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  1. It was before Wave 9.
  2. Flotillas have just been nerfed. Atanni Mindlink will have its reckoning.
  3. For one, this is old news two the guy is only replying to every post to start a lame argument with no such founding. and three, there is an ignore feature on the OP's profile so you never have to see him again.
  4. Time to Nerf Yavaris! Don't worry the forums board admirals will find another thing to complain about!
  5. Well I was comparing more to the amount of hate that they received on the Armada forums with items that received the same amount of hate on the X-wing forums. Also some physical similarities. Both Jumpmasters and Flotillas are models (well flotillas is more like a model type so calling the large based ships). Rhymer effect and Biggs were pilot abilities (although like Yavaris Biggs is the only reason people take X-wings). And Reiken was actually more broken than Atanni Mindlink as it was an upgrade that took worlds where mindlink was not on the final table.
  6. Yeah I have wrote what they have not changed so far but battery armaments and hull and shield values are also on the ship's base. As for point cost yeah that is something they have not changed in Armada, or X-wing but they have in Imperial Assault Skirmish so it isn't an FFG precedent but it is an Armada precedent.
  7. Maybe I should have used Rhymed since it is shorter than rhymer, get it? ... ... Rhymered is good.
  8. Here let me pull out my Armada Forum to X-wing Forum translator. Floatillas were Jumpmasters, Reiken was Atanni Mindlink Rymer was Biggs Does that clear things up for you?
  9. the best filler ship for scum no doubt. As for ability I would go with focus over target lock. The ability only works once per round. Also getting double focus is the same as getting double hit. If it was a 3 die attack (range 1) then maybe I would chose target lock but it would be hard to decide (pilot skill 1 remember).
  10. There was 3 topics on Armada that were in serious contention of the forums. The squadron heavy meta which was spearheaded by Rhymer and the Rhymer ball and aggravated by traits like intel and relay. Some people preferred the meta where squadrons were only an option (even if it wasn't a good one). Soon it was clear you would need some squadron formation be it bomber of anti-bomber screen. Flotillas, they were the cheapest squadron commands per points spent and the cheapest ships to pad your number of activation. Because the meta was so squadron heavy some people considered flotillas a must have as well since you need the squadron commands to make use of the squadrons. Not having flotillas in your list was the same as not having squadrons, you lose. Worse was many people decided to use a flotilla as their flag ship putting the commander. Most commanders had table wide effects (just like Emperor Palpatine). So a cheap flotilla would have the commander on and it would be in a corner away from battle. Speaking of Commanders, Commander Reiken dominated the top Tables of Worlds. You thought Jumpmasters were bad and Imperials were suffering in X-wing? Nearly the entire cut had rebel lists and every rebel list had Reiken in it. Armada was truly the less balanced game according to worlds 2017. So all of these things were addressed and by addressed I mean dragged into an alley and hit repeatedly with a nerf bat. Rymer's range was reduced, Flotillas can no longer be used as flagships, and Reiken was reduced to "once per round" and since Armada has only 6 rounds it means Reiken only triggers 4 times. Also that trigger is probably automatic so your opponent can dictate who is "zombied". Yeah the calls for Nerfs on the Armada thread was just as bad as the nerf calls on the X-wing forums.
  11. Okay, well let me know on how you want to send them. I'll PM you on the list. I currently have 14 earlier versions of FAQs to include the split formats such as Epic, Escalation and torunament.
  12. Let me know if you need some of the older FAQs. I have kept an archive for X-wing FAQs from 2014 (when the autoblaster FAQ was reversed). It helps me when I am looking up for certain rules that used to have an official ruling and ones that did (such as when the dial gate happened).
  13. Video coming up soon?
  14. I would like some buffs to be included with FAQs and balance corrections.