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  1. Marinealver

    The force is real!!

    No you dad would be stress. P=F/A PA=F Hey, the force is male also
  2. Marinealver

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    I'm just getting a 3" binder and throwing them in there. I am disappointed there isn't much in the way of threat cards in the conversion kits. I was planning on organizing all the cards in their prebuilds since the App is going to have all the rules.
  3. Marinealver

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    Ships they wanted to make better were made better Ships they wanted to tone down has been completely knocked on their ka-base. Ships that have been forgotten about are pretty much meh. I think we can all say the HWK-290 is in the 1st category.
  4. Marinealver

    The force is real!!

    Of course it is, it is your mom, F=ma See you "ma" is female.
  5. Marinealver

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    E-wings were pretty bad in 1st eddition, there was a single Coran Horn build (that had R2-D2) that was good, and unlike Biggs which didn't matter what Astromech you took, Both Coran and R2 got hit by the nerf bat hard. End result End-Wings.
  6. With the Republic being so fractured even though not all Star Systems went to the other Nations, there are still some Noble Houses that keep Jedi Knights round, although many have gone solely to clone troopers as their defense. The Jedi Exile was also setting up the scattering of force users across the galaxy outside of Republic Control.
  7. Marinealver

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Eventually 2nd Edition is going to merge with Extended as all the 1st Edition ships get re-released in 2.0. As for me I am still interested in formats that use threat or some sort of hybrid system.
  8. Marinealver

    Future of 1.0?

    That's me, I got a binder of all the cards to be released for 1.0. There was an app called X-wing companion but it has been removed from Google Play. For me 1.0 epic will still be around for a while. There might be some things that mix 2.0 and epic. But 1.0 is the huge ship format untill FFG converts them over, but I doubt it will be before the announced ships are crossed over.
  9. The reason why Storm Troopers wear all white is so that you know they are evil.
  10. Marinealver

    Where can I find ship icons?

    Yeah, I'd figured that. The 2.0 Dial upgrades are the same, I just haven't got a new one so I didn't say if they came with one or not because I wasn't sure.
  11. Marinealver

    Where can I find ship icons?

    I know the old dial upgrade kits have them, I am not so sure about the new ones. They seem to be the repackaged old kit without the silhouettes.
  12. Marinealver


    I for one welcome our new TIE-Bomber overlords. I mean all through 1st edition the TIE-Bomber was worse than the HWK-290. At least the HWK had good pilot abilities and you can put TLTs on them. TIE Bomber yeah all that missile/bomb/torpedo slots but nothing else that they needed to make them good.
  13. Marinealver

    How’re people building 2.0 Kihraxz Fighters?

    I'm probably still going to play Talonbane w/ cloaking device and still get slaughtered keeping the moniker for the ship "Klingon". It is a good day to die.
  14. Marinealver

    Missiles on YT-1300

    So the 360 attack has been reduced to a 270 attack. And here Arc Dodgers thought they will be able to rule the playmat mwahahaha