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  1. Well just played an epic match however didn't finish it because store always insist on using the same 3 hour block they use for regular X-wing night instead on a weekend. Anyways Team epic, ended up being 3 with a total of 400 squadron points 6 epic points per team (so similar to your 2 v 2). I wen straight for big ships and big ships only. Raider Front Single Turbolaser Tibana Gas Cylanders Gunnery Team Raider Rear Darth Vader Shield Technician Engine Team Sensor Team Quad Laser CannonS Quad Laser Cannons Backup Shield Generator (In case front got blown up) Optimized Generators Instigator and also with it Captain Jonus Decoy TIE Shuttle Systems Officer Ysane Issard so a total of 182 for me. The rest was split among my team, one took Qucikdraw and named Strikers, the other took Backdraft and a Howlrunner crack swarm. So we were up against a Scum list with a G-roc (Gozanti proxied for a C-Roc, uses same dial, damage deck, and base but used the C-ROC card and treated as a scum ship), The C-Roc had Jabba, Azmorgon and HLT. One person brought Ventres, Eval (with HLC), and Dengar, and another brought Big@$$ Kath, Kavil with TLT and expertise, a couple of protectorate and a Black Sun Klingon (Kihrax) with a cloaking device. Anyway they started with their G-Roc in the center leaning towards the far table edge to our right, I deployed my raider leaned at an angle in the corner at our left table edge to pull up side by the G-Roc, Asteroids were simply split mat down the long half (not too thrilled but oh well). The howlrunner swarm deployed towards the center. They deployed all the large ships except for Kath on my side of the table to face off and rush the rear end of the raider. Kath was on the other side of the G-Roc along with Kavil, Klingon, and Protectorates, The Strikers were deployed of the back end. Quick Draw was deployed behind the Raider to challenge the large ship and I deployed jonus off the side for fire spotting. Took a few turns before the Raider got in any position to fire. Was able to make target locks but the front arc is narrower than it looks. We sent the howlrunenr swarm and Quickdraw to deal with the 3 big ships coming down on the raider. When I finally got to shoot (skill 6 thanks to decoy jonus) it was on Kath (who was doing a good job keeping the back-blast area anything but clear) and Eval came up on the side at range 2 (through a rock though). So Kath, took a primary weapon hit which scored 2 hits and a crit evaded all 3, spend 2 energy to make another attack, wiffed, spent target lock (from systems officer) for 2 hits and a crit. Took off some shields. Single turbolaser fired, one focus to hit and spent energy for blank to hit for 3 hits and a crit, got passed shields and did a face up, vader for another face up. The was quad cannon range for Moral Eval through a rock though. Fired 1 Quad Laser, jonus, did 1 damage, fired second quad laser, jonus, wiffed spent energy to repeat, did 3 damage one was face up. In that single turn I spend 8 energy tokens firing everything. Only lost 3 shields of the rear. One was thanks to range 3 reinforced the other Vader damage. So ended up doing a 3 energy maneuver, charged up all my weapons, got another 2 from optimized generator, recover 2 energy to 3 shields,and wasback and ready for the next action. The Howlrunner swarm finished off Eval and Fentres and left Kath down to 1 health. Next turn didn't do much but coordinate a TIE Fighter off a rock, and took some pot shot at the G-Roc, Dengar was shooting at the rear section taking off another shield token from a freshly recovered section, then the store started to close. I'd still say the Howlrunenr swarm did most of the heavy lifting finishing off 3 ships. The Raider helped but it wasn't the star. Although for a raider it did fairly okay. It had one good turn of attacking but that one turn did burn through a lot of energy and forced to make a recover action (so in reality a total of 10 energy). But to be fair that is kind of what you want to do with gun ships. Have 1 turn of shooting everything and then one turn to reload and recharge. Still Best idea is to put as many fighters between the huge ships and its largest threats. The quad laser cannon broadside was just in case something got too close and was heading to the rear section (the weakest section of all corvettes), which was used in full effect against a YV-666. single Turbolaser allowed Vader to Reach out and Choke a Kath. ALthough you can count on players always trying to deploy immediately against your huge ship since they deploy first. Also don't underestimate coordinate action. Having system officer on jonus allowed me to give double actions to Howlrunner, quickdraw and even get a Black Squadron off a rock.
