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  1. 2 red dice without Bomber ... thats 5 blanks on each die. That's huge! It's already been calculated as a 61% chance of doing a damage per attack... and coming from a slipper squadron at long range, that sounds awesome to me. Long range? Or I miss something or you are so wrong about this. The battery armament of squadrons works at distance 1 no matter what the color of the die was. THis is the reason of the Rhymer's power. I believe he's refrencing the squadrons inherent speed value when profiling its threat range. I don't. ..
  2. Nice use of "thrice" such a pity the remaining post lacked such eloquence. I take it you are not a fan?!
  3. California But to get back on topic, has anyone found, or does anyone make, a larger replacement bridge section? Standard (baby talk) word in UK too
  4. Likely cause you are covered in poo/snot/other child like secretions... Ard will soon understand this as well I'm sure. PROJECTILE.POOP. Who knew that was even a thing?? Sorry in advance! 40 or so years ago I went to work with my dad,he was an electrician and had to wire some farm buildings. To my 8-10 year old amusement I saw a cow poo and cough at the same time. Now this shotgun (being careful not to typo there) was funny enough, funnier still,but not to him, was the fact a farmland was stood behind the cow!
  5. Not a single ship in that list technically Sorry,it's been a long cr@ppy day after an even worse weekend and I'm feeling freading pedantic! Seriously though,what would any of those actally add to what is predominantly a fleet element / "ship of the line" game
  6. Ahem...we are playing with ships, so I believe the correct term would be Navy FYI: Its only footsluggers that call any armed force for an Army Fleet or Flotilla - the Navy would be all of it
  7. IMHO the main use for the AF2 is as the (currently) only source of Advanced Projectors
  8. Not sure this is on topic, but you can tell that Lucas really was actually just slapping every Jungian archetype together in one story- that's why, IMHO, it's not just American Mythology, it's intentionally Pan-Human mythology, which is why it's so awesome to us, of course! Back in the dim and distant mid-80s I was doing Computing and Psychology at Manchester Polytechnic, one of the psychology lecturers kept stressing that Star Wars was pure Freud.It absolutely oozes Jungian archetypes too. Boy, those were the days Lol!
  9. Sorry! Couldn't resist it! Though I'm surprised nobody beat me to it!
  10. It looks like a trap to me!
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