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  1. sure, i have never ventured too far into the toolkit. that makes a good amount of sense really... i was almost positive that there was a table that dealt with this topic... but im not going to ruin my life looking for it
  2. yea, i guess my concern comes from the initiative levels though... most short arms grant a positive initiative, but i feel that is because of its size, an epee in the hands of a giant should behave like a stiletto in the hands of some one of average size, i don't think that it should get the same bonus, but i feel there should be some compensation, or even something that took into account having a str characteristic higher than that of the minimum. a stronger arm can swing it faster.
  3. A while back i saw a table somewhere that discussed the character size and how it applies to weapon sizes. since then I have only seen rulings that discuss going bigger such as a small character wielding a medium weapon. I am currently working with a player who is making a Large character and his current hangup, is that he is wondering if he can use a one or two-handed weapon with full effectiveness with one hand because of his size, and if there are any initiative modifiers that may go with being bigger than average (after all you can swing a pencil faster than a sword) Our GM is more story than numbers, so they get overwhelmed easily, and i get concerned being a player who is fabricating numbers, that i may go overboard, other wise i would have just made something up and went with it!
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