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  1. When 2nd edition came out, I was under the impression that the app would make the cards obsolete. However with the official app being what it is and FFG making upgrade cards required instead of just having the models/ tiles and a printout from the app as a worthwhile substitute FFG made the whole card access and cross faction problem once again. This time it is now getting ridiculouse of the amount of product you wold need to fly a pilot. Say K2SO, you will first need the card pack, then you will need one of the expansion packs that has a U-wing, finally you would need the official squad builder app because FFG's fan-use of IP mandate is still a thing (your 3rd party squaduilding app can be terminated at any time). It wasn't a card game in 1st edition, but 2nd edition which was supposed to fix the problems with 1st edition has made even more so, and that problem is turning a miniatures game into a card game.
  2. Hope you are happy. this game is going to go downhill faster than the official squad builder app.
  3. This is possibly the worse thing to happen to X-wing and worse that 360 primary weapon turrets Tie Phantom and Jumpmaster put together.
  4. This is worse than conversion kits. and with rotation being a thing not only will you have to have an model that may be out of print but now you need the most up to date card pack.
  5. It means PAY UP At least it isn't randomized... yet.
  6. If I was to take a guess. You place the tool as if you were going to bank but instead of sliding up to the 1 or 2 or the new 3 you just pivot the ship.
  7. Hopefully the card packs don't have anything I don't already have. They do, all of them have exclusive stuff in them. Has X-wing now dropped down to the level of Armada?
  8. So is this a proposal for a new Huge ship?
  9. Epic all the way. But I will admit at league nights you tend to only find competitive standard.
  10. About time I remember using S-foils on all the Rouge Squadron games (the first one didn't have the B-wing). Rebel Strike (which was the weakest one in the series) had this one trench run style mission where you were in an A-wing, After I beat it I tried it with a B-wing and there is this one part where you have to close your S-foils to fit in a gap.
  11. I wasn't talking about FFG, I was talking about Games Workshop. But if looking at other industries (especially the Video Game Industry) no other publisher is immune to said corruption. So far FFG hasn't been anywhere near as notorious as Hasbro or GW. Well having your products go up in price to where the hobby is not competing with the alternatives anymore doesn't help. Seriously I need to find that MBA who came up with the "premium price model" and lets just say, he would be better off frozen in carbonite.
  12. Yeah I was one of the many that fell out of line. They didn't lose any money with less people buying their game, they just charging more per model so the people that are left are paying more to make up for people like me who decided to go a different route. Thing is that is the common trend for just about any popular game franchise. The publishers are making more money off of fewer players.
  13. So if anyone is able to get a hold of the old Gearbox port of Halo to the PC, much like some other classic games (Dawn of War, Empire at War) you will find there is a modding community dedicated to enhancing and extending the experience of the old product. Well now there is a single player campaign mod called SPV3 and what it does is update the campaign so to speak of the classic halo. New enemies, and new weapons some directly from the sequels that wasn't in the first game, others translated a bit. Some levels have been redesigned, some new levels have been added altogether. Including one level The Commander in which you play as the Arbiter as he was before he became a disgraced Zealot when the Halo rings blew up. They have also added another separate campaign called Lumoria which was another mod but is being adapted to be compatible with SPV3. Now it is a mod so there are some hitches to it as with many mods. Stability and the post processing visuals have made things hard to see which works well in some but sort of doesn't work well (i.e. flood levels are much scarier but not being able to see grunts in front of you is frustrating). But if you still have Halo on your PC and decide to give it a try to see what it could do then go for it. Although I would recommend starting on Normal first unless you like being a glutton of punishment and go for Legendary or Noble (they removed Easy mode).
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