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  1. Has anyone made any blank technology cards so we could come up with some homebrew designs?
  2. You know what would be a real good expansion option? Flagship IIs
  3. I just took the information from the poster. So I assume you were able to find it? Post up a different ship to find then.
  4. Time to play "Where's Starship" (sort of like Where's Waldo) Starship to look for The Great Fox from Star Fox Star Fox Team, 890 meters I rearranged it from franchise, faction, ship class, and size to ship class and franchise, followed by faction and size.
  5. ^nuff said. Now some might say that X-wing has too many supply chain problems to allow extended to be the format for the ships but in that case FFG needs to streamline their supply chain or be a little more lenient on what models can be use for what (i.e. allowing a Resistance Falcon model to act as a Rebel Alliance Falcon as long as the cardboard and dials match the card). IMHO changing the points for the format only just to make it competitive really points out the flaws with the format. As I said before if they have problem models don't ban the modoels ban the pilots or upgrades.
  6. then why is it still garbage?
  7. It should have been an LCG. Well while I am not happy about another FFG living game getting the plug pulled, I didn't want this game to do so well because I didn't want randomized packs to be featured in later games, especially how we have them in just about every game now these days coughEAcoughBattlefrontcough2cough Thing is this lesson has been demonstrated even before Disney got their hands on it.
  8. Team Covenant did a podcast episode about it and Crabbok made a video. They are trying to look for the silver lining but in reality there is none.
  9. The only thing $tar War$ caters to is Money. Good Science Fiction franchises don't die off just because there is nothing new made. Dune has a new movie coming up, Firefly still has plenty of fans despite the best efforts of FOX. I don't want to see it die off, but I do think the mouse needs to be starved, instead you still contribute to the gluttony of the soulless media corporations that consume everything around. They don't want to make things good or what people want they want mindless people to consume "service" and then get excited for new "service".
  10. Do I need to say anymore Most of the interactive? Well I guess the App will never get improvements.
  11. Just like the new movies don't make the prequels any good, the new stuff doesn't make the old movies bad, but here is the thing, you cannot make anything enjoyable of the franchise unless you get the blessing (mainly through exorbitant tribute) from these IP holders, and they don't care about making anything enjoyable or good, they only care about the money. Any project that had actual passion behind it is threatened by all this new consumer content which isn't worth the price they are demanding, heck you don't even have to be selling it you can make it for free just out of passion and then get slapped by a stack of papers from their army of lawyers. Case & Point see below. So yes, this new stuff is ruining the franchise and those that enjoy it are just easy marks who still feed this monster which needs to die of starvation. So yes the new content is ruining the enjoyment of the franchise and the fans of this unworthy content are keeping it going. Yep this is keeping me and many others from enjoying the franchise.
  12. The one movie from Disney I enjoyed, not as a story before the first movie but more like some sort of high production value fanfic that makes any X-wing, Armada, Legion, Imperial Assault match plausible. Dark Forces still has the better story.
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