omega Leader, and Howlrunner, were the most popular named pilots. There were at least 8-9 K-Wings with 7 of them being Wardens; 4 in the winners list and another 3 being run as heavy bombers with Ion and Proton Bombs, and Bombardier crew (if I'm remembering the list correctly, not 100% sure since I didn't fly against it), as well as 1 or 2 Mirandas floating around. Overall, it was a fairly diverse tourney, with some really interesting/nasty stuff being run.
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