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  1. Marinealver

    All Hyperspace-Lists are gone!

    With the App it has always been a blackout after the launch.
  2. So I have made this alternative format concept back in the early days of 1st ed. around Wave 6. I am not going to talk too much about the idea behind it I already have a thread for that below in the main forum that I will link below this paragraph. Instead I want to talk about how I made these Custom formats in the FFG App, and all the workarounds I had to do. Once FFG put Custom formats on their App I'd figured it would help me promote the format. Maybe help was the wrong choice of words. Well anyways here are the different challenges and work arounds I had to do. So 1st challenge is that my alternative format was a faction mixing format means you chose 2 factions and make a list of that. Problem is that in the Custom format the app is naturally set for players to select only 1 faction. So instead what I did was to make a Custom Format for every possible faction combination and bunch all the different custom formats in my alternative format threads. The Custom Title would tell you what faction combination you were using. It was a little bit easier because not every faction could be combined with each other (this was a deliberate choice upon the theme of my format). However there were quite a few lists that the order of the faction selected made for the same custom format in terms of options but just a change in name. Thankfully FFG put in a Duplicate format to be used for simple revisions. Another challenge is my format has restrictions on the 2nd faction you chose. The app does not allow you to separate points when building lists. So I put a quick restriction reminder in the title and suggested they start their list building with the secondary format first then finish the list with their first faction choice. I don't really like this because this is putting responsibility on the user instead of setting up the App tools to notify the user when they break the restrictions. However with the tools we have so far this is the best work around available. I made sure to put the rules clearly in the thread so that they could build their own list format with just a point sheet if needed. Which also means I had to simplify my alternative format from its 1st ed. iteration. The last challenge is that those browsing this on their mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop has been redirected to the Asmode(North America) page. I found this confusing as I had to use my smartphone to recreate this problem when all the work I done on my personal laptop (the computers at work don't access the squad builder). So when making the thread I used the share button on the custom format creation page. Lets just say this share button has a lot of problems. The last 2 letters of the hyperlink ten to go off the screen. It says it has copied to my clipboard but when I paste it wasn't the hyperlink generated. So I had to highlight the entire message box (and get the characters that are off screen). Then after I paste I had to delete the characters that were not part of the hyperlink. Still there is also the problem of mobile devices. So instead of using the share feature I just copied the hyperlink from the address bar and then paste that next to the faction combination name to direct mobile users to the site. So as you can see there were many issues when making a custom format. I still wish there were a few additional options such as being able to highlight points for a second tracker or maybe even a format that allows you to modify the points and highlight those changes (red is an increase, blue is a decrease). But it still can be a useful tool, even if it is a little cumbersome.
  3. Marinealver

    All Hyperspace-Lists are gone!

    Pretty much ^this^. The Hyperspace format has been changed to add in new stuff so FFG hit the Big Reset Button to make the new format. Granted all your old lists would have still be legal as the updated added options instead of taking away options but details.
  4. So I've been sharing my Custom Formats from the official squad builder. The share link button has bugs in it appearing half off screen making it difficult to copy the link. Another thing is that many players have told me that when they click on the link to their mobile device it takes them straight to Asmode(North America) website instead of the custom format.
  5. Marinealver

    Allies & Mercenaries Custom Format (Official App Integration)

    Okay updated the format to include a 90 point limit for Ally/Mercenary pilots (due to Boba Fet now costing 86 points). Also added the Republic and Separatist factions and all allies. Republic w/Scum Separatist w/Scum Rebel w/Republic Empire w/Republic Resistance w/Separatist 1st Order w/Separatist Enjoy
  6. Marinealver

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    Well it seems closer to shield upgrade if you ask me. The one advantage Hull plating has if there is no critical damage, as a facedown will still knock out 1 hull point. Put 3 on a Bulb w/ Impervium and it is dead. Put 3 on a Bulb with hull upgrade and it has 1 hull remaining.
  7. Marinealver

    Happy Friday

    What ever faction wins worlds, that way we can all declare it the noob faction complain about it on the forums and demand a minimum 10 point increase nerf for all pilots in that faction.
  8. Marinealver

    Hyperspace options expanded

    There would have been a lot less backlash against Hyperspace format if many of those options were included upon announcement.
  9. Marinealver

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    Is it from FFG? Yes But is it published by FFG? No. As I said it is a rather informal method of ruling but not without authority. Which is why I put it the 2nd highest appeal in terms of ruling, only being overruled by an official F.A.Q./Errata published by FFG.
  10. Marinealver

    This can’t be right...

    Because I2 makes a better blocker. If you are going low initiative then you will build your list with the lower initiative in mind. If you build a list of I3 with the intentions to out maneuver and out shoot the lower initiative, then you will never be able to overwhelm an I5 list that a lower swarm was designed to do so. A higher initiative list is better off in the fact that it doesn't have to change strategy when dealing with an I4 list because it was designed to always have the higher initiative. This is the same thing with pilot skill when you had 1's and 2s as the best blockers and on the other end of the spectrum a 7 with an EPT could be bumped up to 9 for ace builds. However 4 through 6 were the worst pilot skill you could have because they would be blocked by the 1s and 2s or out maneuvers by the 8+s. When you pick middle initiative you get the worst of both worlds, you will be out classed by higher initiative and out numbered by lower swarms. Now for the most part it seemed like FFG knew this and gave the strongest pilot abilities to the middle initiatives to compensate for this. Although some still found its way to the top heavy 5s (as I6 was mostly priced out of the meta).
  11. Marinealver

    This can’t be right...

    The meta could never change the smile curve dynamic of pilot skill initiative power. If I3 would have given you an advantage over I2 then you would be way better off with I5 or I6 as you would pretty much have the same advantages over I2. You shouldn't see a point increase until I4 and by then it shouldn't be more than a couple of points. I3 should be the start for a talent slot and the additional points to equip said slot would be enough to justify no point increase from I2.
  12. Marinealver

    This can’t be right...

    It looks like the developing team learned nothing from 1st edition. The power of I3 < I2.
  13. Marinealver

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    It is managed by an administrator but it isn't a published format. Much like wikipedia they can be changed in a day if the admin chooses to do so. When you have a F.A.Q./Errata that is a published format. It is through official channels of communication. Granted the Ruling thread is better than say a random email from the developers, but it terms of communications it is rather informal.
  14. Marinealver

    New System Open Article with summery of changes in Hyperspace

    You know if they made all that stuff legal at the start of Hyperspace, I am pretty sure there would have been a lot less backlash and fallout.
  15. Marinealver

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    The Rules thread are not an official ruling but it is a useful tool for TOs to set some sort of precedent and standards across all the tournaments. IMHO the best rules are written sort of like an analog program. You keep rewriting the rules until you no longer have contradictions or paradox. But the sad truth is the tournament environment of X-wing does not allow for enough time to write them ensuring there won't be any contradictions. However @Tvboy is right, at any time FFG can put out an FAQ/Errata that overturns any thing on the rules thread. I an way the rules are interpreted more like a way laws are interpreted by judges rule lawyers rejoice . Either way there is a hierarchy of the rules from highest to lowest FFG Official F.A.Q. and Errata FFG Moderated Ruling Thread Tournament Judge and Officials X-wing Rule books Now for most rules you can stay at the lowest the Rule Book and the lowest ironically is the most consistent, but as you go up higher and higher interpretation takes more prominent of a role.