  2. The Imperial March when ever you place the Raider on the board.
  3. Where there is no auto-damage or at least not much of it as autoblasters are not that big of a feature in the meta due to their short range. But there is a lot of auto hit or near auto hits. Firepower creep has set in and that was to overtake the auto-evade or what is also known as 2 guaranteed damage mitigation. So with the 2 auto-evades taking over the meta the only way to get past it is 3 auto hits. Now TLT does not do 3 auto hits but it does have a higher damage output probability than Primary Firepower 3 and being a turret also puts it in the same power bracket as 3 PWTs. For a while (Wave 4-6) The meta was in a Tank Cycle where point fortress and matches being determined by MOV and time were the meta. Now it has moved over to the Kill Cycle where high defense list are just overwhelmed by sheer firepower that is now available that wasn't there before. Sure it means that a lot of builds have a high bar of standards but to be honest given the past Wave 3-7 Meta, do you really want to go back to that?
  4. Fixed it for ya
  5. Being able to plan a maneuver that catches your opponent in arc (without having them boost and barrel roll out of there) Using synergies and combos to pull off impressive attacks (or impressive dodges) Playing different formats other than competitive standard (later, got to prep for an Epic game)
  6. Just wondering do people put Shield Upgrade to get another use from Quick Draw? I don't see him that much, usually only a couple of Zeta Specialists.
  7. and inheritance to all of the A-wing stuff as well. Now the million dollar question, What do Imperial's get, or is the 1st Order going to be checking it's privilege?
  8. Sorry but even though Huge ships need all the help they could get you should put in an energy cost in all of these. 2 for the Reinforce, 1 for the Maintenance Droids (so it is less effective as a standard recover). 1 for the tactical advisers but then again you might want to make it 2 points. However doing so also opens up room for Jam and Coordinate actions as well.
  9. News flash: The Emperor is dead, has been dead for a few decades now. You now have Supreme Leader Snoke to blame for your lack of weapons. He spent all of the budget on Starkiller Base. Anyways I'm wondering Boba fet and Gonk, would that be any good?
  10. Or better, stickers where the adhesive is on the side of the word similar to the ones you use for parking permit decals that you put on the inside of your windshield. That way you can put the sticker inside the sleeve instead of doubling it. The only question would be the cost.
  11. Well just like T-70 gets all the X-wing only stuff so the RZ-5 (or what ever number >1 they chose) will be able to grab both Chardaan Refit and A-wing Test Pilot title, also being in the sequel movies it will have tech, and 3 shields. Can my prequel ships have artifact slots then?
  12. Since we only have 2 factions I am against dual faction ships unless there were ways to make said Rebel version of the ship strikingly different from the Imperial version of the ship. However in that case you might as well just make a different ship.
  13. Nerf the Nerf Herding Nerf Threads!
  14. Well to be fair the best list advice is compared to other meta squads. It is like what Palp Aces which was compared too the gate keepers (that let the jumpmaster through) or Whisper being called Han's bodyguard (since he was no where to be found in Waves 2 and 3). Now of course no one wants to see their list being straight up replaced with the net list but a couple of things have to be taken in consideration. How does it fare when facing up against net lists? If similar to a meta list then what benefit does the changes to the list provide? Very few does a list with a slight deviation become more successful than the standard. And lists that do have slight deviations had good justifications (such as the Anti Pursuit Lasers on Super Dash) be it to counter the meta mirror (Super Dash vs Super Dash) or be better off when facing the unfavorable match up (Han vs Swarm). Some times it is just better to go with what has been tried and true than to try somethign crazy. Maybe if it was a one time thing cheese could work but in a tournament where there are multiple match ups, as Stannis Baratheon once said, "The Dwarf played his little trick, he could only do it once".
  15. I worked on Aircraft engines that were born a year before me. Yes things can be old.