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  1. It would make sense. After all if they are not going to make the ships cross factions the corresponding upgrade cards should be.
  2. Marinealver

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    I'll just use bullet points. we can disagree, I still think that keep them more like naval like movements (with the exception of space carpet bombings) would work. For more information see link Not trying to mislead, sure all 5 k turns were not on dials (and still are not) but that didn't make them impossible. The templates were there and the rules were in place if FFG wanted to release a ship with a 1K turn they could. However I was talking about how they also took their templates they have made and figure out ways to make more creative moves with the S-loop and the T-roll and reverse maneuvers. Now for alternative huge ship maneuvers I did a whole thread you can see HERE. I won't go into all the different ideas for maneuver but I will try and explain the obliques even though it would kind of be hard without pictures. It is sort half way between a bank and a turn. You place the template inline with the back of the forward base as if you were going to make a bank but instead of fitting the notch around the corner you orient the template as if you were moving straight. You then simply move the ship to the opposite side of the template sliding it into the 1 or 2 bank depending on the speed of the oblique maneuver. No fishtailing but not exactly a turn. Think of it firing its lateral thrusters while still drifting (or burning) in a forward motion where a bank will be more of a yaw thruster firing pattern where the fore lateral thrusters fire in opposite of the aft lateral thrusters. This is one where we are just going to have to disagree. As we both know movement in x-wing is governed by stress control while for huge ships it is energy management. In 2.0 charges are effectively energy. There should be some refinement to the current system but scraping it all together doesn't sound good. Also I don't think Huge ships should get focus tokens, now calculate, bring it on and it could help huge ships as for a while because of the lack of focus huge ship dice < other ship dice. But I do think that huge ship actions should reflect more on the actions of the crew working as a team instead of that of a pilot using their own initiative. Multiple sections means multiple actions, charges are their resource. Calculate can be placed to give huge ship some work around with focus results. And that is exactly why the forward bullseye arc should not be placed on these huge ships as they are. Sure the Eclipse Star Destroyer has a fixed forward mounted weapon (and people call me crazy for wanting an Imperial Star Destroyer in X-wing epic) but with 2.0 they already had a place for bullseye arcs. There could be some sort of focused arc but maybe forward is not the best place for them. I could see 2 "bullseye" arcs off the port and starboard sides and the midriff as some sort of concentration zone/weakspot but a forward firing just like a TIE fighter or YT-1300 doesn't seem to fit. I wouldn't call the mechanic defunct, unless you mean defunct by your rules which scrapped the energy cycle which I would say lay even more credence into you needing to revisit that decision. As for the inherent danger sure which is why instead of throwing it out with the energy/charge step it should be focused more on a section or something instead of just gaining shields for the entire ship. Something to be placing more energy into either the front or the rear shields to make them more resilient to the attack instead of just giving all shields until you reach max or are out of energy. This measure seems to be in line with 2.0 in not removing regeneration but making it less potent than what it used to be. I see you used plural form in mentioning these items. I was just reaffirming something that I said in an earlier post. I still want to say the cards look great good work with the strange eons plug. Using the ship ability as the energy step is an interesting idea but I think you might run into the problem of putting too many words on a single card (something I learned as an easy mistake when I made the scum GR-75 kit). I think having the reactor state how much energy to gain and a bonus stipulation to weapons or engines could go a way then have the dial take away some energy could be less prone to error.
  3. Marinealver

    Millenium Falcon for 2.0 (Rebel and Resistance version)

    It would be nice, but again that depends on what FFG has planed for Wave 2. We might just have the Falcon be a Resistance only ship for some time with Wave 1-2 format only where Rebel Falcon is allowed only in Legacy (Conversion kit) format. One thing for sure the YT-1300 will be coming out for Resistance since they need the ship the most. However rebel faction without the Falcon just seems wrong .
  4. Marinealver

