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  1. Marinealver

    2.0 Design Space Discussion: Blue Actions

    Well right now they are trying to make 2 firepower ships valid for some time. With Calculate only being able to convert a single focus, having more attacks is better than more firepower. Where for 3 or 4 firepower ships you will want focus instead. Heck even 1 firepower ships can be valid being able to circumvent reinforce which is now a more common action. Is it focus to hit or focus to crit like the 1st edition upgrade?
  2. Marinealver

    2.0 Ion Weapons vs Reinforce

    I don't think Reinforce reduces Ion Damage. So in a way Ion damage counters Reinforce since it already can only do 1 damage.
  3. Marinealver

    Meta is dead, long live the Meta

    Well the predictions I used (Int 6 or bust vs Swarms) is based upon early 1st edition meta and what tools are used. Now of course the flexible point model does come into consideration and even with a 200 point limit I can still see many pilot/upgrades/ships where a 1 point difference could mean a ship is either way above the power curve or buried 6 feet under it. However there are some things from first edition that can prove just as effective in predicting power in second edition. Example the Pilot Skill smile curve. Being the bet pilot skills are 0,1 and 9,10,11, 7 is the lowest initiative since VI can bump it up to 9 2 is not as good as 1 in blocking and 3 is when they start becoming ineffective as blockers so the worst was 4-6. So the furthest to the ends you get the most power. The same will be for initiative even if they reduced the scale. So the most powerful initiative will be either 1 or 6 with the worst being 3 and 4 initiative. Blocking and action control will still be a thing even though PTL has been replaced by linked actions. IMHO pricing upon initiative increase should be no increase from Initiative 1 to 3 unless there is a really powerful pilot ability (i.e. Biggs). From 1 to 4 should be the cost of an upgrade. From 1 to 5 should be the cost of the cheapest ship (i.e. Academy pilot). For Int 6 it should cost double the amount of the Int 1 pilot. (Soonter Fel should cost 2 Alpha Squadrons). That will keep the middle initiative values on par with the lower initiative since you need to field them in multiples and the higher initiative since taking them will be reducing your squadron size by at least a ship. So yeah initial meta depending on point pricing will be either Swarms, or Int 6 or Bust.
  4. Marinealver

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    To piggy back off of what you say I can also see a new Energy system using charges. Energy would be how much you gain and 2.0 huge ship dials will have energy cost with the standard drifting speed (straight 2 for CR-90 straight 1 for everything else) be 0. In 1.0 energy came from the dial to the card to the upgrades. I can see Charges coming from the engineering section card through the maneuver dial and then to the upgrades.
  5. Marinealver

    2.0 Design Space Discussion: Blue Actions

    Perhaps that should be something for another 2.0 design thread. So back on topic what about Blue Actions?
  6. Marinealver

    Stay tuned for Epic Second Edition

    Well Epic had a meta it was called no huge ships, which just recently got replaced to Gozanti since it was the most effective of the convoy type ships. (GR-75 had no weapons and C-ROC can't dock fighters). But Yeah I don't expect any Epic until all of 1st edition models get converted to 2.0. At least now we know why there wasn't any plans for a 2nd Scum Huge ship. Speaking of faction huge ships any ideas for Resistance and 1st Order huge ships?
  7. Marinealver

    Which Squadron Would You Want to Defect?

    He did cross over, he even fought with his sister. But again this is all the stuff that Disney allowed JarJar Abrams to throw in the trash so he can make his own unwritten stories, which also got thrown in the trash when Disney switched to Ryans. What goes around hey?
  8. Marinealver

    Which Squadron Would You Want to Defect?

    Darth Sonofvader It was the only name I could find in refering to Luke's crossing over from Dark Empire. I don't know what was Luke's Sith name in Dark Empire did he have one? Darth Legends Darth Empire Darth Lempire?
  9. Marinealver

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    I can still dream, and the Star Destroyer Model doesn't need to be 6' long (25" would do). Keep in mind X-wing is a table top abstraction of Star Wars space dog fights. Having the Star Destroyer model completely eclipse the CR-90 when over it instead of fitting it inside the hanger bay should work just as well for table top gameplay purposes. FFG did that for Armada and if they can't get the CR-90 in the hanger bay of an ISD in Armada then why should we have to put the same unreasonable standards on X-wing?
  10. Precisely, the extra green dice does not do the same as the extra movement.
  11. but if you don't decloak, you don't get anything. So again to maximize the value of the cloak you have to constantly flip the switch on and off. It isn't like you can stay cloak and lie in wait or stay hidden from saturation fire.
  12. Marinealver

    Old factions vs New factions

    Well until Wave 2 Resistance and 1st Order will not be playable. That being said I hope it gives those factions an extra ship. Resistance only has 3 ships and 1st Order has 4. Scum at least had 6 ships when they started and that was when Rebel and Imperials only had 9.
  13. Marinealver

    2.0 Design Spaces

    I'm still anxious for Huge ships in Epic 2.0 and possible more than 5 factions.
  14. Marinealver

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Nerf What Nerf? Didn't feel a thing
  15. Marinealver

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    X-wing 2.0 is a hybrid type game which does come with a drawback. The one is that unless you have the latest app information printed out Warhammer Codex style you will need the app to play competitive. There is a print only Casual format included with all 2.0 models that has a threat point system instead of a squadron point system that is free of the app so it can still be played in print only formats. Now of course that is not going to be the most common format you will see being played but it is an option, just like missions in 1st edition.