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  1. On alternate win conditions it is harder but only in comparison of what the other side had to do with their primary win conditions. Sure as far as winning on alternate win conditions it is easier for the Corp to flat line the runner than it is for Runner to mill R&D. But again when it came to primary victory by scoring agendas unless it was an Agenda like NAPD contract the runner just had to access the card. Also you didn't see Runners milling a lot of decks because by the time the Corp was in danger of being milled the Runner would likely win on a run in the Archives pulling all the discarded agendas from there. So yeah the Corp had an easier alternate win condition from the Runner only because their primary win condition was harder than that of the runner. And to be fair the Runner's alternate win conditions wasn't exactly a goal of the Runner as much as it was a failure condition for the Corp. Something to put the Corp on the clock so that they just don't try and stall out the game. But as for scorched lately it wasn't really that much of a threat because runners were good at keeping their grip to max size before a run. But yeah running has lost a lot of its threat. Right now the worst that could happen in a run is you are taxed out to give the corp a scoring window. You almost have to commit suicide to be flatlined as a runner.
  2. Rhymer with E-wings and Lancers.
  3. I see what you mean, there are more bombers than just TIE Bomber and Y-wings as many squadrons have the bomber trait. Bomber with blue and black antiship dice is statistically one of the best you can have. But offensive capabilities is more than just dice as the speed is the range of the bomber's attack (After a squadron command). And given Rhymer's increased range makes them that much more potent. The Rebels do have more ships with Bomber but many of those ships are more like Fighter bombers, basically a starfighter with a couple of dumb bombs kind of like putting bombs on a F-14 or F-16. And bringing up the VT-49 you don't need Bomber trait to be effective at an antiship role if you have high enough anti ship value. Of course the VT-49 is more like a gunboat. If it were a higher speed it would be a perfect flotilla hunter. But along with bomber squadron there is also squadrons in a bomber support role. Most common is escorts where as we have both agreed on Rebels have nailed down. But for Imperials it is more of increasing the range with ships like Lambda Shuttle and relay 2 giving Imperial bombers virtual control over the entire play area. Basically there is no reason you can not activate a bomber without a squadron command unless all your ships are dead. The jumpmaster is not as good of an escort as the YT-1300 but with intel and swarm it makes a perfect Imperial counterpart in a squadron that increases the effectiveness of the Bombers in an anti ship roll. Dengar may not have escort but giving all squadrons counter is a good substitute. But anyways Imperials have the better bombers because their range is much superior of their rebel counter parts. The Rebel lancer is fast but it is expensive also outrunning escorts is not a good strategy for Rebels. I would argue that Rhymer/Bomber-Dengar-Lambda might not be as tough as Y-wing-YT1300-Hwk/Jan but it will be more of a threat than the Rebel formation.
  4. Yeah the counter intel is not the same as escort. Escort protects against squadron attacks, Intel keeps your squadrons from being tied down. There is no Escort Intel but counter escort and counter intel combos make it very dificult to engage the escorts to get to the bombers. Rebels just have the pieces that fit together perfectly. Imperials do have their own build. Rhymer is the best Bomber Ace. Also with the Lambda Shuttle Relay2 Imperials can literally put their bombers anywhere on the board. But yeah in summary, Imperials have the best Bombers, Rebels have the best Bomber Escorts.
  5. Didn't we have a thread already for this. Well here is my entry again. A faction mixing format using subfaction splits and Scum Mercenaries (seeing if I can get a tournament in after the Episode 8 release hits.
  6. Well most wanted didn't really fix the Y-wing, Z-95 HWK or even the Firespray. If you want a mass fix for older ships it seems more like a 2.0 is required.
  7. TIE Advanced is an escort option for TIE Bombers, but nothing in comparison to the escort+counter of YT-1300 or the counter+intel of HWKs. Black squadron is a unique squadron so you can only have 1 and it being a non-ace no defense tokens which isn't good for a 3 hp squadron. Jumpmasters have intel + swarm which can make Rhymer balls more deadly rerolling those blanks but it doesn't protect rhymer. To be honest what Imps have going for them bomber wise that Rebels can't is Relay with the Lambda shuttles. This allows Bombers to go way ahead of some of the slower VSD ships and still be effective with squadron dials and token commands. So Imps ave a powerful formation that is pure offense, Rebels have the sticky difficult to deal with bombers that take a considerable amount of effort to remove.
  8. Well you did have closed accounts with NBN. Also with the high influence cost unless your entire deck was designed by tag and bag you wouldn't see it outside of a Wayland deck. Yes I know most butcher shops were NBN but again that would be all the influence and it is pretty easy to tell when you are up against a Butcher shop NBN. I don't know I just kind of want runs to have some sort of threat element to them. Right now I think the closest we have is snare from Jentiki. But yeah tags should be punishing but not game ending. I guess we need to find another way to put in a threat of flatlining if the runner was not prepared for such an event.
  9. Would you be against them if they were in a draft format? We are talking about making other formats other than the standard one. So yeah put them back in. Don't like the format, don't play it.
  10. New waves would be nice. I still want to see what they have especially with prow and hold hull zones.
  11. Oh my I literally forgot where I was how embarrassing Yeah in Armada TIE Bombers are awesome but they lack the proper escorts. Y-wings are not as good as a Rhymer ball but the escort options for Y-wings make them unstoppable.
  12. single bomb slot, a lot of upgrades that do not combine, not maneuverable when compared to slamming K-wings, heck even the Punisher with boost has a bit more movement. Also squish health behind not much defense (6 hull, no shields 2 agility). Granted the only Bomber (not including sabine/cad bane upgrades) worse than the TIE Bomber at bombing is probably the Y-wing. If you included cad bane / sabine then I guess the HWK might be the worse, of course the lambda might be a contender.
  13. What article? There is no X-wing news today. But Star Wars Destiny has a draft? It is already a random booster CCG. Draft is nothing more than buying a box and passing the cards around.
  14. Bombs are in for the current meta, but TIE Bombers are just not the best bombers in X-wing. To be honest they are closer to the worst. I'm sorry I forgot this was Armada, I thought I was in X-wing. I'll go back in my shame.
  15. I didn't think it was broken, but it did put the danger and made every run potentially hazardous if you got caught with a tag. I guess they wanted new Netrunner to be more new player friendly but with that being said I feel that the even more suspense in netrunenr has been removed and we are just back to high efficiency glacier/fast advance type decks. That being said does anyone feel threatened by flatlineing anymore?