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  1. Why would someone want a trophy they didn't win?
  2. IThat would be broken as all hell... why? maybe provide some examples for fun... But Yeah. You're right. Maybe restrict it to pilot abilities within your own faction? Even then. Whisper with two actions instead of a focus after attacking? A Green Squadron Pilot with this, Biggs ability, Autothrusters and PtL to focus and evade. A Corran in a K-Wing? SLAMming on the off-rounds. This post did a pretty good job of demonstrating my point...corran in almost anything else came up (could you imagine him in that falcon?)Pilot abilities were designed with the limitations and jobs of their ships in mind. You start letting people pass abilities around willy nilly the game becomes impossible to balance properly and you drive people away. Doesn't attack wing do this? Look how that turned out... Edit to add: just off the top of my head...carnor jax in a decimator or vader in a phantom..there are serious problems with this
  3. You're living in the past, man! These are the bunkers of the future, man! The future! THE FUTURE!!!! *ahem* Sorry, feeling silly today. Incorrect we all know this happend a long time ago....in a galaxy far away
  4. And now we know why the raider came w 4 titles...
  5. Or it might just look bad that you are using fels wrath...
  6. I don't see how it could be a bad thing. It gives new people a dedicated place to post and find answers to many of the basic questions they might have. Questions that are elementary to the rest of us. Answers would be in an easy to find place. No one would have to "graduate" to the standard forum and a newbie could skip the whole newbie forum if they wanted to. I don't buy the argument that this would "divide and segregate" the community or that having a newbie form is somehow "elitist or sends a bad message." Anyone can read and post anywhere they want...and many people post in multiple forums and subforums...it's just a way to make info easier to find and put it in one place. That being said...It makes no nevermind to me in the least...the forum gods will do what they will...i'm fine with or without it...
  7. I see no reason why they should be banned...those who want to compete should be able to, and those who want to test should be able to...I don't think it needs to be an either or proposition... Edit: stupid phone
  8. I understand you are new...but this topic comes up very frequently and has been done to death several times over. This came up as recently as last week. FFG has states categorically that this won't happen...it doesn't jive with the disti model. That being said continue to save and buy what you can...you can always proxy stuff too!!! :-)
  9. I'm sorry, but the game designers clearly disagree that the old damage deck wasn't an issue, otherwise they wouldn't have updated and revised the damage deck when given the chance to do so. That a commercial decision has taken priority over that issue does not mean there wasn't an issue to begin with. To be fair the designers are also wrong about Super Dash. All the old deck did was on occasion screw HWK and Y-Wing players and people who put 60 points into a fat turret. Fat turret players getting screwed is always a good thing, and the occasional game where your Gold Squadron loses its TLT sucks but it never warranted the new deck. Academy Pilots ignoring 1/7th of crit effects isn't actually a problem. If the old deck was even an issue it was pretty much the least pressing one this game has ever faced. Certainly not enough to alienate a bunch of people unwilling to obtain the new core, and still less of an issue than Super Dash or Super Corran. They made the right decision allowing damage deck choice. So why should any ship get a significantly different outcome to the same Critical Hit. It's supposed to be a critical hit, after all. If they wanted basic ships to be immune to 1/7 crits, you'd be able to roll an attack die for every crit and if you roll a crit as well, you flip it face down. Would you be happy if your opponent was allowed to make you include an attack die that didn't have a crit marked on it a couple of times a game? We all use the same dice, marked the same way for a reason. Allowing player choice over such a core game mechanic as the damage deck is, to my mind at least, a poor decision at a game design level. You don't normally get to chose which version of the decloak or barrel roll rules you want to use, why is the damage deck any different? Especially when they had so many other options to get the new damage deck out there, such as including damage decks in Tournament packs so that players can access the new damage deck without buying the new core set. I've played other systems that gave away printed copies of their new edition rule book (albeit a readers digest version) to players that showed their old rulebook to their games store. And they did that twice! For a company that can and does print a stack of new art card versions for each new tournament pack, cost to the player doesn't need to come into this. Would you be happy if a Super Dash player plopped down 3 of the largest debris fields and forced you to deal with the consequences while completely ignoring them himself? Obstacle choice is /far more/ game-able and has far more of an impact on the game than damage deck choice. I don't really care what Alex Davy thinks. He joined the game during wave 4, right? Pre-Alex Davy X-Wing was the pre-Super Phantom pre-Turretwing X-Wing where your ships only got to attack once, do one action, and only got to move once. Where dials actually mattered. The golden age. So if he thinks the damage deck was such a pressing issue while also thinking Super Dash doesn't ruin the game he's just wrong. No it wasn't...ptl has been around since wave 2 and vader since 1...you have always been able to take multiple actions. The pwt has existed since wave 2 as well...oh and gunner top so you could shoot twice in your "golden age" Boost was also a thing back then and barrel roll has been around since the games inception. The falcon has always been able to shoot in any direction...so could a ywing that took a turret upgrade. your hatred of the pwt is legendary yes...but if you are going to talk crap on the designer don't bring up things you dislike that he didn't create and act like they didn't exist before his arrival. none of those things you mentioned were created post wave 3...he may have utilized those things you dislike more...but don't act like they weren't already heavily used during the "golden age" it xwing... Your reasoning for your attack is weak...
  10. It is possible they could be though...they talk about thr release dates in quarters...we really have no idea what their fiscal calendar looks like or what it is divided into...perhaps they simply copy and paste release dates on the upcoming page from a master file. Not saying I don't lean more toward your understanding...but we really just don't know.
  11. sleeves should fix that problem...I didn't realize dirty hands was such an issue for so many people.
  12. I think that is the best solution. Truth be told I don't like the damage deck ruling...but i'll assume that there are actual solid business reasons for it. Perhaps making the initial offering at target didn't work so well... I think this solution is he way to go....it keeps you from tailoring your crits to protect you...when crits should be weakening you and your opponent.
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