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  1. No Tommy, don't put that X-wing in your mouth, take it out now!
  2. I am not in a posistion to preorder this game, so I hope not. But then again the claim sounds rather shady so I wouldn't take it at face value.
  3. Here is a game in which the V-wing (or V-speeder) would be perfect for. and if FFG can make it compatible with X-wing in the same way Hordes was compatible with Warmachines that would be awesome!
  4. At least 2, there could be a couple of blank effects in the cards, especially for those hazardous planets.
  5. Well you would only need one deck, it just has different conditions kind of like the eldritch horror encounter deck which has 3 different encounters depending on what type of place or locations you are on you used the corresponding one and ignore the rest.
  6. With distant suns you can also use the planet traits for them, Industrial can have green and hazardous can have red so you won't be blindsided like you would have in 3rd ed.
  7. Okay so my take on all the different things aka streamlining. Well it is to be expected that not everything from 3rd edition is going to be in 4th edition by default. Possibly to make room for expansions or possibly removed permanently just to keep the game simpler. They have made units more flexible (PDS for example) but have made cards more stricter more likely to avoid misinterpretation. Setup has been designed with more benefits for those who might be at a disadvantage due to location. So better balance on that part especially for those odd games. So buildings are now separate from units, perhaps there will be more buildings as well as units in future expansions. Can you imagine embassies being built on other homeworlds? So Mecatol Rex is now an automatic VP to the first person to get there. Also no assembly until some one takes it. Seems like they are promoting the race to the center approach to invoke more interactions between the players. More of a turn limit to keep the game from reaching 7 hours long. Well still a turn in TI can easily take an hour so, but I can see where they are going. So very standard in must control your home and in destroy a little more flexible so you are not stuck with having to find a military solution. Agenda phase to get more agenda cards and laws in play instead of relying on politics to be picked Strategy seems to get more interactions between players and actions on the board. Such as commodities replacing trade contracts and Imperial only scoring points if you hold Mecatol Rex. More of a focus on economic diplomacy as well as military diplomacy. You have to be friends with at least one of your neighbors or else you will not have any trade. Doesn't mean you have to keep the same friends through the entire game. There is more of a unit upgrade system to get better units as the game advances instead of a tech card that could make the unit better. We could see something like cruisers with sustained damage in the future. Again more of a focus on diplomacy instead of military with these binding treaties. You could also use them to sweeten trade deals. A larger focus on non-violent interactions between players in the quest for dominance. X-89 is still a ****. So all in all this does seem to bring it closer with the newer 4x board games (Eclipse, Star trek Ascendancy). I see a bigger focus on other non military interactions between players which is something many 4x games struggle to do. Often times 4x games become another military strategy where war is the only recourse to winning. Don't get me wrong it looks like there will still be plenty of star ship fighting and planetary annihilation in TI, but it appears diplomacy will take a stronger approach with the new trade system and promissory notes being in at the start. Units are more directly upgrades instead of getting a small benefit on route to the top of the tech tree. So Hylar V assault laser is now replaced by advanced cruisers tying in closer to the systems that is used by other 4x games. No personalities though like representative or mercenaries despite the rule book showing a wide arrange of conspicuous characters. More than likely there will be a new hero system in an expansion. One that could merge the representatives with the heroes from 3rd ed. So all in all an interesting game, I am going to save up to pick this game up if I get the chance. Right now I am not preordering it (I have more pressing expenses and just started to get an income for my budget). I might borrow some things from 3rd ed and simply throw them in while I wait for the expansions (the heroes should be very easy to add in).
  8. The one issue I am concern whit is the end table becoming a 200 vs 25 point match up. So some things I think should be in is voluntary disengagement to save forces, maybe also a salvage system for destroyed ships, not exactly like the scaring system from corleain conflict but something that gives a ship if not the pilot a new lease on life, maybe can replace dead unique pilot with a generic of lower pilot skill, non uniques cannot be replaced also if no upgrade slot is available (such as EPT) then that is discarded. Anyways I do think this format should be published on mission control as it should be covered by a little more than a single forum post. Set up rules and objectives seem to be a good structure to follow.
  9. So a little bit more than movie only format (wave 1-3 minus HWK). Try to put in in a published format like mission control.
  10. It doesn't include everything from the 3rd expansions, but it does include all the factions from 3rd edition to include expansion (minus the Lazax faction for Fall of the Empire scenario). As well as other items from the other two expansions, Gravity rifts from Shattered Empire and Promissory notes and flagships from Shards of the Throne. However it is missing modules from all three 3rd edition products such as heroes from core, shock troops from Shattered Empire, and Representatives from Shards of the Throne.
  11. Wait a minute, I identify as Ghost of Cerebus and us wormhole aliens don't even have genders. Way to go FFG, next time check your Jordian privilege!
  12. Well back to the dice the d/10 means the lowest is about 6 but most is going to be 8 through 10 which is worse odds than a 5+. So a lot of dice grind. In my house rules for 3rd using armada dice the thing is armada dice is more generous with the hits because it is a tactical not a strategic game. Even Star Wars Rebellion is more generous giving out hits with their d6 only 2 blank sides. Anyways Armada dice charts for those that don't play Armada. 1-2 blank, 3 accuracy, 4-5 hit, 6-7 crit, 8 double hit 1-2 accuracy, 3-6 hit, 7-8 crit 1-2 blank, 3-6 hit. 7-8 hit & crit If I were to adjust the dice to act more like the low hit probability of Twilight Imperium I might need to delete a hit or even a hit and a crit on each dice (with a marker). Then again the idea of dice hits only affecting units of the same color means on certain match ups most of those hits would be blanks. Blue dice don't roll that many crits. Also the marker side will still be there so there is the added bonus of having racial traits or tech still using those deleted sides. So here is Armada dice with a hit and a crit (hit & crit for black) removed. 1-4 blank, 5 accuracy, 6 hit, 7 crit, 8 double hit 1-2 blank, 3-4 accuracy, 5-7 hit, 8 crit 1-4 blank, 5-7 hit, 8 hit & crit There the odds would be more grindy, but probably still more prone to RNG and miracle rolls changing the entire outcome.
  13. With the distant suns I think you could merge them with the planet trait via green and red. Put the green on industrial worlds and the red on hazardous worlds. Culture trait planets could be a blank as they are already well known or they could be used to put a random final frontier token on them.
  14. Well there is a lot of things even from 3rd edition that isn't in 4th edition. Heroes from 3rd core, shock troops from shattered empire, council from shards of the throne. You could easily house rule them in. Lets not forget that the Lazax scenario (a real Game of throes in space) is only available in 3rd edition.
  15. Planet traits, right now there are 3, cultural, industrial, and hostile. Currently they don't have any effect in game but it did say in the rules that there are some cards (upgrades, agendas, ect.) that interact with these symbols. In a way I can see a distant sun mechanic put in with one of these. More like an encounter deck that has different effects depending on the symbol. That way it is a little less RNG you can expect bad things to happen when annexing a hostile planet so you are better prepared without having to fighter probe it.