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  1. Well just like T-70 gets all the X-wing only stuff so the RZ-5 (or what ever number >1 they chose) will be able to grab both Chardaan Refit and A-wing Test Pilot title, also being in the sequel movies it will have tech. Can my prequel ships have artifact slots then?
  2. Since we only have 2 factions I am against dual faction ships unless there were ways to make said Rebel version of the ship strikingly different from the Imperial version of the ship. However in that case you might as well just make a different ship.
  3. Nerf the Nerf Herding Nerf Threads!
  4. Well to be fair the best list advice is compared to other meta squads. It is like what Palp Aces which was compared too the gate keepers (that let the jumpmaster through) or Whisper being called Han's bodyguard (since he was no where to be found in Waves 2 and 3). Now of course no one wants to see their list being straight up replaced with the net list but a couple of things have to be taken in consideration. How does it fare when facing up against net lists? If similar to a meta list then what benefit does the changes to the list provide? Very few does a list with a slight deviation become more successful than the standard. And lists that do have slight deviations had good justifications (such as the Anti Pursuit Lasers on Super Dash) be it to counter the meta mirror (Super Dash vs Super Dash) or be better off when facing the unfavorable match up (Han vs Swarm). Some times it is just better to go with what has been tried and true than to try somethign crazy. Maybe if it was a one time thing cheese could work but in a tournament where there are multiple match ups, as Stannis Baratheon once said, "The Dwarf played his little trick, he could only do it once".
  5. I worked on Aircraft engines that were born a year before me. Yes things can be old.
  6. Well it could be worse, it could be social media.
  7. Well first of all for FFG to put such in may give false implications that FFG is obliged to take what ever is posted there into consideration, which I am to make clear FFG is under NO obligation to take anything on these forums into consideration with the game of X-wing. It is just a simple place for people to discus and share ideas related to X-wing. Now I am with you being sick and tired of all these nerf posts (I think FFG should censor nerf just like some other words such as ****). I've been seeing them since Whisper, and unfortunately I think the decloak nerf had encourage Nerf Herders to be more aggressive. That being said the latest FAQ which was nothing other than one giant Nerf Fest has given all the encouragement to these Nerf Herders to post more Nerf Threads. IMHO I think FFG should have also used Pen & Ink Errata to buff some notoriously poor performing pilot and upgrade cards as well. It might have eased the negative attitude of the last FAQ, but it is done and I digress. But you can do what I do, just tell all these Nerf Herders to Nerf Off, or even better, don't give them the attention, and in a way this thread is more attention.
  8. If only Vassal had it's own message board. Maybe with some play by play commentary. Where there are some on Twitch. As for Resistance Han, well I didn't say that he wasn't any good, I just said that he is very difficult to make his ability give you an advantage. The blow up faster was a joke, more directed at Mr. H. Fords reluctance to continue the character of Han Solo then it was at how his ability is not good. You can admit Resistance Han's ability is better than Fel's Wrath, you are guaranteed to get the effect from it at least once per game.
  9. The silver and gold target locks look cool, I'm not too keen on anything else.
  10. I doubt it is one of FFG's new IPs. We know them for their popular license and even some in house (Rune Wars, Android) IPs (I think Runewars is in house). Could be a Azmodee/Days of Wonder game they had to publish in US. I'm getting a big resistance vibe from it though.
  11. Well it is all ways of applying corrective actions. One thing that could be really effectively in balancing is the core mechanic in miniatures list to keep things balanced and that is the point cost. Now the current Pen & Ink errata precedent doesn't allow for such a thing. IMHO I wish that FFG would have used restricted lists for physical medium games, and Blizzard used more code patches (the digital equivalent for pen & ink erratas) for Hearthstone, Alas we live in a universe where physical medium is patched via printout FAQ, digital cards are cycled out instead of balanced, and Donald Trump was elected president (still a better choice than Hillary IMO but that is not really saying anything good about Trump and not by much so I could easily be mistaken).
  12. Mind if I throw this hat into the ring? Allies and Mercenaries (limited faction mixing for standard, escalation, and epic) Format has basically 3 goals Allows for faction mixing that is relatively balanced against the pure faction meta but could still challenge the meta net lists. Make distinctions between the sub-faction lists inside of their primary factions. Give the Scum primary faction an alternative sub-faction in sort of ways. How this is accomplished Allow Rebels and Imperials to take a limited amount of "Mercenaries" from the Scum & Villainy Rebels and Imperials will have to give up all pilots from one of their sub-faction to take Mercenaries Impose tight restrictions on Mercenaries as to prevent simply combining the most powerful ship builds in the game (no Atanni Mindlink for Soontir) as well as give Mercenaries their own flavor that is separate from Scum & Villainy.
  13. Nerf You. Seriously FFG needs to *** the word Nerf!
  14. Either remove the "discard focus token" or add in some natural modifacation. You may turn one focus to hit, if inside firing arc turn focus to crit.
  15. I sugested a similar list to the Most wanted list from netrunner. 1st iteration (back in wave 6) wasn't exactly a straight 1 point increase to cards but instead 1 point increase to pilot/upgrade combinations (such as Whisper and ACD, or Han and C-3PO). Along with targeting power meta pilot upgrade it also targeted naked generics by putting a blank tax on them increasing the point cost unless they put an upgrade on it. It wasn't well received (people would just cry to FFG to nerf everything but their favorite choice like Social Media on an election year). Also with now the prevalence of 0 point non-unique upgrades this is now impractical. 2nd iteration was just a flat list and all pilots and upgrades on that list was +1 point. Again simpler but still not very well received. There was the argument that a simple 1 point increase would either not be enough, or be over correcting. Which one would it be, who knows because FFG went the Pen & Ink route instead of the tournament amendment route. I would have preferred a tournament amendment because it means I can still read my pilot and upgrade cards without having to carry around a printout of the FAQ, but what's done is done. So such a corrective action is not likely to come up. However since FFG did go the route of Pen & Ink it would have been nice if they used it to fix certain underdogs. Fel's Wrath and Blaster Turret would love a Pen & Ink Errata.