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  1. Oh look another Nerf Herding post by some laser brained bantha fodder. Nerf You, go play Imperial Assault or any other game without stat based initiative.
  2. And Scored, Corp Wins! Now was it a Hass Biroid, well it wasn't a Jenteki Agenda thats for sure. Seriously, FFG needs to make a card out of him. As well as a 6 for 9 Deregulation Agenda Frag Ajit Pai, Frag Comcast, Frag the Megacorps, Frag the FCC, Frag NBN, FRAG THE WHOLE FRAGGING CORPORATE CONTROLLED INTERNET. I think I figured out my faction While we are at it and to share my rAgE! with everyone here I think that both Noise and Parasite should be reprinted and put back into standard. You're Welcome, Now Frag OFF!
  3. I might give Mynock another Try, Both Kessel Run and Scum & Villainy has drank from the toxic kool aid. I miss Nova Squadron.
  4. This wasn't made through Mission Control was it?
  5. Speaking of when are we getting our Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser.
  6. Maybe with that new syncronized turret it could be cool. But I don't know I think Horton would still prefer a TLT.
  7. I think I found Ajit Pai's grandaughter. Seriously this is like the worst of the World of Android without all the cool stuff like VR web browsing (net running) Androids, Flying Cars, and the Space Elevator. Heck if you are going to turn the world into a cyberpunk dystopia atleast pick a cool franchise like Shadowrun or something.
  8. It reminds me of R7-T1. I guess it was supposed to do something but never quite live up to it because it was so situational and not the best option to use when it is available to trigger.
  9. So because Armada only gets stuff once a year, I see FFG has resorted to only spoiling 1 card at a time to get more Armada articles more frequently.
  10. Ask and you shall receive. Does anyone know if this guy is still on
  11. I think this is an attempt to get more Imperial Big ship fleets out there in the competitive meta being that it is an Imperial only upgrade.
  12. Wave 4 even though that is when the forums started to get salty with all the Nerf Hearders complaining how their favorite ship was not winning. Then again maybe that is why I liked Wave 4 so much. Other than that Wave 3 it had B-wings and TIE Bombers. It is a shame TIE Bombers never really amounted to anything.
  13. If there is no attack then we will need another action other than Jam so there can be 4 huge ship actions.
  14. I'm still waiting for another campaign, maybe a epic super start destroyer campaign box. Also after Legion matures some more perhaps some Armada/Legion combined campaign would be nice.
  15. Since so little comes out for Armada FFG is making it up to us by spoiling only 1 card per article, that way Armada news happens a little more frequently.