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  1. Marinealver

    A Simpler Time

    Read every word and letter and what does it say?
  2. Marinealver

    A Simpler Time

    You use my name as a quote referring that I hated Star Trek The Next Generation. You can go ahead and take that DOWN. Half of those are wrong!
  3. Marinealver

    A Simpler Time

    Why are you talking smack about The Next Generation! You can go ahead and remove your libel at this moment!
  4. Marinealver

    New Flechette Weapons = Strain?

    Right now we have in addition to stress and target locked, we have tractor (-1 agility) jam (removes green token), weapons disabled. Each one of those tokens is disabling and as for the permanent ones (stress target lock) can be fatal. Not to mention conditions often have a lasting and often times negative effect. As for flechette that has always been a stress weapon in the same way Ion canons give out ion tokens. So I don't see a need to make a whole new token, and definitely not needed to tie it to flechette weapons.
  5. Marinealver

    Point update - will it cascade to saved swuads

    Indeed, the point cost should be tied to the pilot/upgrade card so theoretically the only way to change the cost is to go to the doc and edit the data which will transfer to all lists that use that file. However, if it turns out not to be the case and point changes do not carry over to saved squads; lets just say, I would not be surprised.
  6. Marinealver

    What is hyperspace format?

    yup already escalated
  7. Marinealver

    What is hyperspace format?

    and back to the hyperspace wars. The Hyperspaceistance vs the Extended Order!
  8. Marinealver

    What is hyperspace format?

    According to many players on this forum this was where it hurt
  9. Marinealver

    What is hyperspace format?

    Hey, that is the reason they gave us in the article. Oh I forgot to add in redefining. OrgPlay is getting a little kinky these days.
  10. Marinealver

    What is hyperspace format?

    It is a format that consists all of the ships, pilots, upgrades from 2.0 expansions (or expansions that have 2.0 components like Saw's Renegades) and few select ships, pilots, upgrades, from extended. It is the format OP is pushing for competitive play and going to be the format for their premier tournament events. Currently the format has been heavily truncated for diversity() with all factions on average having only 4 playable ships. Most of the Wave 3 conversion kits are excluded while almost all of the wave 2 conversion kits are playable. Wave 3 will also be (presumably) playable since they didn't exists in 1st edition (save for 1 ship).
  11. Marinealver

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    Okay so squadron packs, they are 3 ships, 1 pair and a single ship. The thing is that squadron packs have 1 ship you can't get in another expansion. However it is likely that the expansion that has the other ship that is not unique to the squadron packs will have some upgrades not in the squadron pack, just as the squadron pack will have upgrades that are not in any other expansion released up to Wave 3. So basically you need to decide what ship you want. If it is the one that is exclusively in the squadron pack, plan on picking one up. If it is the one that is in the squadron pack and has an expansion, you are likely going too have to get both. If it is not in the squadron pack, you could get away with not grabbing one. However with the 3rd wave factions only having 3 ships each, it is unlikely you are going to be running a list of all Sith Infiltrators or ARC-170s.
  12. Marinealver

    Remember When Kylo Ren was Imperial?

    Pah The Empire got robbed!
  13. Marinealver

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    With them using that buzzword so frequently in that article, you'd think they were running for office.
  14. Marinealver

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Well I2 is a weaker I1 in perspective. Sure I2 can be a blocker but it gets out rushed by I1s. The point I was making is that the most powerful Initiative values are the ones at the end being the 0 and 7 which can only be achieved through an upgrade/pilot ability/special rule. The most powerful natural values are 1 and 6, then followed by 5 and 2. Initiative 6 is more powerful than 5 but for now the cost is so high and the selection of I6 pilots so limited that it is better to go with an I5 and make a bid then go with I6 and not have a single point to spare for a bid. As for Iniative 1 and 2 well now every ship just about has I1, back in 1st edition PS1 was a more restricted thing with only 19 out of 54 ships (counting multi-faction ships multiple times excluding huge ships) had a PS1 pilot. Extended has 29 out of 58 ships with an Initiative 1 pilot so there is a lot more options for ships to go under that 2 value. As for 3 and 4, with them being in the middle they are at the bottom of the smile curve. Yeah it was pretty much a linear increase. Generally it costed 1 squadron point to increase pilot skill by 1 as in example Rookie a PS2 pilot for 21 point to Red Squadron a PS4 pilot for 23 points. Unless it was a cheap ship like a TIE Fighter then it was only 1 point to increase pilot skill by 2 (Academy to Obsidian Squadron). Now why on Correscuant did FFG make Veteran Instinct cost only 1 point instead of 2 (especially when shield upgrade costed 4 points) is beyond me but that is all in the past. The thing is when starting at Initiative 1 as you go up in initiative you lose in blocking potential but gain in reaction power. Now the first gains in reaction power (I1 to I2, I2 to I3) are not worth the loss in blocking potential, but eventually (I5) they cross over and start to overtake all losses. However the point addition is still linear starting at 1. This is why I say there should be no point increase from 1 to 3, because in that bracket the cost is in the loss in blocking power for the pilot ability and in face offs to be able to outpace the I1s in shooting. However there is a way to sort of boost the middle pilot skills using upgrade slots. As the Talent slot was meant for higher skill/initiative pilots with the lowest being initiative 3, all you have to do is make a talent that works against a higher pilot skill. The potential trouble in that is if all the high Initiative pilots start to get out gunned then the meta will drop to I1 TIE/Headhunter/Vulture swarms. So it is a real balancing act to get everything right.
  15. Marinealver

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Binary, 0 & 1 That way there are only 10 different pilot skills