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  1. Have most of the good players stopped playing?

    I also know of a few that stopped after the first batch of balance erratas (Aka Nerfratas).
  2. Leia needs a change

    Crew, not yet. But they did it with titles and with pilots so sure they can do it with crew just as easy.
  3. Still a Rumor, but Ubisoft and Activison may get the Star Wars License

    This is why Exclusivity deals should be subject to Anti-trust laws. Because face it, the corporation won't regulate themselves until it **** up so bad they risk losing money (notice I didn't say they lost a cent yet).

    Instead of going through random prepainted boosters like WotC D&D 4th edition they seem to be following the same trend FFG has used for their games like Imperial Assault and Rune Wars. Pre sculpted easy to assemble unpainted models. I already have the strategy guides and bought a Shadowsun Syndicate collection with shadow units an a hyper. I wasn't a fan of the random booster for models. (Although I did try and get into Star Wars Starship miniatures.
  5. Battlefront 2 Starfighter

    Still not buying EA's abomination. The true Battlefront 2 was years ago.
  6. Okay got a lot to work at. Anyways here is a very rough draft of a faction sheet with this concept in mind. I might have to go to each faction sheet and start just blanking out all the data so I can put them together without looking as bad as this monstrosity. Then I still have to do the Upgrades, Technology and Flag Ship mods, and Faction Specific Signature units. Plus I realize that I am going to have to modify some action cards as well. Anybody know of Strange Eons mod for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition? So just to sum up some of the changes and concepts in my variant project. I will finish this that is if an expansion doesn't beat me too it. Flagships will be modular in terms of stats with the mods being attached to upgrades. Cargo is a holding area for all tech. Flag ship will have a unique ability and 3 mod slots (Jol-Nar has 4). Also racial tech will have their own unique mod. Tech is always active regardless of location or flagship status. Flagship will cost 4+ highest tier of tech researched. So starting =5 and tier 4 = 8. Combat will now use pictograph D10s (as seen in many FFG Star Wars games). Pictograph dice will represent combat results, damage, and other things. Racial abilities, action cards, and upgrades that were designed for numbered D10 will be edited to accommodate variant. Units now have a type and sustain damage is shown as a double icon representing it takes 2 hits of the same type assigned to that unit, some results may cross unit types and some result may count as 2 hits to a single unit. 2 New Units, Bombers (Use TI 3rd Edition Destroyers) and Armored Battalions (Use TI3: Shards of the Throne Mechanized Units) have been added. Each for a certain roll in combat. Units now have 2 different upgrade options, Gamma and Delta. A unit can be upgraded to one or the other but not both. If so replace the other upgrade in a refit (tech) action. not shown Each Faction will have 2 signature units. Signature units are variants of units that are unique to the faction. They have 2 upgrade options that does not replace the unit (instead put the upgrade card in the cargo area to show it was researched). Both upgrades can be researched into an ultimate unit. (Universities of Jol-Nar is an exception with their signature unit as the flagship with an additional mod slot, also it is likely they will be able to upgrade all their units). Changed Destroyer to Frigate. Destroyer will be an Upgraded Frigate. Reasoning is simple; Destroyer > Frigate. So you upgrade a Frigate into a Destroyer not the other way around. Well this is what I have so far, What do you think? (I think I am going crazy)
  7. How to deploy a legion from an ISD?

    I think you could just set up a combined Armada/Legion campaign. The Legion could land regardless of victory in space. It is just victory in space gives abilities in Legion battles and Legion victory give resources. The only way you could lock down a legion in one space is for a fleet to be doing a blockade action in a campaign.
  8. They look better than that Hoth mat. Seriously they should have not tried to make it look like a high orbit. It works for Bespin but those Giant AT-AT should not be viable from low orbit. Maybe the Ion Cannon and Power generators but that is it. AT-ATs should have been the size of Ants.
  9. What if..(x-wing style)

    What if Fantasy Flight Games made X-wing as a campaign game like Descent instead of a competitive game? Could FFG make an AI app for Imperial and Scum pilots?
  10. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Well first I think should be a cardboard pack, just to get new set of pilots and standardize the ships. Having a few generics and several unique pilots is only necessary for a few ships (mainly the ones with little to no upgrades and common knowledge ships). Most ships are good with only 1-2 generics and 2-3 unique pilots. After we get the cardboard set up then move on to card only so we can keep the name of the pilots but just change the pilot cards. Upgrade cards should just be on rotation.
  11. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Agreed, the 2.0 X-wing would be like a new edition of Warhammer. The models can stay the same, you just need new cards and maybe new cardboard. The only thing I can say that would be difficult is how to get out enough cards for all ships. Which means you might have to let some pilots go. I guess you can let out a few upgrade packs that has a generic and a unique pilot for each ship along with a few upgrade packs and there 1.0 is now 2.0. And when they get to the model release more pilots and reprint the same model for newer players. The game is already inaccessible enough for new players, redoing the waves and using the same models would work fine. Still I think 2.0 is a bit of time away for now. I don't think they should do 2.0 until after the next disaster known as Episode IX. By then Disney will be stalled by the sudden lack of momentum caused by that speed bump $olo: a $tar War$ $tory and might slow down the pace in which they release movies. (Alternating Marvel and $tar Wars each year might be good enough.
  12. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    fixed it for ya But yeah nerfs make your purchases no longer relevant, but what can I say you can't stop the cancer that has taken over X-wing. Those laser brained Nerf Herders and Nerfratas.
  13. “No new huge ship” support group

    I don't think it means that there will be no new huge ships. I just think it just means it will be a while before there is an announcement for a new one.
  14. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Well a couple of reasons, there was still that missing SKU from Wave 12 and 13, and as someone already mentioned the other two primary factions already have 2. I don't think that there will be no more new huge ships. It is just going to be while before a new one.
  15. A Few Issues

    Nah, lets change all the rules At least I feel like that is what I am trying to do.