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    Nice work on the cards and dials. I think the rules will need to undergo a few revision though. On energy (now called charges) the dial should remove charges to reflect on how different maneuvers may have engine strain. I don't see a need to change the epic maneuver tool. Fishtailing does make the huge ships seem that much more lumbering. Some new maneuvers using the old tool should be made to open up the dial and movement profiles for all ships. 2.0 doesn't stick with the original 26 maneuvers from 1st edition but also includes the 12 maneuvers that have been created from Wave 3 and beyond. I really think we should make new moves for huge ships other than the 8 maneuvers they currently have (Obliques could work. They are like huge banks but they don't turn the ship just shift it diagonally). The Dial should have blips but the blips should be how much energy is taken away from reserves. The energy step should be like the activation step. Gain Charges (From Card and or Upgrades) Ion tokens remove charges (if no more charges remain then ion tokens are discarded Reveal dial and spend energy (if cannot then ship will perform a 1 straight maneuver) Distribute Charges to systems (upgrades ect). I don't think Huge ships need bullseye arcs, I don't see any star wars ship like the Anime Starship Yamatto with a waveform cannon. Bullseye is more for fighters. An Iowa Class Battleship doesn't have most of the firepower on it's front neither does a Zumwalt class destroyer. Sections can be nice you could use them for targeted damage (like assigning ion tokens to a weapon instead of the ship itself disabling it). I know 2nd edition is to be the antithesis of shield regeneration but I don't think removing recover action from huge ships is the best way to fit it into 2.0. I do think it can be drastically reduced in power. You can have the recover action but instead of recovering shields for the entire ship only for a section. You will still be required to expend all energy from your ship reserve and all upgrade cards attached to that section (moving energy from weapons to shield). Since it is only one section it isn't a full recovery and the charge cost is still prohibitively expensive. That being said the single card ships (GR-75, C-ROC, Gozanti) should probably be 2 section cards.
  5. Marinealver

    Remember the Cant (SF Cancels the show)

    and that one good rail-gun or nuke can pretty much end a ship. Plus planets shooting planet busters and hybrid pods at each other so a bit of M.A.D. strategy there like DEFCON.
  6. Marinealver

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    Yeah we all know Rey has no flaws other than the "faint" in TFA and won her first lightsaber dual were Luke lost a hand. SW has not been known for SFCs. Leia does has some moments where she is the take charge but then again she was also put in a rather objectifying metal bikini. As for Padame well despite giving into sandy creepazoid she was the one needing Jedi "bodyguards" only to be force choked by one of them. Mon Mothma is a leader but to be honest Admiral Purple Hair a "throw away" character that lasts only one episode had more screen time than her. Also Rebel Katness had more attitude in the trailer than inspiration in the final cut. Should Disney do better, yeah. But to be honest it might be impossible for them to do so with the movie mill approach that they have already committed Star Wars too.
  7. Marinealver

    echolocation (decloaking movement visualizer)

    Any chance on setting the firing arcs for Bullseye arcs. Then again I don't think bullseye arcs will make that much of a difference in competitive meta.
  8. So if there is a Republic faction I am willing to bet it will be Clone Wars Era ships. Now would that include any KOTOR stuff well that depends. I am sure they might have some starforge antique that might do better than everything else. Just because some of the stuff came out later doesn't mean it is any better. Heck we don't have a plane that can out fly the SR-71.
  9. Marinealver

    The ARC-170 in 2.0

    I'm still waiting for the Republic and CIS factions to be announced for Wave 6
  10. Marinealver

    What would you want in an X-wing campaign?

    Well the AI algorithm is nothing more that positioning with a randomized dice roll to try and simulate human player's unpredictability although I doubt it would pass the Turing test. The AI could be improved with more variables such as when stressed a higher propensity to do green turns, or using the target lock token as a tether (not teather). I always thought of putting in the Scum and Villainy but give it a different action priority focusing on defensive measures and using the target lock token to determine their maneuver selection. Where the imperials are more discipline focusing on aggression in their assigned sector. It won't exactly match the human AI but keep in mind you don't have to keep the squadron point the same. Putting up 100 points of friends against 200 points of AI should provide for an interesting match regardless how dumb the AI is.
  11. Marinealver

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    This was what they were good for Granted they will likely be in the Resistance Conversion kit in wave 2 so they will be back. Just be patient.
  12. Marinealver

    Where are all the good X-Wing blogs?

    There was a time I was really getting upset with the podcasts, whining and complaining on how the meta sucks, talking about how they would rather play other games like L5R. Now that 2.0 has come out some of the absentee casters have returned. For most of them that is a good thing, for others... yeah um... maybe they should have stayed on hiatus. I really like Radio TCX as they have shorter podcasts but they keep it to the point and don't go too far off on a tangent to the point where they are talking about other games. But now I am getting off on a tangent as this is supposed to be about blogs and not podcasts.
  13. Marinealver

    Where are all the good X-Wing blogs?

    Well keep in mind many blogs reflect personal interests which can stray from X-wing gasp* yes I know it is true. Joe Boss Red Seven has a blog http://blacksixredseven.blogspot.com/ There is also the reading section for Team Covenant that some podcasters such as Theorist posts to. https://teamcovenant.com/blog Those are a couple but then again there is always your two best guides on the internet for you to use at your disposal, Google and Bing.